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Where is Stephanos Rodriguez?

Posted by KindraLore on May 25, 2007

Update 5/29/07 9:57PM

Funeral set for Thursday for Enfield boy who drowned

ENFIELD – Funeral services are scheduled for Thursday, May 31, for 13-year-old Stephanos Rodriguez, whom the chief medical examiner confirmed Sunday drowned accidentally last week.

[Complete Story Here]

My heart and prayers go out to the family.

Update 5/24/07 7:25PM

Police: Missing boy may have drowned in river

A child has come forward stating that he was with Stephanos in a canoe on the river and the Stephanos fell over and may have drowned. This was the same canoe they discounted originally.According to the article:Police Chief Carl J. Sferrazza said today that investigators are taking the information very seriously and have no reason to doubt the witness’ account. However, he said that police would continue to follow up on other leads as well.Sferrazza would not identify the young person who said he was with Stephanos in the canoe, and would not provide his age. “This is obviously a major lead, but if this were to prove untrue, we do have other avenues to follow up on,” Sferrazza said.
The canoe belongs to a local resident who is not connected with either the witness or Stephanos, police said.

Once the canoe’s owner was identified, police said they doubted it was connected to the disappearance, but Sferrazza said the canoe was confiscated by police as potential evidence nonetheless.

“Initially, when we found the canoe we weren’t sure if there was any connection,” Sferrazza said late Wednesday. “Now, a piece of evidence that might not have seemed significant yesterday may prove to be significant tomorrow.”

[Complete Article Here]

Original Blog

13 year old Stephanos Rodriguez was last seen Saturday afternoon about 3:30PM near his apartment house in Enfield, CT. For some reason Stephano’s mother did not contact police until around 1:00PM the next day.Early reports were that Stephanos was sighted in a canoe on the Connecticut River with someone else. Authorities located an overturned canoe but found out later that this canoe had nothing to do with Stephano or his disappearance. Still, Boats from the Enfield Police Department, Thompsonville Fire Department and the State Police Dive Team spent Monday searching the area.

State police divers were confident they had done a complete search of the area, and also drained Freshwater Pond, which is near where Rodriguez lives, to see if there were any clues to his disappearance and found none.

More alarming is the fact that police detectives and agents from a special FBI child abduction team have joined the search.

Where is Stephanos Rodriguez?

Stephanos is white with blond hair, 5 feet tall and 106 pounds. He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a gray hooded shirt and white sneakers.

Anyone with information about the boy is asked to call Enfield police at 860-763-8911.



7 Responses to “Where is Stephanos Rodriguez?”

  1. Kelli said

    he went to school with him. i didn’t know him that well but our school was a mess when he died. He was a good guy. And he is missed very much

  2. Hello!I just happen to be the mother of stephanos Rodriguez,Well i know this will surprised many folks out there.But i myself believe that my son did not die an accident,why?cuz there was a rumor that i feel is absolutely true.and a so called friend had confessed to another individual,the big question should be,in my opinion is “WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO STEPHANOS” yes!because there are alot of people including his so called friends,who know something and more than they have said…….I his mother will never forgive what happened my son would never do such a stupid thing he didnt know how to swim,why?would he……..he looked forward to growing up and i will be looking into more if i dont get the help me and my children need to get the truth out.No!noone will say what was heard for real but it will come out in due time,i just pray before my own death shall arrive,My children and me have been marked for life with the death of my son,and we suffer everyday,the pain lingers although we move on…You may reply to me at if you like,i welcome any support or,anyone that may know something plz do oblige for the sake of stephanos and his family…..thank you!…….ms.Patricia A.Rodriguez

    • welington said

      My name is Welington de Souza Vaz Can someone tells me what really happen to my son stephanos michael thomas romaguera vaz.
      i am in brazil and i would like to know, patricia what happened???????????

  3. Patricia:

    My heart goes out to your and your children. I cannot fathom your pain and heartbreak. If there was more to this, I do hope it comes out and you and your family can have the truth and some sort of closure.


  4. Hello!i am the mother of Stephanos M .Rodriguez.It has been awhile since i commented here .But due to the emotionally heartache since losing stephanos it has been very diffucult to deal with.may i plz clarify something that everyone out there doesn’t know,although it may not matter now.I feel betrayed by the chief of police in enfield,ct.Who dare to say that i waited a whole day to contact police. i myself here (quote)did not wait a day to contact police,i would never be that stupid!.i called the general police desk and spoke to an officer,who seemed to me at the time too tired to be bothered.i called an 1 hr after i went looking for my son,i walked all over,They the police took awhile to get to my home,then sat in the car for another 15 minutes,doodling on paper.while i waited for the officer to come to my before anyone speaks a grudge of me and what i did’nt do,get your facts straight first,i loved and still love my son and always will and never would put his life in jeopardy.i did everything i could to help my son be is the boys he was with they need to go after although it’s been a yr in a half,i am having the case looked into again cuz the boy who lied about the canoe is still a liar and covering up what he knows,with some other boys.and mark my word when the truth comes clear and evident everyone will say different,i dont care what anyone thinks of me i love my stephanos and i will fight for justice for him as i am now,,,Thank you patricia romaguera(formerly rodrguez).

  5. welington said

    Patricia is my ex-wife, and she had brougth those kids up in her only she is the best mother an earth. I know she would never let anything happen to my kids.
    please if there is anyone who knows anything about come foward please.

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