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Colton O’Neal – Father Wanted On Child Molestation Charges; Son Missing

Posted by KindraLore on January 26, 2007

Update 2/23/10

Someone was kind enough to email me and give me a heads up on this case. Looks like Daniel O’Neal was found NOT GUILTY on ALL charges. Looks like I owe him an apology so I would like to apologize. I went by what the media and Law Enforcement said, and well as this person that wrote me pointed out, thank goodness we all get our day in court.

Update 10/24/08 10:22PM

I would like to put an update on this case since I heard from Tracy the other day.Here is what Tracy wrote:

thought you would like to know that Daniel O’neal was arraigned last week on some of his charges. They charged him on my daughter Ashley with 2 counts of aggravated child molestation, 1 count of incest and 1 count of statuatory rape. There are still additional charges to come but he had fake custody papers for Colton so Olivia is having to prove they were forged and she goes to court next month. There will probably be more charges once this is proven.


UPDATE 5/31/08 3:40PM

Amazing news! Colton O’Neal has been located by a PI working pro-bono for the family. He was located in Cancun, Mexico. Daniel O’Neal has been arrested. Colton will return tomorrow to his family that have been desperately searching for him all this time. I know that Olivia and Tracy are ecstatic. Thanks to Jake Schmidt, a Beverly Hills Private Investigator who on his free time helps track down kidnappers and locate missing children PRO BONO to the families. WHAT AMAZING NEWS!!


Update 3/11/08 11:11AM

Its been awhile since I have been able to update this entry with actual news. Yesterday a press release was issued that the FBI are now seeking Daniel Leon O’Neal. According to the press release, an arrest warrant was issued by the Cobb County Magistrate Court in Georgia for child molestation of his daughter. In addition he has also been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor by soliciting his 15-year-old daughter to have sexual intercourse with a 29-year-old man.

It is good to see the FBI stepping in and stepping up this case. Daniel needs to be found. Colton does not need to be with this man.

See complete article here. Press release from FBI here.

Click here for Daniel’s listing on the Cobb County Sheriff Department’s site’s Most Wanted Listing. On this site it states Daniel is wanted for: Child Molestation – Aggravated Sodomy; Incest; Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor.

Here is the picture they have listed:

Daniel O'Neal WANTED
Daniel O’Neal

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children now have an age progressed photo of what Colton O’Neal would look like today. He is now 6 years old.

Age Progressed Colton O'Neal
Colton O’Neal – Age Progressed to 6 Years Old


Update: 4/2/07 4:12PM

I went on the video linked on the original blog below and did a screen capture of Daniel O’Neal. I did this because I believe its important to have his photo out as well so that maybe someone will recognize him.

If you have seen Daniel O’Neal or Colton O’Neal, please call the Cobb County Police Department at 770-801-3470.


Update 3/24/07 10:45PM

Please see Olivia Dupree’s blog. She is Colton O’Neal’s mother and posted here as well (see comments).

Please bring this baby home. Whether Daniel is guilty of Child Molestation or not, he is certainly guilty of fleeing with this child who also needs his mother.


UPDATE: – 2/16/07 9:06PM

According to Tracy, who left a comment here, Colton O’Neal has not been found. I searched for updates and the only one I found is from a Court TV boards where the thread is showing he has been found.

Tracy states on this blog:

tracy said…
colton o’neal has not been found. I am the mother of the other child that was molested by this sick man. he is still on the run from the police. right now not much info except he was last spotted in texas…keep our family in your prayers7:22 PM, February 16, 2007

Tracy, I certainly will keep you and your family in my prayers as well as little Colton. I do hope he is found and found safe and I hope that this monster is put behind bars where he wont harm anyone else. Please know I am thinking and praying for your child as well.

I will also update the Court TV boards to let everyone know and I will continue to try and follow up on this story.


UPDATE – 2/3/07 3:20PM

This child has been found safe and alive and his been reunited with his mother.

Original Blog

This case drew my attention for a few reasons. The first is the boy’s first name. I search daily for new information for Colton Levi Clark (for which this blog was born to) to no avail. I search – no news. Also, this child is originally from Cobb County Georgia, and that is where I am from.

Lastly and more important, his father is wanted on child molestation charges. Sniped from news article:

According to investigators, Colton Mitchell O’Neal, of Acworth, is believed to be with his biological father, 35-year-old Daniel Leon O’Neal.

Father and son were last seen Dec. 22, 2006, in Houston, Texas, when the abandoned truck they were in was recovered by police there. Officials said clothes and a child seat were located in the truck as well.

Colton O’Neal has blue eyes and red hair.

His father, Daniel O’Neal, 35, is described as a white man who stands 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 220 pounds. He has blue eyes, brown hair and may have a mustache or beard. Officials said he is known to work in or frequent adult entertainment businesses.

Daniel O’Neal is also wanted on aggravated child molestation, incest and deprivation charges. Authorities said Colton is not the victim of the charges. Anyone with any information on their whereabouts is asked to call police.
News Article Quoted

In another WXIA Georgia Article it states:

The father, 35-year-old Daniel Leon O’Neal, is a suspect in a child molestation and incest case that did not involve his son. However, authorities in Cobb County said they fear that Colton Mitchell O’Neal could be in danger.

WXIA Article

Seems strange to me that a month after this child went missing, it’s just coming out in the media. Who knows where he is now. It’s also very disconcerning that the father is a suspect in a molestation charge of a child involving incest.

Anyone with information on the case should call Cobb police at 770-801-3470.

UPDATE 1/25/07 11:50PM

I found a video of the mother pleading for the child’s return. Looks like Colton O’Neal has been missing for THREE months, not one. It was one month ago when they found the suspects vehicle abandoned, apparently with little Colton’s car seat and clothing still in it – in Houston, Texas.

Click here for Video


91 Responses to “Colton O’Neal – Father Wanted On Child Molestation Charges; Son Missing”

  1. David said

    I see they found Colton. It is great that they were able to find and return him to his mother.

    Did they find Daniel, if he did all that is reported I’d feel safer with him behind bars.

  2. Kindra Lore said


    I wish I could answer you but I found out that Colton O’Neal was found on the Court TV threads. When I googled I could not find any info on him nor Daniel. I will write WSBTV which has covered the story and see if I can find out though.

    I too think he should be behind bars and I will keep an eye out on pending charges on him and give any updates I can find.

