Colton Levi Clark

Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

Colton Levi Clark – Lots of Details I have not seen

Posted by KindraLore on August 1, 2006

(this blog has been reposted after I deleted it. I saved everything and have decided to repost it all. This blog has been backposted to original date and time.)Comments made to original post are reposted too, minus dates.

I was directed to an article that was originally published by the Semiole. Unfortunately, I cannot directly pull it up because their articles are not archived but I have not seen it before. Lots of details here:

the Seminole, OK newspaper written on 4-28-06

Mom Speaks Out on Boy’s Disappearance
By KAREN ANSON Managing Editor

“The psychics say he’s in a bale of hay out there in the pas-ture.”Sixty percent of them say he’s still alive.”

Rebecca Clark, foster mother of the nine-year-old who has been missing from his Seminole Coun-ty home for more than a week, introduced herself with those words, and immediately broke into tears.

“We have $10,000 we’ve been saving to rebuild our house after the fire,” she said, tears dripping from red-rimmed, pale blue eyes.”My husband said we’d sign over our property and walk away from everything”If whoever has him will just bring him back.”

Rebecca is small and blonde, dressed in jeans, boots and a straw hat and has been taking her quest to news media statewide.She and her husband, James Rex Clark, the missing boy’s bio-logical uncle, were approached almost three years ago by the De-partment of Human Services to serve as foster parents for Colt and his 12-year-old brother.

She told tales of what the boys had been through with their bio-logical parents.”They saw and were involved in things that even adults shouldn’t know about,” Rebecca said, mentioning the drug and pornography investigations of their parents.Their mother was recently re-leased from jail and their father is in a drug rehabilitation unit.”

They changed their names when they came to live with us,” Rebecca said.”Colt became Colt Levi River Clark he’s dramatic; I am sure he’ll become an author someday.”He chose the name, Rebecca said, because Levi means “for-ever faithful” and River means “everything washed clean.””And Colt is a young horse,” Rebecca added.Colt’s brother, took the name Homer Justice Levi Homer meaning “good measure.”He wanted a good measure of justice,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca and her husband were emergency room nurses for awhile, then she worked for Vi-sionQuest, an in-residence reha-bilitative program for young men who have been involved in the judicial system.The program had a headquar-ters in Wewoka for awhile, but is best known for taking the youth on cross-country wagon train rides.

“Because of that, and because my husband was a charge nurse at the prison, we thought we could accomplish anything with these children,” Rebecca said.James was injured in a tractor accident and homebound, so now she stays home with him and the boys, she added.

Most of their time together was much like any other parent and child relationship.”He’s a sweetheart,” Rebecca said of Colton.”He draws pictures of flowers and writes ‘I love you Mama and Daddy’ on them.”He missed his biological mother, but Rebecca encouraged him, saying maybe they could see her after she finished her “pro-grams.””We prayed for her,” Rebecca said.

But it had been a hard year for the children.Last summer, the family came upon a car wreck in which a child died.”Because we’re both ER nurses, we stopped to help,” Re-becca said.”There was blood all over, but we kept the boys in the car so they couldn’t see.”Later, they saw the dead girl’s picture on television and found it was someone they’d known before.”They just fell apart,” Rebecca said.

At Christmastime, their foster father had surgery and they feared there would be no gifts.”But we’d already gotten their gifts,” Rebecca said.Two days after Christmas their house burned, including their Christmas toys and some of their dogs died.Since then they’ve lived in a shop building they were thinking of using for an exotic animal farm.”We’ve been building back a little at a time, hoping not to go into debt,” Rebecca said.

The neighbor who Colt had become close to over the past years died earlier this year.In January, the boys’ biologi-cal father came to the house, jumped the fence and, Rebecca said, threatened to have the dogs bite Colt.”He was screaming and I ran out with the gun,” she said.”Since then, they hadn’t felt safe.”My husband has been sleep-ing on the couch and I on the bed and we’ve padlocked everything.”The Chihuahuas make so much noise we’d know if any-body came up.”Cold had been having night-mares about the fire and the past.

Rebecca paints Colt as a child who loves music and can play any instrument by ear and sing like an angel.Colt was described as a “bouncing ball,” always being told to get down off things.”People thought he was re-tarded, but he just had different interests,” Rebecca said.

