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Justice for Little Ricky

Posted by KindraLore on October 28, 2006

I know that this blog is dedicated to Colton Clark, but today is in memory of Ricky Holland. Ricky’s case reminded me of Colt’s in a lot of ways. Both boys were adopted and home schooled. Both were reported as having run away.However, we know for sure that Ricky did not run away. In fact, Ricky died July 1, 2005 of head trauma from being hit in the head with a hammer a full week before. For that week, Ricky could not talk, nor walk, nor eat or drink. This child died a slow painful death. Autopsy results concluded that Ricky also had a broken nose, clavicle and jaw bone at the time of his death.

Ricky endured as a child what most of us couldn’t endure as adults. He was constantly humiliated and made to wear diapers to school, even though he was potty trained and 7 years old. Ricky was food deprived and the monster mother sent him carrot sandwiches to school and made him wear a harness.

This child was not shown any love and was constantly referred to as the little bastard and fuck nut. He was made to stand in one spot for hours at a time, sometimes naked, until he soiled himself.

Ricky’s adoptive father, Tim Holland pleaded guilty to the murder of Ricky Holland last month. Today the jury brought a guilty verdict of Murder in the First Degree and First Degree Child abuse to his Monster Mother, Lisa Holland – and brought some sort of justice to Ricky.

To this date this child has not been laid to rest and has been held as evidence in the case against Lisa. It’s time to lay this poor baby to rest.

Today there is Justice for Ricky.

May all the angels love you, hold you, kiss and hug you as much as you want little man. Rest in peace. Although you did not know love in life, may you know it now. You will never be forgotten.

Link to Following Story

Jury finds Lisa Holland guilty of murder in son’s death

(AP) — An Ingham County jury found Lisa Holland guilty of first-degree felony murder Friday in the death of her 7-year-old adopted son.Felony murder requires a mandatory life sentence without parole.

Lisa Holland, who had shown little emotion throughout the six-week trial, cried quietly when the verdict was read.

The 33-year-old Williamston resident also was found guilty of first-degree child abuse. Sentencing was set for Nov. 28.

Prosecutors and detectives expressed relief, and hugged and shook hands after the verdict.

“The investigators’ feeling in this was everybody failed Ricky, and we couldn’t fail him,” said Ingham County sheriff’s Detective Brian Valentine.

The defense had been hoping for a not guilty verdict, or a less severe guilty verdict such as second-degree murder, involuntary manslaughter or accessory after the fact.

“I’m crushed. There’s just no other way around it,” said Mike Nichols, one of Lisa Holland’s two defense attorneys.

The verdict ended a seven-week trial in which the prosecution’s witnesses portrayed Lisa Holland as a cruel mother who abused her son, Ricky, by hitting him with a wooden spoon, duct-taping him to the refrigerator and making him wear a harness on the school bus.

Lisa Holland’s husband, Tim Holland, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Ricky’s July 2005 death in exchange for testifying against his wife. He said she told him she hit Ricky in the head with a hammer.

The defense said Tim Holland couldn’t be trusted because he lied many times to police, the public and the media.

Tim Holland, 37, testified that he returned home from an errand July 1, 2005, to find Ricky dead in the boy’s bed and his wife screaming she “didn’t mean to do it.” The prosecution said Ricky likely suffered a brain injury a week or more before he died, and his parents declined to get him medical attention and let him die a slow death, even though the boy couldn’t talk, eat or drink.

When Ricky disappeared, Tim and Lisa Holland said he ran away, sparking an extensive nine-day search by 1,700 volunteers and hundreds of law enforcement.

Tim Holland led police to Ricky’s body in an Ingham County game area in January, nearly seven months after he went missing. Tim Holland admitted dumping his son’s remains.

He said his wife wanted to feed Ricky to alligators, one of many gruesome details about the boy’s tragic life.

Abuse may have marred Ricky’s years with the Hollands, who became his foster parents in 2000 and adopted him in 2003. But neglect marked his time with his birth parents, whose parental rights were terminated in 2002, according to court documents.

The Hollands lived in Jackson before moving to Williamston in May 2005.


