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Update on the Marcus Fiesel Case

Posted by KindraLore on April 28, 2007

As I blogged earlier, Amy Baker is now being charged with felony evidence tampering for her accused role in disposing of the body of foster child, Marcus Fiesel, last summer.The Prosecutor in this case (Joe Deters) has done a tremedous job in bringing justice for this little boy. Not only did he put away the Carrolls, but waited until it was over to bring charges against Amy Baker, who obviously thought she was in the clear.

Seems Amy is now fighting extradition to Kentucky. Why do people do this? It only prolongs the inevitable.

Amy Baker Will Fight Extradition To Kentucky

Update at 4:16 pm

Monday from 9News reporter Shannon Kettler:
The hearing for Amy Baker ended around 4:00 p.m.

Baker’s defense attorney said they will fight her extradition to Kentucky.

The judge denied Baker’s request for a lower bond.

Her next court appearance will be May 17 at 3:00 p.m.


Update at 12:17 pm Monday:

Amy Baker may not get her extradition hearing in Clermont County until very late Monday afternoon.

The Mason County, Kentucky Commonwealth Attorney is charging Baker with felony evidence tampering for her accused role in disposing of the body of foster child, Marcus Fiesel, last summer.

Baker is due to be moved from the Clermont County Jail for an extradition hearing at 3:00 pm.

But court bailiffs said the judge handling the Baker case has a full docket for Monday afternoon, with as many as 30 cases on it.

If, as expected, Municipal Court Judge James Shriver calls up the Baker case last on his docket, it could be well after 4:00 pm before Baker even gets into the courtroom.

This extradition request from Kentucky could end up becoming very complicated and take months to finally be resolved.

Amy Baker is planning on fighting the request from Mason County.

Baker was previously granted immunity in both Clermont and Hamilton counties, in exchange for testifying against Marcus Fiesel’s foster parents, David and Liz Carroll.

During the Liz Carroll trial, Baker testified that she helped David Carroll throw the dead 3-year old’s remains off the William Harsha Bridge in Maysville, Kentucky last summer.

Some Clermont County residents said it’s about time Amy Baker faced charges herself.

Tiffany Crowley said, “It’s justice served. She had as much a part of it as they did. She was there. I hope she gets what’s coming to her.”

Brandy Murrell said she has no second thoughts, “She’s just as guilty as they are. That’s my opinion.”

“I think she should have gone to the police. I don’t think she should have covered anything up.” Dwayne Grandis adds, “I just think she should have been charged. There’s much more to this story than what has been told. I think it’s due time,” said Rob Parlier.

We’ll also be watching to see if the Clermont County Prosecutor’s Office also objects to the extradition, since they’ve already said they believe it violates their immunity agreement with Baker and may violate her constitutional rights.

It could be up to Ohio Governor Ted Strickland to make a final decision.

[Source and Complete Story of the Marcus Fiesel Case]

In another turn, looks like Donna Trevino (biological mother of Marcus) has still not picked up the remains of Marcus to give this child a proper burial. This lady did not do right by him in life, and is too lazy now to bury this little boy.

Funeral home says Trevino wants to bury Marcus

CINCINNATI — Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters is urging the mother of 3-year-old Marcus Fiesel to claim what’s left of her murdered and partially incinerated son.
Deters indicated Thursday that Donna Trevino, of Middletown, had refused that offer, but the local funeral home that has been working with Marcus’ mother since August said that’s not the case.

“She has always been under the impression that they would not release him until the appeal process is over, not just the trial,” said Lori Hicks, of Baker-Stevens Funeral Home in Middletown.

Hicks said Trevino is interested in receiving the remains of her second-born son and giving him an appropriate burial. Hicks said she has been in contact with authorities from the Hamilton County Corner’s office for the past week.

Hicks said the remains could be released as early as next week.

In his letter to Trevino, Deters said the Middletown woman refused the offer for Hamilton County to take care of funeral services for Marcus.

I certainly understand your decision to not accept our offer to provide the remains of Marcus Fiesel a proper burial,” Deters wrote to Trevino. “What I cannot understand is your failure to claim Marcus’ remains and put him to rest.”

Kentucky prosecutors are pursuing charges against Baker for her role in the disposal of Marcus’ remains. She is being housed in the Clermont County Jail pending extradition to the Blue Grass State.

Investigators found pieces of Marcus’ remains at the chimney site in Brown County Aug. 28 after Baker — the prosecution’s key witness against the Carrolls — told them where to look.

