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Did Michael Devlin Join The Search For Bianca Piper?

Posted by KindraLore on January 18, 2007

According to the following article, maybe I was wrong for weeding out the Bianca Noel Piper case being linked to Michael J. Devlin:

Lincoln County investigators believe kidnapping suspect Michael J. Devlin used child abduction cases in their county as a manual for crime.

Detectives say there are startling similarities between the Hornbeck and Ownby abductions, and a 16-year-old case that’s still unsolved.

Tuesday, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Detectives poured over volumes of case files and evidence bags from two unsolved missing children’s cases.

13-year-old Bianca Noel Piper disappeared in March of 2005 while walking on a rural Foley Road, and 11-year-old Arlin Henderson vanished in July of 1991 in rural Moscow Mills.

The recent rescues of 15 year-old Shawn Hornbeck after more than 4 years of captivity and 13-year-old Ben Ownby after more than four days, have given new hope to other families living in anguish.

“Hey, anything is possible, so we’re hoping and praying because that was a miracle, not just for one but they found two,” says Jim McWilliams, Arlin Henderson’s uncle.

The arrest of kidnapping suspect 41-year old Michael J. Devlin is breathing new life into the Henderson and Piper cases.

“We’re starting to recieve new tips that may be critical to either of our investigations,” says Detective Chris Bartlett of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.

Detective Bartlet says they are probing two chilling leads.

Did Devlin participate in volunteer searches for Bianca Piper to learn investigative techniques he would use later to elude authorities?

“Whether he was a part of it, in it, or in the middle, or just watching from afar, he absolutley knew what was going on,” says Detective Bartlet. “I certainly believe Michael Devlin was monitoring our search and the disappearance of Bianca Piper.”

And he says, there is a startling physical similarity between Arlin henderson and Ben Ownby.

“If you put each of the missing photographs up, they’re both almost scary to look at, each of them, and the comparison between the two,” says the detective.

Detectives also say both Arlin Henderson and Shawn Hornbeck were on their bikes when they vanished.

Lincoln County investigators say if you have information that could help solve the Bianca Piper or Arlin Henderson case, you should call them right away.

No matter how small a tip, it could be the one they need.

News Article Regarding this Story

I also thought I would take both Arlin and Ben’s photo and put them side by side as the article stated:

I am not seeing a strong resemblance as the article stated, but maybe with Ben’s glasses off it would be different. However, all of the other facts remain very similar and as I stated in another post I do not believe Shawn Hornbeck was the first.

Also, maybe one of the reasons he had gained such control over Shawn, is by the time he got Shawn, he had mastered his manipulation of children.

UPDATE 1/17/07 4:17PM

An Anonymous poster presented the idea that the article misquoted and should have said Arlin and Shawn favored alot. Here is their comparison:

Yes, Shawn and Arlin do favor for sure.

UPDATE 2 1/17/07 4:43PM

Anonymous was correct in saying that the article I posted here misquoted saying Ben and Arlin favored, but it should have read Shawn & Arlin:

“If you were to take a photo of Arlin Henderson and you place it next to Shawn’s picture, there is a striking resemblance,” Lincoln County Lt. Rick Harrell said Wednesday.

Link to Corrected Story

Update 3 1/17/07 5:01PM

Ok, since I was comparing pictures, I had to compare Scott Kleeschulte to Shawn and Arlin. Scott is the 1st boy:


4 Responses to “Did Michael Devlin Join The Search For Bianca Piper?”

  1. jill said

    kindra – I stumbled onto your blog. Excellent job, and glad to see you have my friends at FWTR linked, as well as others.


  2. Anonymous said

    I think they were misquoted. On it says that LE found a remarkable resemblance between Arlin and SHAWN. Not Ben. I find that a little more believable.

  3. Kindra Lore said


    That does make more sense. Let’s put their pics up side by side and see if that holds water.

  4. Kindra Lore said

    You are right. I put Shawn and Arlin’s pics side by side (in the blog) and they look very much alike.

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