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Visions of Colton – Part 2

Posted by KindraLore on October 27, 2006

Diana emailed me the rest of her journal logs today, along with some references at the bottom of what she thought of some of them.
The following are the rest of Diana’s journals:

August 2, 2006 I can see a ceiling fan, an older woman and I hear a name, Sarah. Birmingham… I get a feeling like he did run away, or was trying to. I see a river with raging water. There is a small water fall and it is in the woods or a forest, a lot of trees around the place. I keep feeling brother or maybe he is wearing his brothers coat and I hear Judea?? I could see someone coming around what is like a hill, it was in the shadows but he walked out away from the river into the darkness or woods.

I keep feeling that the image of my husband with the painters cap with pinkish and blue patterns indicates that there is a family member, male, who has a feminine nature. Perhaps it’s someone who holds some information.

Yesterday I found a blog that had a link in it about past investigations involving Colt. The spokesman for the Seminole Sheriff’s Dept’s name was Mark Myers. Mark! Also, I found a picture and a name of a sheriff deputy, Troy Dame – Dame – Dana?? Could be, and he looked like the man I had in my vision with the small woman.

08/03/06 I was going to try to read Di so I’m not sure if this is Colt or her but I felt Colt so I will enter it here.

I could see an old run down house, a lot of grass and weeds growing up. I went in – dark, couldn’t tell if it was abandoned but I saw a keypad like an electronic security device – confused. For a minute I felt Colt was hiding here; that he was or is smart enough to stay hidden for all this time. A woman going up the stairs, a window and a sheer curtain blowing. She goes around the corner to the rooms.. The image reminded me of the way the stairs went up and around in the Lady & the Tramp movie.

The cards I pulled this day don’t feel like they are about me but about Colt. AoP, 8oW, Devil were poppers and the pull was 10oS and 10oP Rx. Wanting a new life, going for it.. getting away from the bondage he was in, putting himself in a worse position by being very unhappy in the family.

08/04/06 Egyptian, white knife like artifacts?? A door knob leading into a dark room, older again. Alabama, he feels alive somehow in the hands of people who are using him in a dark way.

3 cards to give me an overview and a shadow.. Pop – Fool Rx, show 8oP Pulled – Lovers, 9oW Rx and 3oS Rx, shadow – 8oW Rx He did run away or was talked into it. His situation was not good at home. He could not start over because his situation was not much better. There was no resolving emotional conflicts so he thought he could escape them. It is going to take a lot of people and a lot of effort and cooperation to find this boy. I think he is alive in the hands of bad people. WE need to keep this alive or he will never be found. I need to convince them to listen.

If you look at a map of Birmingham Alabama, Mountain Brook is right below it, south! Judea – is a term used for the mountainous southern part of the historic land of Israel. Reminds me of the place with the raging water and water fall.

08/05/06 Today I got a beliefnet email and the title was Jesus leads them to Judea… what connection does this have? Kindra doesn’t think that Colt ran away. I have a feeling that since I got the feelings about the run-away thing that perhaps she thinks I am working with Becky. Just a feeling but I need to make her understand. I told her that I just don’t know… Maybe the raging water is a reflection of the raging emotions that were going on. I need to re-think everything I have seen.

08/07/06 I was beginning to worry about Kindra and if she thought I had been put up to this whole thing by Becky.. She said she doesn’t. That old house means something I think. It must be important or it wouldn’t keep coming up. I believe it could have something to do with their house that burned. I think I found somewhere where they indicated that they were living in a shop building or something like that. But how does a shop building have bedrooms? She reported that Colt had been in his bedroom when they last saw him. Could this burned house be a clue as to where he is. I saw construction in my first vision.

08/09/06 Colt, I feel the large grassy area again and a small white building. X marks the spot. Route 78, I try to focus on the building but I get a larger one like a house, a white Victorian style house, a big front porch, lots of windows, open… an eye? Focus on the building & road…19 to 78. A big white tanker truck IRLAND written on the side – a trunk, lime.. I don’t know if this is something they’ve done or a memory of something I’ve heard before. There are other buildings or houses in the area, Cherry Grove – I could see a residential like street, cut off and then Cherry Grove.

08/11/06 Spruce Goose – that is what I got when I thought about Colt. The open field or an open field with big trees at the border. Someone standing with arms up and out but not standing, turning and looking up.

