Colton Levi Clark

Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

Timeline Into the Disappearance of Colton Clark

Posted by KindraLore on November 2, 2006

This blog for the time line can change as anything is updated and if I left anything out, please feel free to email at the link provided to the right of the site.

May 2002 Becky’s RN license was “temporarily suspended”. At this same time James Rex Clark “Voluntarily surrendered” his license.

March 2004 Becky’s RN license was “Reinstated with RN Refresher Course Required then Placed on Probation with Conditions -“Restricted””. (This was a couple of months after Colton and Austin were in foster care. (With their Grandparents I believe).

September of 2004 Becky’s RN license status was “License Placed on Suspension with Conditions”. At that point they had the boys.

December 27, 2005 Wildfires plagued the area and the Clarks “lost their home” in the wildfires. They resorted to living in a “Shop Building”.

January 2006 – (According to the Seminole Producer Article dated 4/28/06)

The neighbor who Colt had become close to over the past years died earlier this
year.In January, the boys’ biologi-cal father came to the house, jumped the
fence and, Rebecca said, threatened to have the dogs bite Colt.”He was screaming
and I ran out with the gun,” she said

Other versions of the Monty story were told and can be revisited in the blog “Blimey the Plot Thickens”.

Blimey the Plot Thickens

April 20, 2006

9:00AM Becky was spotted at a local business. The business owner states he HEARD Colton with Becky. He did not SEE Colton. I believe he may have heard Austin instead

1:00PM Ok this is confusing. Colton had a physiatrist appointment at 1:00PM.

(Update – The appointment was in Norman, Oklahoma, which is about 1 1/2 hours from Wewoka, Oklahoma – where the Clarks live. They would of had to leave the home IF they were really planning to go to the appointment – no later than 11:30AM. (BUT according to the Seminole Producer article quoted below, Rex was going to lay down, so it was probably much earlier in where they took their time).

So, if they were getting ready to go and then Becky discovered Colton missing, she would have discovered him missing between 11:00-11:30AM. However, the DHS worker was the one that called LE, and according to online news articles, that appointment was not until 4:00PM. That would have made Colton missing about FIVE hours before police were called).

According to the Seminole Producer Article on 4/28/06:

The day he disappeared, April 20, they were getting ready to go to a counseling session in Norman. After their return, a DHS worker was supposed to come over. Rebecca told the boys to dress in their new summer clothes; Colt complained, wanting to wear his boots.

While she got ready, her husband planned to lie down. When she looked for Colt, he was gone.” The window was up in his bedroom,” Rebecca said. Asked if she thought
he’d gone out there, she said she thought at the time that he was out in the car, ready to go. When he wasn’t, she searched and called for him.

The DHS worker came and they agreed to call the sheriff; a deputy came immediately. They brought dogs and ordered the family to put up their own dogs.” It was then that we found that Colt’s Russian wolf pup was gone,” Rebecca said.
Now, DHS had a 4:00PM appointment with the Clarks. So, if the DHS worker was the one that called the Sheriff’s Department at least THREE critical hours had gone by. (See update above. It was more like FIVE hours)

4:00Pmish-4:00AM Searchers searched to find Colton to no avail.

April 21, 2006 – April 24, 2006 Searchers searched on foot, in helicopters, with dogs, ATVs. Flyers posted. An Amber Alert was not issued as LE was given information that it was thought the boy had ran away. Dogs found no scent of Colton at neither the Clark residence nor anywhere else.

April 25, 2006 Search scaled back. Sheriff’s Department states that there are no new leads.

May 12, 2006 Missing Oklahoma boy may be in Delray Beach

Reports come out stating that an unidentified caller spotted Colton in Delray Beach. This report turns out to be unsubstantiated and in fact the address given did not exist.

May 13, 2006 The adoptive mother, Rebecca Clark, has now refused the Sheriff’s request to submit to a polygraph examination including her twelve-year-old son Homer.

“My husband is on medication, and so is my son (Homer),” Rebecca Clark said.
“They were already interviewed by the FBI and OSBI. My husband went to the
psychiatrist at the VA (Veterans Affairs Department) and has PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and so do the boys from the trauma of abuse.”

Clark said a volunteer attorney agreed with a psychiatrist who sees her sons and advised them against the polygraph.

“He said it would be a lose-lose situation. The only thing that would be gained
from that is nothing, and it wouldn’t be accurate with my husband and son being
on medication and having PTSD,” Clark said.

May 25, 2006 Texas EquuSearch agrees to come and search for Colton. Neither Rebecca nor Rex Clark showed up to the search site to meet the team. Days later, the Sheriff’s Department contacted the Clarks to see why and they stated that THEY got a tip that Colton was being held in a motel in Dallas.

Meanwhile I wonder if this is the so-called “tip” that they were chasing. Also why did they not let the LE handle tips? What if Texas EquuSearch actually found Colton and they were nowhere to be found?

Tip they chased if infact they did?

And from the Texas EquuSearch website. (Notice it states “more details to follow”, yet they have never updated it. When I emailed the site that told me that any updates would be available via the website)

Tim Miller and a select team of Texas EquuSearch members arrived in Seminole, OK
late Tuesday night. They were greeted by Special Agent, Gary Perkins of the
OSBI, early Wednesday morning and a search plan was formulated. EquuSearch was
joined by the Seminole Co Sheriff’s Office and worked long into the night. ATVs,
boats with side scan sonar and our aerial drone were deployed. Thursday search
is centered around key spots our drone identified. More details to follow later.

