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Devlin Possibly Linked to Disappearance of Steven Kraft

Posted by KindraLore on April 22, 2007

As I blogged earlier, LE is focusing on other missing and murdered children as possibly connected to Michael Devlin. One of them is Steven Kraft.Possible link between missing boy and charged abductor


BENTON TOWNSHIP (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – There is new information in the six-year-old case of a missing West Michigan boy.

Steven Kraft was only 12 years old when he disappeared back in February, 2001.

He was last seen walking his dogs in his Benton Township neighborhood in Berrien County.

For days after Steven vanished volunteers and police searched for him, but to this day he’s never been found.

The FBI says it’s investigating to see if Michael Devlin, an accused kidnapper whose arrest captured national headlines earlier this year, could be connected to the case of the missing West Michigan boy.

In St. Louis the FBI announced the case of the missing West Michigan boy is among several the agency is focusing on as they learn more about the world of Michael Devlin.

Devlin was charged earlier this year with kidnapping multiple boys. Police captured Devlin with the boys in Missouri.

In the past, the FBI says Devlin traveled the road where I-94 meets 196 in Berrien County to get to his parents cottage in Pentwater in Oceana County.

This is very near where Kraft disappeared.

“They’ve done a travel time line of Devlin and they’ve put him in West Michigan,” said Special Agent Al DiBrito of the FBI.

For Kraft’s family the new lead offers new hope.

“I actually think it’s a good thing, it can’t hurt keeping his face in the media keeping his name in the news,” said Kraft’s sister, Jodi Bopp.

“We haven’t found anything saying he’s dead, we haven’t found any remains. On the other hand we haven’t found anything saying he’s alive, so you just got to keep the hope and wish for the best,” said Bopp.

“All we do is hope for the best and hope someday he’ll walk through the front door or police will find him and release him and he can come home,” said Kraft’s father Steven.

New tips in this case can be phoned into the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-843-5678.
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5 Responses to “Devlin Possibly Linked to Disappearance of Steven Kraft”

  1. mikaidarah said

    Sadly there has been no news about Stevie, who would be 19 years old. And unfortunately, the things I have found were dated mid 2006, nothing more recent. There is an age progression picture available.
    Apparently, however, there was no connection found with Devlin.

  2. mikaidarah said

    *correction, mid 2007

  3. Jennifer said

    I have been following this story for many years. I lived in Milw. and knew the Kraft family. I knew Stevie when he was a little toddler. He was adorable so full of life. My heart goes out to Steve, Shelly, Jodi and the rest of the family. I keep hoping for some news of any kind. I just hope that they keep his picture out there and keep people aware of what is going on.

  4. Anonymous said

    my name is jerri clark. arlin is my second cousin and has been missed dearly. they say there is no perfect crime,then tell me how someone can take another human being and disappear from the face of the earth!! someone needs to be punished for this. PLEASE help solve this if you can and give Debbie and my family some peace.. we love you Arlin….forever

  5. Adrianna said

    I am Stevens Sister and Yes , there has not been anything in the news since mid 2007, but there is many things going on with the case ! We are still hopeful and hope you all will be seeing some upcoming shows with stevens pictute on them! Thank you All! GOD BLESS.

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