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Jaliek Rainwalker – A Little Boy Vanished

Posted by KindraLore on November 13, 2007

Update 12/28/07 12:24PM

It’s been awhile since I have updated the blog entry on Jaliek. “Light the night with Jaliek” went off without a hitch, despite the fact that Stephen Kerr was seen around town taking down posters for the event. What a strange duck he is. If he is not guilty of anything, he certainly knows the steps to making himself look so.

Meanwhile, Elaine Person announced that she will be taking a leave of absence from her job as executive director for a small non-profit agency to create and head a task force for Jaliek. Some of the task forces main directives include fundraisers, a toll-free hotline and a web site that will be at the url location (currently not up and running). Jaliek’s grandmother, also Jocelyn McDonald’s mother will also take part in the taskforce.

Elaine Person is also questioning why Kerr and McDonald are still receiving the $1,500 monthly payment from Albany County for Jaliek’s care, even though the boy has disappeared.

According to the latest article, the couple’s other children are no longer in the care of Kerr and McDonald, in part because the East Greenwich home that had no running water and limited electricity did not have a certificate of occupancy. The couple have instead been staying at the Hill Street home in Greewich, owned by Kerr’s father, in which Jaliek disappeared from.

Complete Source Article


Update 12/17/07 7:57PM

As Barbara Reeley, Jaliek’s paternal grandmother stated here on the comment section, “Light the night for Jaliek” will be held this Sunday, December 23rd at the VFW post on Abeel Evenue in Greenwich, beginning at 6:30PM.

Supporters and loved ones will sign a Christmas card for Jaliek and Christmas ornaments with pictures of Jaliek will also be given to those that attend.

“We just want to keep him alive in everybody’s memory so this doesn’t fade into a cold case,” Elaine Person said.

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Update 12/14/07 10:22AM

A fellow blogger directed me to a blog this morning in which radio personality Scott Allen Miller talks about the Jaliek Rainwalker case. Scotto as he’s called had Elaine and Tom Person on his morning show on December 11th.

He states that the Persons said that Stephen Kerr made Jaliek write letters to all of those he had previously “harmed” and they believe one of these letters is the letter that Kerr gave to the police, maintaining that it was a runaway letter.


Update 12/13/07 10:41PM

Thanks to Brian for giving me the heads up on this. Barbara Reeley, Jaliek Rainwalker’s grandmother and Jocelyn McDonald’s mother sat down with Channel 9 for an interview.

“I feel like in the future I can mend relationships with my daughter and my grandchildren but I could not live with myself if I did not try and find out the truth about where Jaliek has disappeared to,” said Jaliek Rainwalker’s maternal grandmother Barbara Reeley.

Reeley said, “I believe that Stephen is the only one who knows what happened to Jaliek on November 1st and I do believe he harmed him.”

Barbara goes on to say that Stephen Kerr has anger issues and has even taken anger management classes. She describes one incident in which Stephen became angry with Jaliek and grabbed him by the neck and dragged him out the door and dunked Jaliek in the creek.

She also recalls that Jocelyn McDonald made Stephen leave in May because of Kerr’s anger towards the kids.

I think its safe to say we are getting a much bigger and complete picture of Stephen Kerr now.

Read Complete Article and Watch Video Here


Update 12/10/07 9:35PM

Elaine Person and Tom Person, Jaliek’s respite family speak out

“I believe that Stephen knows where Jaliek is. I believe he harmed Jaliek. I don’t think he meant to. I don’t think he planned to. I think he got very angry,” said Elaine Person.

Jaliek had been staying with the Persons for about a week before Stephen Kerr picked him up on November 1st, the night Jaliek went missing.

Elaine also stated that Jaliek told her that when Stephen got mad, he didn’t know what he was doing.

You can view the complete article here, as well as the video.


Update 12/9/07 9:00PM

I dont have much time right now to comment much on the latest, but here is an interview with Jodi and Larry Schoen, Jaliek’s former foster parents.

NEWS10 EXCLUSIVE: Jaliek’s Fmr. Foster Parents Speak

Note: This article was taken off the News 10 site for some reason. Below is the article as it was:

“On Wednesday, NEWS10 sat down with missing 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker’s adoptive parents and received their account of what happened the night the boy disappeared. Three days later, The News Statopm heard from former foster parents of Jaliek, who say that first interview has led them to believe the boy was met with foul play.

“He was as bright as could be. As soon as he could read, he read a book a day. I mean, he was amazing,” says Jodi Schoen, Jaliek’s former foster parent.

However, they say this amazing boy had a dark side.

Jodi and Larry Schoen were the foster parents of Jaliek from the time he was three until he was seven. The pictures they still treasure show a happy boy, but one thing they do not reveal, how the child – born addicted to crack and who lived in five homes before theirs – would fly into violent, hour-long rages.

“He said I hate you,” Jodi Schoen said of the rages, “And the look and the feel was if he was older he could have killed me,”

It was after they say Jaliek attacked their youngest daughter that the Schoens, who had promised to adopt him, decided he had to leave.

Jodi Schoen said, “This man sitting next to me (Larry Schoen) would never hurt a fly and he knew that when Jaliek was seven he knew he had to go or he could end up in jail,”

That is when Jaliek was sent to live with Stephen Kerr and his wife Jocelyn McDonald, and their four other children in Greenwich. Almost immediately though, the Schoens say they felt it may have been a bad placement.

Seeing NEWS10’s exclusive interview with Kerr and McDonald has made them very upset, especially because a few outbursts Kerr had made during it. They also say they have found inconsistencies with what they saw on an early visit to their home – they say Jaliek was locked in his room; Jocelyn McDonald said Social Services investigated the claims and found no locks on their bedroom doors.

In all, the Schoens say they do not regret sending Jaliek back to the state, but feel he did not run away as Kerr and McDonald believe.

“In your heart and your gut, what do you think has happened?” Jodi Schoen asks, “I don’t believe that he is on this earth anymore and I pray that we can find his body; because he came in this world in such a terrible way, and he went out in a terrible way.”

Update 12/9/07 4:50PM

Transcript of the interview with Jocelyn McDonald and Stephen Kerr:

One-on-One with Jaliek Rainwalker’s Adoptive Parents Transcript

As a side note regarding the transcripts – The actual url to this was linked to a thread on the Court TV boards and I believe WordPress must have a limit on bandwidth because I am finding that sometimes the link will not work.

If you cannot view the transcript by clicking the link, you can click here and view it. Unfortunately, it will make you download it to your computer first (you must click save and remember where you saved it) as the site only supports downloads and not hosted viewing.


Update 12/7/07 6:44PM

Here is the latest video news report. You will need Windows Media to view it. Stephen Kerr was once again interviewed and seems to be making himself much more accessible to the media than previously. He does once again talk about Jaliek being a throw away child that the State of New York did not want, and instead he and his wife took on the responsibility for. He maintains that Jaliek ran away with a street gang. I personally feel that if this were the case a) he would have been spotted by someone and b) with a reward of $25,000, one of those “gang members” would be singing like a bird.

In the previous update I provided a link with a quite long and strange interview with Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald. In that interview both seemed to down play the rumors of the un adoption of Jaliek, stating that they were looking into many other options such as boarding schools and staying with other family members for extended periods of time. However, in this latest article, it states that McDonald’s mother, Barbara Reeley has said the couple were trying to undo Rainwalker’s adoption.

