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Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

Blimey, The Plot Thickens!

Posted by KindraLore on August 12, 2006

(this blog has been reposted after I deleted it. I saved everything and have decided to repost it all. Comments made to original post are reposted too, minus dates. This post has been backdated to the original date and time it was posted.

The title of this is to a dear friend that has been following this case with me and as I do, searches daily for new information. Someone that does not know Colton Clark, but is worried about him none the less. After all, someone has to worry about these children. Someone has to press on until they are found.

When I started this blog, I was going to make it a crime blog of sorts, and post about different missing children. However, truthfully, I don’t have a lot of time in this hectic life I live and I have been completely consumed with finding out what happened to Colton. He touched my heart.

Colton grew up in a life we don’t wish on anyone. His Bio mother and father had a drug problem and lets say they didn’t win any parent of the year awards. I have been told some inside info on them and I can tell you that the porn ring that Rebecca Clark talked about in almost every interview and even commented on here on my blog (if indeed it was her) is not true.

Colton’s father was convicted of Domestic Abuse in January of 2004 and was sentenced to 2 years in prison but the sentence was suspended, contingent that he complete certain programs including drug rehabilitation.

I know not much about Colton’s mother except that she was a drug addict and frequently disappeared for days and weeks at a time. She had only supervised visitation with the boys.From what I understand, Colton and Austin went to live with Grandparents once their father Monty went into drug rehab. At some point, this is when Becky and Rex (Rebecca and James Clark) decided to foster the children.

I am not sure what kind of background investigations you must pass to foster children, but I do know that the couple had money hardships. They were registered nurses that according to Becky had worked together in an emergency room setting.

However, in May 2002 Becky’s RN license was “temporarily suspended”. At this same time James Rex Clark “Voluntarily surrendered” his license.

In March of 2004, Becky’s RN license was “Reinstated with RN Refresher Course Required then Placed on Probation with Conditions -“Restricted”“. (This was a couple of months after Colton and Austin were in foster care. (With their Grandparents I believe).

I am not sure when Becky and Rex actually started fostering Colton and Austin. However, in September of 2004, Becky’s RN license status was “License Placed on Suspension with Conditions”.

At that point, they had the boys.

From the same article:

” Rebecca and her husband were emergency room nurses for awhile, then she worked for VisionQuest, an in-residence rehabilitative program for young men who have been involved in the judicial system. The program had a headquarters in Wewoka for awhile, but is best known for taking the youth on cross-country wagon train rides.” Because of that, and because my husband was a charge nurse at the prison, we thought we could accomplish anything with these children,” Rebecca said. James was injured in a tractor accident and homebound, so now she stays home with him and the boys, she added.

Becky stated in an article to the Seminole in April that in December of 2005 Rex had surgery. They were not working at this point as she stated that he was “homebound” and she was taking care of him and homeschooling the children.

Sounds like they were homebound because their RN licenses were lost. On a Court TV thread about Colton I have been following and a part of there was the following comment made:

concerned lady

MemberRegistered: Aug 2006Location: Posts: 2

i am close to the adopted parents and i think they are invovled in something in this case. i don’t want to believe it, but something is not right with some of the occurrences. they have had a shady past with drugs as well and that is why their nursing licences were suspended. i hope i’m wrong, but i strongly fear not.

The bold is mine.

Obviously this poster could be anyone, but the question begs, why did they lose their licenses?

I also know from some research that they were in some financial difficulty and that they almost had their home foreclosed on them and a couple of monetary judgments against them as well.Rex is a VET and was receiving VA compensation and I believe but cannot prove disability from his “tractor accident”.

I also know that when you foster children, you receive money from the government and that if these children are special needs children, you get more and receive it even after adoption.

The question begs if the boys were ever adopted because I have read many articles in which they said “foster father” a couple of times including the April Seminole article of which I have been talking about.