  3. tracy said

    colton o’neal has not been found. I am the mother of the other child that was molested by this sick man. he is still on the run from the police. right now not much info except he was last spotted in texas…keep our family in your prayers

  4. Anonymous said

    I know the mother of the child that is missing…believe me…the child is much better off with the father! She is an inbread that is incapable of taking care of the child. That is why the court system granted him ( a strip club DJ) full custody of Colton!! How often does a man get full custody of a child in GA? She stated that she dropped Colton off for visitation…wrong…she doesn’t even have a car..not to mention that she doesn’t have visitation rights!! She had not even seen the child for over 5 months when she went on the air about how she missed her son so much!! I think he should turn himself in, but I know the entire family and they are all a bunch of retards… The child that is accusing The father of molestation also accused her step father, brother, and all of her father’s friends of the same thing. This happened when she was arrested in Billings Montana with her 32 year old Boyfriend for stealing a car, robbing gas stations, and writing bad checks. Basically, she got out of all this trouble with this ridiculous story. Oh, did I mention that she dropped all the other charges of rape and molestation except the person that she wasn’t living with? Yes that means that step daddy didn’t touch her after all and she is living with him now!! So I guess the mom (Tracy) has done a great job raising her child…Tracy wasn’t home when her daughter was having sex with a 32 year old man in her own house!! Great job to the entire family!!

  5. Kindra Lore said


    If this is true (which I am not saying it is or it isnt) but if its true, then why did Daniel run off with Colton? Why is he a fugitive? If the molestation charges are bogus, I am sure that could be proven in a court of law, and if Tracy did not have any visitation rights at all, why would Daniel need to take off with Colton?

  6. Kindra Lore said

    Sorry, let me clarify. I said Tracy, but I realize that Tracy is not the mother of Colton. I meant if Colton’s mother, Olivia Dupree – did not have visitation rights, why would Daniel flee?

  7. Anonymous said

    To anyone who has questions about molestation charges just google it you will find that nearly 60% of all accused and sentenced are innocent. Now I don’t know anything about this case personally but if this father was falsely accused he would lose custody of Colton with just the alligations alone, and in this country we are so afraid of letting a guilty man free we also falsely sentence our innocent.

  8. Kindra Lore said

    To anyone who has questions about molestation charges just google it you will find that nearly 60% of all accused and sentenced are innocent. Now I don’t know anything about this case personally but if this father was falsely accused he would lose custody of Colton with just the alligations alone, and in this country we are so afraid of letting a guilty man free we also falsely sentence our innocent.

    60% are falsely accused? I would like to see a link to that and how they actually PROVE that statistic.

    I am sorry but I am of the thought that we should always Error on the side of caution when it comes to a child’s safety.

    Just as an example against your point, what do you say about another recent case in which convicted sex offender and child killer of little 6-year-old Christopher Michael Barrios – George Edenfield was given PROBATION (did no jail time at ALL) for molesting (he confessed) 9-year-old and a 7-year-old boy?

    He should have been in prision and living nowhere near little Christopher and Christopher would probably still be alive right now.

  9. Anonymous said

    I wasn’t looking for an argument or a what do I say to that type of statement. All im stating is that there are two sides to every story and the only people that really know what happened are the child and the accused. I agree we should always be cautious when it comes to our children. As for the you would like a link find it yourself or simply contact an attorney, im was in the legal field and if you spoke to anyone else in this field they would agree these cases are extremely difficult to prove or for that matter disprove therefore the accused is almost always sentenced, and I do not agree that everyone accused is guilty. Neither should anyone else!

  10. Kindra Lore said

    I agree that not everyone accused is guilty. However, Daniel is the one on the run, so it doesn’t bode well for proving his innocence now does it?

  11. Anonymous said

    MHP catches suspect after pursuit
    By Gazette News Services

    The Montana Highway Patrol arrested an Indiana man Thursday night after a high-speed chase on Interstate 90 that started near Laurel and ended near Big Timber, when the vehicle drove over spike strips.

    No one was injured during the 67-mile pursuit. Officers arrested the driver, Shawn Lewis, 31, of Universal, Ind., who was driving a Chevrolet Cavalier reported stolen from Indiana. Lewis also had outstanding warrants from Georgia, a patrol spokesman said Friday. Lewis was booked into the Yellowstone County jail.

    A 15-year-old girl also was taken into custody. She was with Lewis voluntarily, the patrol said.

    The chase started at 8:14 p.m. near Laurel after a traffic offense, the patrol said. Average speeds were between 85 and 95 mph and topped 100 mph. The chase slowed briefly as it went through Laurel, the patrol said. Joining the patrol in the pursuit were Laurel and Columbus police officers and the sheriff’s deputies from Stillwater and Sweet Grass counties.

    The chase ended after Lewis’ vehicle drove over spike strips put out by the Sweet Grass County Sheriff’s Department. The vehicle rolled to a stop as the tires flattened. Officers arrested Lewis without further incident, the patrol said.

    Published on Saturday, September 23, 2006.
    Last modified on 9/23/2006 at 12:32 am

  12. Kindra Lore said

    I am really not sure what the previous comment had to do with Colton O’Neal????

  13. Olivia said

    This is Olvia the mother of Colton M oneal and yes Daniel is still on the run with Colton… I have a blog posted. But i am still desperately looking for my son. His brother and sister and I miss him greatly.. Waiting and trying to do everything that I possibly can. I will stop at nothing until he is found. Daniel has done nothing but disrupt and hurt lives. He needs to just bring Colton home rather than hurt him any longer. I do have rights and working with any and every one to do what is needed. He is my heart. I work and take care of my other children while looking and praying. By the way I do have a car and I pray for everyone involved and hurt will this. I only know that I would of neveer guessed this would happen in such a matter. Please i ask for information and help from anyone Thank you from the bottom of my heart Liberty Hope, and Brenton are wishing the the same for their brother!

  14. Kindra Lore said


    My heart goes out to you. I am a mother and I cannot fathom the position you are in. Please email me (see link on right or click on my profile) as I have something that may or may not be of help. In any case, I pray for the safe return of little Colton and you are in my prayers as well.

    PS – If you have a blog, please post it. I will gladly link it.


  15. Bryan said

    As a close friend of olivia, I know the love she has for her children. Constantly striving to be a better person and mother, she does what is needed for her children. Yes, she has made mistakes in her past, like we all have, she learns from them and becomes a better person because of them. I am very proud of the person she has become. A good friend, hard worker, and loving mother. Her love for her children is at the foremost of her life.
    Colton needs his mother’s love and she his laugher. Her heart is heavy with longing to hold her son in her arms, to give him the life he so deserves. One of love and laughter, with her. Please keep them both in your prayers.

  16. Anonymous said

    LOL, Olivia is the worst mother I have ever met!! Fist of all..! You did not have a car earlier this year..You drove a car that was in Dan’s name and he paid for it… You mooched off of him for years until you found another person that would pay for you…go back to the strip club where you belong (where you met Dan) and stop acting like you care about Colton!! Lets be real here…what kind of mom waits for months before going to the news to look for her child? That is how long it took her to realize he was gone..again, great job at parenting!! Please explain your rights Olivia!! Tell the world how you lost custody to a man in ga that has been married 5 times with 6-7 children (depending if you are now saying your little girl is his) with 4 mothers and…works at a strip club!! Oh, Kindra…get a clue!! You have no idea what is going on here!!

  17. Anonymous said

    Kidra…the comment that you didn’t understand was about the case we are talking about…please reread this entire link carefully!!

