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Have You Seen Megan Wodarski?

Posted by KindraLore on November 24, 2007

 12/17/07 4:14PM

Beth Wodarski, Megan’s mother just left a comment saying that Megan is home! I am so happy for both her and Megan. I hope whatever issues Megan had or has that led her to leave will be resolved. The worry and suffering and sleepless nights that Beth has gone through should not ever be repeated. Congrats Beth and Megan!


Update 12/13/07 7:23PM

According to Megan’s Aunt that posted here, Megan may be in the company of 17 year old Cameron Quisenberry who is also missing and considered an Endangered Runaway. Here is a picture of Cameron:

Cameron Quisenberry - Missing

Here is the link to his information:

Missing – Cameron L. Quisenberry
Click here if you cannot view the previous pdf version


Update 12/13/07 11:15Am

As a poster by the name of Brian commented here, Megan’s myspace has once again changed the caption to say, “Ok mom I will be home for Christmas”. As you notice on the right, it says, “ok mom I will be home for Christmas Iloveyou Cameron”. I assume all of that was written on her heading but it would only show so much of it. So is Cameron the one writing it? Is Megan saying she loves Cameron? Why would Megan do this at all? If she is truely ok, this seems a weird way to communicate with her family.

Megan Wodarski Myspace 12/12

Megan Wodarski Myspace 2________________________________________________________________

Update 12/8/07 7:39PM

Well the only updates I am getting seem to be from Megan’s myspace account and the fact that someone that left a comment on this blog stating that Megan was ok and was staying with a boy named Cameron. Today on Megan’s myspace it seems her mom left her another “comment” on her heading:

Megan Wodarski Myspace

If anyone can shed some light on this case, let me know. Megan, if you are reading this, please at least call your mom. I cannot imagine the worry she is going through.


Update 12/4/07 2:30PM

I checked in on Megan’s myspace profile and I’m not sure what to make of this:

Megan Wodarski Myspace

The profile states someone was logged in Saturday (which I have already deduced that Megan’s mom had access previously as she left her a message on the profile heading (see original blog).

Now the heading states:
“MOM im okay cam didnt hurt me i will cum home soon”

If this is true and Megan is safe, why wouldn’t she just pick up the phone and call her mom? Why would she leave a message in the heading of her myspace account?


Megan Wodarski

Update 12/4/07 10:33AM

I have not found any new articles on this missing girl. However, she is listed now on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s website found here, so I am assuming she is still missing.


15 year old Megan Wodarski of Toledo, Ohio rode the school bus last Friday, November 16th and has not been seen since. According to her mother she never showed up for classes. Its been over a week and now her family are worried for her safety.

“I honestly think something is wrong with her because she would not, not call me. I don’t understand that,” says Megan’s mother, Beth Wodarski.

On Megan’s myspace it states: megan call me & let me know u r ok. I love u! MOM!

On the tagline it says: “never give up on me cause i’ll never give up on you. your everything i need just look at what we’ve already been through.””

Megan Wodarski was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt hoodie and khaki pants. If you’ve seen or heard from her, you’re urged to call police or her mother at 419-297-0115.

Click for News Article with Video


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Joran van der Sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe charged with Manslaughter

Posted by KindraLore on November 22, 2007


Updated 12/7/07 7:15PM

In a move that most predicted, an Aruban judge on Friday ordered the release of a third suspect, Joran van der Sloot.

From a CNN article:

“He writes that recent investigation has not resulted in more direct evidence than before that Natalee Holloway has died as a result of a violent crime against her or that the suspect has been involved in such a crime,” it said.


Updated 12/4/07 10:42

Sorry I have not updated anything on this blog. I have had a lot going on.

The Kalpoe brothers have been released as predicted by many. Meanwhile, Holloway’s parents met with Mos for about an hour Saturday, and with interrogators for three hours. Neither spoke to reporters afterward. Joran Van Der Sloot is still being held. He is scheduled to go before a judge on Friday in which Prosecutors are going to ask to hold him for another 60 days.

