Colton Levi Clark

Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

Patience is a Virtue

Posted by KindraLore on November 20, 2006

One thing I have learned while following the disappearance of Colton Clark is that you must definitely have some patience. Maybe my mind works differently than others, but when a young child disappears of the face of the earth, I expect everything that can be done, will be done in order to find out where this child is. Just because there have been no sightings, no new leads, no knew information, does not mean that this case is hopeless and should be forgotten.

Quite the contrary. In fact, when there are no sightings or leads at all, almost from day one, to me is very disturbing. When a child of nine years old goes missing in broad daylight, I would suspect that someone knows or has seen something. Yet there is no one at this point that has came forward to give any pertinent information pertaining to the disappearance of this child.

Sometimes however, things just come on their own time. Although there has been very little media regarding this case, very little visible action regarding the adoptive parents, very little leads, very little anything, I still believe that it is just a matter of time.

On this note, Friday I was contacted by a crime writer for Court TV who is doing a story on Colton. This is wonderful news because as you know Court TV is a National news source and may drum up more information, leads and support to find Colton. Chuck Hustmyre is a retired law enforcement officer as a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). He has written many crime novels and for many publications such as The Washington Post, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Law & Order magazine, Tactical Response, Court TV’s Crime Library, Crime Magazine, American Health & Fitness, and Hustler.

He is a seasoned reporter and writer with the knowledge of being ex law enforcement. I am excited that Chuck has chosen to write about Colton and I hope he continues to pursue the truth in this case beyond this article.

His article regarding the disappearance of Colton Clark will be available here on Monday after 12 noon. Court TV Crime Library

Regardless, I will continue to have patience and follow this case to the very end. Colton Levi Clark disappeared April 20, 2006. Where is he? Time WILL tell. I can wait.

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  1. Anonymous said

    Well said!

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