  18. Kindra Lore said

    First, please refrain from insults and such. I try to be objective and I don’t want to deny comments so please refrain from the mudslinging.. i.e…saying Olivia is the worst mother in the world,etc..

    No matter what the deal is and you are right, I dont have a clue about what is going on here – obviously alot of bad blood – Daniel needs to do the right thing and return with Colton.

    Second, I still dont get the article with the link published unless that is the supposed child in which the molestation charges are about.. I am guessing obviously because I have no idea who Shawn Lewis is or what he has to do with this case.

  19. Anonymous said

    The article posted is the article that involved the child that accused Daniel… It was posted just as a reference to credability. Obviously no names can be mentioned. You made a reference to Daniel’s therefore I felt you should see the othersides as well. To the people that really know Daniel they know that he has made mistakes in the past but was working on fixing his life and role as a father ever since Colton was born. Olivia lost custody of Colton when she took off with him when he was a year old. Daniel had to hire a PI and such to find his son. Now 2 wrongs don’t make a right but I do not think it is fair to judge that this child is better off with his “mother”. She also failed to mention that she lost custody rights of her older son at one point in time as well. There is plenty here that is not being said and is unknown and should therefore not be judged!! There are also several things that can be proved such as his custodial rights and her lack of by simply pulling them up in public records. Doesn’t anyone wonder why there were no kidnapping charges or amber alerts a simple explanation is the fact that Colton is with his custodial parent plane and simple.

  20. Kindra Lore said

    First off, I didn’t judge anyone and I did not say that Colton was better off with either parent. I said that Daniel should do the right thing and bring him back. Running only makes him look guilty.

    I also said I sympathize with Olivia and I do. I do not know their story, their history and you posting here anonymously does not make it fact either. I know that she is a parent and regardless of what she may or may not have done, I have no doubt she misses her son.

    I think this situation is sad for the child and that everyone needs to keep his best interest at heart and not being doing any of this out of spite or revenge. I doubt being on the run is what is best for Colton.

  21. olivia said

    well I think we both met Daniel there. And just as the last I knew we had joint custody and if you lie to get something then the truth comes out and you cant hold up .I did foresay let daniel pay for things and drive his car being i have two children of his i deserved that. He never complained. I went to authorites the week he left.. and found out more than i bargained for. I dont know yours or anyones elses thoughts or situation but i do know mine. I dont expect other people who dont know it to try and explain it to what they think it is or hear say.. You dont know where I belong. I do that colton is yes more than just my son and I do love him. Regardless of how anyone sees it. I will continue my search looking for colton.

  22. Anonymous said

    To the joint custody issue. That is true Olivia did have joint custody and then was taken back to court which she never showed up for and therefore sole custody was awarded to Daniel. Again a simple matter of public record.

  23. Kindra Lore said

    The only thing public records show that I can find is this:


    That doesn’t tell much of anything. As far as I can find, you can’t see actual details of custody or anything like that.

    That being said, I am just curious at this point who you are and why you have such an interest in this case and why you are so insistent on defending Daniel and so bent on slandering Olivia.

  24. anonymous 2 said

    sounds like to me anomymous is helping daniel.wonder if anonymous helps molest children with daniel.seems like to me this person is probably helping him.poor soul.public record (and you can check it out)he stole a vehicle(the one found in texas) from his 70 year old father.also alot of money.what kind of person (if he was innocent would treat his own family this way)!!!
    anonymous hope you don’t become his next victim..

  25. Jack said are so full of crap your eyes are brown…firstly, YOU borrowed the money ..(6,000) from his 70 year old father..the truck, his fathe signed for because Daniel had no rode in it too…and he met you in a strip club.
    by the way, you do NOT know the O’Neals…you met me for all of 10 time.trash!!

  26. Kindra Lore said

    Jack: This site’s comments are moderated so you dont have to resubmit a comment. Just give me time to post it.

    Second – I am completely lost at this point. I cant understand at all what is going on here.

    I posted about a little boy named Colton O’Neal that is missing. He needs to come home. Daniel needs to bring him home, period. Everything from there is up to the courts. I cannot begin to figure out beyond that was is going on.

  27. Jack said

    Oh,well..everything will work out eventually…Daniel is not the ogre you make him out to be..sweep around your own backdoor folks..get a life for a change!

  28. Tiff said

    This comment is to Jack…who borrowed money the person that said he stole it, this is hard to follow I don’t think people are taking time to read everything. Its like a soap. If I can follow it seems theres 2 people siding with the father but Jack is angry at???

  29. Anonymous said

    This is extremely upsetting to anyone who knows ANY of this family. There is obviously so much bad blood and mud slinging going on people are taking sides and getting worked up over words. This is my first time posting on here I’ve wanted so badly to get on with what life I have left but I have been following it since the beginning. Im sure those of you close to Dan can figure who this is but for what privacy there is left I’m leaving it at that. Everyone in this family has been through so much, I am sorry to everyone who has lost something dear to them whether that be Colton or Daniel or both. Maybe my words don’t mean much and I’m not out to offend but this pointless bickering back and forth is doing nothing for anyone. Everyone has made mistakes some harmless and some reckless and some we felt were not mistakes at all. But I do agree with Jack in saying that everone needs to “sweep around your own backdoor”. This is a sad situation for anyone and everyone effected.

  30. Kindra Lore said

    I have to agree Tiff. Its confusing and yes, like a soap. I dont know what think about any of it except that Daniel, if you are reading this – bring Colton home.

    If you are innocent of everything, it will all come out. What kind of life is it for a little boy on the run? Come home and make it right.

  31. anonymous said

    the parents of daniel are great people who want nothing more but to see there grandson colton brought home safely.All of these children have been through so much I just feel like any human that was a respectful one would bring home this child safely.this has been a horrifying nightmare that daniel keeps putting his whole family through.God please watch over this little boy as it seems daniel is pretty lost right now!!!!!

  32. anonymous 2 said

    you obviously have me mixed up with some one else.I don’t go to nor have I ever worked in a strip club.I am not from daniel underworld element. I have deep concern for the safty of this innocent child.And yes anyone who really know’s daniel knows he is messed up.why do you think he worked in strip clubs he’s messed up in the head!
    again any real father who is doing the right thing don’t have anything to hide.
    seems like to me his running means he has something to hide.
    as far as the truck it was reported stolen.he also used several of his fathers credit cards.(not just $6,000)so those of you who think you know things about daniel need to get a clue.

  33. concerned said

    anonymous,tiff and jack are all buddies from the strip club sue they are going to protect daniel
    let’s keep it real here.bring colton home safely!

