Colton Levi Clark

Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

Déjà Vu – Homer Clark (Brother of Colton Clark) Reported Missing Saturday

Posted by KindraLore on October 3, 2006

On Saturday, September 30, 2006, Homer (Austin) Clark – Colton Clark’s older brother was reported missing. The amazing thing is that according to local news reports, this child actually went missing Tuesday, September 26, 2006 but Becky and Rex Clark failed to report his disappearance until a full four days later.

He is currently being held in protective custody at the Seminole County jail for burglary. This child is 12 years old.

I cannot find any news articles at this time on the internet regarding this breaking news, however I have confirmed it with law enforcement to be true.

Edited 2:48 eastern:

Thanks to Saucepan for the link.

Right now its the first video story listed:


One Response to “Déjà Vu – Homer Clark (Brother of Colton Clark) Reported Missing Saturday”

  1. Saucepan said

    Thanks for the credit Kindra.
    I am so pleased that Austin/Homer is in protectice custody, at least we know that he is safe and being looked after. If only the same could be said for his poor little brother Colton.

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