10/25/06 Kindra emailed me yesterday about the case. Austin, Colt’s brother had run away and was gone for 5 days before Becky and Rex reported him missing. I believe they did that only because a break-in nearby brought focus to them. Sounds like Austin had something to do with that. I have and am still trying to make sure she knows, and anyone else I’ve spoken to or will speak to, that I don’t want anyone to think that I believe that 100% of this is right on the money. But as I told her, I do believe there are some important clues in this, I really & truly do!!!

Today she emailed me with a link that included a story about a woman named Dana.. she remembered Dana from my visions. She had a poster in her store window about Colt. Her grandson strikes an amazing resemblance to Colt and they have actually had to prove that he was who they said to police who saw him and thought he could be Colt. Strange coincidence but I still think the Dana was Dame as in Troy Dame. I need to review and then perhaps see if there is some way I can get him to listen.

10/26/06 Pondering ……… I wonder if some of the info, like the little boy and the stuffed rabbit, the old house with the 70’s feel (from the first vision), the darkness and the people using this poor little boy (vision from 8/4)is old energy? Like focusing on where he came from, maybe more his past and how he got to this point in his life. Information to more clearly identify that Colt was the little boy in my visions. Perhaps it was the past, just part of the whole picture. Maybe that’s why the 70’s.. indicating past??? Sometimes I think things get drawn for you like a story, unfolding into what you need to know.. taking you to where you will find the answers and giving markers to show those in the know that you are in fact on the right track, validations that do not come from any current source of information.

Reference to entry dated 7/13, spiders – Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive… what kind of lies and tales are some weaving and spinning?

From 8/1 – what are they hiding? Seems like a very dark, hidden place I was seeing. If the man in the vision Troy Dame, perhaps it is he that will uncover the truth in the end. Also from this date, the image of the figure laying down passing their hand over the lower part of their body, and burnt orange. This would indicate, if you understand the chakra system, the 2nd chakra.. color (orange, burnt being dark and not functioning properly)and area(lower body). This chakra helps to establish primal relationships with others. If this chakra were not working properly it would be due to emotional abuse or trauma, or worse. I add this because since I do believe in these principles, it would be a way to make me understand that symbol, what Colt or my guides are trying to tell me. Who would be the most likely to have inflicted this type of trauma leading to his death or disappearance?

From 8/2 – the raging water could be an indicator of emotions raging out of control leading to whatever happened to him. The family member who I thought might be a feminine male could also be a controlling female. Leopard print? What about the old saying, a leopard cannot change his spots?

From 8/3 – the security device on an old house…. The old house kept coming up. Could the device indicate a place where someone felt safe and secure? Perhaps a good place to hide something? Or maybe its simply a place where Colt once felt secure, if he ever did in his short life. How sad! But it reminds me of when Lady & the Tramp entered my thoughts, that is a nice movie so maybe the actual vision was just a metaphor for a happier time, I just don’t know.

From 8/4 Artifacts.. a dark room.. could also be reminding me of the past, what led up to what happened.

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Visions of Colton?

Posted by KindraLore on October 26, 2006

Back in July a lady contacted me about Colton. She told me that she had been having visions of Colton and wanted me to hear them. She emailed me her journal entries about it and I read them.

Although I appreciated her concern that seemed genuine, I didn’t really understand her visions, and by that time I had my own theory about Colton’s disappearance and it didn’t seem to coincide with it.

Now I do have an open mind, and I believe some have a gift. Does Diana have this gift? I’m not sure.

Anyway, I told her that I felt her visions were leaning towards someone abducting Colton and I really didn’t believe that is what happened and our emails slowly stopped. After rereading it after all these months, I’m not so sure that is what it is pointing to afterall.

The other day, for some reason I just decided to email Diana again to see if she had any new information. She stated it was weird because Colton had been on her mind lately and that she stated that she might be off the mark sometimes but that she truly believed that there are a lot of clues in her visions, it just takes the right person/people to read them and put them together.

Therefore, I have decided to post her journal entries of her visions. I feel that if there are clues in them and someone does see them and can put them together, then maybe we will find out what happened to Colton.