Full News Story Here


Update 11/26/07 7:30PM

Attorneys for Joran Van Der Sloot told reporters today that prosecutors were just rehashing old evidence and they predicted all 3 suspects would be released soon.

Attorneys Ronald Wix and David Kock told reporters that prosecutors gave them an 11 1/2-page summary of the evidence, and said it mostly contained segments of interrogations that had not been transcribed previously and recordings of conversations from cell phones and discussions inside the home of their client, Satish Kalpoe.

In the meantime, a judge ruled that there was enough evidence to hold Van Der Sloot another eight days. Another such ruling had previously taken place to allow the Kalpoe brothers to be held for another eight days as well.

The Public Prosecutor’s office released a statement after the ruling saying the judge’s decision backed its position that “sufficient new evidence has been put forward.”

Latest Article


Update 11/24/07 8:17PM

Joran Van Der Sloot is now back in Arbua after being flown in from the Netherlands yesterday. He is expected to be before a judge in closed hearings on Monday. They want to hold him at least eight more days, as well as the Kalpoe brothers.

Aruba’s chief prosecutor now states that there is enough evidence to prove that Natalee Holloway is dead.

“There is no doubt in my mind that she’s dead…I think I have enough evidence to prove the girl is not alive anymore, even without a body,” said prosecutor Hans Mos. “You don’t need a body under our law to prove someone is dead. And any date that passes now is just more evidence that she is not alive anymore.”

Dutch investigators taking a fresh look at the case found some new evidence that led to the re-arrests.

The investigators used advanced techniques to re-examine existing information, including cell phone records and text messages exchanged the night Holloway disappeared. Reports state they found some discrepancies.

After the re-arrests, Holloway’s father, Dave, committed to launching a new search for his daughter’s body in the waters off Aruba, using divers and sonar equipment to map the ocean floor beyond the depths previously searched.

The three boys maintain their innocence and some state this may be a last ditch effort for the Aruban government to close the case before the statue of limitations runs out.


Original Blog

Joran van der Sloot was arrested in Holland and brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe were arrested in Aruba. They were charged with manslaughter and causing an accident that resulted in death in the case of missing Natalee Holloway, according to a statement from the Aruban prosecutor’s office. The public prosecutor’s office claims to have new incriminating evidence.

Holloway, then 18, disappeared on a trip to the island with fellow graduates of Mountain Brook High School on May 30, 2005. She was last seen leaving a bar with the three men, who say they’re innocent.

Click for Article

Update: 11/23/07

I would like to ad so there is no confusion that under Dutch law, a person may be named a suspect and arrested in order to be brought in for questioning. In other words, it could very well be that these three will be released again just as before. Thank you Byran for making sure I am completely clear, however as of now, yes they have been charged with manslaughter.

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Is Baby Grace Really Riley Ann Sawyers?

Posted by KindraLore on November 21, 2007

Riley Ann Sawyer

Update 11/27/07 3:33PM

I have not had a chance to do much blogging today, but as most of you have read, Riley Ann Sawyer’s mother, Kimberly Trenor admitted that herself as well as her husband, beat, tortured and murdered this little girl.

Here is a link to the affidavit
Latest News Article
Riley’s Dad Recalls Memories of Riley
Article – CNN – Bared bone, tiny body led to artist’s perfect picture


Baby Grace Riley Ann

Update 11/26/07 3:55PM

According to today’s news reports, the mother of Riley Ann Sawyer – Kimberly Trenor had confessed, although authorities are being tight lipped as far as what she confessed to or the details of her confession.

It is also known that the authorities served and carried out a search warrant on Trenor and Zeigler’s residence. It is not known at this point what they found if anything.

Meanwhile, although the DNA results are not back yet, authorities have tenitavely ID’d little Riley as “Baby Grace” and believe in that fact enough to arrest the couple.