In addition, Elaine Person, Rainwalker’s respite care provider in Altamont, questions some of the statements McDonald and Kerr have made to the media. McDonald said she had dinner with Rainwalker on Oct. 27 but Person said that is not the case.

“He was with (my husband and me) Oct. 27. She wasn’t speaking to him. She wouldn’t let him in her house,” Person said.

Person said Rainwalker was happy and well-behaved at her house days before he disappeared.

Meanwhile, police continue to search a dam on the Battenkill River and state search dogs are still showing an interest in an area near the dam.

Click this link if the link for the video does not work and then click on watch video.


Update 12/07/07 12:46Am

For anyone following this case, a bizarre must see interview with Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald.

Go here and its titled “Exclusive: One-on-One with Jaliek Rainwalker’s Adoptive Parents.”


Update 12/4/07 10:53

I apologize that I have not updated the blog in awhile. I have had so much going on.

In the latest news about the disappearance of Jaleik Rainwalker, Stephen Kerr, Jaliek’s adoptive father and the last one to see Jaliek alive, handed out flyers, as well as spoke to the media this past weekend.

“My son ran away and we’re offering a 25,000 dollar reward for anything you see about him,” Kerr said to citizens as he handed out the flyers.

“I’m pretty certain he’s around here. He was hanging out with four teens – excuse me – three teens from the Albany area prior to running away,” Kerr claims, “He was hanging out with them for four or five days and then he ran away,”

Kerr does not think that is just a coincidence. However, some people who NEWS10’s Tracy Egan encountered expressed doubt that a 12-year-old would’ve been taken in by a gang in Albany.

“It’s highly unlikely and I believe he should go ahead and cooperate with the authorities,” one individual on the street said.

While he has been pushed to take a polygraph examination, Kerr told Tracy Egan that he does not trust lie-detector tests, but does not blame police for being suspicious.

“That’s their job,” he says, “Their job is to leave no stone unturned,”

Kerr said if anyone does find Jaliek, they should know he is a mentally-ill child that can sometimes behave “like a four-year-old”, and other times show the maturity of a “40 year old”.

Despite that, he says the child is loved.

Click here for News Article


Update 11/26/07 7:00PM

The search for Jaliek Rainwalker now enters its forth week. According to reports, for the first time since November 1st Jaliek’s parents Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn McDonald met with forest rangers to discuss places that Jaliek might go.

Authorities are considering bringing in a Nationally renowned search dog to aid in the search.

Meantime, State forest rangers used an air boat to search the Hudson River today. Rangers also searched new areas around McDougall Lake and Carter Pond in Greenwich, areas frequented by Jaliek and his family but found no sign of the missing boy.

Deer hunting brought in a tip of remains in the woods of Easton but were later confirmed to be the remains of a deer.


Update 11/20/07 8:54PM

Police today stated they are expanding the search for Jaliek Rainwalker to an area in Vermont where the family frequented for camping excursions. They maintain that this latest search effort is not based on any tips other than the fact the family frequented the area.

Click for Article

You can also see my blog Jaliek Rainwalker – State Police to Subpoena T.V. Interviews of Jaliek’s Parents.


UPDATE 11/17/07 4:47PM

Family of Jaliek Rainwalker Holds Vigil

Jaliek’s adoptive father Stephen Kerr repeatedly told those gathered he knew Jaliek was alive giving explanations that the 12 year old was born to a cocaine addicted mother and had been bounced around to more than half a dozen foster homes by the time he was seven.Kerr then spoke of Martin Luther king and what king had told African Americans in the 1960’s.

“That the African Americans at that time had been given a bad check. Had been given a check that said insufficient funds and when Jaliek Rainwalker was born he was given that same check.” says Stephen Kerr.

When news channel 13 reporter John Allen asked Stephen Kerr if there is any reason that you think that a 12 year old could possibly survive for 2 weeks outside like this without someone spotting him?” Kerr had no answer.

Graham Kerr, Jaliek’s paternal adoptive grandfather says Jaliek is a survivor; He always will be.

Jaliek’s maternal adoptive grandparents are taking a far different view. They say they know that Jaliek’s adoptive parents had plans to try to find a new home for him and they question whether their son-in law has been totally upfront with police.

Barbara Reeley, Jaliek’s adoptive grandmother says she loved Stephen for 14 years and they have doubts that Jaliek would just pick up and run away without a trace.



UPDATE 11/16/07 7:6PM

Searchers spanned out today around the area of the Greenwich home of Jaliek’s paternal grandparents in which Jaliek was last reportedly seen by his adoptive father Stephen Kerr. The ground search that consisted of about 100 people from the New York State Police, New York State Forest Rangers, police academy recruits and consultants from Team Adam searched within a half mile radius, yet turned up no new clues.

The last place anyone other than Kerr reported seeing Jaliek is Latham restaurant where he and Kerr ate on November 1st.

Police showed FOX23 News a copy of the note Jaliek reportedly left which reads: “Dear Everybody, I am sorry for everything. I won’t be a bother anymore. Goodbye, Jaliek.

Jaliek also reportedly left a sheet of paper with the word “ALBANY” scrawled in big letters.

Chief Bell says investigators have followed up on more than 200 leads. He told FOX 23 News that there’s no clear evidence that Jaliek simply ran away.

“By now, in this time frame, he should have reached out to somebody either in his immediate family or extended family,” Bell says.

Friends and family held a vigil for Jaliek on Friday morning at the Vermont school that his oldest brother attends. Another vigil was scheduled for tonight at Greenwich’s Mowry Park Gazebo.

[Article – Dozens Search Greenwich Area for Missing Boy]


UPDATE 11/16/07 9:28AM

Reports are coming out today that Stephen Kerr and his wife, Jocelyn McDonald had already decided to “undo” their adoption of little Jaliek Rainwalker. Jaliek had been in and out of foster care (a total of 7 times) before coming to reside with Stephen and Jocelyn when he was five years old.

The family lived an unconventional lifestyle of their choosing, with no running water, outhouses and only limited electricity.

If Jaliek had known that he was about to go to yet another family, I cannot imagine how alone and unwanted this little boy felt. Not one person in the world to lean on and depend on. Once again the feeling of abandonment.

Did little Jaliek really run away, knowing he was being given up once again? Was he abducted, or did he meet with foul play? Where is Jaliek?

[Article -Family ties slipping before boy disappeared]


11/15/07 3:22PM

It seems as though Stephen Kerr (pictured) has now lawyered up and on advice of his attorney Terry Kindlon, Mr. Kerr will not be taking a polygraph test. Sorry folks but I saw this one coming. This case starts to seem more and more like Colton’s with each passing day.[Article]


11/14/07 3:02PM

Police began searching a new area Wednesday for clues in the disappearance of 12-year-old Greenwich boy Jaliek Rainwalker.

Cambridge-Greenwich Police Chief George Bell said search dogs from the State Police will help comb over an area of Salem near Rexleigh Road today. He said Jaliek’s family formerly lived on Cleveland Road, near Rexleigh Road, and they swam in the Batten Kill near the Rexleigh Covered Bridge.”There’s an area there around an old mill that we want to check,” the chief said.