As a side note, she did fax these to the Sheriff’s Department and I have since emailed it to OSBI as well.

Also, read carefully because I have realized after rereading that some things are not meant to be literal, such as the part about the painting cap. It is a metaphor and she tells you in the next sentence what it means.

The following are the journals of Diana’s visions regarding Colton Clark:

Please remember from the get go, I am not claiming to be a psychic,
I am not interested in any reward money and I am not even claiming to be 100% accurate. I do not do this professionally or anything at all like that…

All I am asking is that you read this with an open mind and PLEASE
Let me know if any part of it makes sense. I just want to help. I’m receiving this stuff for some reason, there has to be a reason….

July 11, 2006 It started out with the number 10 and then 9. I wasn’t sure if that was a date or age but I thought 9 would be the age. Now I wonder if it means he is 10 now but I would find it by looking for a 9 year old.

Stuffed animals being thrown at a little boy, at least I felt boy. He was trying to duck down in a corner with his hands and arms covering his face.

Then as plain as a photograph in a flash, a picture of a white counter with a blue fanny pack lying on it. It was so vivid that I definitely think it must be important.

A board, like a piece of plywood, with the name Maxine and what seemed like a piece of light blue plastic sort of like a curtain or something with paint splattered on it, white paint. It feels like or seems like construction. Blue again, like a blue rabbit.

I could hear harsh words “Shut up you little bast*&%#”. A blue ball rolling across the floor towards what appeared or was shaped like a mushroom. It made me think of an old 70’s style print with the browns and oranges and the flowers and mushrooms, or an older home and I could see a candle holder, sort of like brass maybe, with arms coming out from the base to hold more than one candle. But then I thought that the first image with the counter seemed more modern so maybe 2 separate places.

The boy was frightened, he has dark hair and dark eyes. A name, Mark.
I looked on the internet for any missing 9 year olds. Colt seemed and
Felt like what I was seeing, so I decided to focus on him.

July 13, 2006 I tried to focus on Colt and find something I could use
To validate what I was seeing. I saw spiders but felt like that was a
Good thing, maybe he likes spiders. And red hawks or sea hawks. At first I thought of some kind of sports team but I kept seeing big birds so I’m not sure. A white door with little windows at the top, Colt, I think, is standing in front of the door with a red shirt on but I cannot see his face or head. Almost like his body is there but in his head he is somewhere else. Bowling; a star. The star? Maybe the name of a street or city?

And aliens! He is smiling! Maybe he likes aliens too… The name Dana,
Feels like someone who can help. Then a short, heavy set lady with brown maybe wavy hair and glasses. Perhaps someone who is connected to him. It made me wonder for the first time what his adopted mom looked like.

July 14, 2006 I start out frustrated because I wasn’t able to find
Anything out yesterday about this boy and I didn’t know what to do. I set my intent on Colt one more time, like its time to take some kind of action right or wrong, just do something. The first image that came to my mind was a large, flat, open, grassy area and at the back side was a row of houses.

The flatness stuck out at me I guess because I live in WV and am surrounded by mountains. I thought of Florida. I’ve never been there but I guess I imagine it to be flat. But then that thought made me think of water, like he is near water but I’m not sure.

I saw one man giving money to another man in a ball cap and dark glasses. It seemed like he was on the water or spent time there. Then an image of him in a boat. The kind that has a little cabin or something like that but on the top where he could drive and rest he elbow out the window.

Then a man with a dark beard. At first it didn’t seem like a thick beard but then I got an image of someone who resembled sly stallone in that movie Night Hawks. He had a full thick beard in that movie. He looked mean. I saw a man holding a beer but his fingers were covering the label. I wanted to get a look at the label but I think I may have put too much thought into that cause I started arguing with myself about if I saw Miller it would only be because that is what my husband drinks, and then I though if I saw something else it would be because I’ve already messed up the thought. That is the part I have trouble with, keeping my analytical mind out of it.

Anyway, when I did see an image it was red and gold and I thought of an old name in beer like Schlitz or Stroughs. I don’t know if that actually means anything now but it might. I asked my guides to tell me who to contact and the names Rick and Mark came up. Mark Richard maybe, I don’t know.. As I typed that it dawned on me.. Mark was one of the first names I heard but after I found Colt on the internet I just thought I mis-heard Mark/Clark. But I realize now that this is the second time I’ve heard it. Might be important. But I sort of felt the name in connection to the authorities or someone to contact.

