Colton Levi Clark

Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

Colton Levi Clark

Posted by KindraLore on June 26, 2006

(This blog has been reposted to original date and time after being deleted).

Colton Levi Clark or “Colt” as he was called, disappeared on the afternoon of April 20, 2006. Colt was living with his uncle and aunt in Wewoka, Oklahoma who had adopted him. Colt was 9 at the time of his disappearance and has since turned 10.

On that afternoon, Colt had an appointment with the psychiatrist, and according to his aunt and uncle, they noticed him missing when it was time to go.

Colt had a very rough life in his short 9 years. Reports vary but according to an inside source, his parents were arrested for drug abuse and that is how Colt came to live with the Uncle and Aunt. (Rex and Becky)

According to the Aunt and Uncle side of the family, there was also child porn charges and allegations have been made that because of this, a porn and drug ring were busted and that Colt had to testify against them all including his own parents. I have found nothing to substantiate this claim.

There was no Amber Alert issued in this case due to the fact that the authorities could not prove that Colt was abducted. This is where I have a problem. The Amber Alert is an excellent system, but I feel that it should be changed to if the child is within a certain age (say 12 and under) then there should be an Amber Alert, dispute the fact that they cannot prove abduction.

After all, how many 9 years do you know that can make it out on their own?

In any case, there has been hardly any media regarding this case, which I think comes down to the parents and the legal authorities. The last report I can find of Colton is dated May 10, 2006. Texas Equusearch searched for Colton right after his disappearance but their site has not been updated with any further information regarding that search.

I have contacted all media in that area as well as the sheriff’s department in order to shake the tree, but have still not heard anything. I did speak with Steve Huff, crimeblogger and writer for Court TV’s Crime Library and he assured me he would look into it.

Another intersting blog to check out is The Missing and Murdered Children:The Missing and Murdered Children

At this point I would just like to know, where is Colton Levi Clark? Is he dead. Was he abducted? Why aren’t the media in the case at all at this point? Don’t the media have a duty to help when they can? Why aren’t the police actively persuing this case?

Have you seen Colton?

Law enforcement authorities consider him to be a missing and endangered person. Colton was last seen wearing silver glasses, a sky-blue shirt, blue and white tennis shoes and blue Wrangler jeans. He has a scar above his left eyebrow. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of this missing child and/or this case is urged to immediately contact the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department (1-405-257-5445) or (1-405-382-9340).

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    1. Well when I pulled everything over from Blogger to WordPress, it seems it did not pull over all my comments. They are all still backed up on my Blogger account, but I think its important to put them here as well since Rebecca Clark posted on them. I am having to just cut and paste here unfortunately.

      Kindra Lore said…
      The following comments were from the original blog before I deleted.


      Colt Levi River Clark Is My Child.
      He asked us to call him Colt, and he is my Child.
      His older brother is also my son.
      Before you post information about my son. You need to have your information right.
      Currently, many people are looking for Colt. You do not know the story of my children’s life. You do not have the right to exploit them. If, you were concerned about my son, the porno remark would not be in your statement.
      No there was not a porno ring busted or any arrests made. This was not a statement from our family. You call us Becky and Rex. That is what our friends call us, or people that know us. Colt is our adopted son. Yes we are his uncle and aunt. However; when you adopt a child, you become his or hers parent. Our son’s called us Mom and Dad because they chose to call us”Mom and Dad” the Boys asked us to be their parents. They called us when their Biological parents were in jail. We did what was right. We gave them a home and stability.
      My children reported long term child abuse and sexual abuse. Child pornography was reported. The system failed my sons. But, they were used to that. The Boy’s jumped up and down when the parental rights were terminated. They stated finally! we are free from them. My oldest son kept stating “I want Justice” They started calling the biological parents “Our X parents”. We just tried to promote healing and provide a enviroment that made them feel safe and loved. It is called a home and a family.
      The media has exploited my sons to some extent. I do appreciate the reporters that practiced professional ethics. Colt was on the air and people took notice. Negative reporting did not have to happen. News papers told some of his story. Some right, Some wrong and some times statements that just had no truth to it at all. However; people took notice, so that is what counts. Partial truths and manipulation of words is wrong. yes, the News is suposed to inform the public of important facts and knowledge/information. Entertainment should have nothing to do with the News. But, this is what is presented. Why? Because this is what sales. It is not right, but this is a fact. This is what the public wants. What a shame. It is insulting to listen to fashion trends when there is war, disease, starvation and people dealing with it. Not to mention the millions of missing people. Now it is hard for me to watch the News.
      Must the families of missing and exploited children endure the self focused remarks of ill informed people. Why must the children be victimised again. Do you realize Colt has a older brother? We continue to search for Colt daily.
      Friday the 23rd of June. My heart was up lifted when a OKC Police officer confronted our family out side a resturant. Colt’s brother was having lunch with us after a Doctor’s appointment. Someone noticed him and called the police.They had noticed the appearance of Colt’s brother. You see they look like each other. The person that had called in thought he was Colt. They called out of concern for my son Colt. They did not give their name. They were not interested in the 20,000 dollar reward. We thanked the officer. Tears filled my eyes because we had felt alone. We felt like no one was looking for our Colt. Then our hope was renewed. Not only are people looking. People are doing. You see many fliers and posters have been placed by people all over the United States. There has been media coverage. Prayers are constant for Colt and other children. Do you have children? Pray that they will not become a victim. It is a living nightmare, and it is hard. Our hearts and spirits are broken. Those who know our family have blessed us with their Prayers and steadfast work towards finding Colt. This has been the worst thing that has ever happened in our life. It is tramatic not knowing where our child is. It is hard to eat or sleep. Only out of necessity do we complete our daily activities. We feel helpless, frustrated and sad beyond belief. It is torture. It is crulety in its worst form. Not knowing where our child is! You see we love Colt. We are worried half out of our minds. We know our son. We know that he loves his home. He was happy and learning to be a boy. Just a normal Boy that is what Colt stated he wanted the most. Colt is a wonderful little boy! He made our life shine, and is the sparkle in his Dad’s eye. We could not look at him without smiling. He had dreams and goals for the first time in his life. He rode ponies and herded cattle. He broke aand trained his pony. He won first place in a parade with his pony and friends. When he told me that he wanted to be a bull rider, I prayed for strength. But, was proud of his ambition to be a cowboy. We worked hard to help Colt achieve his goals. He had a hard life, but with courage he faced the hurt and pain from his past. He is a survior and he strived to overcome his damaged childhood.
      Please, continue with your bloggs and help find missing children.
      But, before you throw stones. You might try walking in the shoes of the family. Colt is Our Child!
      Rebecca Clark and family
      Posted by Rebecca Clark | 4:25 AM