What was recovered were orbital bones and pieces of the boy’s skull — 18 pieces so small they could fit into the palm of a hand — as well as buttons and snaps from the clothing he was wearing at the time of his death.The evidence was shown to jurors during the Liz Carroll trial in February.

“What is left of Marcus is sitting in the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office,” Deters wrote to Trevino. “There is no legal impediment to you in claiming his remains.

“Please have the decency to make arrangements to have him put to rest. He deserves no less.”

The Hamilton County Corner’s Office is expected to release the remains sometime next week after the Brown County coroner signs the appropriate paperwork, Hicks said.Hicks said Trevino, at first, wished the make the funeral services public to allow for “some closure for the community.”

With the latest news, though, Hicks said Trevino may have changed her mind.

[Source and Complete Article]

Previous blogs on this case


Additional News Article

Special prosecutor appointed to case against Amy Baker


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Jack McClellan – A Ticking Pedopheliac Time Bomb

Posted by KindraLore on April 27, 2007

 I came across this story on Crime Library. Here are snips from it:
ARLINGTON, WA. (Crime Library) During the past few years, Jack McClellan operated in obscurity hosting a pedophile web site until his server shut it down this month after intense media attention.
The site that was a primer for all other liked-minded people with links like “Techniques to enhance the touch and intensify feelings of love,” “Washington law pertaining to prepubescent girls,” and “Other girl-love/pedophile links.”

Now McClellan’s back, but not in a way that he ever could have envisioned. A New York father of two young boys Ron Tebo, upset over McClellan’s self-professed attraction to children, bought the domain name and has launched a web site of his own. It even features a clip of the interview McClellan, 45, did with Fox News.

This site also has a section for messages to where someone by the name of Jack McClellan posted:

“If I’m such a threat to children, then how come I was able to attend a hundred or so family events in the Seattle area over the last 2 years, and was only kicked out of one (and not because I was doing anything illegal, but because they simply felt that I didn’t fit in as an unaccompanied man).

“Like I’ve been saying in the interviews, this pedophile hysteria is way overblown: the vast majority of us with an attraction to children are no more out of control than the typical heterosexual or homosexual attracted to adults. In fact, I’m thinking about starting my own day care (which I can legally do, since I’m not a convicted sex offender) to further illustrate my point, and bringing the website back in the near future (probably without the more provocative pics).”

Kudos to this father for exposing this sick man that preys upon our children. As his banner line reads, “Protect our children from all Jacks”.

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Seminole Producer: Colton Clark’s Fate Remains Unresolved

Posted by KindraLore on April 22, 2007

Click on Image to Enlarge

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Devlin Possibly Linked to Disappearance of Steven Kraft

Posted by KindraLore on April 22, 2007

As I blogged earlier, LE is focusing on other missing and murdered children as possibly connected to Michael Devlin. One of them is Steven Kraft.Possible link between missing boy and charged abductor


BENTON TOWNSHIP (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – There is new information in the six-year-old case of a missing West Michigan boy.

Steven Kraft was only 12 years old when he disappeared back in February, 2001.

He was last seen walking his dogs in his Benton Township neighborhood in Berrien County.

For days after Steven vanished volunteers and police searched for him, but to this day he’s never been found.

The FBI says it’s investigating to see if Michael Devlin, an accused kidnapper whose arrest captured national headlines earlier this year, could be connected to the case of the missing West Michigan boy.

In St. Louis the FBI announced the case of the missing West Michigan boy is among several the agency is focusing on as they learn more about the world of Michael Devlin.

Devlin was charged earlier this year with kidnapping multiple boys. Police captured Devlin with the boys in Missouri.

In the past, the FBI says Devlin traveled the road where I-94 meets 196 in Berrien County to get to his parents cottage in Pentwater in Oceana County.

This is very near where Kraft disappeared.

“They’ve done a travel time line of Devlin and they’ve put him in West Michigan,” said Special Agent Al DiBrito of the FBI.

For Kraft’s family the new lead offers new hope.

“I actually think it’s a good thing, it can’t hurt keeping his face in the media keeping his name in the news,” said Kraft’s sister, Jodi Bopp.

“We haven’t found anything saying he’s dead, we haven’t found any remains. On the other hand we haven’t found anything saying he’s alive, so you just got to keep the hope and wish for the best,” said Bopp.

“All we do is hope for the best and hope someday he’ll walk through the front door or police will find him and release him and he can come home,” said Kraft’s father Steven.