  34. carrie said

    you people are so sorry instead of just worrying about colton you all are on here to bash that poor family including the mom.Anonyomous you should be ashamed to say shes the worst mother ever…if you have kids what makes you such a good parent?
    instead of bashing everyboby about their families and their work and what they have done in their past this needs to be completely about colton and that sick child molester.Colton is in danger and everyone is bickering about the mom and how innocent daniel is …well if daniel is so innocent he should stand his ground.As for Anonymous maybe you could help him when hes finally caught cause you seem to want to defend sick people and since you studied some law you could help give a sick man an innocent child.if you have kids would you do that to your children?Everyone on here get a life this isnt about the family problems its about colton.

  35. anonymous 2 said

    I totally agree with carrie.
    this is all about colton and his safety.anyone who knows anything should do the right thing and help him get home safely.

  36. anonymous 2 said

    kindra did you receive my email this a.m.

  37. Kindra Lore said

    kindra did you receive my email this a.m.

    No, I received an email from someone from this blog, but this person has identified themselves, on here and in the email…

  38. Kindra Lore said

    You can email me by clicking on my profile and clicking on the email link…

  39. carrie said

    Yesterday was my first time on the site and i was just amazed at how these people could talk about this poor family and this poor mother.where is the concern for this child?I just want to let the whole family especially the mother know i am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers at times you just cant amagine something like this could happen.My heart deeply goes out to this mother and to the child that was molested and their family.I’m sure if it was my kids they would struggle with a very big emotional battle.Everyone on here including those of you who do not agree with us should keep colton in prayer.Pray that this sick man will not harm him in any way if he will harm one child why not another? I found this site by accident but this has really caught my intrest because you dont realize that things this bad happen this close to you.Again keep all the children involved in prayer and colton more than anything.I wish the whole family safty,luck,courage and strength and i will tell you things do and will be better.

  40. Kindra Lore said

    Very well spoken Carrie. Thank you for your comments and thank you for thinking of this child and for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. Hopefully as you said, everyone can remember that the main goal here is to get Colton back home safely.

  41. anonymous 2 said

    thanks carrie for understanding as a mother you want to protect your children and you can’t stand to see them hurt.please if anyone has any info on how to find colton. even anonymously please find it in your heart to do the right thing for colton’s safety.I have my children back from daniel’s sick antics.through months of conseling they are doing better.please don’t let this happen to any other children. we miss you colton.god please keep him safe!!!!

  42. Gyde said

    I am overjoyed and disturbed at these comments as well as the events. As the brother of the man in question. I have my own opinion from personal experiences with my brother Daniel. The pain he has put our father and step-mother through, not to mention what his other children are going through right now, is unforgiveable. I can only imagine what Colton is going through. No matter what type of mother Olivia is or is being accused of being, Colton still misses her, and his grandparents and siblings. This blog is full of playing the blame game, and has lessened its focus from Colton to Daniel and Olivia as parents. Seeing all the things that are written here about him, save for the “anonymous” comments, would you want to come out of hiding. Save for the fore mentioned “anonymous”, everyone here has already convicted Daniel. What bothers me is, I know that someone knows where Daniel is. What scares me is that they won’t tell anyone where he is to find Colton.

  43. carrie said

    I totally agree with gyde i would be ashamed to have a brother like this.I hope your family is doing well and i keep you all in my prayers.I hope his children are moving on they are better off without cruelty in there lives anyway.Bless your father and mother for what they are going through i know this has to be alot on them.Praying for all.
    I will keep Colton in mind.


  44. anonymous 2 said

    I have set up a blog site to help find colton. can you attach this to yours.the site is

    if you would like to add colton levi clark to this site I would be glad to help any way I can,

  45. Kindra Lore said

    Thanks Tracy. I pray that little Colton will be found soon and safely. I will link onto your blog. It will be on the right with the other links.


  46. Jack said

    Personally, I do not know if my Nephew is guilty or not of these charges..I do know the element he met his girlfriends/wives at…he came to visit me frequently and to play at the Casinos here..I think I know who “Anonymous” is and she is no better than any one of his stable of women.

  47. Kindra Lore said


    I was just wondering why the blog link is no longer working. Did you take it down?

  48. anonymous 2 said

    my blog spot for colton is still active.we are still looking for him diligently.
    Thanks for all your help and concern it is nice to know that there are still good people out there.

  49. Its been over a year now and I have not heard any news about little Colton. Please, someone update me if you have any new info.


  50. olivia said

    hi yes we just got an updated aged photo of colton through the national missing children a newer picture since he turned 6 on 12/28/07 we are still trying hard to find my son,

  51. tracy said

    Hi kendra,
    We have not spoke in awhile but we are still diligently looking for little Colton.As I said before I am the mother of the other child he molested and my son he abandoned in a basement of his house. If anyone out there has any info to help please call the FBI DETECTIVE MIKE GREENE @ 404 679-9000.
    Daniel if you are reading this for god sakes please let Colton go. He deserves to have a normal life and it is not fair for you to deprive him of his family. For god sakes you know you have made alot of mistakes but don’t keep making them please find a way to get colton home safely.
    I really hope you will think about this and find a way to have someone take colton to safety.
    Plase do not put this little boy through anymore than he has already gone through.

    please keep Colton and our family in your prayers.


  52. Hopeful said

    I believe I have seen Colton and his dad. I don’t want to say where I have seen them as I don’t want to give this man called a dad an idea about where he has been seen. I have contacted authorities and I am about 100% sure that the 2 I have seen are Colton and Daniel. I hope the family or someone checks up on my sighting. I am keeping my eye out for them in my area and will go to the same place at the same time to see if they return where I saw them. I am hopeful that it is them.

  53. tracy said

    Thanks for any help you can give. I spoke with Mike Greene tonight he is not aware who you are he said to please contact him directly and he will keep everthing totally confidential. contact him at 404 679-9000. He has gotten several leads so if you contact him directly he will keep things between you and him.Please call him and let him at least know the area you are in as Daniel hops around alot. He frequents waffle houses alot and likes golden coral buffets. You might spot him at locations like this in your area. I can be reached by email @ if you feel comfortable sending any information to me. My main concern is bringing home my childrens brother safely. I know what my children have been through because of this sick man. I just hope for god sakes that Colton doesn’t have to go through what they have had to go through in their lives.My kids are doing better but it’s a life long scar that was left by this man.Any help you can give is a true blessing.THANK YOU!!!

  54. Hopeful:

    The press release states Daniel and Colton may have been spotted in Keller. Is that where you spotted him or is that a separate sighting?


  55. Hopeful said

    No not in Keller…this was a separate sighting.