September 26, 2006 According to reports, at 5:30AM Becky takes Rex to the hospital and leaves 12 year old Homer (Austin) Clark alone. Austin runs away. During the week he is spotted at various locations around town. During the week Rebecca runs to and from the hospital and home, knowing Austin has disappeared but fails to call LE.

September 30, 2006

3:30PM Sheriff’s Department go to the Clark’s residence, investigating a break in and burglary of a neighbor’s home. At that time Rebecca Clark reports Austin Clark missing. The Clarks waited FIVE full days to report Austin (Homer) missing and did not do it until the Sheriff’s Department was at their door.

That day Rex Clark was released from the hospital and had been out looking for Austin before the Sheriff’s Department arrived.

8:30PM Austin was located in a near by trailer park. The dogs did pick up a scent of Austin.

To Date: To date Austin (Homer) Clark is currently being held in the care DHS. There is an ongoing investigation. To this date there have been no further sitings of Colton Levi Clark. He is still considered Missing Endangered.


8 Responses to “Timeline Into the Disappearance of Colton Clark”

  1. Saucepan said

    I can’t imagine a decent parent not reporting their child missing immediately. Then only reporting their child missing because that child had allegedly been involved in a burgulary. Yet, Rebecca Clark did not report Austin missing immediately, and only appeared to have reported him missing because she was forced to.

    Colton supposedly went missing the day he was due to see his Social Worker. Was Colton reported missing on that day simply because his adoptive parents had no choice and if so when did Colton really go missing?

    Also, is that the kind of behaviour you would expect from a caring parent?

  2. Anonymous said

    I just came across this website. I am from Oklahoma and was reading your info on colt. I followed the link to briansinfo. While reading the information he had drawn i noticed the hotel looked very familiar. There is a hotel in Davis, Ok. that is blue in color and 2 story. It is on Hwy. 77. I believe the name of the hotel is Arbuckle Mountain Motel. I don’t know if this info will be helpful or not but i felt compelled to infom you.

  3. Kindra Lore said

    I just came across this website. I am from Oklahoma and was reading your info on colt. I followed the link to briansinfo. While reading the information he had drawn i noticed the hotel looked very familiar. There is a hotel in Davis, Ok. that is blue in color and 2 story. It is on Hwy. 77. I believe the name of the hotel is Arbuckle Mountain Motel. I don’t know if this info will be helpful or not but i felt compelled to infom you.

    Thanks so much. I was compelled to pass it on to OSBI just in case. You never know.

  4. mikaidarah said

    How the heck do you lose a child for 5 days? Makes me wonder if Colton wasn’t missing longer….Did Colton go to school? This might help verify when he really disappeared. And how many people saw him after the fires?

  5. Hi Mikaidarah. No, unfortunately the boys were both homeschooled. They did got to Bowlegs for awhile, attending public school but eventually Becky took them out.

    There is no record of anyone seeing Colton for at least one month before he was actually reported missing. Also, the dogs never picked up at scent of Colton at the Clark residence at all, which I also found strange considering he lived there.

  6. mikaidarah said

    Sorry for the school question, was reading the stories from back to front. (I actually came to your site in regards to one of my sons childhood friends,and neighbor, Steven Kraft.) I am still slightly confused about which ‘home’ the dogs did not get a scent in….the burnt home or the shop type building? Which once again brings up the question of, Did anyone see Colton after the fires….were they truly wildfires or possibly a cover-up?? I know only what I have read here, so this is obviously pure speculation. And even though the authorities feel that Austin has lied and is not reliable, now that DHS has him, I feel he should again be asked for a lie detector test.

  7. Don’t be sorry for any questions. Thank you so much for your interest in Colton. In speaking with LE, I was assured that both the shop building as well as the burnt home were searched with both cadaver and scent dogs. No scent was picked up at either.

    There were definitely wild fires and the Clark’s home was burned by them as well as other residences. Here is a link and some pics about it:

    According to the neighbor of the Clarks, Clifford Lowery – he last saw Colton around 30 before he was reported missing. Colton was reported missing in April of 2006. The wildfires were in December of 2005, so yes Colton was seen after the fires.

    As far as Austin, according to the Seminole Producer, Austin has been adopted by a new family. According to LE, they stated he has been reinterviewed since the original interview but no new information has come to light and they are giving him his space and time to be able to talk about everything. As far as a lie detector, I don’t think one has ever been given to Austin. I do agree that he must know more that what has been said, but how much I do not know.

    I believe these boys lived a difficult life and that there is evidence that points to abuse of both of these boys for basically all their lives.

    I hope everyday that some sort of evidence will come to light and we will finally know the truth and where Colton is. I have the patience to wait it out.

    As far as Steven Kraft, do you know if there are any new leads in his case? He would be around 19 now wouldn’t he? I know at one pont LE was looking at Devlin as a suspect in his disapprearance but I have not heard anything since.

    Thanks again for your interest. Feel free to ask me anything. I will be glad to answer as best as possible.


  8. Sorry for a typo. 30= 30 days. The neighbor last saw Colton 30 days before he was reported missing which he said was unusual and said he saw every other member of the Clark residence. Just not Colton.

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