New tips in this case can be phoned into the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678.
Article Sited

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Shawnee News-Star: A year later, Colt’s searchers stumped

Posted by KindraLore on April 21, 2007

By Kim Morava
Staff Writer

It’s been one year since little Colton Levi Clark, age 9, disappeared from the Seminole County home of his aunt and uncle. After months of searching and investigating all leads, the case has gone cold.

Colton, who liked to go by the nickname “Colt,” disappeared about 1:30 p.m. April 20, 2006. At the time, authorities believed he was a runaway because his backpack, some clothes and food were missing. The case didn’t meet the criteria for an Amber Alert; deputies couldn’t determine if he had been abducted.

Seminole County Undersheriff Charlie Miller, who’s been investigating the case, said they’ve had no new leads for months.

“We have nothing to go on. We’d like to find the little feller,” he said.

With no concrete information and cold leads, there’s been little to go on for further investigation, although Miller said psychics continue to call.

“Everything that comes in we follow and so far, nothing,” he said.

Back in October, Seminole County Sheriff Joe Craig told the media he feared the worst about Colt’s fate.

“I’ve got a gut feeling that something bad has happened to this boy,” Craig said. “We’ve run out all leads given to us and nothing has panned out.”

Back then, Craig said Colt’s disappearance is “quite a mystery,” but he also believed there’s a chance Colt left by choice.

“From experience, I don’t believe he was abducted,” Craig said, adding the child could have had help in running away.

Teams of dogs and were used in searches for Colt, but were unable to pick up the boy’s scent.

At the time of his disappearance, Colt was 4 feet, 4 inches, tall, weighed 65 pounds and had short brown hair, hazel eyes and wore silver-framed glasses. He was wearing a sky-blue shirt, Wrangler jeans and blue and white tennis shoes. He has a scar above his left eyebrow.

Miller said they’ve circulated countless fliers and Colt is listed with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as lost, injured, missing.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, 405-257-5445.

Kim Morava may be reached at 214-3962 or

Article Sited

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Colton Levi Clark – Missing – One Year Anniversary

Posted by KindraLore on April 20, 2007

There is nothing that I can say in this post that I haven’t said over and over again, so I will just leave it at this:

EVERY DAY Colton is on my mind. EVERY DAY I hope is the day we will know what happened and we will find Colton.

One year ago today was the date that Colton Levi Clark was reported missing. My prayers are for all those that have worried about him, for those people that care for him. For Austin/Homer Clark and what he must be dealing with and going through. For the Law Enforcement Officers that have worked tirelessly on this case. For the hopes of finding little Colt Clark.







Today Please Remember 

Colton Levi Clark

Currently 10 Years Old

Missing April 20, 2006

From Wewoka, Oklahoma

(Seminole County)

“Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift”
Unknown Virginia Tech Student

written on a memorial for the 32

people that lost their lives on 4/16/07

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New Charges of Attempted Murder for Michael Devlin

Posted by KindraLore on April 18, 2007

Update 4/18/07 8:18PM

The Devlin Task force is asking for the publics help. Please see this blog . (new photos of a very young looking Michael Devlin are posted there as well)

Also, of all the info I have seen about this case, Operation Cyber Tip is right on the money. They have came up with other possible victims way before the news got it, such as the latest one, Steven Kraft.

If you are looking for info on this case, go to their message boards. Lots of info there you may not have seen.


Original Blog

In a press conference today, Washington County prosecutor John Rupp stated new charges were filed Monday against Michael Devlin of attempted murder, armed criminal action, three counts of forcible sodomy and one count of attempted forcible sodomy.

A copy of the charges state that Michael Devlin committed the sex crimes against “SH” on Oct. 6, 2002, the day of the kidnapping, and in the days after the kidnapping. The charges also said Devlin tried to suffocate the victim.

He also stated that they are looking for anyone to come forward that may have loaned Devlin a vehicle.

“We know for a fact that he drove a lot of vehicles that were not his,” Nothum said.Nothum said the task force has eliminated Devlin as a suspect in two cases, but is now looking at a case out of Michigan.

Investigators no longer believe Devlin could have played a role in the abduction of Angie Housman in 1993 and the disappearance of Bianca Piper in 2006.

Housman was abducted from near her St. Louis County home; her body was found nine days later by hunters in St. Charles County.

Bianca was last seen walking near her home in the eastern Missouri town of Foley. Nothum said investigators do not believe Devlin preyed on girls.

Now, the task force is looking at the case of Steven Kraft, 12, who disappeared in 2001 near Pentwater, Mich. Nothum said Devlin often vacationed with his family in that area.