I asked who the man was, the other man. He was smiling. Was it Colts dad? Yes; Father? No; confused here.. Step dad? Yes… but then there is a biological father and an adopted father. The question entered my mind, perhaps for he first time, did the adopted family have something to do with this?

Maybe, I had a “not so good” feeling about it at this point and caught a glimpse of the nice house again, the one with the white counter and fanny pack. May indicate just where to look. But the step-father part is confusing.

I need to learn to stop lending my own analysis and just record what
I see and feel so I don’t confuse any issues.

July 17, 2006 I tried to focus on Colt this morning and this may be
About him so I will share it. I could see the front of a house or building, like around the walls where you would landscape. But there were minimal, small shrubs or plants, planted in a row and it looked like gravel instead of mulch or something like that, seemed strange.. I thought of a rock garden.

Also Alabama and selling drugs?? Weird. Sorry that’s all this time.

July 24, 2006 I’m trying hard to meditate, I want to focus on Colt.
A green crescent moon shaped object, I could see a face, reminds me of
The man in the moon. A face, pieces of it, a nose, cheeks, I’m not sure, female I think, an attractive female. I try to get an idea about where Colt is.

Is he dead or alive? I see a movie but I can’t remember the name of it.

It had Joe Penny and a young girl, she is popular now but I can’t remember her name. He is a cop and she is a waitress who is underage. They start an affair and she ends up pregnant. Long story short, he ends up killing her, dragging her into the woods and trying to hide it, blame it on his step son.

I can see movement like watching something out of the back window of a
vehicle and I think of this movie. She said at the end “I got death and he got life”. I’m not sure but I begin to worry about if he is alive.

I see lots of dogs and then cadaver dogs, but I do know they are looking for him or they were, with dogs. I don’t want to confuse what I know. I’m worried about the brother. The name James and just as I was going to quit, McCartney. The moon again, it reminded me of the old saying about the moon being made of green cheese… green cheese?

August 1, 2006 I had a wave of stuff this morning and I was finding
It hard to keep up. I had to stop to start writing things down and I’m
Afraid I stopped to soon cause I couldn’t get back but it seemed important to get it down. I need to learn to use a voice recorder or something.

First I dreamed about trying to get somewhere and I kept running into
obstacles, mostly from my ex-husbands family. They are nice and it was
un-intended but never the less it was stopping my progress.

I was trying to get to my husband and I couldn’t. I won’t go into details but when I did find him he was wearing a new motorcycle helmet but it was really stupid looking. Tan with a sort of spotted dark tan pattern. Reminded me of a leopard sort of. But jumping forward, the next time I was with him and he was putting it back on it wasn’t a helmet but a painter’s cap with a pinkish or reddish pattern and some blue in it. Seemed rather feminine and weird for him.

Anyway the only reason I’m telling you is perhaps it has something to do with who took Colt. And who within the family, extended family whatever, is stopping the progress or hindering it, intentional or not.

Now what I saw this morning.. a brief case, the kind that is soft sided with a fold over flap, maybe leather cause it looked like one I had given my husband as a gift. Someone sat this case down in a hallway with a staircase and a large wooden banister.

This appeared to be a nicer house, clean and bright. He or she, but I felt male energy, went down the hall into what seemed like a walk in closet but as they went to the back there was a door leading down into a basement, down, down. Back in the hallway by the front door I could see a couple. They were facing each other.

The man was larger build and had sandy hair, tall, wearing a reddish brown polo type shirt I think and khaki pants. The woman was smaller, dark hair I believe, wearing a white dress that made me think of a dress my sister wore when she married her 2nd husband. Not a formal wedding gown but a country style white dress with lace and a fancy white cowboy hat with lots of lace. The dress reminded me of that.

I could see a refrigerator and a tub of Quaker oats on top. Not the paper can but some sort of tub?? The tub of oats fell off of the fridge and I could hear in a squeaky, slimy sort of voice the words “Don’t you remember? Rape? Don’t you remember” Very, very weird!

