Colton Levi Clark

Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

Visions of Colton?

Posted by KindraLore on October 26, 2006

Back in July a lady contacted me about Colton. She told me that she had been having visions of Colton and wanted me to hear them. She emailed me her journal entries about it and I read them.

Although I appreciated her concern that seemed genuine, I didn’t really understand her visions, and by that time I had my own theory about Colton’s disappearance and it didn’t seem to coincide with it.

Now I do have an open mind, and I believe some have a gift. Does Diana have this gift? I’m not sure.

Anyway, I told her that I felt her visions were leaning towards someone abducting Colton and I really didn’t believe that is what happened and our emails slowly stopped. After rereading it after all these months, I’m not so sure that is what it is pointing to afterall.

The other day, for some reason I just decided to email Diana again to see if she had any new information. She stated it was weird because Colton had been on her mind lately and that she stated that she might be off the mark sometimes but that she truly believed that there are a lot of clues in her visions, it just takes the right person/people to read them and put them together.

Therefore, I have decided to post her journal entries of her visions. I feel that if there are clues in them and someone does see them and can put them together, then maybe we will find out what happened to Colton.

As a side note, she did fax these to the Sheriff’s Department and I have since emailed it to OSBI as well.

Also, read carefully because I have realized after rereading that some things are not meant to be literal, such as the part about the painting cap. It is a metaphor and she tells you in the next sentence what it means.

The following are the journals of Diana’s visions regarding Colton Clark:

Please remember from the get go, I am not claiming to be a psychic,
I am not interested in any reward money and I am not even claiming to be 100% accurate. I do not do this professionally or anything at all like that…

All I am asking is that you read this with an open mind and PLEASE
Let me know if any part of it makes sense. I just want to help. I’m receiving this stuff for some reason, there has to be a reason….

July 11, 2006 It started out with the number 10 and then 9. I wasn’t sure if that was a date or age but I thought 9 would be the age. Now I wonder if it means he is 10 now but I would find it by looking for a 9 year old.

Stuffed animals being thrown at a little boy, at least I felt boy. He was trying to duck down in a corner with his hands and arms covering his face.

Then as plain as a photograph in a flash, a picture of a white counter with a blue fanny pack lying on it. It was so vivid that I definitely think it must be important.

A board, like a piece of plywood, with the name Maxine and what seemed like a piece of light blue plastic sort of like a curtain or something with paint splattered on it, white paint. It feels like or seems like construction. Blue again, like a blue rabbit.

I could hear harsh words “Shut up you little bast*&%#”. A blue ball rolling across the floor towards what appeared or was shaped like a mushroom. It made me think of an old 70’s style print with the browns and oranges and the flowers and mushrooms, or an older home and I could see a candle holder, sort of like brass maybe, with arms coming out from the base to hold more than one candle. But then I thought that the first image with the counter seemed more modern so maybe 2 separate places.

The boy was frightened, he has dark hair and dark eyes. A name, Mark.
I looked on the internet for any missing 9 year olds. Colt seemed and
Felt like what I was seeing, so I decided to focus on him.

July 13, 2006 I tried to focus on Colt and find something I could use
To validate what I was seeing. I saw spiders but felt like that was a
Good thing, maybe he likes spiders. And red hawks or sea hawks. At first I thought of some kind of sports team but I kept seeing big birds so I’m not sure. A white door with little windows at the top, Colt, I think, is standing in front of the door with a red shirt on but I cannot see his face or head. Almost like his body is there but in his head he is somewhere else. Bowling; a star. The star? Maybe the name of a street or city?

And aliens! He is smiling! Maybe he likes aliens too… The name Dana,
Feels like someone who can help. Then a short, heavy set lady with brown maybe wavy hair and glasses. Perhaps someone who is connected to him. It made me wonder for the first time what his adopted mom looked like.

July 14, 2006 I start out frustrated because I wasn’t able to find
Anything out yesterday about this boy and I didn’t know what to do. I set my intent on Colt one more time, like its time to take some kind of action right or wrong, just do something. The first image that came to my mind was a large, flat, open, grassy area and at the back side was a row of houses.

The flatness stuck out at me I guess because I live in WV and am surrounded by mountains. I thought of Florida. I’ve never been there but I guess I imagine it to be flat. But then that thought made me think of water, like he is near water but I’m not sure.

I saw one man giving money to another man in a ball cap and dark glasses. It seemed like he was on the water or spent time there. Then an image of him in a boat. The kind that has a little cabin or something like that but on the top where he could drive and rest he elbow out the window.

Then a man with a dark beard. At first it didn’t seem like a thick beard but then I got an image of someone who resembled sly stallone in that movie Night Hawks. He had a full thick beard in that movie. He looked mean. I saw a man holding a beer but his fingers were covering the label. I wanted to get a look at the label but I think I may have put too much thought into that cause I started arguing with myself about if I saw Miller it would only be because that is what my husband drinks, and then I though if I saw something else it would be because I’ve already messed up the thought. That is the part I have trouble with, keeping my analytical mind out of it.