  56. alessandra said

    No tengo la verdad de esto,solo ustedes y DIOS lo saben,pero en el tiempo que conoci a daniel y colton lo vi llorar muchas veces al no explicarse por que le hacian esto,durante este tiempo conoci a un daniel que no es el que ustedes buscan, un padre entregado a su hijo,nunca una mala persona,y eso se los puede confirmar colton,todo era para el, su tiempo, su vida, ahora usted olivia ya estara feliz ,pero no sabe la tristeza que nos ocasiona a muchas personas,en mis oraciones estaras todos los dias daniel y colton siempre los voy a tener en mi mente y en mi corazon,un buen ejemplo del danie para su hijo ,solo espero se haga justicia y pronto pueda volver a verlos,con una tristeza profunda en mi corazon,pido a DIOS por ellos y que los bendiga siempre,que no quede duda que daniel es un buen padre capáz de dar la vida por su tienen dudas pregunten a colton

  57. alessandra said

    Yo no tengo la verdad absoluta,solo ustedes y DIOS, pero el tiempo que conoci a daniel y a colton me pude dar cuenta que es un buen padre , entregado a su hijo,muchas veces lo vi llorar por que no se explicaba por que su hija le habia hecho esto,extrañaba su casa a su familia y no creo que sea la persona que ustedes buscan.Pido a Dios por daniel y colton ,mis oraciones estaran con ellos todos los dias,y solo pido a Dios por que se haga justicia y cada uno pague lo debe y no dudo ni por un instante que asi sera,a usted olivia solo le puedo decir que espero este feliz y si es que ama a colton lo demuestre ya que el no vive sin daniel,por que muchas veces cuando el decia que se entregaria y colton regresaria con usted el lloraba pidienpo por favor que no lo dejara,creo que entonces no es un mal padre,Esto nos deja un gra vacio a muchas personas ya que ya no estaran entre nosotros,solo espero la justicia de DIOS,y pronto volver a verlos,si tiene alguna duda de los buenos momentos que paso colton con daniel pregunten a colton solo el podra decir la verdad,los quiero y siempre estaran en mi mente y mi corazon.

  58. A rough translation from the comments above (from a translation site) are:

    I do not have the alone, absolute truth you and GOD, but the time that conoci to daniel and to colton I could give me account that is a good father, delivered its son, many times I saw it to cry because was not explained because its daughter him habia done this, missed its house to its family and do not I believe that be the person that you seek.Pido to God by , my prayers were with them all you gave them, and alone I ask to God because justice be done and each one pay owes it and I do not doubt neither by an instant that asi basket, to you olivia alone I can tell that I expect this happy one and if is that loves to colton show it since the does not live without daniel, because many times when the decia that itself entregaria with you the cried pidienpo please that it did not leave, I believe that then is not a badly father, This leaves us a gra I empty many people since no longer they were among us, alone I expect the justice of GOD, and soon to see them again, if has some doubt of the good moments that step colton with daniel they ask to colton alone the podra to speak the truth, I want them and My corazon.

  59. tracy said




  60. ANONYMOUS said

    I googled this when I saw it on cnn this morning and this site came up. I can’t believe that anyone would attack any part of this child’s family in such a time of crisis. Regardless of guilty or innocent, the welfare of the child ought to be above every thing else at this moment.

    Also, to the person that said that 60% of child molestors were innocent…if that were the case, than 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 7 boys would not be victims. I’m not saying he’s guilty, but you have to realize that everyone in jail is innocent as far as they are concerned. Grow a heart for the victims who don’t deserve their childhood taken away.

  61. Tracy:

    That is such amazing news! I am overjoyed for all of you and especially for Colton!


  62. GRACE said

    Privat Investigator JAke Schmidt helped the F.B.I capture Daniel O’Neil and bring Colton home to his family after 26 days on the case! He is and Angel and my hero!

  63. tracy said


  64. Ellsworth said

    Tracy and Olivia, I wish ya’ll the best and continued support through the trial.

  65. tracy said

    thanks for all your help. I’ll try to see you soon.

  66. Anonymous said

    I find it hard to believe that Dan would ever molest his own daughter or solicit her. I have been a close friend for over 6 years now and I have seen him with his kids and family. He has a really big heart and loves his kids more than anything. Anyone that knows him knows that Colton was NEVER in any danger. YEs I believe that he was wrong for fleeing and I do not know why he did. Now it looks really really bad. I have had thoughts myself , why would he run if he was innocent? But then I have to come to my senses and remember the man I know and have belief that he did not do it. He made a horrible choice to flee and might or might not thought about the outcome. As others have said before yes there is bad blood between Dan and Olivas friends because everyone that knows Dan knows how much she hurt Dan. Olivia took off with Colton and Dan could not find them so He hired a PI and he found out that she was strung out on drugs and that is not being a responcible mother. Now it seems she might be off of them hopefully but the point is she did the same thing he did. They both at one point in time kidnaped Colton. I just pray that the truth be revealed and I hope those kids can hopefully have a bright future. And as for Ashley If the acusation that you made is wrong I wish you would do the right thing and help you father atleast that much. God will not let bad horrible things go unpunished. And just because your life may tempoarially suck at the time that does not mean that you have to make others suffer as well.

  67. tracy said

    I would like to address this anomyous person. I have spent 18 months of counseling with my two children. The person you think you know is a lie.Daniel has always had several women and if you are really close to him you know he is a womanizer so why would you think that any woman or female would be safe around him. As for Ashley telling the truth she has offered a lie detector test Daniel refused and ran. So who is telling the truth. The one that dosn’t run from the person that took advantage of her. As for Olivia and Daniel I can understand why they had a rocky relationship he tried to control her and keep two or three women on the side. So if you truely know DAN as you say you would know how he stole from his father and left him thousands of dollars of debt at 70 years old .Yeah he is a real great guy all you probably ever seen was the good old hang out guy that always liked to impress people, but Dan had a very turbulant past with women and they all tell the same story except for the couple that helped him run and we all know who that is.Only god will deal with these people but the FBI know who you are and you will be investigated also. I hope that you are arrested for heelping a fugative also.
    AS for ashley telling the truth she is the only one that has stood firm and did the right thing and as for the solicitation charges there is a man in cobb county jail that tells a very different story so those who think you know him maybe you shood step back and look again it seems like no one really knows him.
    the mother of the abused!!!!!

  68. Derrick @Aaron's said

    I am an old friend of Olivia and have meet Colton on several occasions. She is a good mom. She was always there for her children. I can only hope that her future is whatever she can ask for. I know she has been thru alot. There is no way I can imagine my child being taken away from me for a day. Olivia if you get this message I wouldn’t mind speaking to you. Even if we have to communicate via email.

  69. olivia said

    This is olivia i am not on here to throw punches, i just want to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers and for all the hard work from Jake and his team. Also Jason . My children and i are doing great and I hope the best for everyone and their families. Also to mothers and fathers out there that are currently going through what my family has. thank you for all the support. No no one is perfect yet i only hope and pray that i continue to live through my children and god. thank you and best wishes.

  70. Olivia:

    I did email Derrick and gave him your email address as you requested. I did not want to post here so I did not approve your last comment.

    Best wishes to you and all of your family and especially Colton. Contact me anytime if you want to talk.


