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Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom – A Story That Must Be Told – PART II

Posted by KindraLore on May 22, 2007

Part ONE of this blog is here

Update 12/5/07 12:04AM

Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom – A Story That Must Be Told – Part III – The Trials


side note: Sorry for the really weird font stuff going on. I recently switched from Blogger to WordPress and when I brought everything over it messed up a lot of the fonts. I have tried to fix it as best as possible.

Updated 11/26/07 8:46PM

Philip Lomonaco, attorney for Eric Boyd argued for a changed of venue, stating this case “is one of the most heavily publicized and misreported cases in recent local East Tennessee history.”

His brief argues that this case had “the largest unregulated source of information — the Internet,” which he said “spread lies and helped create an urban legend surrounding the details of the final state of the victims’ bodies — details meant to outrage and taint any jury pool.”

He also blames prosecutors for not squashing the internet blog rumors that spread like wildfire, stating both Christopher and Channon’s bodies were sexually mutilated and in fact waited five months to come out and state the rumors were not true. I wonder if he realizes that even without this horrifying rumors, the facts themselves are incredulous.

The linked article goes on to say that in his brief, Mr. Lomonaco said he found that “literally thousands upon thousands of Internet blogs and news accounts have been published about this case, both partially factual and fictional.”

The coverage has been particularly strong locally — more than 75 articles, editorials and letters in print and online at the News Sentinel, the defense says — and on local television news. Bloggers who were upset the story didn’t get national news coverage brought national attention.

Mr. Lomonaco said he got 27,000 Internet hits using Google to search for “Channon” and “murder.” He got 1,280 hits when he added “Eric Boyd.”

On YouTube, Mr. Lomonaco said he found 80 videos covering the killings and the victims, “including videos that continue to spread lies, hate and racist propaganda about the defendant Boyd and the rest of the defendants.”

All may find their way into federal court. A hearing on Mr. Lomonaco’s motion has yet to be set, but the change-of-venue issue might delay Eric Boyd’s scheduled trial in February.

Article Sited – Defense calls blogs prejudicial to murder trial


Updated 11/21/07 10:14AM

I have not updated this blog in a long while for the simple reason I had to step away from it for awhile. The crime itself its so horrifying and is what bad dreams and horror movies are made of.Then the white supremacists sites came along, the rallies. The weird Svengali Media and the Yacub 7 ali sites sprung up and the filth and craziness that I read made me sick.

I had to eventually stop accepting comments for the Channon and Chris blog because some were vile, some blamed the victims and some were racists. That is not what my site is about and its not something I want Channon and Chris’s blog to be about as well.

Anyway, I would like to start updating the blog again and I will accept comments. Just a reminder that this site’s comments are moderated and I will reject those that are as described above.

Ok, on with the updates:

Eric Boyd

Eric Boyd‘s attorney has filed a motion to have a change a venue. Phil Lomonaco, Boyd’s attorney says there are Internet videos “…that continue to spread lies, hate and racist propaganda” about Boyd the other four defendants.

Boyd’s attorney seeks trial site change from Knoxville

Update 6/21/07 7:24PM

Second Rally in Knoxville ‘stressful’ but controlled


Update 5/29/07 10:14PM

A couple of updates to this story. First, there was a rally held this weekend:

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Police arrested a rally organizer after he fought with officers during a racially charged protest responding to the murder of a Knoxville couple.Alex Linder ignored orders from police during yesterday’s rally in downtown Knoxville. The Missouri man faces charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, vandalism and assault on a police officer.Linder is the operator of the white supremacist and anti-Semitic Web site Vanguard News Network.[Complete Story Here]Also, CNN finally covered this story tonight on Paula Zahn.

Paula had a fill in host and two panelists, James Edwards, host of the Political Cesspool and a speaker at the 2007 CofCC National Conference and a Reverend that represented the NAACP (sorry I don’t have his name. The transcripts should be up tomorrow and I will post them).

It was reiterated that neither Channon or Chris were mutilated. One comment I did find interesting is that the commentator stated Channon suffocated AFTER being put into the garbage sacks, but all other media reports have stated she was strangled. More discrepancies to make people talk.I will link to the transcripts when they are up.

Update 5/24/07 11:42AM

Woman claims double murder suspects broke into her home

KNOXVILLE (WATE) — There is a new twist in the January murders of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian. An East Knoxville woman says the suspects in the case broke into her home just a day before the couple was carjacked.

The single mother is afraid for her safety, so 6 News is protecting her identity. She lives less than a mile from the crime scene of the gruesome double murder on Chipman Street.Her home was invaded by armed men a day before Newsom and Christian were carjacked. She says they are connected.”I heard a big boom…they kicked…they kicked the door in.

“The scuff marks are still visible where her front door was kicked in. She couldn’t believe what happened next.”I ran back into the room and they start shooting my door down,” the woman says.

She says the suspects tried to get inside her bedroom. The door to the room is now ripped at the bottom.

The young mother’s 13-year-old son and two friends were just a couple rooms away.

“I was screaming… ya’ll stay down,” she says.

But there was someone else in the house. A male friend who had a gun of his own. He shot back and the suspects took off.

Knoxville police responded and took pictures of the damage. Two weeks passed and then she says police returned.

“They brushed it off. Until these people get killed, then they take stuff serious,” the woman says.

According to the woman, the police asked to come back and remove the bullets. She says they wanted to look for fingerprints and determine if the suspects were connected to the double murder.

She says police cut a panel from her wall and showed her photos of the double murder suspects. The victim says she recognized at least one of them as the man she saw that night.

“Actually at the door, I knew that big face. I knew one of the faces, the one that kicked the door in,” she says.