The stories she tells have also a bit of the darker side, probably what would be expected with the history Colt had.”When he first came to us, he hurt animals,” Rebecca said.”They had a dog that bit them and we had to get rid of him,” Rebecca said.”We let them get every puppy they wanted. People gave them things.”Colt had a special pet, a real Russian red wolf pup, who slept with him and was devoted,” Re-becca said.

“He was a ornery, but he was a good boy. He wasn’t a troubled child, but he had had a hard life,” Rebecca saidThey were being home-schooled because Colt hadn’t fit in at Seminole Public Schools, she said.”We told them they were go-ing to Bowlegs after the first of the year and they have the pad-dle,” Rebecca laughed.But after the fire and the trau-matic visit from their father, the Clarks hadn’t started the kids back in school.

“They are wonderful kids,” Rebecca said.”Colt wants to be a bull rider and a veterinarian and Homer wants to be a lawyer for chil-dren.”Colt had stolen a few dollars from Rebecca before.”I thought he was probably go-ing to buy dip with it,” Rebecca said.”They (his parents) let him dip and spit.

“The day Colt disappeared, he had just finished being grounded for sneaking into a neighbor’s house and taking beer.”He wasn’t mad any more,” Rebecca said.”But he’d watched ‘Cops’ and saw a little boy being handcuffed.”He told me they arrested that little boy because he stole stuff.”It was so silly I can’t be-lieve I let him watch that.

“Colt didn’t want to go to coun-seling or to visit with the DHS worker, afraid, Rebecca said, that he would be taken away from his second family.Since his disappearance, Homer has told about Colt disap-pearing whenever Rebecca went to town and reappearing before she came home.

“He was ornery, but he was never afraid to come home,” Re-becca said.

The day he disappeared, April 20, they were getting ready to go to a counseling session in Nor-man.After their return, a DHS worker was supposed to come over.Rebecca told the boys to dress in their new summer clothes; Colt complained, wanting to wear his boots.

While she got ready, her hus-band planned to lie down.When she looked for Colt, he was gone.”The window was up in his bedroom,” Rebecca said.Asked if she thought he’d gone out there, she said she thought at the time that he was out in the car, ready to go.When he wasn’t, she searched and called for him.

The DHS worker came and they agreed to call the sheriff; a deputy came immediately.They brought dogs and ordered the family to put up their own dogs.”It was then that we found that Colt’s Russian wolf pup was gone,” Rebecca said.

The searching continued all night.At 4 a.m. the pup returned and scratched on the door, but the boy wasn’t with him.

Now the Clarks are being con-tacted by psychics, some of whom say the boy is still on the property, and others who say he’s with another family member.The deputies continue to fol-low leads and search.

Rebecca said a friend of Colt’s told the police that he’d met someone who lived on the rail-road last winter”I never knew it was so awful back there along the tracks,” Re-becca said, talking about the weeds, shrubbery, abandoned shacks and some kind of old drain or sewer plant.

She said they found food in one of the abandoned shacks.”I remember telling him that when the VisionQuest boys ran away, the ones who stayed on the railroad tracks were the ones who were the hardest to find,” Re-becca said.

She also recalls teaching him to drive a car in case of an emer-gency.”I taught him his directions and he was proud that he could tell me the way to Grammy’s house or the VA hospital,” she said.

She recalled the time he ran away from the shelter he was taken to as a five-year-old.Rebecca returned again to her hope that, if someone has the child, they’ll bring him to the police and claim the reward.”We have $10,000, but our family is trying to help us find more,” she said Thursday after-noon.”It’s been so longand it’s going to storm again.”I had made him dress in summer clothesI can’t imagine he could be gone so long.

“COLT LEVI CLARK Case Type: Lost, Injured, Missing DOB: May 24, 1996 Sex: Male Missing Date: Apr 20, 2006 Race: White Age Now: 9 Height: 4’4” (132 cm) Missing City: WEWOKA Weight: 65 lbs (29 kg) Missing State : OK Hair Color: Brown Missing Country: United States Eye Color: Hazel Case Number: NCMC1042577 Circumstances: Colt was last seen on April 20, 2006. He was wearing blue jeans, a sky-blue shirt, white and blue tennis shoes. Colt wears glasses and has a scar above his left eyebrow.

Now I have lots of questions after reading this. I will post a new blog later about it.

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