  71. tracy said

    they have transported Daniel back to cobb county to await trial. He had no bond but is now petitioning the courts to try to get bond on july 8th. please keep our family in your prayers and hope that the judge does not let this monster back out on the streets to hurt any other children. it is amazing to me that they say it was his right to try to get bond what about the rights of these children?
    I had to fight diligently to get them to go to mexico because the FBI did not want to go there to arrest him. I had to go to our senator saxby chambliss and get him to go to washington just to get colton brought home safely.It amazes me that now they tell me that he has right what about the victims rights.
    To all of you that are looking for children speak out national missing and exploited children get millions if not billions to help locate these children but if they get tips they turn them over to the FBI. which admitted in an ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION ARTICLE LAST FRIDAY THAT THESE WERE LOW PRIORITY ON THERE LIST.
    Personally one of the people who left a tip on your web site called me crying I gave it to the FBI and 8 days later she still had not heard from anyone. I called them again and threatened to contact Nancy Grace to see why they could not follow up on lead and he sent someone over there in 1 hour.I was told by the agent that he had more important cases to deal with and didn’t have time to deal with us this was not important.Well to a family of a missing child it is very important.
    I just wonder how many others are falling through the cracks it has really bothered me to deal with the FBI and know that they treat families this way.
    I am just glad there are people like you and others out there that dedicate there time to help these families I will spend my time to do the same.
    god bless you,

  72. Anonymous said

    The reason they are telling you that he (Daniel) has rights is because fortunately in this country you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, and Daniel has not been tried as of yet. Im surely not saying that the accused is innocent or guilty but we shouldn’t always be so quick to pass judgement. There’s always 3 sides to every story.

  73. tracy said

    This is true but what about the rights of my children to live in safety from a man that has threatened to harm them. His actions has proven that he is not worthy to make rightful judgements as well as poor little colton came home with 3rd degree burns across his shoulders and back.who is going to protect these innocent children from becoming victims again.

  74. Anonymous said

    I completely understand what you are saying and cannot imagine what you and your family has gone through. The only point that I was trying to make was that we all have rights….Daniel has rights…. and your children have rights. Many would argue that our judicial system doesn’t always work but its by far the best in the world. It will be up to a jury to decide after hearing all the facts and seeing all the evidence, whose rights get taken away (most likely in this case, the right to freedom) I must let you know that I was friends with the accused for many years and I am absolutely in shock as to what has happened. Don’t know what to believe and not to believe. Pretty much still numb at this time yet trying to keep an open mind.

  75. tracy said

    I understand totally because Daniel put up a really good front but through couseling and police and FBI interviews he has a very checkered past with his children and women some of the things we have found out are disgusting and some are just abuse physically and mentally and it is not just my daughter not to mention how he treated his own father stealing and leaving him several thousands of dollars in debt. I really think daniel is lost right now and needs some help hopefully he can get that in jail. It is very hurtful to hear not just one but all of the kids tell stories as a mother you can’t stand to see your child hurt as with any decent parent.So I don’t mean to sound so harsh but the reality is if he gets out without getting help your children (if you have any) are at risk too as well as any others out there.
    Daniel has proven that right now he is not making some really good choices and the truth will come out the evidence is there all the way down to him refusing a lie detector test and then running the same day. My daughter volenteered to take one right then the minute they asked.
    I understand that you were Dan’s friend he covered up things well but after separate interviews with the children and women in his past a pretty ugly pattern showed up. Hopefully the children through couseling can overcome what they have been through and hopefully he can get help only god and the law will deal with this whole situation
    I didn’t maen to offend you but it is disturbing to me and my family since he threatened to hurt my children if they ever told.
    Thanks for your concern.

  76. Anonymous said

    Tracy, allow me to preface this by saying that you did not offend me and I hope you know that it certainly was not my intent to offend you either. It scares me to think that the individual (Daniel) I knew would even remotely be cabable of doing the things he is accused of. I personally come from one of the most “normal” families imaginable. Parents have been together and married for 41 years. All four siblings have formal college educations including myself. We were taught morals, ethics, resposibilties, right from wrong and respect from early on. I grew up in a strict Catholic family and attended mass most of my life. I myself am divorced after a 12 year marriage ( not proud to say, the first divorcee in my family). I pride myself on being a good person, always trying to do the right thing, being able to recognize between right and wrong. The reason I tell you all this is as follows…. Daniel was my friend of 9 years. I have been around Daniel and his children approx. 10 times or so over the course of years, most often meeting to grab a bite to eat at a local buffet. While observing the interaction between himself and his children, I can honestly say I saw absolutely nothing out of the ordnary with regards to discipline, behavior or things of the sort. Again, to reiterate what I said previously, I’m not here to say whats right , whats wrong, whats true and whats not true. It scares me to think that I could have been so close to someone and not seen any signs should it be revealed that he indeed did the horrible things he’s accused of. Im still in shock, disbelief and quite honestly hurt as Im sure most understand. For whatever its worth, I pray for peace and comfort to all involved.

  77. tracy said

    I thank you for keeping an open mind because I have spent alot of time defending my children from most of Daniel’s friends. He has always led a checked past with a wife and two or three women on the side but as the mother of his children I was disturbed at what I have learned through months of investigation. I am a nurse I have been since 1989 I have spent years helping people and I was shocked I didn’t see the signs also but thinking back at comments that he made and things that he did it all fit together.
    I think this was a big shock to alot of people because Daniel was always a good old boy that like to impress people and buy people lunch it was like he tried to buy friends.Colton was found 4 miles down the road from his house and he was shacked up with heather in bed and was investigated by dept of family and children services. He also beat my son with a belt so bad that he had belt stripes all over his body for 10 days.The police have vivid pictures.So he had a family life that no one was aware of but molestation and kidnapping is insane.
    I just pray alot I have my children in couseling and church and we take things day by day. It is a relief to have him off the street because he needs help.I don’t want to see anyone else have to go through what I have watched my two children go through.I don’t know if you know my two children but they are good kids. Daniel was out of there life until a few years ago and he popped back into there life.Against my better judgement I let my kids start seeing them then they wanted to get to know him better so they asked to start school there within a month Ashley called me crying asking to come home.Foolishly I told her she needed to finish out the school year.Now I know why it was so important for her to come home. Daniel threatened her if she told he would hurt her brothers, me, her grand parents.
    I sure this is a shock but it was a shock to everyone in his family and ours also. Thank you for keeping an open mind because alot of people just judge my children if they seen the crying, mental break downs and the fear that I have seen my two children go through they would understand why it is important to me to see justice my children deserve some type of justice they will never have a completely normal life but I will do the best I can to make it as normal as possible.
    Thank you,

  78. Anonymous said

    Tracy, I can definitely understand where you are coming from and can’t even remotely comprehend or even imagine what it must be like to hear your own children tell these horrible stories. I knew about most, not all, but most of Dans relationships and surely didn’t condone his actions and the things he was doing with regards to his personal relationships. I was actually one of his guy friends who continually asked why he was doing it and if he understood the seriousness of what he was doing and how it could affect the rest of his life. I eventually gave up, like most, and basically looked at it like “to each his own.” If he didn’t care and I didn’t see any harm being done, then I didn’t care. I was not going to judge him and our friendship simply because he didn’t want to have just one woman in his life. I judged him and our friendship by how he treated me and what kind of friend he was to me. I understand that if you look at his past behavior, he has a checkered past with women, but just because someone wants to lead an “alternative” (for lack of a better term) lifestyle or may not always practice safe sex, sure doesn’t make them a criminal. It’s a far cry from child molestation, child endangerment and incest to say the least. That’s actually about as bad as it gets!I have been around him with your children like I said, about 10 times. I saw a proud father bragging about how well Nick was doing and actually playing me a song that Ashley had written and sung. He was very proud. Again, it just scares the hell out of me that, (I certainly don’t mean to offend but I say that) IF all is true, he was such a different person that I actually knew. My head is still completely twisted over all this. My girlfriend has asked me on numerous occassions (and she is a psychologist) how I feel and I don’t even have an answer,…..still don’t have an answer

  79. alessandra said

    Tracy and Olivia.