Bell said they will also go over an undeveloped stretch of land near Battenkill Country Club that has been searched by forest rangers and volunteers in recent days.[Article]


11/13/07 7:28PM

A golf course pond was drained today in search of little Jaliek Rainwalker. Cadaver dogs were hitting all around the pond but they have still found no sign of Jaliek.

Dredging a small pond on the golf course of the Battenkill Country Club Monday is just one of what Police Chief George Bell says are nearly 200 leads given to police in the case.

According to the police chief, cadaver dogs were very interested in the pond. But even after it was drained no body was found.

“That scent could be laying in that water and that swampy area and could be coming from 500 feet away from the pond, 200 feet away from the pond, we’re not sure,” Bell said.

The chief says the dogs will be out again Tuesday and searchers will conduct a shoulder to shoulder grid search throughout the swamp area adjacent to the pond.

Police are also wondering why Steve Kerr will not take a lie detector test.

Click here for video of Steve Kerr’s plea for Jaliek and the latest on the search

Article – Search focuses on golf course


Original Blog

Jaliek Rainwalker was last seen by his adopted father, Steve Kerr, after having picked him up at a respite home in Altamont Nov. 1 and brought him to a home owned by Kerr’s father on Hill Street in Greenwich.

According to reports, during the night Jaliek placed pillows under his blankets and left a goodbye note, and has not been seen since. The note could be construed as a runaway or suicide note, Cambridge-Greenwich Police Chief George Bell said, but more than 10 days after the boy’s disappearance, the chief fears that Rainwalker has fallen victim to someone or something.

“In 30 years, a kid of 12 years old, and I don’t care what his mindset is, he doesn’t fall off the face of the world,” Bell said. “We just don’t have a runaway kid here.”

Rainwalker had been in and out of foster care seven times before he was officially adopted by Stephen Kerr and his wife, Jocelyn McDonald, when he was 5. He recently had gotten in trouble for threatening a student and was sent to a respite home in Altamont, N.Y. Witnesses have placed Rainwalker and Kerr at a restaurant the Thursday night before he was reported missing as the two drove back to Greenwich from Altamont.

Bell said that both the grandfather’s house, as well as the house where Kerr and McDonald live, were searched as potential crime scenes. Police are not calling anyone a suspect in the disappearance, but Bell added that, at this point, “I can’t rule anything out.”

He also said that police offered polygraph tests to both Kerr and McDonald — an offer that only McDonald accepted. “We’ve offered to have both parents take the polygraphs and the mother has taken a polygraph,” Bell said. “That’s where I’ll end it.” The family, Bell added, conducted its own search for the boy.

McDonald said the family is hopeful Rainwalker hitched a ride somewhere, perhaps to New York City, which he always wanted to visit, or to Vermont or the Albany area, where he had ties. She asked that residents post pictures of him, or copies of the “missing” fliers, on their vehicles so more people will see his photo.

“He had reasons to go many, many places,” she said. “He may have gone just about anywhere.”

But she also said he was “troubled and hurting” at the time he left

“I’m very, very afraid as time goes on,” she said. “We need to let everybody know this is a little boy who may be afraid or embarrassed to come home because of all of the media attention. I love him so much; I just want him to be safe — to know where he is and that he’s safe.”

Though Rainwalker is only 12, he looks much older, as if he were 15 or 16, she said.

Bell said police fear that Rainwalker is dead in light of the fact there has been no sign of him in more than a week. He was not believed to have had any money and wore only a light, yellow fleece pullover, jeans and sneakers when he was last seen.

“It’s too long for there not to have been any confirmed sightings,” he said. “It’s cold. It was in the low 20s here this morning, so there’s no way he could have survived outside or without someone providing him food, heat and shelter.”

Bell said Rainwalker, who has lived in Greenwich for the past eight years, is a troubled child with an array of mental disorders, and is considered to be homicidal and suicidal. He is not currently on medication, according to Bell.

“We know that there’s some serious psychological problems. He has some suicidal and homicidal tendencies, but I don’t know if a 12-year-old can have a strong enough will to do that,” Bell said.

Any person with information regarding Rainwalker is asked to contact Cambridge/Greenwich Police Department at (518) 692-9332.

Sources and Articles:

Hope Fades for Boy Missing in Upstate New York
Police scale back search for boy


63 Responses to “Jaliek Rainwalker – A Little Boy Vanished”

  1. Barbara Reeley said

    I am Jaliek’s grandmother ~ he is an incredible child. My son-in-law, Stephen Kerr, knows more than he is saying. This is NOT a time to GRIEVE, this is a time to search and tell the truth.

  2. Kindra Lore said

    I agree Barbara. I cannot for the life of me understand why he wont take a polygraph. Parents MUST be ruled out. Its routine. When you dont cooperate, you look guilty. Something isnt jiving here.

    My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.


  3. Anonymous said

    It makes me wonder if the father has had a history of abusing??

    I feel terrible for his wife and their other children.

  4. Anonymous said

    This is a very upsetting story. My thoughts are with Jaliek and the people who love him.

  5. Anonymous said

    Don’t pass judgment on a situation you don’t understand. Especially when you have a child that has neurological/mental/emotional or behavioral issues. I am a mother with such a child. My child controlled our family at the age of 4. I know Stephen I don’t believe that him taking a polygraph would change the circumstance. Jocelyn seems very supportive of Stephen. Maybe something happened between Stephen and Jaliek which upset Jaliek. That would make any parent feel guilty. I was at my breaking point w/ my son. Without lots of prayer and help from OMRDD my son would still be controlling us. My 2 year and 8 year old lived in fear everyday with a 4 year old. That was 6 years ago. You cannot proclaim you understand someone’s life if you haven’t walked in their shoes. It is difficult to raise any child. Add pressures of a bi-racial family, emotional and social issues anything could happen. Many people know this family and support them. There father was actively involved in extracurricluar activities. Maybe if the police had done their job at the onset of Jaliek gone missing.. Stephen would have taking the test, they waited. They have also not treated him so well. The news now talks that Jocelyn (jalieks mother) has become estranged from Barbara. I believe in the grieving process. when people get diagnosed with disabilities (one goes through the same thing) a child missing would do the same. So many are commenting at court tv website that why un-adopt a child…well I will tell you when you live in fear for your children and yourself you have to take those necessary steps to protect everyone. The parents are held accountable for every action against any child. When a child mentions raping or violating anyone that has to be addressed.

    Many are praying and more information is coming available everyday. Prayers are being answered. This is a time to support everyone involved and find Jaliek not blame anyone. This is destroying this family (the devil is trying to take hold) don’t let him step back and breath. You need each other.

  6. Kindra Lore said

    The only judgement I have passed is that Stephen Kerr should take a polygraph. Especially since he was the last person to see Jaliek. Of course they will focus on him because he wont rule himself out.

    As far the “un” adoption, well I have reserved voicing my opinions on that except to feel for Jaliek and how he must feel.


  7. Anonymous said

    Can you be more specific about your comment “Maybe if the police had done their job at the onset of Jaliek gone missing”. What didn’t they do that they were supposed to do? Just curious.
    I personally have no problem with un-adopting a child. He would be better off with parents that could cope with the situation. It would be rough when you have 4 other children. I know I couldn’t do it. As far as the lie detector test… it is not too late for him to take it, maybe the police will ease up on him if he does take it.