      One more thin for the record:
      There was never a claim made by me or my husband that Colt had to testify against his parents. This is why you found nothing to support that. However he did report them and numerious others to the the Oklahoma County Sheriffs department and professionals. Children are suposed to be protected.
      This type of information is private and not avail. to the public.
      Posted by Rebecca Clark | 4:35 AM

      One more thin for the record:
      There was never a claim made by me or my husband that Colt had to testify against his parents. This is why you found nothing to support that. However he did report them and numerious others to the the Oklahoma County Sheriffs department and professionals. Children are suposed to be protected.
      This type of information is private and not avail. to the public.
      Posted by Rebecca Clark | 4:36 AM

      Ms. Clark. I in no way am trying to exploit Colton. I am trying to do anything I can to get information out about him, that is all.

      The porno comment was reported in the news, it was nothing that I made up.

      Yes, I have children and that is one reason why I care about children like Colt and could not imagine this. There is a child, a small boy missing and I just want him to be found.

      I pray for your family and especially for Colton. Sorry if anything written has offended you.
      Posted by Kindra Lore | 10:34 AM

      Rebecca Clark I feel so sorry for you and your husband to have lost a child. I really don’t think that Kindra was trying to exploit your son by getting information out to the public. Everything I read in the blog has previously been reported on other blogs or news reports. The fact is that if it wasn’t for peoples blogs regarding Colton, the whole subject of his disappearance would now be cold. As long as kind hearted people continue to mention Colton on their web pages or within their blogs, the subject of Colton will not die. People WILL be reminded that Colton is still very much missing and needs to be found. I can’t imagine what Colton’s brother must be going through, a child missing his brother. I sincerly hope that Colton is found safe and well soon. Lets hope that more people follow Kindra’s lead and start up their own blogs about Colton.
      Posted by Anonymous | 7:20 PM

      I’m so glad SOMEONE has SOMETHING posted trying to find this little boy Colt! I cry when I see his photo or think about him because he looks sort of like my own grandson, same age! How can there be no trace? Either he is with some adult somewhere or the little angel is in heaven. It’s so not right. Today is July 2nd. He is missing for two months! He has to be somewhere. I saw a little article on him in the Sat OKC paper, and to me this was a sign that I should write letters everywhere to try to find him. This is so wrong that he has not been found somewhere. A 10 year old cannot get along by himself. It’s wrong wrong wrong and he needs to be found.
      Posted by Anonymous | 12:33 PM


      “No there was not a porno ring busted or any arrests made. This was not a statement from our family.”

      I am just wondering if that is so, then what is this:

      “We now are focasing on the biological family and associates that had been reported for sex abuse and child pornography by the Boys in 2005. No one had been arrested and my children were very upset and concerned.”

      “We have to protect our children from these child molesters and pornography rings.”


      Just thought I needed question it since you seemed offended that I mention it.
      Posted by Kindra Lore | 5:00 PM

      9:49 PM, September 29, 2006

      Anonymous said…
      I just read a story that was posted today on CrimeLibrary about Colt. What a sad story… As far as I’m concerned Ms. (Adopted) Mother Becky, or whatever she wants to be called needs to take herself down to the local sheriff’s office and do the lie detector test! Stop trying to defend yourself on blogs and do it the way any REAL concerned parent would. Get the focus off of you honey if you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s December, it’s safe to say Colt isn’t coming home. And I feel sorry for his brother more than I feel sorry for Becky and her husband. TAKE THE LIE DECTECTOR TEST!!!

      3:41 PM, December 04, 2006

      Anonymous said…
      Guess who got arrested for the murder of Colton….

      12:02 AM, February 18, 2007

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