    Yo no se la verdad de lo que paso es muy dificil entender lo que esta pasando ,por que Daniel nunca se comporto asi con su hijo Colton durante el tiempo que el estuvo aqui,pero vuelvo a retierar, todos los dias estan en mis oraciones ,si sus hijos tracy pasaron estos momentos tan dificiles solo DIOS podra curarlos a usted y a ellos,y recuerde Dios dijo perdona para ser perdonado ,en sus corazones no debe de haber sed de venganza, sino justicia y esta justicia la unica y verdadera es la de Dios. No Trate de mover el cielo y la tierra para que Daniel este tras las rejas,la justicia de Dios es la unica con este poder,y la justicia en la tierrea no sera comparada con la justicia de los cielos ,Solo quiero decirle que por alguna razon Daniel fue arrestado, y Colton esta ahora con olivia.DIOS LOS BENDIGA

    A USTED OLIVIA Daniel decia que era una mala persona ,pero pude observar en el video y no lo creo, e leeido buenos y malos comentarios a su persona,pero tambien creo que Dios nos creo perfectos y a su semejanza por eso somos sus hijos ,creo que usted puede comparar el dolor de DIOS al ver a su hijo crucificado y sin poder hacer nada, con el objetivo de perdonar nuestros pecados,asi que comprendo su dolor al no tener a Colton,pero el nunca estuvo en peligro, solo le pido que le de todo el amor y cariño que el necesita ,yo no se Daniel es malo pero los Padres siempre seran nuestros padres con defectos o sin ellos y creo que Colton tiene derecho de poder ver a Daniel,Creo que usted cambio para ser una mejor persona y el unico que lo sabe es Dios, Mis oraciones para usted y su familia.

    Por ultimo colton nunca fue maltratado por Daniel,no entiendo que Colton tuviera quemaduras de 2 grado en su cuerpo ,si nunca fue maltratado por Daniel,y recuerden que Dios tambien pudo cambiar a Daniel y hacer que se arrepintiera de lo que hizo algun dia.Venimos a este mundo a ser lo mejor posible de nuestra vidas y dar un ejemplo a nuestros hijos ya que esa es nuestra mision en la tierra.
    Dios las bendiga a ustedes y a sus familias y no duden de la justicia de DIOS.

  80. A rough online translation from Spanish to English of the Comment above:

    I not the truth of what I happen is very difficult to understand what it is spending, for that Daniel never behaved this way with his son Colton during the time that the estuvo here, but I return to retierar, every day they are in my prayers, if his children tracy spent these so difficult moments alone GOD will be able to treat them to you and to them, and remember God said that he excuses to be excused, in his hearts there must not be thirst of revenge, but justice and this justice the only one and the real one is that of God. Do not try to move the sky and the ground so that this Daniel after the grills, the God’s justice is the only one with this power, and the justice in the tierrea will not be compared with the justice of the skies, Alone I want to say to him that for some reason Daniel was arrested, and Colton is now with olivia. GOD BLESSES THEM

    OLIVIA DANIEL was saying TO YOU that she was a bad person, but I could observe in the video and I do not believe it, and leeido good and bad comments to his person, but also I believe that God believes us perfect and to his resemblance that’s why we are his children, I believe that you can compare the GOD’S pain on having seen his crucified son and without being able to do anything, with the target to excuse our sins, so I understand his pain on not having had Colton, but it was never in danger, alone I ask him that him of the whole love and fondness that the necesita, I not Daniel is bad but the Parents will always be our parents with shortcomings or without them and I believe that Colton has right to be able to see Daniel, Believe that you change to be a better person and the only one that knows it is a God, My prayers for you and his family.

    Finally colton it was never ill-treated by Daniel, I do not understand that Colton had burns of 2 grade in his body, if it was never ill-treated by Daniel, and remember that God also could change to Daniel and do that he was repenting of what it did some day. We come to this world to be the possible best thing of ours lives and to give an example to our children since this is our mission in the ground.
    God blesses you and to his families and do not doubt the GOD’S justice.

  81. tracy said

    I thank you for being open minded and seeing all sides. Dan was gone for alot of years and never paid child support or had anything to do with my kids for along time. As I say again against my better judgement because of his “alternate” lifestyle I really didn’t want my kids around him but he was there father and I tried to do the right thing. He put on a good front but he always did he claimed he was married having another baby settled down and lived in a nice neighborhood. I thought maybe he was tired of that “alternate” stuff and had finally settled down for a real life. Boy was I SURPRISED I was told of parties while heather was out of town with several women over at there house in front of the kids.There was alot of things that never should of happened around my children or for that matter any child. Whatever he wanted to do in private was one thing but in front of the kids was another.What you seen on the outside world traveled over into his home life just behind closed doors. Daniel actually pretty much sold his own daughter to one of his friends. I mean how sick can you be????
    That man is in cobb county jail serving 20 years for statuatory rape against my daughter and has given a statement as to what happened. I feel like this has blind sided alot of people but the truth is there are alot people that don’t know he tried to make my daughter look like this wild child from hell.The person that they say she ran away with was the person that dan pretty much set up he became obcessed with her and put her through 3 weeks of living hell at knife point ,stealing cars and running across the united states. There is actually 2 years of living hell that alot of people are not aware of. This story goes way deeper than most on the outside have really heard.Dan and Heather both lied to cover this person up when my daughter went missing claiming they did not know him because they did not want to be linked to him.He made one very big mistake he brought this person around the kids and his family so they could identify he was lying that was our first clue that something was really wrong.Everyone kept telling us his name and that he was a friend of Dan’s but he denied it always come to find out he put carpet in heathers house right before her and Dan got married so she could rent it or sell it. He also did a roofing job with his father and brought him around so his father could identify who this guy was and Dan still denied knowing him. If he wasn’t guilty why would he have protected his daughter. that’s his own flesh and blood and he took her childhood away. he told her he wanted to make her a dancer at the club he worked at. who would want there daughter doing that if they were decent parents.if you have any personal questions you may email me at
    I have no problem explaining what has happened. We are doing the best we can to cope, Ashley does speaches at churches against abuse and molestation and volunteers at an abuse center.

