Colton Levi Clark

Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

Visions of Colton – Part 2

Posted by KindraLore on October 27, 2006

Diana emailed me the rest of her journal logs today, along with some references at the bottom of what she thought of some of them.
The following are the rest of Diana’s journals:

August 2, 2006 I can see a ceiling fan, an older woman and I hear a name, Sarah. Birmingham… I get a feeling like he did run away, or was trying to. I see a river with raging water. There is a small water fall and it is in the woods or a forest, a lot of trees around the place. I keep feeling brother or maybe he is wearing his brothers coat and I hear Judea?? I could see someone coming around what is like a hill, it was in the shadows but he walked out away from the river into the darkness or woods.

I keep feeling that the image of my husband with the painters cap with pinkish and blue patterns indicates that there is a family member, male, who has a feminine nature. Perhaps it’s someone who holds some information.

Yesterday I found a blog that had a link in it about past investigations involving Colt. The spokesman for the Seminole Sheriff’s Dept’s name was Mark Myers. Mark! Also, I found a picture and a name of a sheriff deputy, Troy Dame – Dame – Dana?? Could be, and he looked like the man I had in my vision with the small woman.

08/03/06 I was going to try to read Di so I’m not sure if this is Colt or her but I felt Colt so I will enter it here.

I could see an old run down house, a lot of grass and weeds growing up. I went in – dark, couldn’t tell if it was abandoned but I saw a keypad like an electronic security device – confused. For a minute I felt Colt was hiding here; that he was or is smart enough to stay hidden for all this time. A woman going up the stairs, a window and a sheer curtain blowing. She goes around the corner to the rooms.. The image reminded me of the way the stairs went up and around in the Lady & the Tramp movie.

The cards I pulled this day don’t feel like they are about me but about Colt. AoP, 8oW, Devil were poppers and the pull was 10oS and 10oP Rx. Wanting a new life, going for it.. getting away from the bondage he was in, putting himself in a worse position by being very unhappy in the family.

08/04/06 Egyptian, white knife like artifacts?? A door knob leading into a dark room, older again. Alabama, he feels alive somehow in the hands of people who are using him in a dark way.

3 cards to give me an overview and a shadow.. Pop – Fool Rx, show 8oP Pulled – Lovers, 9oW Rx and 3oS Rx, shadow – 8oW Rx He did run away or was talked into it. His situation was not good at home. He could not start over because his situation was not much better. There was no resolving emotional conflicts so he thought he could escape them. It is going to take a lot of people and a lot of effort and cooperation to find this boy. I think he is alive in the hands of bad people. WE need to keep this alive or he will never be found. I need to convince them to listen.

If you look at a map of Birmingham Alabama, Mountain Brook is right below it, south! Judea – is a term used for the mountainous southern part of the historic land of Israel. Reminds me of the place with the raging water and water fall.

08/05/06 Today I got a beliefnet email and the title was Jesus leads them to Judea… what connection does this have? Kindra doesn’t think that Colt ran away. I have a feeling that since I got the feelings about the run-away thing that perhaps she thinks I am working with Becky. Just a feeling but I need to make her understand. I told her that I just don’t know… Maybe the raging water is a reflection of the raging emotions that were going on. I need to re-think everything I have seen.

08/07/06 I was beginning to worry about Kindra and if she thought I had been put up to this whole thing by Becky.. She said she doesn’t. That old house means something I think. It must be important or it wouldn’t keep coming up. I believe it could have something to do with their house that burned. I think I found somewhere where they indicated that they were living in a shop building or something like that. But how does a shop building have bedrooms? She reported that Colt had been in his bedroom when they last saw him. Could this burned house be a clue as to where he is. I saw construction in my first vision.

08/09/06 Colt, I feel the large grassy area again and a small white building. X marks the spot. Route 78, I try to focus on the building but I get a larger one like a house, a white Victorian style house, a big front porch, lots of windows, open… an eye? Focus on the building & road…19 to 78. A big white tanker truck IRLAND written on the side – a trunk, lime.. I don’t know if this is something they’ve done or a memory of something I’ve heard before. There are other buildings or houses in the area, Cherry Grove – I could see a residential like street, cut off and then Cherry Grove.

08/11/06 Spruce Goose – that is what I got when I thought about Colt. The open field or an open field with big trees at the border. Someone standing with arms up and out but not standing, turning and looking up.

10/25/06 Kindra emailed me yesterday about the case. Austin, Colt’s brother had run away and was gone for 5 days before Becky and Rex reported him missing. I believe they did that only because a break-in nearby brought focus to them. Sounds like Austin had something to do with that. I have and am still trying to make sure she knows, and anyone else I’ve spoken to or will speak to, that I don’t want anyone to think that I believe that 100% of this is right on the money. But as I told her, I do believe there are some important clues in this, I really & truly do!!!

Today she emailed me with a link that included a story about a woman named Dana.. she remembered Dana from my visions. She had a poster in her store window about Colt. Her grandson strikes an amazing resemblance to Colt and they have actually had to prove that he was who they said to police who saw him and thought he could be Colt. Strange coincidence but I still think the Dana was Dame as in Troy Dame. I need to review and then perhaps see if there is some way I can get him to listen.

10/26/06 Pondering ……… I wonder if some of the info, like the little boy and the stuffed rabbit, the old house with the 70’s feel (from the first vision), the darkness and the people using this poor little boy (vision from 8/4)is old energy? Like focusing on where he came from, maybe more his past and how he got to this point in his life. Information to more clearly identify that Colt was the little boy in my visions. Perhaps it was the past, just part of the whole picture. Maybe that’s why the 70’s.. indicating past??? Sometimes I think things get drawn for you like a story, unfolding into what you need to know.. taking you to where you will find the answers and giving markers to show those in the know that you are in fact on the right track, validations that do not come from any current source of information.

Reference to entry dated 7/13, spiders – Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive… what kind of lies and tales are some weaving and spinning?

From 8/1 – what are they hiding? Seems like a very dark, hidden place I was seeing. If the man in the vision Troy Dame, perhaps it is he that will uncover the truth in the end. Also from this date, the image of the figure laying down passing their hand over the lower part of their body, and burnt orange. This would indicate, if you understand the chakra system, the 2nd chakra.. color (orange, burnt being dark and not functioning properly)and area(lower body). This chakra helps to establish primal relationships with others. If this chakra were not working properly it would be due to emotional abuse or trauma, or worse. I add this because since I do believe in these principles, it would be a way to make me understand that symbol, what Colt or my guides are trying to tell me. Who would be the most likely to have inflicted this type of trauma leading to his death or disappearance?

From 8/2 – the raging water could be an indicator of emotions raging out of control leading to whatever happened to him. The family member who I thought might be a feminine male could also be a controlling female. Leopard print? What about the old saying, a leopard cannot change his spots?

From 8/3 – the security device on an old house…. The old house kept coming up. Could the device indicate a place where someone felt safe and secure? Perhaps a good place to hide something? Or maybe its simply a place where Colt once felt secure, if he ever did in his short life. How sad! But it reminds me of when Lady & the Tramp entered my thoughts, that is a nice movie so maybe the actual vision was just a metaphor for a happier time, I just don’t know.

From 8/4 Artifacts.. a dark room.. could also be reminding me of the past, what led up to what happened.

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