The task force is still looking at two other eastern Missouri cases. Charles “Arlin” Henderson, then 11, disappeared in 1991 while riding his bike on a rural road in Moscow Mills in Lincoln County, about an hour’s drive from St. Louis.

And Scott Allen Kleeschulte was 9 when he disappeared while riding his bike near his home in St. Charles, during a thunderstorm in June 1988.

Nothum said Devlin was known to travel widely in Lincoln and St. Charles counties.

In addition, the task force is looking at the case of Dalton Mesarchik, 7, who was kidnapped in March 2003 from his front lawn in Streator, Ill., and found dead the next day on the banks of the Vermilion River; and Jacob Wetterling, 11, who was abducted by an armed man in St. Joseph, Minn., in October 1989 while riding his bike with several friends.

I have blogged previously that I thought both Scott Kleeschulte, Arlin Henderson and Dalton Mesarchik may have been previous victims.

I had someone on a message board state that they did not think this because Devlin had kept Shawn and not killed him; therefore only making him a pedophile and not a killer. However, I think these new charges of attempted murder prove otherwise. The question begs though, why didn’t he? Obviously that’s a good thing, but what stopped him from completely smothering Shawn Hornbeck to his death? The other question remains; were there more?

Visit Article Sited

Also see my previous blogs:

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Michael J. Devlin – A Monster Caught
Found Alive! Ben Ownby & Shawn Hornbeck
Another Child Lost – William “Ben” Ownby (And small update on Austin / Homer Clark)

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After Two Long Years, Ricky Holland Will Finally Be Laid to Rest

Posted by KindraLore on April 17, 2007

I have followed this story from the beginning and blogged about it here, and it’s a gut wrenching tale of abuse, torture and neglect of this child . This little angel will remain forever in my heart. I am so glad that finally, not only has justice been served for Little Ricky Holland, but after two long years, he will finally be laid to rest.

Ricky Holland Finally Being Laid to Rest

Nearly two years after Ricky Holland’s death, the 7-year-old Williamston boy will finally be laid to rest. An Ingham County judge ordered quick action, giving the state 45 days to bury Ricky Holland.

It’s taken a long time to get to this point, but after a number of court delays, the state reached a compromise with the Holland families. There will be two separate memorials, one for Tim Holland’s family, one for Lisa Holland’s family. Both will be private, both will have fewer than 50 people and both must happen within 45 days.

While the families hold services, the court ordered that the state will keep control of Ricky’s remains just in case there are any legal appeals. It’s taken 560 days to get to this point, but a clear plan is taking shape.

Dr. Dean Sienko, Ingham County Medical Examiner: “I’m going to start working on this. I’m not going to say that it will be done in a week, but I’m not going to delay on it, and we will meet the conditions of this court.”

Annette Skinner, guardian for the Holland children: “There’s going to be a private memorial service. The age of the kids, the things they’ve been through, it’s important that we keep it small and try to control the environment at this point.”

So at this point, just two private memorials planned, but attorneys did leave open the possibility of a public service too. The judge signed off on a compromise, a deal that protects the state’s interests and the needs of the Holland family.

The Holland family attorney says they wanted to keep things private for Ricky’s siblings. The 7 year old will likely be buried above ground, just in case his remains are needed again.

Dr. Dean Sienko: “We will store them appropriately, so that in the event that the court would want the remains to further investigate, we’ll be able to do that.”

Both sides admit details of the court order still need to be worked out, but 560 days since Ricky’s murder, they call it a big step toward closure in the case. This was, of course, such a public case in the last two years, and while no public service is planned at this point, attorneys for the family still say a public memorial is still very possible.

Article Sited

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Making a Difference

Posted by KindraLore on April 16, 2007

I usually don’t do these sorts of blogs (“plugging” other sites or what not) but I have found that there are some people out there working to make a difference.

The first one is Operation Cyber Tip. This site was founded for Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownsby, but it has grown into a huge undertaking. This website has set out to help make people aware of all the current missing kids cases and how they can report tips from the internet or other sources.

They also intend to hold all info on as many cases as possible in a database passing on any appropriate info to the authorities etc. Keeping all this info together in one place will hopefully help to notice similarities between cases and the like.

I received this the other day from them:

We have now set up a page detailing all the SEVEN suspected cases being used in the connections to Devlin.

It details all the abductions with pictures and age-progressed ones for those still missing.
Also includes annotated maps of the areas covered.

And a link to the discussions boards.