  8. Kindra Lore said

    According to this article, Stephen Kerr also walked out in the middle of questioning AND during a the polygraph:

    “State police investigators questioned Kerr last week and apparently walked out in the middle of questioning during a polygraph (lie detector) test. Police have not said Kerr is a suspect in the boy’s disappearance. McDonald has taken a lie detector test, but police would not say what the results showed.”


    This makes no sense to me. If you have nothing to hide, why not cooperate? Why Lawyer up? Why refuse a polygraph? Sorry but it makes Mr. Kerr look guilty of something.

  9. Bertha said

    Every day I see more details that do not fit the story of the father. I also watched another tv clip of the vigil where he was joking with other men and his demeanor does not show that he is worried or concerned, only of how he looks on camera. It is shocking that he and his wife are not in contact with the police. And there are more reports of others involved not trusting the parents, esp. Kerr.
    My prayers go out to Jaliek and his grandma and all involved. The truth will come out. There are many people working on this on many levels.

  10. Dancingwind said

    This is a very suspicious case. Did Jaliek ever make it to Greenwich and the Hill St. house? Was he really last seen at a Restaurant with Stephen Kerr, as one news article said? Where was the Restaurant? If the cadaver dogs made strong hits on the battenkill golf course, and he wasn’t in the pond, does that mean he’s buried somewhere near? These dogs are supposed to be reliable. They were supposed to bring out another bunch of dogs and see if they would do the same thing. Did they, it never said in the news. Or did the rain and snow mix ruin the chances. Also where the family lives, there are miles and miles of isolated woods , streams, etc. There are many quarries in Greenwich also. It seems like finding a needle in a haystack. My prayers go to Jaliek and the hope he is found alive, but it does not look good. Also there is an area above the Battenkill Golf Course where they have just done a lot of bulldozing near aubochon hardware, on rte. 29. If they got a strong scent in that area maybe that would be a good idea to go back there. My prayers are with his Grandmother. God works in mysterious ways, and I hope he will soon help us get answers.

  11. I would like to leave a comment here that Barbara Reeley left on my “email KindraLore” page. I believe she probably meant for it to go here:

    Barbara Reeley

    On November 1st our grandson, Jaliek Rainwalker, 12, disappeared. Five years ago Jaliek came to live with my daughter and son-in-law and their three sons and foster daughter. Jaliek and their foster daughter were adopted into the family three years ago. Both adopted children had been therapeutic foster children in New York state. There are too many details to put in this message ~ you can search “Jaliek Rainwalker” on-line and find many sites to read details.

    Jaliek disappeared on Friday, November 1st. An intense search is underway in the small village of Greenwich, NY and environs but it has been almost three weeks that Jaliek has been missing without a siting or clue as to his whereabouts.

    Our request to each of you is that on Thanksgiving day you set a place at your dinner table for Jaliek. Place a plate, fork, knife and glass at this place and set a chair there. Leave the place setting and chair empty during your dinner.

    There is no cost, very little effort but the result will be an assurance that Jaliek will not be forgotten and the search to find him must go on.

  12. Dancingwind:

    There are witnesses that place him at the restaurant.

    As far as cadaver dogs, they are very reliable and they can smell one drop of blood for months after its been there, according to articles I have read. Maybe if something was deceased there, it was moved?

    I don’t know the area but have read it is rural so yes it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, LE states they are quite confident that the area around the Greenwich home has been thoroughly searched.

    I too hope and pray for Barbara and for all those that love, care and miss Jaliek.


  13. Dancingwind said

    Since there are witnesses that place them at the restaurant, was it near altamont or was it near greenwich. How do the witnesses say they appeared to act at the restaurant? Can Stephen Kerr prove he really went to his Father’s house? He can say this but is it true? Was there any DNA evidence found at the Hill Street house, that shows Jaliek was there? What did they fight about that night? How come it is said he was so well behaved at the Persons residence, they have a live news interview of them telling how much they enjoyed his company, while he stayed with them. I have worked with children and adults with Intermittent Explosive Disorder,and they can be very difficult to care for, and sometimes there is no rhyme or reason for their behaviors. A lot of these children are on mood stabalizers. I wonder why Jaliek was not on medicine or in treatment, or maybe he was in therapy and it’s just not being mentioned. I do think the worst thing for him was to be isolated out where he lived and have not much social interaction with others, but then they say he threatened kids so maybe he did not do well around others. Maybe there was an argument and an accident occurred, and the father panicked. There are so many scenarios. I will say prayers that there will be some kind of closure for the family, and a place for Jaliek will be in our familys heart at Thanksgiving.

  14. According to this article:

    Cambridge-Greenwich Police tell FOX23 News that the last place where they can definitively place Jaliek is a Latham restaurant.

    Click for Article

    I misread the article when I originally did the update, but obviously Latham is a city not a restaurant. According to mapquest (I’m not from the area) Latham is 52 minutes from Greenwich and 30 minutes from Altamont.

    Here. I mapped it out.

    The first location is Altamont. The second Latham. The third is Greenwich.

    Click here for Map

    As far as the medications, I wondered too. However, Kerr and his wife were living an unconventional lifestyle, with no running water, outhouses, scarce electricty from a generator. Maybe they did not believe in meds?

    I am sure a boy with all his troubles and hard life found it hard to live in that enviornment.

  15. anonymous said

    I to do not agree with the fathers behavior that was shown on the news the night of the vigil in greenwich. He was laughing and joking around,as if not of this affects him! If it was my son missing i would be too distraut to leave my bed, let alone having fun smiling and laughing. He knows something that’s why he won’t take a lie detector test.

  16. Bertha said

    Yes, I agree with the last poster. Every clip I saw of his, shows him either faking his emotions or glancing at the camera to make sure people saw him kiss the little boy on his wifes lap or scaning the gathering calmly .. I do believe he knows what has been happening to Jaliek. I wish we would know how the police has been searching the house of the grandfather, the car, etc. but of course in the middle of an investigation they would not talk about exact details.
    Still my prayers are with Jaliek where ever he is and the people who truly cared for him and loved him.
    And Jaliek will have a place at our Thanksgiving table as well. He is welcome in our home.
    Blessings and Peace.

  17. Dancingwind said

    Are you from the Greenwich NY area? I have followed many cases like Laci Peterson, and others. I am especially concerned about a young 12 year old being missing and not showing up anywhere by now. I also wonder if his body was moved, because of the cadaver dogs getting his scent. If they got strong hits at the golf course it makes me think he may still be there somewhere. If you followed the Chandra Levy case they ended up finding her bones right near where they had searched with cadaver dogs, but didn’t find her then, she was found a year later by someone walking through that area. She was there, but they missed her. ? a shallow grave covered up with leaves, logs, etc. I hope they try near there again. Maybe they shold try with another team of dogs and see if they come up with the same thing. It makes me ill to think he’s out there somewhere. I pray for him everyday and hope there is some kind of closure.

  18. Bertha said

    No, Dancingwinds, I am not from the area of Greenwich, but I have followed Jalieks missing since early on when I received a private e-mail not knowing about it from the media. After that I searched on-line and there is so much conflicitng information out there and a number of aspects that rise my suspicion about the adopted father, the parents both actually. They do not seem to be grieving and they don’t try to do all they can to help with the search for Jaliek. I wish I could do more to help. For right now reading, sharing on a forum like this and holding Jaliek in my prayers is the best I can do. And in those prayers, he seems far away, I don’t know if anyone can confirm that as well. At the beginning he was still around. I hope I am wrong and that sooner then later he will be showing up somewhere with a beautiful smile.