A collective sigh of relief rumbled through other missing little girl’s families who were also asked to give DNA samples as well. One of those little girls is Deonna Shipman. Deonna was abducted by her non-custodial father, Jeffery Shipman, on July 12, 2007. The resemblance to the sketches of “Baby Grace” are strikingly similar as well.

Deonna Shipman

Pictured: Deonna Shipman

Latest Article


Update 11/25/07 9:28PM

Authorities have identified the little girl found in a storage container off West Galveston Bay as Riley Ann Sawyers. DNA analysis is still in progress but authorities have arrested the girl’s mother, Kimberly Dawn Trenor (her last name has been reported as Sawyers, Zeigler and now Trenor) 19 and her husband Royce Clyde Zeigler II, 24. Both were arrested Saturday on charges of injuring a child and tampering with physical evidence, the sheriff’s department said. Their bonds were set at $350,00 each.

Read Complete Article


Original Blog

Galveston police and the FBI have been trying to no avail to find out the identity of a little girl dubbed “Baby Grace” whose remains were discovered in West Galveston Bay on October 29th in a storage container.

This week Sheryl Sawyers came to autorities stating that she thought Baby Grace was her two year old granddaughter. She stated that Riley Ann Sawyers moved from Ohio to Spring, Texas with her mother last summer after Kimberly Zeigler had met a man on the internet.

Sheryl states that she has had no contact with Kim nor Riley since then and has been trying to go through the legal process in both Texas and Ohio to gain visitation.

Strangely enough, when authorites contacted Riley’s mother Kimberly Zeigler, she stated that she no longer had Riley anymore. She claims that someone from Ohio with papers came, demanding custody and took the little girl. The state of Ohio says this incident never happened.

Today Robert Sawyers submitted a DNA sample to see if Riley Ann is Baby Grace.

Links and Articles:

Who is Baby Grace Website
Ohio Family Thinks They Know Identity of ‘Baby Grace’
Is ‘Baby Grace’ from NE Ohio?

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Jackson State University Student Latasha Norman Still Missing

Posted by KindraLore on November 21, 2007

Latasha Norman

Pictured: Latasha Norman

 Update 12/6/07 9:05PM

Latasha Norman’s body has been sent to a forensic anthropologist who will examine her skeletal remains. Because her body was too decomposed, a cause of death could not be determined. 

A tribute planned for tonight was postponed due to finals and organizers say it will be held in January.

Norman’s ex-boyfriend, Stanley Cole, is charged with murder and is currently being held at the Raymond Detention Center without bond.  _________________________________________________________________________________

Update 11/30/07

Sad ending to this case. Police have found the body of Latasha Norman. Norman’s ex-boyfriend, Stanley Dwayne Cole of Greenville, was charged with murder.

Click here for full story


Update 11/26/07 7:48PM

Not a lot of new information coming out on this case. Authorities state that FBI are trying to retrace Latasha’s steps for November 13th, the day she went missing.

According to the AMW website, Latasha left her 2:30PM class for her job at Michael’s craft store. She never arrived.

According to her father Danny Bolden, Latasha’s tires had been slashed on her car a couple of weeks prior to her disappearance and a temporary license plate sticker had been stolen from her car. Latasha reported the incident to university police, but it has not been determined if the vandalism is related to her disappearance.

Police are also in the process of tracing her cell phone activity.

AMW Profile for Latasha Norman’s Case


Update 11/21/07 9:50PM

Looks like Latasha’s father Danny Norman and Police Chief Malcolm McMillin’s diligences paid off as not only Latasha’s story received National attention, but now the FBI have stepped in “with a fresh set of eyes”.

Click here for Article


Original Blog

Jackson Police Chief Malcolm McMillin is frustrated that missing Jackson State University student Latasha Norman hasn’t received national media attention.

“We need to show the same kind of concern for this,” McMillin said of Norman’s disappearance, adding that heightened exposure could help develop leads in the case.

Latasha Norman was last seen November 13th in one of her classes. Her car was left on the campus, but she never returned to her dormitory room when the afternoon class ended.

