Colton Levi Clark

Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

In the End…

Posted by KindraLore on September 13, 2006

I started this blog because I put myself in the shoes of a parent. I couldn’t imagine the pain and horror of a child missing.

After a while, Colton had a special place in my heart and I searched and searched for the truth. I wondered and worried where this child went. I talked to people and found out things, and had theories..

However, that is what they are, just theories. They are not facts or anything more. I cannot change what happened to Colton, whatever that was, and I cannot find him sitting behind a computer screen.

This case has weighed much too heavy on my mind and soul. I have contemplated and wondered – What if I’m wrong? What if I am saying all this for everyone to read, and in the end, its totally wrong?

I cannot bear that cross. I hope soon that Colton will be found, safe and sound somewhere. I hope he will grow up to be a bull rider and a veterinarian. I hope that Becky and Rex are wonderful caring people and they will raise Austin with love and care.

In the end, all I want is for Colton to be found. I want justice for him if something did happen. However, I am no judge, nor jury. I am not one that can say what really happened.

I will put that in the safe hands of the LE. I have faith that they will find out and will bring this to the close.

I have deleted all the blogs but the very first. Know that Colton is always on my mind and in my heart, and I know that one day we will have the answers. In the end, justice will prevail.


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