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Police Looking for Drugged Child Shown on YouTube

Posted by KindraLore on July 11, 2007

Take a look at these stills from an appalling video being shown on YouTube. It has made its way into the hands of The Harris County Cyber Crimes Unit in Texas, and now they are looking for this young child as well as the teens or young adults featured in the video.

Harris County Investigates ‘YouTube’ Video of Drugged Child, Issues Subpoena

HOUSTON — The Harris County Cyber Crimes Unit has opened an investigation with Child Protective Services into a startling video from Houston making rounds on the Internet.

The video shows a little girl riding on the floor of a vehicle without a safety seat. Teenagers in the vehicle can be heard making claims the child may be on the drug ecstasy, and the child’s eyes are also seen rolling back in her head.

The video surfaced on the video-sharing website YouTube on the week of July 1, and a Houston-based Christian radio station can be heard in the video’s background.

Child Protective Services say they found the teens’ MySpace page, and the sheriff’s department has subpoenaed the social-networking website to help track the girls down.

They are also seeking the public’s help in identifying child or any of the girls in the video.

Anyone with information on the identity of anyone in the video is asked to call their local law enforcement agency or Child Protective Services at (713) 960-1471.

MySpace is owned by News Corp, the parent company of KRIV-TV.


(there is a link on the article for the video)


4 Responses to “Police Looking for Drugged Child Shown on YouTube”

  1. Kindra Lore said

    This seems to be the “mother’s myspace. Its been deleted already though:

  2. Kindra Lore said

    All teens and the child have been located and are being investigated:

    [Click for Story]

  3. Saucepan said

    Oh it made me cry looking at those images. There are some sick people out there. When will these people realise that a child is a pure miracle of creation and should be looked after as such,not abused. What is this terrible world coming to?

    • vega said

      welcome to the realization of humanity. It has been here longer than christianity. Hurr Durr, we are animals and that is fact.

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