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Here we go round in circles

Posted by KindraLore on August 17, 2007

UPDATE 8/20/07 9:42PM

After not finding the article anywhere, I contacted the reporter. This is the reply I received:

We haven’t run the story yet. There are still some things that I need to get done on it, and I need to try to speak to Rex and Becky. Plus we’ve had a t of rain and killer floods, so that’s been taking me away. I’m still pursuing the story, don’t worry. I can shoot you an e-mail when I think it’s going to run. Thanks again for all your help.


Original Blog

There will be a new article coming out this weekend in the Oklahoman newspaper about Colton Levi Clark and his disappearance. Colton’s case sparked interest with a reporter by the name of Juliee Bisbee. This case came to light for her because of another case that goes on trial Monday for the death of Logan Tucker.

Logan Tucker disappeared around June 23, 2002. Katherine Rutan Pollard was arrested some 44 months after the child went missing and remains jailed on a $250,000 bond. Authorities say Pollard told various stories to people about her son’s whereabouts, ranging from him being in DHS care, to being with his birth father. Others were told Logan Tucker was camping with her brother in Vermont or Pennsylvania, or was sent to the Brown School in Tulsa, none of which was verified.

You can read about Logan Tuckers case [HERE].

Julie has spent months on this story and I believe will bring a different and refreshing air to this case. She has spent time interviewing people like Raven, Colton’s half sister. Yes Colton has two half sisters. Raven and Stevie. They are related by Terri Clark, Colton and Austin’s (Homer) mom.

Yes, if you haven’t stayed tuned you are lost. Know that there are many people out there that are waiting for Colton’s return and for the truth. None of us will rest until we get it.

More to come once we see the article. I am excited and hope that it will bring new life to this case. More importantly I know it will bring more questions that someone will need to answer.


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