  19. I am not from Greenwich. I am sure there is a very large chance they have missed something, especially it being this time of year where there are leaves and such. I too find it strange that the dogs hit so vigorously in that area and yet they found nothing. I do hope they find something soon to lead to Jaliek where he is deceased or alive. (hopefully they later) Those that love him need to know.

  20. anonymous said

    I am the writer of #15 and i am from greenwich. I live near the battenkill golf course and i too think it needs to be searched again. If those dogs picked up a scent something has got to be there. also i always wonder in my mind where that water comes from cause there is a pipe (drain?)on the side of that pond. They had helicopters flying above a couple of days after he went missing. Maybe they should do another fly above?! There are tons of woods and farms in greenwich that should be searched by foot. The last search they did in greenwich is when they sent in state trooper recuits but they only walked on the side of the road in a five mile radius. No one have actually stepped into any woods as far as i know except for in the country club. Across the street from me are tons of woods and have not been checked as far as i know. I think there is alot they have done but still alot more they can do.

  21. Dancingwind said

    To Anonymous who wrote # 20
    My husband and I were on our way to the Country Peddler and when we got on route 29 near Aubochon Hardware we saw a WTEN News Truck. We parked to see what was going on. We have been following this case as many people have. We rarely have anything like this happen locally. It’s so sad to think that such a young child is out there in the elements or has died of hypothermia or the worst possible scenario, murdered. When we got out of the car and walked across the field some man came up behind us and said. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” My husband told him we saw the news truck and thought we’d take a look. The man said “Do you think he’s down there?” I said “Who are you?” I thought he was an undercover officer. He says “the question is, who are you?” That was one of the days they were searching the Battenkill Golf Course. The guy freaked me out. We were just looking but he was acting weird. He made a couple of other strange remarks, and then took off and went to the Hardware store. I know people are on alert especially with something like this. He never introduced himself as a cop. As the weeks have gone by I said to my husband that they guy acted weird. He wanted us out of there. All we were doing is looking over the embankment because we saw the news truck. Maybe the guy was paranoid. He didn’t say he owned the land, he just was acting strange. The guy had dark, beady eyes, a very short nicely trimmed salt and pepper beard. He had on jeans, workboots and a baseball cap. Maybe he worked somewhere nearby, and we looked suspicious to him. I just got weird vibes. Do you know anyone who works down there that looks like that? He gave me the creeps! Maybe it was just an undercover cop getting us out of there. I don’t know but he scared me.What do you think?

  22. advocate said

    Regarding Post #5
    I know first hand what it is like to adopt older, emotionally disturbed children. It takes an incredibly special and therapeutic home to be able to cope with all of the issues involved with a child who has been abused since day one of his/her poor life. The issues and complications are too numerous to go into detail here, but there are few families prepared to cope with that kind of trauma. I don’t know what happened to Jaliek…maybe it was too much for Kerr to take and he snapped. Maybe Jaliek wanted to run away to try to get away from the hurt, unhappiness and disappointment. What did he have to look forward to? More adults and bureaucrats letting him down? Underpaid social workers just happy to get ANY placement for him regardless of the quality? Do you think he was looking forward to being rejected again? Can you even begin to imagine what he was thinking and feeling? According to news reports he is mentally ill and can’t even begin to process emotion, thoughts, feelings like a “normal” person. It is hard enough being a kid….try doing it while you have no foundation, no attachment, no healthy relationships to draw from. No constant therapeutic support! I get sick to my stomach thinking about how everyone has failed this child.

  23. Brian said

    $25,000 offered in case of missing boy

    The parents are offering the reward. Jaliek’s adopted mother is confident her son is alive and she will see him again, she said Tuesday. “I absolutely expect to see him again,” McDonald said. “He’s certainly a resourceful and bright young man. I’m planning for when he returns home.”

    I hope she is correct.

  24. anonymous said

    All right here we go again… All the reports i have been reading are about Team Adam coming in and talking with jaliek’s adoptive mother, that is wonderful but please let me know that they are talking to his father also. i haven’t heard anything mentioning his father or anything his father is doing to help. I still can’t help but think he knows and is hiding something. i hope this comes to a rest soon, i hope they find him or that the father comes clean because this is unfair to jaliek!!!

  25. Bertha said

    Hi Anonymous, No. 24,

    who or what is Team Adam?

    And yes, again the father is not showing up and when I read the adopted mother said he could be in Albany and have joined a gang, I think she just wants to lay another trail.

    Also I am sad to say, in my prayers I cannot “feel” Jaliek, whereas at first I could. I truly hope that I am wrong, but my intuition tells me no.

    Sincerely and with continued prayers for Jaliek where ever he is.

  26. anonymous said

    Team Adam is a group of retired law enforcement officers and investigators. They help out all over the country in missing person cases and they help out and give info in all aspects of the search they are involved in. I think they help out small police departments and try to aid them in their search. You can google team adam and it will give you a bunch of info about them.

  27. Bertha said

    Thank you kindly, Anonymous for your reply about Team Adam. I will google it. And it feels like good news to me to hear that chief Bell is getting more help from dedicated, experienced specialists.

  28. Dancingwind said

    New developments. Officials plan to drain a part of the dam over near the old Thompson Mill. Also a full 28 minute interview with Stephen Kerr and his wife is on WTEN News online. Unbelievable!!!! Even the wife seems suspicious. A lot of inappropriate laughing and joking going on, for the situation they are in, and boy can his temper flare if confronted with anything! I hope they find Jaliek and get to the bottom of this. I am praying for closure for Jaliek and everyone who has followed this case.

  29. Dancingwind:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. Can you provide a link to the interview? I would love to see it.

    I wonder what made them drain the dam. I do hope something comes to light soon as to the whereabouts of little Jaliek.


  30. anonymous from # 5 said

  31. anonymous from # 5 said

    sorry click on # 2 for the full video… i have reserved any comments from my original posting

  32. Thanks for the link Anonymous. Here is the direct link. Hopefully it will work. If not, its the second link down from Anonymous’ link.

    Click Here for Video

    I tried to view it but Im at work. I got it to work for about a minute and thats it. I will have to wait until I get home. One thing I did notice is that they said all the other children have been taken by CPS now.

  33. anonymous from # 5 said

    i have reserved my comments… but the media does not report it correctly. The children have been back with the mom for quite sometime. CPS does not have the other children. As they should not.

  34. Hmmm. That’s weird because it was Jocelyn McDonald that said it on that interview that was dated yesterday. She was talking about how so much had been lost, not just Jaliek. Now she could have clarified afterwards as the video feed cut off for me and I could not get it to work any longer. I will view the complete video this eve from my home. You guys let me know if you hear anything new. I feel a break in the case coming..

  35. Dancingwind said

    WTEN Albany NY news reports the dam was drained and still no sign of Jaliek. They say the cadaver dogs keep leading them to this same area. I bet he’s there somewhere. That mill is huge, I wonder if they have searched inside it and all old barrels lying around? If the dogs have the scent they should keep searching. If the stepdad and stepmom keep talking in interviews they will slip up. Initially the stepdad said he and Jaliek had an argument. In the interview it changed to a discussion where Jaliek supposedly became withdrawn and never spoke another word. I do believe he never spoke another word because he met with foul play. I have to praise the Chief of Police for his perserverance in this search.

