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Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

Brian’s Predictions – A Hoax or for Real?

Posted by KindraLore on January 19, 2007

If you see my site’s name, you will notice that it is dedicated to Colton Levi Clark. According to his adoptive parents, Becky and Rex Clark, Colton went missing on April 20, 2006 around 1:30PM, right before an appointment with a psychiatrist and then later that day a social worker.

I won’t rehash the case here in this post. If you are interested in Colton’s case, which I hope you are, please look in my archives. Lots of information there.

In my search for Colton I stumbled across a site called Brian’s Predictions. I’m not sure how the whole thing works, but supposedly Brian goes into some sort of meditation and comes up with these drawings that are equal to what psychics call premonitions.

He did one for Colton and it in no way went along with what I believe happened to Colton and what the evidence showed. Therefore I put very little credence in his claims.

Last night someone that was reading my archives for Colton posted a tip on the blog Timeline Into the Disappearance of Colton Clark about the Brian Prediction for Colton. It made me remember Shawn’s so I went to look.

Here are his predictions for Shawn Hornbeck:

I believe that Shawn is alive and safe, and I do not think he has been psychically harmed. The boy was taken by a 37 year old man and brought to his apartment in St. Louis.

This is the man that took Shawn, he’s a short white man, approximately 5 foot five inches, wears very round glasses. The man has worked at a McDonalds in the area…and for some reason this is very important to the case.

This is the outside of the apartment where Shawn was taken and has been there ever since. Also says “he still likes to read”

Now he obviously got Devlin’s description way off. Devlin is 6 ft. He described the man as short, around 5 ft. Also, he said Devlin would be working at McDonald’s but instead was working at a Pizza place instead.

Check out the apartment sketch too though:

Brian’s Predictions – Shawn Hornbeck


6 Responses to “Brian’s Predictions – A Hoax or for Real?”

  1. hdrmax said

    Maybe there was a McDonalds next to the pizza place and he got the two confused. At least he got the fast food part right, its not like the guy was an auto mechanic for pep boys.

    Getting the size wrong makes no sense, also the guy he drew dont look like DEVILin.

  2. Kindra Lore said

    Maybe there was a McDonalds next to the pizza place and he got the two confused. At least he got the fast food part right, its not like the guy was an auto mechanic for pep boys.

    I agree. He was in the right “neighborhood” so to speak. Looks like the only thing he did get wrong was Devlin’s description period. To me even the drawing of the apartment complex looks like the real one (minus the fact it looks like a 6 year old drew it of

  3. Lee said

    Retrofitting. Odds are you either live in a house or an apartment. St. Louis is the nearest big city. There was no “black power box,” no “Arson Island.”
    Remember he’s supposedly “remote viewing” a crime scene like he’s there, not getting “impressions.” The guy he “saw” as the kidnapper clearly isn’t Devlin.
    The drawing of the complex looks like every one I’ve ever lived in. BTW, there must be a visual dyslexia that the scientists haven’t discovered, because he “viewed” the stairs on the wrong side.

    All Brian has to do is remote view where Jimmy Hoffa is…

  4. Shadow said

    YOu guys should be shot. He doesn’t say that he is 100 percent accurate and that he is still trying to get the hang of everything even through that he gets a lot of it right…why must everything be so perfectly detailed for you guys to not criticize? Were you giving him money for it? No Was he the one that sought you out? No. So I guess you have nothing better to with your time. Who has ever been 100% accurate.

    The court system is supposed to be the best in the world yet go many people have been found guilty that were really innocent???? Yet you believe in courts. Look at the stock market…are they 100 percent accurate??? Yet you still invest.

    These things ALL OF THEM are nothing but predictions… that is all that they ever have been, you have to figure out the best solution from the advice you are given. So until you realize this and stop trying point fingers to escape your own faults. You should wake up and get a life.

  5. Mom2Cool said

    oh please! After hearing him do his video show I was just flabber gassed & it’s HIM who should be shot giving everyone the impression that it’s “mostly girls taken in for trafficking”? He needs to educate himself & I don’t care who many places he site the statistics from. Tell brian to google “boy love”! He’s just got to be kidding with the things he says some times…

  6. Lee said

    Brian is so FOS his eyes are brown.

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