Now, I have also found in my internet sleuthing, that in March 2005, Rex was convicted and pled no contest to Assault and Battery. Blimey, the plot does thicken. They had the boys at this point and Rex is 56 years old. Sorry but I don’t know many 56 year old men that have been convicted of Assault & Battery, unless they had anger issues.

I also have a problem with the whole runaway story. Becky sells it quite hard over and over in the interviews she gives, which to me seems odd in itself. According to her, she really did not know what happened, so why sell the runaway story? Why sell the porno ring story? To deflect guilt maybe?

The runaway story doesn’t work for me because I have played it out. Becky states in some articles that she was afraid he tried to go back to those abusing him before.

Well if she is talking about the bio parents, they have been cleared by law enforcement. If she is talking about the phantom porno ring, number one, why would he want to go back to that?BUT, let’s say he did. He wanted to leave and go back to being abused and exploited. Well, he would have had to have some sort of contact with these mysterious people. He would have had to let them know that he would be at a certain location and a certain time in order for them to get him. He would have most likely had to have phone conversations with them.LE (Law enforcement) would have checked the phone records and obviously it did not result in any leads, which means that never happened.

Now, say he packed his little back pack and got some food and ran away, out the window, like Becky states in some articles (regarding the backpack being gone as well as food, and the window being open in his bedroom).

He faces two options. He goes and hides out somewhere near where he knows, like the railroad tracks or some abandoned house (all mentioned in previous articles as well). Say he does this.The LE had searched 2,500 acres around the home. They brought in cadaver dogs, hound dogs, divers, and people on ATVs. They searched everywhere. They searched the abandoned houses; they searched the tracks they searched the water plant and everything in between. Yet they couldn’t even get a scent on him. Colton had disappeared into thin air.

Now let’s say he decided to runaway and hitch a ride. This is a rural area and farm and family oriented. What are the chances that the person that pulled over and got Colton was one that would cause him harm? Small chance yes, but it doesn’t wash for me.

Colton and Austin were home schooled once they came to live with Becky and Rex. In fact in the same article I have quoted over and over, Becky stated this:

“He was a ornery, but he was a good boy. He wasn’t a troubled child, but he had had a hard life,” Rebecca saidThey were being home-schooled because Colt hadn’t fit in at Seminole Public Schools, she said.”We told them they were going to Bowlegs after the first of the year and they have the paddle,” Rebecca laughed.But after the fire and the traumatic visit from their father, the Clarks hadn’t started the kids back in school.

The paddle? Is that a threat or a promise? Seems like an odd statement to make to me.

She also goes on in several articles to talk about when the bio father, Monty came to the house to see the boys. In this article she states:

In January, the boys’ biological father came to the house, jumped the fence and, Rebecca said, threatened to have the dogs bite Colt.”He was screaming and I ran out with the gun,” she said.”Since then, they hadn’t felt safe.”My husband has been sleeping on the couch and I on the bed and we’ve padlocked everything.”The Chihuahuas make so much noise we’d know if any-body came up.”Cold had been having night-mares about the fire and the past.

Now I have heard the inside story to this and it may or may not be true and from what I have read there are also different versions of this event, such as Monty drove up to abduct the boys but the story I know to be true is this:

Becky would not allow any contact with the boys at all including letters, phone, anything. It had been a long time since Monty had seen or spoken to them and he was with his sister and decided to drive by to see if the boys would be playing outside. The sister decided that she would ask if Monty could see the children. Becky ran out with a gun and threatened Monty’s sister. They got back in their car and drove away.

There was no police report filed so if Becky and Rex were so scared, would they have not called the police to report the incident? Wouldn’t you?

Where is Colton Levi Clark? Did he run away on April 20th or meet with foul play? Was he even there that day, or perhaps was missing way before then. Strange that he goes missing the day that he has a visit with Child Services and a psychiatrist. Strange indeed. Blimey, the plot does thicken doesn’t it?


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    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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