Norman’s ex-boyfriend and current boyfriend have both been questioned. No one has been ruled out according to police.

Norman’s ex-boyfriend, Stanley Cole, was arrested Thursday on charges stemming from an incident last month in which he was accused of striking Norman with his fist October 9th in an argument at a restaurant parking lot. He is currently free on bond.

According to an article published in the Clarion-Ledger, Danny Bolden, Norman’s father, admitted that the relationship between Cole and Norman had been rocky.

“She’s been trying to break it off with him,” Bolden stated in the article.

Dr. Joann White, an assistant professor in the department of management and marketing stated she also had heard that Norman had “a very controlling boyfriend.”

Latasha Norman has been described as being of medium-brown complexion, stands approximately 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs between 115 and 120 pounds. She was last seen wearing a white shirt and blue jeans.”

Anyone with information regarding Latasha Norman’s whereabouts is asked to contact JSU’s police department at (601) 979-2580 or the Jackson Police Department at (601) 960-1210.

Links and Articles:

Professor Has High Praise for Missing Jackson State Student
Chief: Missing Mississippi student deserves national attention

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A Vanishing in Del Haven – Where is Mark Himebaugh?

Posted by KindraLore on November 21, 2007

Mark Himebaugh 11 years old

Pictured: Mark Himebaugh at 11 years old

Mark Himebaugh was 11 years old back in November 1991 living in Del Haven, New Jersey. He left his home at his mother’s permission to watch firefighters extinguish a small brush fire about a quarter mile from his home around 4:00PM on the afternoon of November 25, 1991.

His mother ran an errand and forty minutes later she returned but Mark was nowhere to be found. At first she thought he was playing with neighborhood children somewhere close by, but when he did not return, she reported Mark missing around 5:00PM.

A search of the area turned up one of Mark’s sneakers as well as his footprints on a beach about 75 yards from his home. Sixteen years later investigators still have no clue as to what happened to little Mark Himebraugh.

Unconfirmed witness reports state Mark was seen at an entrance to a local park with an unidentified little girl around 3:40PM. If indeed the reports were true, that would be the last time anyone saw Mark.

Himebaugh Witness

Pictured: Sketch of unconfirmed little girl seen with Mark Himebaugh at the park

A description of the little girl was that she was nine or ten years old in 1991 and had dishwater-blonde hair. She weighed approximately 70 to 75 pounds and was wearing a three-quarter length dark blue ski parka with a hunter orange stripe on the back.

A massive search insued for Himebraugh that included land and air searches with infrared cameras and canines. The dogs were never able to pick up a scent.

The case baffled investigators from the outset.

It has been classified in the category as other local missing person cases: Craig White, gone since 1989. William Gerald disappeared in 1978. Their bodies, likewise, have never been discovered. (I could find no information on either of these children. Please email me if you can provide more information on either of them)

Mark Himebaugh 27 yrs old

Pictured: Mark Himebaugh- Age Progression Photo – 27 yrs old

Police and Mrs. Himebaugh are convinced Mark was abducted, and feel the new photo could bring new leads and perhaps closure.

If anyone has information about Mark’s disappearance or whereabouts please contact authorities at 609-465-8700 for Middle Township Police Dept. or 1-800-843-5678 (Center For Missing And Exploited Children).

Links and Articles:

Missing N.J. Boy Still A Mystery 16 Years Later
Still No Trace of Mark Himebaugh 16 Years Later
The Charley Project – Mark Joseph Himebaugh

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Missing Man – Luke Troseth – Missing from Silver Falls State Park

Posted by KindraLore on November 21, 2007

Luke Troseth

 Update 11/25/07 12:06PM

A sad ending to this case. Reports indicate the body of Luke Troseth was found. Initial reports indicate that he committed suicide. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.



Original Blog
20 year old Luke Troseth has been reported missing to the Oregon State Police. His mother reported him missing on Saturday; however state police and parks staff at the Silver Falls State Park began looking for him Friday after finding some personal property at the edge of the parks restricted area, including a shoe found in the pool by the falls.