More will be added later. But now its up to others to look through the info and add to it.
The task force seem to want the publics help so IMO this is everyones chance to help.
Please sign up to the boards and add your comments. Any info – no matter how small is important.

That one tiny piece of info may help to solve a crime. You never know.
I’m sure Mitch Hults didn’t expect to solve two crimes in one day with his tip – did he?

They also have a message board for sleuths that want to discuss cases.

Visit Operation Cyber Tip

The second undertaking by people trying to make a difference was born out of the Christopher Barrios Case. If you are not aware of the Christopher Barrios case, Christopher was from Brunswick, Georgia. Christopher disappeared in March and his little body was found days later in a trash bag, not far from his home. The perpetrators were his neighbors.

According to this article:

According to an indictment issued Wednesday, convicted child molester George Edenfield and his father took turns sexually assaulting Christopher while the molester’s mother watched, then they choked the boy to death.

Visit News Article Sited

Born from this tragedy was outrage and people wanting to make a change. They are trying to get both Federal and State Laws passed called Christopher’s Law. This would basically signify that if you were convicted one time for child molestation, you would receive a life sentence. It’s basically a one-strike law.

There are obviously some kinks to be worked out with this one because I personally think they need to re-categorize sexual predators and not lump in 18 year old boys engaging in consensual sex with their 16 or 17 year old girlfriend. I know there was a case here in Georgia not too long ago where the boy got 10 years.

That said, I do agree that if you are predator of children, you need to be taken out of society so that you are not allowed to prey upon our most vulnerable.

Visit Message Board on Christopher’s Law
Sign Federal Petition for Christopher’s Law
Sign State of Georgia’s Christopher’s Law (if you are a resident of Georgia)

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Remembering Colton Levi Clark (Colt)

Posted by KindraLore on April 11, 2007

The one year anniversary of the disappearance of Colton Levi Clark (Colt) is nearing. On April 20, 2006 Colton was reported missing by a DHS worker when she showed up for an appointment at the Clark’s home and Rebbecca Clark told the DHS worker that Colt was missing.Since that day, many things have happened but none of them have brought us any closer to finding out where little Colton Clark is.

When I first started following this story as I tend to do with missing people, especially missing children, I felt scared for this boy, sorry for his family. However, as time went on I realized that all was not as it seemed.

The Clarks refused a polygraph. Their cooperation with Law Enforcement was minimal. Stories changed. Details didn’t make sense. Nothing added up. Me and my trusty sidekick “Saucepan” dove into any information we could find on this case. We searched public records and went over and over any information we could find.

Because Colton was initially reported as a runaway, there was very little media on this case. Like the Ricky Holland Case, the adoptive parents (Which are also the Aunt and Uncle) reported that Colton’s backpack, some clothing and food were missing. When a child is reported as a runaway, that sense of urgency seems to lessen.

However strange it was, even though Becky was stating she thought Colton ran away, she was also telling other stories such as Colton and his brother Austin (which they renamed Homer) were victims in child porn. That his father Monty and mother Terri Clark where hiding Colton somewhere.

Things turned even stranger when Rebbecca Clark herself appeared on the Court TV thread dedicated to Colton. Her words and reaction coming from a mother missing a child were bizzare. She has also left several comments on this blog and even created one of her own just to tell me how self centered (with delusions of grandeur) I was.

When trying to get her to do a media interview (by this time I had connections of sorts with media, LE, family, friends, locals) she balked at the idea. In fact the Clarks shied from media and LE it seemed.

Finally in October of 2006 and even more bizarre even occurred. Colton’s brother Homer, went missing. James Rex Clark was taken to the hospital with reported heart problems by Becky on Tuesday morning, leaving Homer behind. Saturday Rex was released and an unconfirmed account was that he went looking for Homer (five days later) but could not find him. During this time Becky Clark traveled back and forth from the hospital to her home, never once reporting Homer missing.

Finally at around 3:30PM that Saturday the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department knocked on the Clarks door. Apparently the neighbors had a break-in and reported a gun and cell phone stolen. It was then that the Clarks had no choice but to report Homer missing.

(Maybe like they had no choice on April 20, 2006 but to report Colton missing when the DHS worker arrived?)

Homer was found that Saturday in a nearby mobile home park and was taken into protective custody. Since then, the Clarks have given up custody of Homer. He is reportedly doing much better. I am sure this time of year is very hard on him.

On May 24th Colton will turn 11 years old.

We are so close to the anniversary of the date that Colton Levi Clark was reported missing. Yet we are still no closer to answers as to where he is.

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