While the victim says a detective told her the crimes were connected, Knoxville police will not confirm or deny that. They only say the investigation is still open.

When asked about national speculation that the double murders were racially motivated, the woman says, “I don’t think it’s a hate crime because I am a young, single black person, an African-American and they came after me.”

[Article Sited]

Update 5/21/07 11:39PM

Channon Christian and Chrisopher Newsom’s Parents Speak Out:

[Video 1][Video 2][Video 3]

I had to start a new post on Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom because the old one was getting hard to load.Lots of info on the old one. Go [here] for it.Channon Christian’s parents share their idea of “justice”. Gary Christian, a Texas native, says his version of justice for those accused in his daughter’s rape and murder isn’t allowed.“I can’t comment on what I think justice would be,” Gary said. “They already told me no.

“Sitting on the sidelines at every court appearance, watching prosecutors do the job for them, is tough.In the suspects’ first federal court appearances, Gary was seen forming a gun with his thumb and index finger.”I got in trouble for that with my wife,” he explained. “The way I see it, it’s no different than hunting back in East Texas, sitting in a deer stand and looking out and seeing a pack of wild dogs. They just bring them in one at a time.”

“They took our baby girl, what does anybody expect?” Deen Christian said.

Both Channon Christian’s parents expect the death penalty.

“That’s the closest thing I’ll ever get to living up to the promises I made my daughter,” Gary said.

Gary took the last phone call from his daughter.

Her final words make his eyes fill with tears.

Deena also remembers exactly when her husband took that call.

It was 12:35 a.m. on the first Sunday in January 2007.

Channon told her father that she and Chris Newsom would return to her parents’ home from a friend’s apartment by 3:00 a.m.

“I said, ‘all right, be careful, and I love you,'” Gary explained. “And that’s the last thing she said to me … was she loved me.”

Gary and Deena Christian say their daughter’s killers can’t take away that love, even though they’ve stolen so much.

“Nothing’s the same, nothing,” Gary said. “Everybody that knew her has a big hole in ’em, where she was.”

“They’ll remember her smiling,” Deena explained. “Her smile would light up a room. It didn’t matter where she was. She was beautiful, and it wasn’t just on the outside.”

The Christians say their daughter and Newsom were watching a movie and eating with friends all night at her best friend’s apartment. They believe the four people accused of killing and raping the couple targeted Channon’s SUV. They say Chris’s truck was still parked outside the apartment, and the doors were unlocked.

“They [the suspects] probably grabbed Channon,” Deena said. “And Chris, being the type of guy he was, he went to her defense and it all dominoed from there.”

Their daughter, a UT senior who was majoring in sociology, would have graduated this month. Her father says Channon wanted to be a forensic scientist. Her mother says she was also considering a profession in which she could work with children.

Channon would have celebrated her 22nd birthday on April 29.

“The kids knew it was going to be very hard for us,” Deena explained.

Her countless friends were there for Channon that day. This year, they gathered to comfort her parents and big brother Chase with memories.

“They made a picture frame, a really big frame with a picture of her in the middle, and they wrote memories about her all around it,” Gary explained. “It was awesome.”

They also made a bulging scrapbook and a quilt out of her favorite t-shirts. They are things the Christian family can cling to forever.

“She [Channon] wanted four kids,” Deena said. “I’ll never have grandkids from my daughter. He [Gary] will never walk anybody down the aisle.”

Instead, they’ve vowed to sit in court.

“If the doors are open, we’ll be there,” Gary said.

“We have to be,” Deena added.

They say they will sit through the trials of the four accused murderers, even if it means they have to hear every horrible detail of what happened to their only daughter.

They say they want to know exactly what she suffered.

“Hell,” Deena explained of hearing the details.

“Pure hate that you can’t understand, I guarantee,” Gary said. “I hope you never do.”

Gary says that 75 percent of the alleged details of the crimes against his daughter’s that are being discussed the internet are simply wrong.

“People have stretched it out of proportion,” Gary said. “It was horrific. They were tortured. Most of it [on the web] is speculation.”

Gary says Chris Newsom’s parents are the only people he’s talked to since January who truly understand how he feels about what happened.

“If you’re a mother or a father, and you got a daughter, and somebody does this to them, they know what I thought,” Gary said. “They have an idea.”

The first time Deena talked with Newsom’s parents, she says she had to tell them their son was missing.

Now, the parents who’ve both lost a child draw strength from each other.

The Christians say the crime that claimed their daughter’s life also claimed their sense of security.

Gary explained they’re constantly looking over their shoulders. He said he even meets Deena at the grocery store, and watches to make sure she gets in and out safely.

“Happened once, shame on me,” Gary explained. “Won’t happen again. Not to my family.”

The Christians say they do not blame racial issues for their daughter’s death.

“You know, I could care less if they were pink or purple, or whatever color they were,” Deena explained. “They took our child. They took our daughter. They took Chris away from the Newsom family. So, color, to me, it doesn’t matter. It’s what they took from us that matters.”

“I’ll say this, this was not I think a racial crime,” Gary continued. “I don’t think they went out, black people, looking for white people. What it turned into, I don’t know.

“But I know this, I believe in my heart, that wild animals come in lots of different colors. The end result is they’re still wild animals. And these people had been feeding off people in Knoxville before this and for many days afterwards,” Gary said.

He wouldn’t comment on whether he was aware of additional crimes the suspects may have committed.



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  1. jb binkley said

    I am very sympathetic to the families. There will be no justice with the savages being put in jail. They should get today what anyone would have gotten in the old days. They should get the same treatment as did channon and chris, everyone single one of them, including the female and the animal that allowed them to use his house to torture and kill them. The justice system is all wrong if they use our taxpaying money and put them in jail for 20 to 30 years. Where is Channon and Chris?

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