        Silver Falls State Park

    Pictured: Silver Falls State Park, OR

Divers have searched the area but dangerous water conditions forced them to suspend their efforts for the time being. Witnesses reported seeing a man matching Troseth’s description near the park and fall’s area Thursday night.

Silver Falls State Park is just 26 miles east of Oregon’s capital city, Salem. Silver Falls State Park is Oregon’s largest park lying nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Silver Falls has 9,065 acres of forest, meadows, canyons and waterfalls.

State police described Troseth, 20, as white, 6-feet 1-inches tall, 165 pounds, and with blue eyes and blond hair.

Anyone with information regarding Troseth can call Oregon State Police at 1 (800) 452-7888 or the Silverton Police Department.

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If it Walks Like a Duck, Quacks Like a Duck.. Jack McClellan

Posted by KindraLore on November 20, 2007

Jack McClellanJack McClellanJack McClellan

I have blogged previously here and here about self proclaimed pedophile Jack McClellan. Since then Jack has been arrested for violating a restraining order by standing outside of a daycare (where the oldest child was three years of age) taking pictures. Attorney Anthony Zinnanti fought and won a temporary restraining order prohibiting McClellan from contact with ANY minors in the state of California hereby forcing McClellan to leave Santa Clarita and move to Portland, Oregon.

However, once there Jack did not receive an open armed welcome and Portland’s transit police made sure Jack was not riding TriMet after openly proclaiming the transit system to be a good place to watch little girls.

McClellan admitted to riding TriMet for long stretches to stay warm, which is in violation of transit system rules. As a result, McClellan was banned from riding for 60 days.

According to unconfirmed reports Jack the pedophile has hightailed it back to California.

It seems that police are also interested in the unsolved murder of a 10 year old Lakewood Washington girl, Adre’anna Jackson.

Adre'anna Jackson

According to Crime Library, on McClellan’s now-defunct pedophile web site, “Seattle-Tacoma-Everett Girl Love” McClellan provided a link to a news story on the death of Adre’anna Jackson and also listed area where she disappeared in a portion of his site labeled “Seattle-Vancouver Street Prostitution Guide.” He has professed attraction to a child actress who looks similar to Jackson and left his home state of Washington after the start of a billboard campaign to find the killer.

In the meantime, Anthony Zinnanti, the attorney that won the restraining order against McClellan and attorney for Ron Tebo (creator of anti-Jack website) has stated he and Tebo have backed off the campaign against McClelland after receiving anonymous threats against their families, and both having their children’s pictures put on pedophile sites.
Tebo’s anti-Jack site has been taking down for the most part with exclusion of a picture of McClellan and a message that states:

“If you have any information that is relevant to Jack McClellan please contact your local law enforcement agency or local FBI office!”

In the last month or so, after fighting with pro-Jack Web designers to have a photo of his son removed from the Internet, Tebo has been forced to withdraw from the feud, regroup and rethink his tactics.

“I’m just trying to stay away from all of this right now,” he said, during a phone interview at his home in New York. “It’s tiring, time-consuming and exhausting.”

Zinnanti has reportedly lost his law office and most of his business revenue. “This whole case has so severely impacted my life that I had to leave my office,” Zinannti said Friday. “I lost my law office and the money I once received is gone. I’ve lost 70 percent of my income.

“This whole thing has just destroyed my practice.”

Links and Articles:
Youtube – Interview with Pedophile Jack McClellan
McClellan Fight Taking Its Toll
Self-proclaimed pedophile leaving Portland

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Pam Hobbs – Mother of Stevie Branch (West Memphis 3 victim) Arrested

Posted by KindraLore on November 20, 2007

Pam Hobbs, Mother of Stevie Branch

(Pictured above Pam Hobbs)

Pam Hobbs, Stevie Branch’s mother was arrested yesterday on domestic battery against her sister Shelia Muse. Shelia has bruises and marks all over her body and claims that Pam and Pam’s daughter Amanda beat her up and tried to attacker their elderly mother.

