Colton Levi Clark

Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

The Web We Weave

Posted by KindraLore on October 3, 2006

Isn’t it amazing when you talk to someone and you know they are lying but cant prove it what your reactions bring? You want to call them out but depending on the situation you think forget it. Its not right. They weave their web, but in the end they know, and you know – they are caught.

Becky and Rex Clark are an odd pair for all I’ve been told. To look at Rex, he looks like a Grisly Adams type, with cross bone necklace and all. It is said he owns many guns and is quite the character, fashioning bones for buttons on his shirt.

Becky Clark on the other hand is a small petite woman with blonde hair, graying just a bit. She comes across as normal they say. Normal until she speaks. If you read all her ranting and ravings online, you can see its true.

Sometime last Tuesday Austin decided he had had enough. He ran away. For some reason Becky and Rex Clark did not report him missing until Saturday afternoon. Why?
Unfortunately when you are not local, you cannot get local TV newscast. Therefore I just learned about this to date. There is still no info on the web other than the link I have provided in the previous post that my friend Saucepan forwarded me. My friend Trisha from the Missing and Murdered Blog gave me the initial info.

Today I sent emails and made calls to all local media in the area. Its time to get this story out there. Obviously I know nothing about whether Becky or Rex have been brought in for questioning.

The following is a transcript of the link I provided in my previous blog:

TV Station Reporter: And we begin tonight with breaking news. A tumultuous situation in Seminole County. For the last 24 hours Authorities have desperately been searching for a 12-year-old boy. He is big brother of another young man who was in the news earlier this year.

Do you remember this face: 10 year Colt Clark went missing back in April. Search teams from several states combed Seminole County looking for the little boy. The search was extensive but they never found little Colt.

Just a few hours ago we got word that Colt’s big brother had gone missing as well. This is 12-year-old Homer Clark. Seminole county authorities spent the day looking for Homer. Tonight news channel 4’s Bobbie Miller is tracking this breaking story. She is live in Seminole. Bobbie I understand the search for Homer had a happier ending than the search of his baby brother.

Bobbie Miller: You’re exactly right Allie. Just about an hour ago in fact they found Homer Clark. And this barn right here is where they were hoping to find him. They found a pair of jeans here earlier this afternoon and search dogs took to the field, we are very near to his home here he lives with his Aunt and Uncle. That’s not where they found him.

In fact they found him in a trailer park just about a half a mile from here. To fill us in on all the details is Sheriff Joe Craig. He is with the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department. Joe, very suspicious because its been five months since his younger brother went missing so how did you react to this when you heard?

Joe Craig: Well my first thoughts was oh my god no, we haven’t found the brother yet and and uh he’s come up missing.

Bobbie Miller: Right, ok, so – lives with aunt and uncle. Actually last seen by them on Tuesday but he’s been very busy and other folks have seen him throughout the week because even uh burglarized a home.

Joe Craig: Yes, he burgerlized a neighbors house uh right across the road from where he lives.

Bobbie Miller: ok, and where is he now, tonight?

Joe Craig: He is over at the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department over in Wewoka at the time.

Bobbie Miller: Ok he’s not back with his aunt and uncle why is that?

Joe Craig: Uh. We’ve taken him into uh Protective Custody because of the burglary and uh him running all over the neighborhood this week.

Bobbie Miller: Ok Sheriff thank you very much we appreciate it. Again, happy ending tonight for Homer and family. But again, brother Colt who’s been since April is still yet to be found and there are no new leads in his disappearance, Allie

TV Station Reporter: Bobbie Miller reporting live. A lot of moving parts in this story. We can also tell you OSBI was called in for a time. They were part of the search for Homer Clark.

One Response to “The Web We Weave”

  1. Saucepan said

    I have continued to scour like you the www for any new news on either Colton or his brother Homer/Austin and so far nothing apart from that one video news report. I truly hope that things will come to an end soon with regards to Colton’s disappearance, I can’t honestly see a happy ending, but stranger things have happened.
    I am however very pleased that Colton’s brother is presently in ‘Protective Custody’. Let’s hope that Homer/Austin is not placed in a similar predicament to his poor little brother Colton.

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