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Dalton Mesarchik Slaying Connected to Michael Devlin?

Posted by KindraLore on February 1, 2007

In researching new information in the Michael Devlin case in which he abducted Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownsby, I found that tonight they are investigating the link between the murder of 7 year old Dalton Mesarchik in 2003 and Devlin.

However, tonight I also saw some disturbing photos of Shawn (purportedly of Shawn) looking like a gangster and brandishing a gun with a bandanna around his face. When I saw these photos, I thought so many things. First thing that came to mind was that damn, the media will have a field day with this one. Shawn has been massacred in so many ways, by being abducted and stripped from all he knew, terrorized and brainwashed for years, and now this.

What makes a CHILD that has been abducted turn into whatever? There isnt much research because most of them don’t survive it. Therefore, I more sorry for Shawn and his family more than ever that this is just another devastating hit on Shawn. I debated back and forth on even blogging about it, but I thought that at least I can hopefully tune people into the fact that no matter what, Shawn was a victim. Period. Whatever happened and whatever he did after being abducted was this child’s way of dealing with it.

What about Michael Devlin? What about he MONSTER that did this to him? I bet his lawyers are having a field day with this entire media event, one after the other convicting the victim over and over. I so hope that Shawn doesn’t actually have to testify against Devlin. It will be brutal to say the least.

Authorities are now looking into a case from 2003 in which little 7 year old Dalton Mesarchik disappeared from his front yard in Streator, Illinois while waiting on a church bus that never came. He was found beaten to death with A three-pound Benchtop Pro hammer.

I am not sure whether or not Devlin had anything at all to do with little Devin’s murder but authorities have now searched his previous residence that he lived at around two years before he abducted Shawn, and they searched his current apartment again. Maybe they found something that we don’t know. I believe Devlin had his toes amputated at the time due to his diabetes, so was this murder possible or not?

One thing that I believe is that this man did do something to some child way before the age of 37 when he abducted Shawn. People like this build up to this sort of crime.


4 Responses to “Dalton Mesarchik Slaying Connected to Michael Devlin?”

  1. Bill Shroyer said

    Has what has happened since you made this post changed anything about the way you view the situation in general, and Devlin in particular? He confessed to everything, the boys didn’t have to go through a court ordeal. He’s still a monster for what he did, and deserves no sympathy or any such thing for these actions, but still, he could’ve made it much harder on the boys. In some strange, indefinable way, I think there is some amount of evil that can be shaved off his reputation for that – not much, mind you, but some, and all the evil for what he -did- do still remains.

  2. Kindra Lore said

    Considering we have heard more details about this since such as he tried to kill Shawn, he planned on killing Ben when he was finished abusing him.. the sexual torture.. etc.. in my mind Michael Devlin is still what we saw him for. A complete monster and he has not shaved off one bit of evil as far as I’m concerned.

    He didn’t want everyone, especially his family, to know all the sorted details of what he had really done. He was caught red handed with the boys. He knew he was going down. As usual, he was thinking only of himself.

  3. Danielle MESARCHIK said

    I’m still mad that you put my brother was “smashed to death”.

    That’s ignorant & rude. Have some respect.

  4. Danielle:

    I certainly did not mean disrespect. It’s been almost a year since I wrote that entry so I’m not sure why I used the word “smashed” but I did change the verbiage to beaten, which is what most articles say. I regret having to write about any child that way and I meant no disrespect.


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