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When a Door Closes a Window Opens

Posted by KindraLore on December 4, 2006

As I told you a few posts back, Chuck Hustmyre, Crime writer for Court TV as well as many other respected publications, the author of 2 novels, and a retired special agent with the ATF wanted and did do a story on Colton for Court TV.

Unfortunately, they decided not to publish the article due to the fact that there had been one written about him a few months prior. (The unpublished article Chuck wrote is here on the blog) However, Chuck did not sway in his mission and after fighting for his article, Court TV once again decided to publish an article on Colton Clark.

This time however, it will be featured. Both Chuck and I thought it would be up on Court TV Friday around noon, however it wasn’t. I contacted him and he assured me it would be published this time and hopefully Monday around noon.

This is National coverage for Colton and a great break so I am sitting on pins and needles, hoping and waiting for it to happen this time. Please check the link provided and hopefully the featured article on Colton will be there tomorrow around noon.

Although the decision for Court TV not to publish the original article was very disappointing and I felt like we were back to square one, in the end it was a good thing as this article will be lengthier, featured and will hopefully be able to grab more attention for this case which is desperately needed.

Fingers crossed for Justice for Colton.

Thanks again to Chuck. To fight for this story and win so that we are able to gain some much-needed attention is amazing and I am so appreciative.

Link to the story: Link to Site – Court TV Crime Library/News (Colton Clark)

Again, hopefully it will be up Monday, December 4th around noon.

Update 12/4/06 4:01PM

Article was published. Here is the link:

Court TV Colton Clark Article by Chuck Hustmyre


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