  36. Ok, I watched the complete video and first off I have to say that is one of the longest and most bizarre interviews I have seen. Just of couple of observations.

    First, they talked about the CPS call in which Jaliek told someone he was being locked in his room, which they denied and stated CPS determined it was unfounded.

    Stephen Kerr called his visit with the other family that Jaliek had stayed with that week “bizarre” and mentioned a knife in a drawer being found belonging to one of the other foster children. He believe he called them “dysfunctional African American Foster Children” which seemed odd to me since they took much time to talk about how Jaliek was mentally ill himself.

    A statement that also bothered me is they talked about making a commitment to Jaliek “and still do”, yet they were considering “un adopting” him. Speaking of which, they totally down played the un adoption issue and stated that they were looking into all sorts of options, such as boarding schools, staying with other relatives, etc..

    Jocelyn talked about “Family shopping” in which she would point out different families and ask Jaliek if he would like to live with them. She stated he was scared of being rejected one more time, yet then we are back at the un adoption thing again.

    Playing the devil’s advocate here for a minute though, they talked about the poly and that situation. They stated that for 12 hours Stephen was not allowed to go to the bathroom, eat.. he had not slept in three days. He said that he told them that if he could go home and get a good nights sleep, he would come back and take it the next day. They then told him that if he would not take the poly right then, CPS would remove the children, which they did. (They have been returned btw). IF all that is true, I would have to say, I would not take the poly either.

    Still doesn’t explain why he would not give a sample of DNA. All they had to say about that was “how will that help find Jaliek”.

    Another thing that bothered me is the bag. The reporter asked them if Jaliek took his bag, or anything else. Stephen said the bag had been left in the car, and that he must of or may have “went back into the bag”. Can they not tell if things are missing from the bag? I am confused about that issue.

    One more thing and maybe one of you can clarify. I thought initial reports were that the note was left on his pillow or somewhere on his bed. I may be wrong. In the interview he stated it was left on a clip board Jaliek carried with him everywhere and that clip board was left on the table.

    I thought the end of the interview was very awkward where Stephen started talking about MLK. He got very loud and passionate, yet I never saw that passion for Jaliek..

    Again, just my observations on the interview.

    Thanks for the update on the dam Dancingwind. I did read about the cadaver dogs showing so much interest there, but they have done that before at the pond at the golf course as well so who knows.


  37. Ok, I know why the bag was bothering me so much. Stephen Kerr said that Jaliek went to bed in his pajamas. However, he wants everyone to believe that Jaliek ran away. No 12 year old boy is going to run away in freezing cold weather in his pajamas.

    So when pressed about it by the reporter, he said he assumed Jaliek went into the bag (the bag was in the car according to Stephen). Well if Jaliek went “into the bag” why wouldnt he just take the bag? Why would he just get a change of clothes if he was running away? He would have prepared himself for leaving.

  38. anonymous from # 5 said

    I know this family, they are good people and love their children. They have been known to go out of there way not only for their children but for others as well. I believe Stephen and Jocelyn. I believe their was an argument, which Jaliek resented and made a choice to leave. I know my son does the same thing that Stephen spoke of when he gets upset over some of the smallest things (withdraws himself) and doesn’t utter another word (he did it tonight.) Sometimes you can talk to him other times you cannot. You feel it. You have to choose your battles because you may not win the war.

    I know the pressures of dealing with a difficult child, my son was 4 and he had complete control over the family. Unless you understand DSS and CPS its hard to read between the lines. The system is whacked. The news should look into the system and have a better understanding. Somewhere along the line people keep mentioning why was Jaliek not medicated..we don’t know that he wasn’t and some mental illnesses cannot be treated with drug therapy. They wanted to do that to my son and I stood my ground and refused. I am glad we did. I understand Reactive attachment disorder is extremely difficult and most cannot live in a “normal” environment. Please don’t judge their lifestyle..not much about anyone is normal anymore. Normal is in the eye of the beholder.

    I found Stephen and Jocelyn’s interview revealing. Everything they stated I could understand and or relate to because I have been through the system even had CPS investigate my family and “unfounded” their case.

    I have known some people who were interviewed for this case and the media selectively played what they wanted not the full story that they wanted others to hear. They will never speak to the reporters again, they felt manipulated.

    Stephen was referring to an RTF (residential treatment facility). I can’t remember hearing them say they wanted to un-adopt (i will have to listen again…although that is what the media has referred to it from the onset. I support their decision for needing to remove him from the home to protect themselves and their other children. No-one is looking at DSS role in this either, they to are accountable if they are providing services.

    Do you think those other foster families are not being paid to take care of Jaliek? How much time has been invested in investigating this family? Stephen mentioned that but maybe he knows to take it with a grain of salt. Sometimes these “unstable” children say things that mean nothing. Was this one of the families that was interested and backed out? He was staying there with 3 other african american boys… that makes me think maybe he did go back to that area (although that is altamount) not Albany but maybe they told him of some places he could go. If you were being told that you are going somewhere else how might you react?

    Unless you know these parts (area) you can easily miss something somewhere. The dam they closed is near the golf course..they should be looking up at the one closer to where he spent the night. The battenkill is large and vast. They spoke that he spoke of suicide and jumping from a bridge..If he did the one I am thinking of is not to far of a walk for a distraught boy. They haven’t searched that area as much.

    The interview was strange but I think it provides a better picture to the public. The police have done a dis-service to Jaliek and this family. George Bell has run this investigation backwards. Everything that has been done in the last 2 weeks should have been done in the 1st few days or week. He is not all that well respected either. This goes beyond his scope of experience, he should recuse himself from speaking to the press and have someone else speak to the public I find his comments offensive and usually unprofessional and distasteful. Yes I know Mr. Bell personally and never have been that impressed. I know he can step over the boundaries of privacy too!!

    why give up DNA? what does that do for Jaliek? they have provided a lot of Jaliek’s things for DNA … sure the family should give DNA samples if they turn up evidence than they could use it but otherwise its fruitless. More resources wasted on not looking for the boy.

    the bag.. i have three children and I cannot tell you what is in one of them at this point. Unless you pack and unpack yourself its anyone’s guess.

    The note…I don’t go by much I read in the papers as of lately. I personally know of some things that have been misprinted. The times union had 2 reporters writing articles about where Stephen was that night and they both conflict. Its easy to have the facts mixed-up. Stephen did say the police now have the clipboard.

    You have to know Stephen and Jocelyn. Like Jocelyn stated in front of me I have cried and cried. And I will continue to cry. But then I ask myself what does crying do to find Jaliek? ..I am not a clear-level headed thinker during emotional times but my better half is non-emotional like my son. I could easily see him acting much in the same manner as Stephen. We can’t understand how people deal with things. But they have a lengthy interview..they have the FBI involved bring in a profiler to analyze their behavior to see if there is anything questionable. Also they made a lot of eye contact which would be unusual if you are guilty. I do beleive WTEN has done the best job in covering this story.

    You don’t mention the griefing cycle or her denial comments…I could completely agree with that. People have taken that out of context too.

    the poly.. I knew weeks ago about how poorly the police treated Stephen from the onset. I agree with Jocelyn using the children as leverage is wrong. That is criminal. This is destroying a good family. No-one is going to get anything out of this positive unless Jaliek is returned safely and he can get the help he needs.

    i could go on but it just gets me upset knowing the police have mismanaged this situation.