  82. Ashley said

    I don’t know who this anomyous is or how you know my father my brother or me. You obviously know me by my singing but I can tell you this with deep sincerity that Daniel is guility and I would never lie of such things. I would have rather it been me alone rather than my brothers and sisters. Dan does have a shady past and those of you who do know him will know this. Everyone will take sides but I know the honest to god truth and so does daniel so I will leave it at that.

    Thank you
    Peace and love to all.

  83. Ok first of all, Tracy, I do not advise putting your email address out there. You can get all sorts of crazies emailing you or spam or whatever. I used to be able to edit comments but with the new WordPress I can only approve or delete. Please repost everything you said but without your email address. If someone wants to get in touch with you, email me and I will put you in touch. (go to email KindraLore).

    Second of all, I have no doubt what Ashley says is true. Ashley I commend you and know that you may have some difficult days ahead. Please know that there are many people that support you. You are a very strong young woman and there are many people sending good vibes your way.

    This also goes for you Tracy and you Olivia. Keep your heads up. You know what you have been fighting for. For justice and for your children.


  84. Tracey or Olivia:

    What is going on with Daniel now? Has he been remanded over to Cobb County? Can someone give me an update? I have searched the database for Cobb County and there is nothing for him so far.


  85. Ashley said

    Dan is currently in Cobb county jail we were told he would have no bond but he has managed to get a bond hearing on July 8th at 1:00 p.m. which I definately will be there. Right now they are being pretty vague as to what happens next I meet with a victims crimes advocate this week but I do not plan on letting this man walk out of jail he ran once he will do it again.I am fighting to keep all children safe by keeping him in jail. I will do everything in my power to keep him there until trial then the judge can decide.
    I am not sure why he is not showing on the data base yet. I know they told me it could take awhile to go to court but I will keep you posted. we were told we could speak at the bond hear me and Ashley are planning on being there she wants to face him and speak to him directly.
    She is in a good place now with couseling and she wants to make sure no one else can be hurt.
    I think this is a step in her healing process to face him and ask why?
    either way I will continue to fight for my kids as well as all kids. I really appreciate all of your support as well as everyone that has follow this whole thing.
    god bless you all!!!!

  86. Ashley said

    It is hard for me to transulate what you are saying but just know that we appreciate your prayers and I want you to know that Colton is doing great as well as all the children they got to spend last friday together and my son spent the night with him so they could catch up. It was really great seeing there smiling faces back together again. they have alot of catching up to do but they are all doing well knowing that they are back together. me and olivia have made it a point to stay in touch and let them see each other.We appreciate your prayers only god will pull us all through this ordeal but know that colton is safe and back with people that love him very much!!!!!
    god bless,

  87. Anonymous said

    I thank you for being open minded and seeing all sides. Dan was gone for alot of years and never paid child support or had anything to do with my kids for along time. As I say again against my better judgement because of his “alternate” lifestyle I really didn’t want my kids around him but he was there father and I tried to do the right thing. He put on a good front but he always did he claimed he was married having another baby settled down and lived in a nice neighborhood. I thought maybe he was tired of that “alternate” stuff and had finally settled down for a real life. Boy was I SURPRISED I was told of parties while heather was out of town with several women over at there house in front of the kids.There was alot of things that never should of happened around my children or for that matter any child. Whatever he wanted to do in private was one thing but in front of the kids was another.What you seen on the outside world traveled over into his home life just behind closed doors. Daniel actually pretty much sold his own daughter to one of his friends. I mean how sick can you be????
    That man is in cobb county jail serving 20 years for statuatory rape against my daughter and has given a statement as to what happened. I feel like this has blind sided alot of people but the truth is there are alot people that don’t know he tried to make my daughter look like this wild child from hell.The person that they say she ran away with was the person that dan pretty much set up he became obcessed with her and put her through 3 weeks of living hell at knife point ,stealing cars and running across the united states. There is actually 2 years of living hell that alot of people are not aware of. This story goes way deeper than most on the outside have really heard.Dan and Heather both lied to cover this person up when my daughter went missing claiming they did not know him because they did not want to be linked to him.He made one very big mistake he brought this person around the kids and his family so they could identify he was lying that was our first clue that something was really wrong.Everyone kept telling us his name and that he was a friend of Dan’s but he denied it always come to find out he put carpet in heathers house right before her and Dan got married so she could rent it or sell it. He also did a roofing job with his father and brought him around so his father could identify who this guy was and Dan still denied knowing him. If he wasn’t guilty why would he have protected his daughter. that’s his own flesh and blood and he took her childhood away. he told her he wanted to make her a dancer at the club he worked at. who would want there daughter doing that if they were decent parents.

  88. Laughing John said

    Wow, It seems that if you parents were so concerned about your children and “knew” of this man’s lifestyle then why did you not protect your children? Why in a state that almot always gives custody of the children to the mother were your children with this man? From what I can tell, it appears that you are more concerned with writing on this forum that actually parenting. If this man is convicted, again I say “if” because we are in the United States of America still, you two women should have a charge also. I would have called the two of you parents but from what I can see you have not earned that title.

  89. Anonymous said

    youb don’t have a clue. I am a nurse of 18 years I never even had a speeding ticket so don’t judge me ever!!!!!
    I as a mother tried to do right by my children and let them have a relationship with there biological father. he ran from child support for several years so he wasn’t around. he came back lived in around a 300,000 house was married with a new child. He asked to see his kids so I thought he had changes my kids asked to spend some time to get to know there father.
    So don’t judge me for doing the right thing you don’t know me but I have my children in couseling and have for almost 2 years it is unfortuniate what my children have had to go through but don’t ever judge me I am a parent and a damned good one!!!!!!
    those who don’t know me have no right to judge me and the facts are there to prove what we found out he was. so if you don’t agree with me trying to give my kids a mother and a father (which I thought had finally grown up a little)
    That’s not for you to judge we are all human and sometimes we don’t make the greatest decisions but Dan knows right from wrong and taking advantage of his daughter is wrong any way you look at it!!!!!!!!!!!

    THOSE OF YOU WHO WANT TO KNOW i will keep you updated.

  90. To “I know Dan, so what”: I did not approve your comment. Your comments are not appropriate for this site. In fact, this blog is now closed for comments. Tracy, Olivia and Ashley (and especially little Colton) I wish you the best.

    This forum has outlasted its usefulness at this point and I am tired of the mudslinging. Please remember what this site is for. Its for the missing and their families. Thank the Lord Colton has been found. Let the justice system have it’s say.


  91. […] sick man. he is … for new information for Colton Levi Clark for which this blog was born to ……Read “RE: Wake up believers to what is happening out in California! – Page 174 – Sean Hannity […]

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