Then holes.. and something in them like plungers, but then the holes
Got taller like stacks of some kind with the plungers moving in them, and water or near water. A large electric pole in an area, the kind that can hold a lot of wires, and there is a lot of vegetation around it, and tracks like the railroad tracks. Let me say that I do know that there were train tracks searched, I read it in the very limited coverage that I was able to find, so I’m not trying to make you think I am amazing cause I knew that…

It just showed up in the meditation so I’m relating it. Somewhere in the midst of all of this I saw a figure laying down, his/her hand moving or waving across the lower part of their body. I felt again that perhaps Colt could still be alive. I couldn’t see any features, it was
kind of a burnt orange color and no features of any kind. But I saw movement and felt life. I hope the life part is not wishful thinking….

That’s it so far. Please, please, after you read this call me and let
Me now if any part of it makes any sense at all. If it does I will continue to work on it but if it does not at least I will know that I did my best to relate whatever this is from wherever it came from and I can let it go.

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News Article – Search Continues For Colton Clark, Six Months After His Disappearance

Posted by KindraLore on October 25, 2006

New article on Channel 8 website:

Seminole – A lot of people are wondering if a nine-year-old Oklahoma boy is still alive. It’s a mystery that is six months old. Despite numerous searches, authorities have found no sign of Colton Clark, who went missing from his home last spring.

His picture is still hanging prominently on Seminole’s storefronts. And, there are plenty of rumors going around as to what happened to Colt. But, six months later, there are very few facts.

“Yes, it’s a mystery. It’s one big mystery,” says Seminole County Sheriff Joe Craig, who is working on a case that began with hints of runaway.

“Where would a 9 or 10-year-old kid go if he ran away?”

Reaching a dead end with that theory, the focus shifted.

“There are approximately 15 to 20 people that have been interviewed,” Craig says.

Craig says everyone has passed preliminary interviews.

“It’s more or less kind of at a standstill,” he says. “They just don’t know.”

Dana Taylor has a flyer posted on her storefront and a grandson named Tyler that resembles Colt. A trait put to the test at a restaurant by police continually on the lookout.”

“They had to show identification that Tyler belongs to them.”

As for finding the real Colt, hope for that happy ending is waning.

“We’re just hoping and praying that Colt’s still alive. But, the length of time that goes by doesn’t sound good.”

“It would be a miracle. It’d just be wonderful. But, after six months and no sightings or anything, my gut tells me no.”

Colt’s family wanted to be interviewed, but was detained in Oklahoma City on family business. They say they will continue the search for their son.

If you have any information on Colt’s whereabouts, you’re asked to call the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office at 405-257-5445.

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Not Much Coming Out of Seminole

Posted by KindraLore on October 13, 2006

The lead I blogged about previously seems to be a dead end. Not much info coming out of Seminole right now.

I did hear Becky has done some TV interviews and stated that she is glad he was arrested and she has been pushing for Austin to go to jail instead of a juvenile center or another foster family because he “needs to learn his lesson”.

I can’t find anything on the Internet to substantiate that though.

If any of you local people have seen any of this, please feel free to enlighten me.

Right now Austin is on my mind. Hope he is doing ok and is in the hands of loving people.

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Homer Clark Currently in Custody of DHS

Posted by KindraLore on October 11, 2006

I am still having a hard time finding out any new information. However, I did call the Seminole Sheriff’s Dept today and I was told that Homer Clark is currently in the custody of DHS. I am assuming then that he is either in a Foster Home or something to that effect.

I did hear rumor of something that may be a break in the case regarding Colton’s whereabouts but have not heard anything else regarding it so I’m not really sure what to think.

Right now it’s a waiting game. I do have Austin (Homer) in my thoughts today as I know he has been through so much.

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When I say Colton Clark, do I hear an echo in here?

Posted by KindraLore on October 7, 2006

What makes the media prone to latch onto one missing child case verses another? Drama maybe. Law Enforcement continuously feeding the public information? Parents that take a proactive stance and force their selves if need be into the public eye?

I was following the Trenton Duckett case for a while and it became a world wind bloggers blogging their theories, LE performing search after search and a media frenzy.

