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Update on Arlin Henderson

Posted by KindraLore on March 23, 2007

In following the story of Michael Devlin and whether he had been involved in other disappearances in the area of other missing children, I mentioned in previous blogs the fact that I thought that he may have had something to do with the disappearance of Arlin Henderson. (see my previous blogs michael-j-devlin-could-there-be-more and photos-may-be-arlin-henderson and did-michael-devlin-join-search-for-Bianca-Piper )

I found some really strange things with this case. The first one is that “Arlin’s bike was found found three months later in October on Ethlin rd and we searched that area several times not to mention the helicopters that flew over that area for several days after he went missing. ” this quote was taken from the Court TV boards on Arlin’s thread by a poster named “tka05” but the basic information regarding his bike reappearing has also been published in many articles.

The second strange fact is that the person that started that thread went by the handle “invreporter1105” who also gained national exposure when he came out with pictures of Shawn Hornbeck that no one else had seen. (See article ). I am sure all remember that Shawn Hornbeck himself posted on his own site twice as Shawn Devlin. This poster was asked straight out of he was Arlin but has not responded to that question.

The third thing strange about this case, is that a site in which Shawn made while in captivity held a picture that I have seen over and over and thought at first glance was Shawn. However, as Irobert pointed out on the Court TV thread, it certainly bares a striking resemblance to Arlin’s aged progressed photo.

Here is Shawn’s site where the pic is

The Pic itself

The first picture comes from Shawn’s site, the second photo is an aged progression photo of Arlin.

If you right click on the photo from the link From the Pic Itself link (see above the photos for links), you will see that the photo is named me2.1 and it could very well be Shawn. (This site looks to be a picture hosting site and and I am not sure who owns it – the link was posted on the Court TV board)

I have seen pics of Shawn at certain ages during his captivity where he looked similar. I tried to find the photo I am referring to, but there is so much out there on the Internet I couldn’t find it. It is the photos of Shawn and his little buddy at the Apartment complex. The one that he spent Christmas’ with. If anyone can find those pics, let me know.

Anyway, it is all strange indeed. There was a partial print on Arlin’s bike that was recovered. I am sure if would have led to Devlin, LE would have said so by now.

One other interesting fact, the poster “tka05” that posted on the Court TV thread does seem to have some sort of personal ties to the case as he stated:

To answer some of the questions here, Arlin’s bike was found three months later in October on Ethlin rd and we searched that area several times not to mention the helicopters that flew over that area for several days after he went missing.

We believe he is alive and we do not understand why he will not come back now. Maybe he has changed and become someone else. We dont know. I wish he would come forward. He would not have to change his life, but we would just like to see him and know what happened.

You can find transcripts on the record with Greta on FOX. Debbie did a lot of interviews with Greta.

There was a partial print on the bike that has never been matched to anyone yet. The bike was pretty clean.

we are waiting for the police ti investigate Devlin further about Arlin. It takes time and they are being quiet about their investigation.

Arlin would be 27 today. You have to think. Shawn did not run. Shawn stayed because he was so scared, lived and grew up in such an unimaginable environment. What if he were never found? What if today Shawn was Arlin’s age? Would he come home? Would he stay in hiding?

What if Arlin were alive right now (it is a possibility) and he saw everything that Shawn has been through, with media and never having a normal life then, and now having a not normal (better but different life) now.

Would he want to come out of hiding? Maybe he feels guilty even though he shouldn’t. Maybe, like Shawn helped in abducting Ben, Arlin helped in abducting Shawn and he is now scared, thinking that there is no turning back.

Is Arlin Henderson living out there. Hidden in plain site – just like Shawn had for so many years?

Arlin, if you are out there, please come home!

Link to the Court TV Thread discussed in this blog

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