  39. anonymous from # 5:

    I for one do appreciate your insight. I do so want to believe that Stephen and Jocelyn had nothing to do with Jaliek’s disappearance. I hope more than anything that Jaliek ran away and is alive and well somewhere.

    I do have a problem with certain aspects of the case though and the main one being that there have been no credible sightings of Jaliek since he went missing. A 12 year old boy without any means of supporting himself does not go unnoticed. The bag thing still concerns me as well.

    You have to understand as well that people will automatically assume the parents in a missing child case and with good right, as most of the time it is the parent or someone close thats involved. So the media as well as people are skeptical.

    I do hope that Stephen had nothing at all to do with Jaliek’s disappearance and I hope he did run away and will be found soon. I am trying to keep an open mind but my instincts tell me otherwise.


  40. Revisiting the bag thing once more. Stephen told Jaliek while driving down the road that Jaliek would have to confront some children that he had “seriously damaged a relationship with”. Jaliek became silent and was obviously upset and quiet.

    They get to the house. For Jaliek to have gone to bed in pajamas, a seriously mad and upset boy would have to have went through his bag in the car to find his pajamas and then leave his bag in the car. Would he have taken the time to do this? Why not take the bag inside?

    Once inside, Jaliek was told to go to bed. He went to bed in his pajamas. Therefore he changed out of his old clothes, which would have remained in his room. Certainly he would have changed back into them and out of his pajamas since the bag was in the car. Were Jaliek’s pajamas found in the room he slept in?

    If Jaliek changed into his old clothes from his pajamas, then why did Stephen say he assumed that Jaliek went back into his bag at all?

    Why wouldnt Jaliek take his bag if he were indeed running away?

    Sorry. The bag bothers me. It makes no sense.

  41. Barbara Reeley said

    The Channel 10 interview is useful in that it shows different aspects of Stephen & Jocelyn’s personalities. There were a number of instances when they did not tell the truth and also stretching of the truth.

    A few comments on this blog have asked about the “medical condition” that kept Stephen from taking the polygraph test on November 6th. Stephen had not had very much sleep and was anxious.

    Not everyone in their family agrees that Jaliek ran away. I want the truth and Justice for Jaliek.

  42. anonymous from # 5 said

    to post #41 I know and repect your position as the grandmother/mother (of Jocelyn). I believe everyone wants truth and Justice for Jaliek. I pray for Jaliek and the whole family including you everyday. Barbara Why don’t you say what you think happened?

    The other children were placed with you through CPS (things must have been OK at that point what changed afer they went back to Jocelyn ? )

    You reference that there were a number of instances when they did not tell the truth and also stretching of the truth.

    Do you concur that Stephen should not have taken the polygraph. It sounds as though you agree.

    Jocelyn admitted that it has damaged relationships even with you.

    What are your opinions on how the Police have handled this matter.

  43. I have a question for Barbara also. Barbara, in my latest update on this blog there is a link to an article in which you state that your daughter and Stephen Kerr were in fact trying to undo Jaliek’s adoption. Elaine Person stated in that same article that Jocelyn was not allowing Jaliek back into her home.

    If this is the case, I assume that is why Stephen took Jaliek to his father’s home instead. If so, they had to have already had some sort of plan for Jaliek as I’m sure that Stephen had no intentions of living at his father’s home with him. Do you know what plans they had for Jaliek?


  44. anonymous from # 5 said

    i know the question was not for me however, as I understand it Jaliek was supposed to be informed that he would not be returning to their residence by thanksgiving. It has been discussed that he was with Stephen for the one night and that he would be going to another respite home on Friday. I cannot confirm anything but this is my understanding.

    Jocelyn as I understand it was very fearful and I can only imagine for the safety of everyone involved going back to their home in East Greenwich was not a good idea but going to Stephen’s fathers house in Greenwich alone was safer for all involved. Stephen’s father was not home at the time and as soon as word was in that Jaliek was missing he returned to the states from Romania (and the grandmother was still there with one of their other children. If Stepen did anything and knew Jaliek was going somewhere on Friday it doesn’t make sense why he would harm Jaliek

    Just to clarify and I may be mistaken they did not always live in an eco-friendly environment this has only been a fairly recent change (2 years maybe.)

    I know the whole bag thing bothers you but he is 12.. my kids are 7 – 15 years old and they do the exact same thing grab only what they need and leave the bag behind. I don’t know if he grabbed his pajamas… plus the clothes they are describing him in could be what he wore in that night. My son who is the difficult one (has a neuro disability) will wear the same clothes for days straight if I let him. He won’t bath, brush his teeth nothing..That is him and even if I ask he refuses. This is not abnormal behavior to me. But being upset, pissed and angry at the world any behavior might be considered abnormal.

    As far as Stephen remembering… honestly from a parents point of view I can’t remember 10 minutes ago sometimes. If I am going to a place w/ my kids I take a picture cause I will never remember the clothing they had on. I am only 35 and feel like I have memory loss often.


  45. Thanks for the answers A5 (I really have to shorten your nick if you dont

    Ok, well if that is the case and they had plans to take Jaliek to another respite home on Friday, it seems Stephen would have told Jaliek something about it after picking him up. After all, they were not going home but instead to Stephen’s fathers home. It seems there would of had to have been an explanation.

    However, in the interview with Stephen and Jocelyn, Stephen stated that he told Jaliek that he would have to confront the children that Jaliek severely damaged and that the conversation ended. There was no mention that he told Jaliek anything about the respite home or Jaliek’s future situation, or even explained why they weren’t going home, which would seem strange.

    Yes the bag thing still bothers me but you may be right A5 and maybe I am over thinking it. However, I ran away around his age once and you can believe I took a bag with me, because in my child mindset in that moment, I had no intentions of returning (of course I did).

    It still seems odd that he would go through his bag just for pajamas when he would need to change of clothes for the next day and and his toothbrush for the next morning. Taking the time to do that seems odd to me, especially if he were upset.

    Seems like either he would take the whole bag, or nothing. In the interview Stephen seemed sure he went to bed in pajamas and almost looked caught off guard when he figured out himself it didn’t make much sense.

    Of course again, my instincts could be working overtime.

    Thanks again for your responses.


  46. Dancingwind said

    Number one, if the family was planning to place him and he definitely according to the Mother could not be around the other children, then why bring him back to Greenwich to the Grandfather’s home. For what reason? Stephen Kerr says he told him he would have to get together with children he had severly damaged! Then the conversation supposedly ends! The newspaper right from the beginning siad they had an argument, and the next day he was missing. I guess Jaliek must have forgotten????? his sign to hitchhike to Albany with. Also the bag with his belongings bothers me. I have one child who would definitely never left the bag in the car, angry with me or not. When did he change from clothes to pajamas? Where’s the bag now? What was in the bag? He says he went to bed in pajamas. When did he change? He says he told him to go to bed, and he didn’t even think he said goodnight. Remember he was supposedly withdrawn, and never spoke another word. Then I guess he didn’t say goodnight. I find it hard to believe that a child with behavior problems like he is said to have, said nothing. I work with this population hands on in a facility. They can give you a run for your money, when they act out. If that’s all Stephen Kerr had to say to him and the child had no idea he was going to go elsewhere to reside, then why did he take off? Why did Stephen Kerr say they went to the Grandfather’s for the night? I thought the interview was bizarre with a lot of inappropriate joking and laughing, and the wife winking at him after she told what wonderful a husband he was. Also during the interview the wife slipped up and said “when he confessed”, then changed it to “when he was interrogated”. Freudian slip!!!!! I think she knows what happened too. That looked like a rehearsed interview if I ever saw one. How could they even laugh when this young child has been missing for over a month. She kept referring to him as her son. I would be beside myself. I do believe there is much more to this than meets the eye. If the cadaver got his scent at the Battenkill golf course , I think he was there or is still there somewhere, hidden.Have they searched all the empty barrels, and inside the mill, in the water tanks, etc. I hope they find that he ran away, but I think he would have come forward by now, unless he’s afraid to go back with those people. And in the interview, watch how Stephen can go from 0-60 and get angry, and refers to MLK. Something’s not right somewhere!!!!