Don’t get me wrong here in the direction that I am going. I am not saying anything bad or “hating” on the Duckett case. Just the contrary. I believe it needs to be done this way. Although they haven’t found little Trenton Duckett, its not because they haven’t tried.

I was perplexed though when reading some of the blogging going on and how some said that they were so mad that this case was not getting enough attention. This case went national, especially after the Nancy Grace interview with Melinda Duckett.

However, here is another child missing and I guess sometimes I feel like only a handfull of people really care or even know. Little Colton Clark. Colton was 9 years old at the time he went missing and has since turned 10. Even though his older brother went missing last week, there is hardly any media to be found about it.

As you can see on my blog, I have found two stories relating to the disappearance of Homer and the only articles found about Colton date back to April when he went missing.

This child disappeared into thin air. No one (or at least no one that has come forward) knows where he is or what happened to him.

Now I am not knocking LE here. Obviously they have run out of leads. Therefore the media has nothing new to report (at least until Homer ran away). So, again it starts with the parents.

If the parent of a missing child called up a local news station and said, “We are doing a charity drive today to raise money to find our son” I believe they would send out a news team and that would air. If a parent of a missing child would continuously call the media, the LE, keep staying out in the public eye, then so would the story of that child.

When you don’t do these things, it makes me wonder. Why are you not doing everything possible to find this child? Getting family to make bags of candy for the State Fair is something, but is that really going to get the word out there?

Little Colt Clark is still missing. What happened to him? Where is Colton Levi Clark?

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Seminole Producer Article 10/4/06 – Missing Boy’s Brother Also Disappears

Posted by KindraLore on October 5, 2006

I thought I would get this up since the Seminole Producer newspaper online does not archive their articles. Thanks Saucepan!

Colton and Homer Clark


Officials searched for Homer Clark Saturday evening after he was reported missing. Homer’s younger brother, Colton Clark, was reported missing in April. Colton remains a missing person.

However, Homer was found in a nearby trailer park within hours of being reported missing, although his adoptive mother had not seen him for five days. Rebecca told the deputies that she had not seen Homer since 5:30 a.m. Tuesday morning when she took James Rex Clark, her husband, to the hospital because he was having heart problems, Craig said. Homer was reported missing Saturday when Seminole County deputies responded to a burglary at a nearby house.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office began the investigation Saturday around 3:30 p.m. Deputies received a call that a house near the Clark residence was broken into. A cell phone and a gun were taken from the house, according to Sheriff Joe Craig. Rebecca Clark, the adoptive mother of Homer and Colton, then told deputies that Homer had run off.

Craig said the deputies discovered that Homer had been at a neighbor’s house Friday night and had cake and ice cream with them. When he left, he didn’t go home. She thought it looked like Homer had been in and out of the house since Tuesday, but she hadn’t seen him. Craig said he thinks Rebecca was back and forth from the hospital and her residence.

James returned from the hospital by at least Saturday. “I know he had been out looking for him Saturday afternoon,” Craig said. Craig said they were calling a group together to search for Homer. The sheriff said there were signs he was staying in a neighbor’s barn.

A dog handler searched near Hidden Village and got a track on Homer. Around 8:30 p.m., someone had called and said they saw Homer in one of the trailers, Craig said. Homer was picked up and taken to the Sheriff’s Office and later placed in DHS custody.

According to radio traffic, Homer was placed in leg irons when he was picked up. Craig said it was to prevent him from running again, if that was his intention. The sheriff expects the incident to undergo an investigation. “I think DHS has some concerns about (Homer running off) and will conduct an investigation,” said Craig.

The sheriff isn’t sure if the District Attorney will file charges against Homer for the burglary. “That’ll be taken care of in the juvenile system,” he said. The Sheriff’s Office is waiting for DHS and the DA’s Office to conduct an investigation before further action is taken.

Colton, however, is still missing. “We still don’t have any evidence other than to keep looking for him as a missing person,” Craig said about Colton.

According to district court records, James Rex Clark was charged in 2005 for misdemeanor assault and battery. He received a deferred sentence and was ordered to pay fines.

Article in the Seminole Producer

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The Web We Weave

Posted by KindraLore on October 3, 2006

Isn’t it amazing when you talk to someone and you know they are lying but cant prove it what your reactions bring? You want to call them out but depending on the situation you think forget it. Its not right. They weave their web, but in the end they know, and you know – they are caught.

