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Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

All is Quiet in Seminole, Oklahoma

Posted by KindraLore on January 27, 2007

I thought it was well overdue to do something on Colton Levi Clark, which is what this blog was created for. Although I have decided to bring other missing children to this forum, my main focus is still on Colton.It’s been more than nine months since Colton was reported missing. So much has happened since then, yet there is not one new clue as to where Colton is today than there was the day he went missing.

After reviewing the

Timeline Blog, I noticed something that I have since updated. The appointment that Colton had that day with a physiatrist was in Norman. Norman, according to Rand McNally, is about an hour and a half from Wewoka, where the Clarks live. The appointment was at 1:00PM.According to the Seminole Producer article that came out a week after Colton was reported missing, and in which is the only media article to this date in which Rebecca Clark gave a detailed account of what took place that day – it stated that Rex went to lay down while she started getting ready. That means they would of had time to burn.

She states she got ready, went to look for Colt and the window was open and he was gone. She said she thought at first that he might be waiting in the car.

Snipped from Article:

The day he disappeared, April 20, they were getting ready to go to a counseling session in Norman. After their return, a DHS worker was supposed to come over. Rebecca told the boys to dress in their new summer clothes; Colt complained, wanting to wear his boots.

While she got ready, her husband planned to lie down. When she looked for Colt, he was gone.” The window was up in his bedroom,” Rebecca said. Asked if she thought
he’d gone out there, she said she thought at the time that he was out in the car, ready to go. When he wasn’t, she searched and called for him.

The DHS worker came and they agreed to call the sheriff; a deputy came immediately. They brought dogs and ordered the family to put up their own dogs.” It was then that we found that Colt’s Russian wolf pup was gone,” Rebecca said.

One can deduce from this that it must of been between 10:30AM-11: 30AM if they were to make the 1 1/2 drive to Norman and to be there in time. In the same article it states that it was the DHS worker that called the Seminole Sheriff’s Department, once she arrived and found that Colt was missing.

That means that Colton had been missing at least FIVE hours. What did the Clarks do in these five hours if this story is true? Why did they wait so long before reporting him missing?

When posing that question, I guess I figure that 5 hours is nothing compared to the 5 DAYS that went on without reporting Colton’s brother Homer Clark missing. What were these people thinking?

There has been no news on this case coming out of Seminole. This case is officially cold. Be it told, the Clarks simply prefer to stay to themselves now days, barely seen about town anymore. According to LE, Homer Clark or Austin Clark as he was previously known, is still in the custody of DHS.

The debris from the fire of the burnt mobile home has been removed. The Clarks carry on, and Colton Clark is still missing. All is quiet in Seminole.


2 Responses to “All is Quiet in Seminole, Oklahoma”

  1. Kindra Lore said

    I just wanted to make a comment about the photo I picked for this article. I tried to pick a differnt one, since everyone has seen the others.

    This one was one release to the media. Look at it. Colton had to be about 6-7 years old in this picture. That is strange. Strange to me. Compare it to the one on the horse that is my default on the blog.

    I have seen a total of four pictures for Colton. This one, the one with Colton and Austin, the default on this website of him on a horse, and a school picture or professionally made picture of Colton.

    This picture stands out to me because it is so OLD. You can tell from the other pictures. He has baby teeth.

    This picture was released along with another older looking pic that IS on many missing children websites and even on media reports.

    Why release a pic THAT old? Because in the 3 years that the Clarks had the kids there were very few pictures. At least that is what I deduce.

    I mean if your child was missing, wouldn’t you give the most recent PICTURES? Why would you give one so OLD?

  2. Saucepan said

    Well spotted Kindra regarding the supposed time that Colton might have gone missing.
    I would assume that any person with a missing relative would issue a recent photograph of their loved one to ensure that they were found promptly.
    Sadly, it would seem that the Clarks tried their best to ensure the complete opposite.
    I believe that if they truly wanted to find Colton, they would have reported him missing promptly, and released a recent photograph.
    Everything about this Case stinks.
    Rest assured, the truth will prevail and people are thinking of him even if his addoptive parents don’t seem to care anymore.

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