Colton Levi Clark

Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

Colton Clark – Where is Your Sign?

Posted by KindraLore on February 15, 2007

Last week I was told that the banner in front of Rebecca and Rex Clark’s property was still hanging ever so slightly. In fact, the local person told me:

“It will make you angry yet so sad. I think people need to see this because in my mind, it symbolizes what the Clarks think about Colt.”

Today I found out that this banner has totally been removed.

Let me ask you. If your son were missing, would you not hang that banner, just as loved ones hang a yellow bow for our Soldiers fighting for our Country in Iraq, until they come home?

Would you not scream to the rooftops for this child? Participating in any media outlet you could, creating websites dedicating to finding this now 10-year-old child? Would you not write AMW to see if you might be able to get your child featured on that show?

Well I think most of us would. However, when confronted with an opportunity to appear on a local media source, Becky Clark stated that she was fearful for her family and too much media. She said instead that friends and family members would take bags of candy to the local fair. When a close friend asked why she didn’t contact America’s Most Wanted to see about getting more info on Colton out there, she balked at the idea.

When Colton’s brother Homer (Austin) Clark ran away for FIVE days and was finally taken into custody by DHS, the Clarks surrendered permanent custody of this child.

Are these the actions of innocent people? Their stories have change continuously since Colton went missing.

Why? Why no scent from the dogs at Colton’s on home? Why can they give up custody of their other child Homer, in which Becky vehemently defended here and on the Court TV boards as being exploited by those that want real answers?

“Colt is my Son and You are exploiting him.!” she stated over and over on this blog, her “blog”and other places. “Colt and my family are my concern and I will protect them from conceited, self- centered, people with delusions of grandeur. What is wrong with you? I would do some soul searching.” she said on her blog. Where is that determination for her “boys” now??

Her website for Colt Clark asks for donations. Donations for what? Bags of candy at a fair?

Where is Colton’s sign Becky?


5 Responses to “Colton Clark – Where is Your Sign?”

  1. Saucepan said

    So very sad, in a few months time it will be a whole year since Colton was reported missing and yet we are still no closer to discovering the truth as to his whereabouts.

    As far as I am concerned, the Clarks have shown their true guilt by giving up on poor Austin/Homer, Colton’s brother.

    I hope that sometime in the near future, there will be some closure and we will either find Colton or at least find out what happened to him.

  2. BarnGoddess said

    I received an anonymous comment today saying there was an arrest in Colton Clark’s murder.

    Ive searched the news in Oklahoma for anything on an arrest being made and came up with nil.

    I HOPE there has been an arrest, its been a long time coming.

  3. Kindra Lore said

    I did too Bargoddess. Here:

  4. Anonymous said

    I tried to enlist a reputable psychic to help find Colton months ago, they would not assist unless the family was requesting it. Why did they not at least try? God please help find this baby!

  5. Grant said

    “Reputable psychic”? That’s right up there with “sincere telemarketer” and “instant return mail”. Let’s see, someone who claims to have psychic power and no doubt claims to be reputable refuses to help out a grieving family in need. Sounds like another Sylvia Browne.

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