Becky and Rex Clark are an odd pair for all I’ve been told. To look at Rex, he looks like a Grisly Adams type, with cross bone necklace and all. It is said he owns many guns and is quite the character, fashioning bones for buttons on his shirt.

Becky Clark on the other hand is a small petite woman with blonde hair, graying just a bit. She comes across as normal they say. Normal until she speaks. If you read all her ranting and ravings online, you can see its true.

Sometime last Tuesday Austin decided he had had enough. He ran away. For some reason Becky and Rex Clark did not report him missing until Saturday afternoon. Why?
Unfortunately when you are not local, you cannot get local TV newscast. Therefore I just learned about this to date. There is still no info on the web other than the link I have provided in the previous post that my friend Saucepan forwarded me. My friend Trisha from the Missing and Murdered Blog gave me the initial info.

Today I sent emails and made calls to all local media in the area. Its time to get this story out there. Obviously I know nothing about whether Becky or Rex have been brought in for questioning.

The following is a transcript of the link I provided in my previous blog:

TV Station Reporter: And we begin tonight with breaking news. A tumultuous situation in Seminole County. For the last 24 hours Authorities have desperately been searching for a 12-year-old boy. He is big brother of another young man who was in the news earlier this year.

Do you remember this face: 10 year Colt Clark went missing back in April. Search teams from several states combed Seminole County looking for the little boy. The search was extensive but they never found little Colt.

Just a few hours ago we got word that Colt’s big brother had gone missing as well. This is 12-year-old Homer Clark. Seminole county authorities spent the day looking for Homer. Tonight news channel 4’s Bobbie Miller is tracking this breaking story. She is live in Seminole. Bobbie I understand the search for Homer had a happier ending than the search of his baby brother.

Bobbie Miller: You’re exactly right Allie. Just about an hour ago in fact they found Homer Clark. And this barn right here is where they were hoping to find him. They found a pair of jeans here earlier this afternoon and search dogs took to the field, we are very near to his home here he lives with his Aunt and Uncle. That’s not where they found him.

In fact they found him in a trailer park just about a half a mile from here. To fill us in on all the details is Sheriff Joe Craig. He is with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department. Joe, very suspicious because its been five months since his younger brother went missing so how did you react to this when you heard?

Joe Craig: Well my first thoughts was oh my god no, we haven’t found the brother yet and and uh he’s come up missing.

Bobbie Miller: Right, ok, so – lives with aunt and uncle. Actually last seen by them on Tuesday but he’s been very busy and other folks have seen him throughout the week because even uh burglarized a home.

Joe Craig: Yes, he burgerlized a neighbors house uh right across the road from where he lives.

Bobbie Miller: ok, and where is he now, tonight?

Joe Craig: He is over at the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department over in Wewoka at the time.

Bobbie Miller: Ok he’s not back with his aunt and uncle why is that?

Joe Craig: Uh. We’ve taken him into uh Protective Custody because of the burglary and uh him running all over the neighborhood this week.

Bobbie Miller: Ok Sheriff thank you very much we appreciate it. Again, happy ending tonight for Homer and family. But again, brother Colt who’s been since April is still yet to be found and there are no new leads in his disappearance, Allie

TV Station Reporter: Bobbie Miller reporting live. A lot of moving parts in this story. We can also tell you OSBI was called in for a time. They were part of the search for Homer Clark.

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Déjà Vu – Homer Clark (Brother of Colton Clark) Reported Missing Saturday

Posted by KindraLore on October 3, 2006

On Saturday, September 30, 2006, Homer (Austin) Clark – Colton Clark’s older brother was reported missing. The amazing thing is that according to local news reports, this child actually went missing Tuesday, September 26, 2006 but Becky and Rex Clark failed to report his disappearance until a full four days later.

He is currently being held in protective custody at the Seminole County jail for burglary. This child is 12 years old.

I cannot find any news articles at this time on the internet regarding this breaking news, however I have confirmed it with law enforcement to be true.

Edited 2:48 eastern:

Thanks to Saucepan for the link.

Right now its the first video story listed:

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