Colton Levi Clark

Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

When I say Colton Clark, do I hear an echo in here?

Posted by KindraLore on October 7, 2006

What makes the media prone to latch onto one missing child case verses another? Drama maybe. Law Enforcement continuously feeding the public information? Parents that take a proactive stance and force their selves if need be into the public eye?

I was following the Trenton Duckett case for a while and it became a world wind bloggers blogging their theories, LE performing search after search and a media frenzy.

Don’t get me wrong here in the direction that I am going. I am not saying anything bad or “hating” on the Duckett case. Just the contrary. I believe it needs to be done this way. Although they haven’t found little Trenton Duckett, its not because they haven’t tried.

I was perplexed though when reading some of the blogging going on and how some said that they were so mad that this case was not getting enough attention. This case went national, especially after the Nancy Grace interview with Melinda Duckett.

However, here is another child missing and I guess sometimes I feel like only a handfull of people really care or even know. Little Colton Clark. Colton was 9 years old at the time he went missing and has since turned 10. Even though his older brother went missing last week, there is hardly any media to be found about it.

As you can see on my blog, I have found two stories relating to the disappearance of Homer and the only articles found about Colton date back to April when he went missing.

This child disappeared into thin air. No one (or at least no one that has come forward) knows where he is or what happened to him.

Now I am not knocking LE here. Obviously they have run out of leads. Therefore the media has nothing new to report (at least until Homer ran away). So, again it starts with the parents.

If the parent of a missing child called up a local news station and said, “We are doing a charity drive today to raise money to find our son” I believe they would send out a news team and that would air. If a parent of a missing child would continuously call the media, the LE, keep staying out in the public eye, then so would the story of that child.

When you don’t do these things, it makes me wonder. Why are you not doing everything possible to find this child? Getting family to make bags of candy for the State Fair is something, but is that really going to get the word out there?

Little Colt Clark is still missing. What happened to him? Where is Colton Levi Clark?

3 Responses to “When I say Colton Clark, do I hear an echo in here?”

  1. newsalerts said

    “Getting family to make bags of candy for the State Fair is something, but is that really going to get the word out there?”

    What happened to the private detective Becky was supposed to have hired? The one who was going to distribute flyers across the country?

    I wish they would not have put Austin in leg irons. Poor kid. I hope DHS is really investigating his home life.

  2. Saucepan said

    I fully agree Kindra, since Colton’s disappearance I have tried very hard to put myself in the shoes of his adoptive parents, and yes your child disappearing into thin air is an absolutely devastating thing to happen, but as we know that Colton’s adoptive mother is computer literate due to her current blogging, I would have expected a little more coverage or at least something.
    I hope that I never have to experience a personal tragedy like the Clark’s have, but I would like to think that in a similar situation after the initial shock had warn off, I would be screaming from the rooftops trying very hard to ensure that the story stayed out there, not only on the www but also the televised news and press.
    And yes you are completely right, other than a few familiar names blogging and message boarding, there really is nothing going on it would seem.
    Even now at this late date, I still hold out hope that Colton is found alive and well.

  3. Anonymous said

    if it were my child that went missing, the media would have to get a restraining order against me-I would harrass them to no end, NOT until my childs disappearence was in the media, a lot.

    When Colton first went missing. I posted about him in my blog. He is just 9 yo. I think about this little guy alot and hope he is okay. I think we owe it to Colton to never stop searching for him.


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