Colton Levi Clark

Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

The world is a dangerous place

Posted by KindraLore on September 30, 2006

Albert Einstein: The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

(Credit to the blogger Lost In Lima Ohio for that quote and title)

So a few weeks ago I was in turmoil. Becky was bombarding me with emails and comments and I had reevaluated everything I’ve been trying to do. I started thinking that “what if” thing we all think of when we follow our guts but it means so much if we are wrong.

I saved everything from the blog and took it all down. I was drained from this. Worn out. I had emailed everyone from the Governor to media outlets to OSBI to local police and media.

I started this blog for a little boy. A little boy named Colton Clark. I talked with people on the inside. Not just one, but a few. They told me things. Before this, I wasn’t convinced that anything other than Colton had run away happened.

BUT, I think my turning point is when I saw Becky’s writings. She was saying things that didn’t make sense. She said one moment that he ran away, the next that Monty, Terrie or someone associated with them took him. (Monty and Terrie are the bio parents if you haven’t read up much).

Yet the scenario that they presented did not make sense. His bio parents did not take him. He did not run away. That only leaves one more scenario to me on what happened to Colton.

A few weeks ago I was drained and I was weak. I couldn’t deal with it anymore. However, there is no voice out there for Colton. None but mine.

I asked Becky to do more media and actually had something set up for her for a local TV station. I have heard that other family members have prompted her to go on America’s Most Wanted and she said she didn’t want to. Let me ask any of you that may be reading this.

If your child were missing, would you not be more than happy for this media exposure??? Would you not jump through hoops to go on TV and say “here is my child, help me find him!”

Why is there no media? I will tell you why. Because it starts with the parents. Look at Beth Holloway. That woman made sure she had all the media and then some. When there is media there is public interest, even tips. When there is public interest and tips, there is the LE looking for this child.

There is a child. His name is Colton Levi Clark. This child disappeared the day DHS had an appointment with him, just like Marcus Fesiel. Something happened to this little boy. He was NINE YEARS OLD! If he ran away, someone would have spotted him by now. Someone would know. He didn’t.

Colton has a brother. His REAL name is Austin. When he came to Becky and Rex 3 years ago, he was around 9 at the time. The renamed him Homer. Who changes a child’s name at that age unless they want to profess ownership of them?? After everything he had been through. Yes, Becky states the boys picked these names out. What child does that without prompting?

Now Austin sits there. His only real connection to everything he has every known is gone. Colton is gone. Maybe he even knows, or just knows without knowing – what happened. This child is being home schooled. There is no contact with the outside world unless Becky permits it.

If there is one hair on this child’s head that is hurt DHS has a lot to answer for.

Because of these TWO boys, this blog will continue. Sorry Becky. Im not giving up. There WILL be justice for Colton. We will find out what happened. So you TRY to sleep tight now, ya hear.


One Response to “The world is a dangerous place”

  1. Jim said

    Clearly, Becky and Rex are lying and covering up whatever they did to Colt. The changing of names, Colt’s fear of Rex, taking the boys out of school to control them all fits the profile of abductors. The accusation of sexual abuse was probably to cover up the abuse Rex was doing to those boys. With psychological counseling, Austin could shed much light on this case.

    There should be a grand jury called in this case immediately. Rex should have been arrested for firing a gun at his neighbor. If he really admitted to firing a gun in the ground behind her, that is aggravated assault. Beyond that, he should have been arrested for carrying a handgun with the serial number filed off. There is only one reason a person would want a gun without a serial number. Having been taken into custody, as he came down off of whatever he is addicted to, he might start talking.

    Colt deserves justice. I am glad that someone wants to keep this case alive. There are just too many changes in their stories. They are lying. If they are lying, there is a reason. A grand jury could and likely would indict them.

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