Anyway, when I did see an image it was red and gold and I thought of an old name in beer like Schlitz or Stroughs. I don’t know if that actually means anything now but it might. I asked my guides to tell me who to contact and the names Rick and Mark came up. Mark Richard maybe, I don’t know.. As I typed that it dawned on me.. Mark was one of the first names I heard but after I found Colt on the internet I just thought I mis-heard Mark/Clark. But I realize now that this is the second time I’ve heard it. Might be important. But I sort of felt the name in connection to the authorities or someone to contact.

I asked who the man was, the other man. He was smiling. Was it Colts dad? Yes; Father? No; confused here.. Step dad? Yes… but then there is a biological father and an adopted father. The question entered my mind, perhaps for he first time, did the adopted family have something to do with this?

Maybe, I had a “not so good” feeling about it at this point and caught a glimpse of the nice house again, the one with the white counter and fanny pack. May indicate just where to look. But the step-father part is confusing.

I need to learn to stop lending my own analysis and just record what
I see and feel so I don’t confuse any issues.

July 17, 2006 I tried to focus on Colt this morning and this may be
About him so I will share it. I could see the front of a house or building, like around the walls where you would landscape. But there were minimal, small shrubs or plants, planted in a row and it looked like gravel instead of mulch or something like that, seemed strange.. I thought of a rock garden.

Also Alabama and selling drugs?? Weird. Sorry that’s all this time.

July 24, 2006 I’m trying hard to meditate, I want to focus on Colt.
A green crescent moon shaped object, I could see a face, reminds me of
The man in the moon. A face, pieces of it, a nose, cheeks, I’m not sure, female I think, an attractive female. I try to get an idea about where Colt is.

Is he dead or alive? I see a movie but I can’t remember the name of it.

It had Joe Penny and a young girl, she is popular now but I can’t remember her name. He is a cop and she is a waitress who is underage. They start an affair and she ends up pregnant. Long story short, he ends up killing her, dragging her into the woods and trying to hide it, blame it on his step son.

I can see movement like watching something out of the back window of a
vehicle and I think of this movie. She said at the end “I got death and he got life”. I’m not sure but I begin to worry about if he is alive.

I see lots of dogs and then cadaver dogs, but I do know they are looking for him or they were, with dogs. I don’t want to confuse what I know. I’m worried about the brother. The name James and just as I was going to quit, McCartney. The moon again, it reminded me of the old saying about the moon being made of green cheese… green cheese?

August 1, 2006 I had a wave of stuff this morning and I was finding
It hard to keep up. I had to stop to start writing things down and I’m
Afraid I stopped to soon cause I couldn’t get back but it seemed important to get it down. I need to learn to use a voice recorder or something.

First I dreamed about trying to get somewhere and I kept running into
obstacles, mostly from my ex-husbands family. They are nice and it was
un-intended but never the less it was stopping my progress.

I was trying to get to my husband and I couldn’t. I won’t go into details but when I did find him he was wearing a new motorcycle helmet but it was really stupid looking. Tan with a sort of spotted dark tan pattern. Reminded me of a leopard sort of. But jumping forward, the next time I was with him and he was putting it back on it wasn’t a helmet but a painter’s cap with a pinkish or reddish pattern and some blue in it. Seemed rather feminine and weird for him.

Anyway the only reason I’m telling you is perhaps it has something to do with who took Colt. And who within the family, extended family whatever, is stopping the progress or hindering it, intentional or not.

Now what I saw this morning.. a brief case, the kind that is soft sided with a fold over flap, maybe leather cause it looked like one I had given my husband as a gift. Someone sat this case down in a hallway with a staircase and a large wooden banister.

This appeared to be a nicer house, clean and bright. He or she, but I felt male energy, went down the hall into what seemed like a walk in closet but as they went to the back there was a door leading down into a basement, down, down. Back in the hallway by the front door I could see a couple. They were facing each other.

The man was larger build and had sandy hair, tall, wearing a reddish brown polo type shirt I think and khaki pants. The woman was smaller, dark hair I believe, wearing a white dress that made me think of a dress my sister wore when she married her 2nd husband. Not a formal wedding gown but a country style white dress with lace and a fancy white cowboy hat with lots of lace. The dress reminded me of that.

I could see a refrigerator and a tub of Quaker oats on top. Not the paper can but some sort of tub?? The tub of oats fell off of the fridge and I could hear in a squeaky, slimy sort of voice the words “Don’t you remember? Rape? Don’t you remember” Very, very weird!

Then holes.. and something in them like plungers, but then the holes
Got taller like stacks of some kind with the plungers moving in them, and water or near water. A large electric pole in an area, the kind that can hold a lot of wires, and there is a lot of vegetation around it, and tracks like the railroad tracks. Let me say that I do know that there were train tracks searched, I read it in the very limited coverage that I was able to find, so I’m not trying to make you think I am amazing cause I knew that…

It just showed up in the meditation so I’m relating it. Somewhere in the midst of all of this I saw a figure laying down, his/her hand moving or waving across the lower part of their body. I felt again that perhaps Colt could still be alive. I couldn’t see any features, it was
kind of a burnt orange color and no features of any kind. But I saw movement and felt life. I hope the life part is not wishful thinking….

That’s it so far. Please, please, after you read this call me and let
Me now if any part of it makes any sense at all. If it does I will continue to work on it but if it does not at least I will know that I did my best to relate whatever this is from wherever it came from and I can let it go.


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