 Shelia claims Pam and Amanda were on drugs. They were both due in court today. Pam may have an outstanding warrant on an unrelated charge.

Terry Hobbs

(Pictured above Terry Hobbs)

In related news, a revelation came out recently that hairs at the scene of the crime in the deaths of Christopher Byers, Steven Branch and James Michael Moore may actually clear the three dubbed the West Memphis 3, who were also just kids at the time and were convicted on hysteria of the belief that these boys were devil worshipers. The three teenagers — Damien Echols, who was 18 at the time, Jessie Misskelley, then 17, and Jason Baldwin, then 16 at the time were found guilty in the death of the three 8 year old boys.

Pam Hobbs is now in support of a new trial for the West Memphis 3 and publicly states her ex husband Terry Hobbs may have something to do with the murders.

“Do you think honestly in your heart that he might have had something to do with this,” I asked.  “Honestly in my heart…I have to be honest. Possibly,” replied Pam Hobbs.

Damien EcholsJason BaldwinJessie Misskelley

(Pictured above – Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley)
Damien Echols

Damien Echols’ lawyers maintained that it’s not their job to solve the crime, only to show that their client wasn’t involved. But the defense team said two hairs found at the crime scene could belong to one of the victim’s stepfathers and the man’s friend.

“The new DNA evidence is that one hair that was found in the ligature of the shoelaces that bound Michael Moore is consistent with the DNA of Terry Hobbs, who is the father of Stevie Branch,” Lax told CNN.

He continued: “Another hair that had been found at the crime scene, which had been unidentified for all these years, has just recently been tested. And the DNA on that hair is consistent with the DNA of David Jacoby. David Jacoby is a good friend or was a good friend of Terry Hobbs, and Terry Hobbs was at his house just that afternoon and evening.”

Links and Articles

Mother of young West Memphis 3 victim arrested
WM3 interviews with Pam Hobbs
New evidence may clear ‘West Memphis Three’

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Jaliek Rainwalker – State Police to Subpoena T.V. Interviews of Jaliek’s Parents

Posted by KindraLore on November 19, 2007

Jaliek Rainwalker

State police have said that they are going to subpoena all taped interviews with Jaliek Rainwalker’s parents according to reports coming out today. I know many want to believe in these parents, as do I, but common sense tells us that a little boy does not completely disappear off the face of this earth. Someone would have seen little Jaliek walking down the road. In two weeks since he has been missing there have been no sightings people.

Yet Friday in a candlelight vigil, Stephen Kerr, Jaliek’s adoptive father says he still believes Jaliek’s alive. You can see his plea here .

Now that we know Jaliek’s adoptive parents were about to return him to the state, the question lies: did Jaliek run away or did something more sinister happen.

Today Jaliek’s foster parents (who have cared for Jaliek off and on since he was seven when his adoptive parents needed a break) say they want answers. The Persons of Altamont told NEWS10 “I think they thought they could fix this child and there are some things that you can’t fix”. They said that Stephen Kerr told them that a threat made to another child was the last straw.

“In my discussions with Stephen, he said that they were going to disrupt the placement. But he gave me no indication that Jaliek knew that and I don’t think Jaliek knew.

Elaine Person stated that Jaliek was happy when she dropped him off with his father.

According to this article Jaliek threatened the family and once threatened to rape a 4-year old child at the small homeschool he attended. Some family members say Rainwalker was no longer welcome at the school after that last threat and that may have prompted him to run away. Rainwalker’s 14-year-old brother told CBS 6 Jaliek had threatened his family and began to throw tantrums about three months after he was adopted three years ago.

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New Blog Website

Posted by KindraLore on November 19, 2007

I am converting from Blogger to WordPress because its more friendly. The main reason is that you can categorize everything and it makes for easier finds. However when I brought everything over, some of the fonts, pics and blogs look weird so just bare with me. It should look much smoother from here on out.

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