  47. You had some excellent points Dancingwind and it made me think of something else. If Jaliek went straight to bed and Stephen didnt even say goodnight, how does Stephen even know Jaliek went to bed in his pajamas?

    Yeah I noticed the slip up too but she had been saying they were trying to get him to confess so I chalked it up to a mistake of words. The interview was weird and did seem rehearsed and I noticed he kept looking at Jocelyn for affirmation when he spoke.

  48. Ok, I went back and watched that part of the video again. Stephen said he brought his pajamas in with him and nothing else (except the clip board). So I was mistaken in the fact that I thought it said Stephen said he went to bed in his pajamas.

    His reaction when she asked him “he didnt take anything with him” and then he said “he went back into his back,I assume he went back into his bag” stands out. Why did he think he went back into the bag?

    Again, why wouldnt Jaliek take the bag if he went back into it?

  49. Barbara Reeley said

    For more than five weeks Jaliek’s disappearance has been the center of some of our lives. To answer a couple questions that were asked of me: I think Stephen knows more than he is saying. The truth is what I would like ~ there is no reason to say what I “think happened” because right now only Stephen truly knows what happened after they left the restaurant in Latham.

    A5 – You know Stephen and Jocelyn (and it sounds like you know me), I welcome a phone call from you to discuss things in more depth. If I write some things in a public forum it will only seem as though I am trying to smear Stephen & Jocelyn’s name and that will not help find the truth in what happened to Jaliek on November 1st.

    As to how the police have handled the case ~ they have been diligent, respectful, caring and have searched, followed up on all information they have received as far as I know. Have they made mistakes, could they have done a better job of handling Jaliek’s disappearance? I think they have to answer those questions but I feel most people can look back on situations and see how things could have been done that would have helped more. I wish I’d reacted differently in some situations after Jocelyn called me at 8:45 a.m. on Friday, November 2nd and told me Jaliek was missing.

    As far as what I know about what was the plan for Jaliek’s future from November 2nd on ~ Jocelyn told me Jaliek was going with Stephen to Stephen’s parents home (vacant while Stephen’s parents are in Romania) for two nights and then they had another respite home set up for Jaliek to go to on Saturday, November 3 through Tuesday, November 6th and on Tuesday, November 6th they intended to place Jaliek back with the Persons (family who did respite for Jaliek from Saturday, October 26 through Thursday, November 1st). Plans were a bit tentative although Jaliek was aware he would most likely be returning to the Persons on Tuesday, November 6th. As far as long term plans, Jocelyn and Stephen were looking to disrupt the adoption. Many options had been looked at: boarding school, military school, local public school, Waldorf School, placement in a Group Home, Detention Facility, Mental Health Facility and calls were being made to doctors, counsellors, county offices, etc., but I was told by Jocelyn that they were going to disrupt Jaliek’s adoption and place him wherever they could.

    I do not believe Jaliek ran away and I do not believe the note presented to the police was a runaway note.

    For the first two weeks I searched for Jaliek, now I am grieving Jaliek.

  50. Dancingwind said

    Thank You Barbara Reeley for answering some of the questions that are out there. I am very sorry for what you are going through right now. I have followed these types of cases for years and read a million books on the subject. Growing up I wanted to be in the field of crime investigation focusing on missing persons and cold cases. I myself have found two missing people that had been missing for years. One turned up deceased. One turned up alive and well. I feel that they have tried to do a good job in this investigation, but I feel that they should have asked for Citizen volunteers to help,once the case went cold, like they have done in some of the very high profile cases like the Laci Peterson case. My husband and I and a bunch of our friends know this area well because we’ve lived here all our lives. There are quarry’s, miles of wooded ares that were not searched as far as I know. I myself can say I believe Jaliek is deceased. If not in the area where the cadaver dogs searched, what about the woods around Stephen & Jocelyn’s residence? I have a feeling Stephen blew up at him and it went too far, and then it was too late. It sounds like Jaliek had a great time at the Person’s, with plans to return there. Maybe Stephen didn’t like it because Jaliek had a good time and behaved there. I also thought it very strange for Jocelyn to play a game of ” which family would you like to go live with, when he was living with them.” She should have been affirming that they loved him and they were his family and they never wanted to lose him. I think they should search the mill thoroughly, any empty barrels, under discarded junk that looks like it’s been there for years. Could have been buried and the junk replaced over the site, make searchers think ” Oh that’s been there a long time.” If the new team of dogs catch a scent there, then they should call out anyone they can to help search every nook and cranny out there. I hope there is a break in this case soon, so there can be closure. These type of kids are the way they are for a reason, and I feel so bad that in some cases these children end up getting hurt, despite the medicines and psychological treatment they may have gotten. If Jaliek is gone I hope he’s free of any suffering that he has felt in his short lifetime. I will keep hoping for the best outcome, even though I feel it will not be good.

  51. Dancingwind said

    Jalieks Maternal Grandmother has come out on Channel 9 news Albany, NY and expressed what she really feels about the fact that she does believe Stephen harmed Jaliek. I give her a lot of credit to be able to take the stand she has regarding the welfare of this young child. It’s probably one of the hardest things she’s had to do in her life and I highly respect her for doing the right thing. I wonder when Jocelyn will come forward, if ever. She may be scared to death of him harming her or the other children, or she’s totally blind. I don’t believe that she’s blind, and she probably has seen a lot. People who abuse thir family like to keep them isolated from others, living far out from other people, keeping them away from friends and family. No one can see or hear what’s going on out where they reside. I will say a prayer I learned in gradeschool to St.Anthony who is the Patron Saint of missing persons or things lost. I’m not as religious as I should be, but I do believe there is a higher power, who is watching over all of us, and I will pray that Jaliek is found, that the truth comes out, and that there will be closure for everyone who knew and loved Jaliek, despite his behavior and anger issues. Maybe he learned a lot of those behaviors from Stephen! God Bless You Barbara Reeley, you’re doing the right thing.

  52. Bertha said

    DancingWinds, Barbara, Elaine and Tom and others who have been so caring and brave and spoken out for Jaliek, thank you so much for your curage and speaking up for what you and many here, believe to be the truth.

    I have been thinking the same, when I heard about Jaliek’s anger problems: where did he hear those things and what has he seen and experienced? Once I was in a relationship like this and I had to fear for my childs safety and our lives, it is a very hard place to get out of and only helping and caring people can make a great difference and lend support. Jaliek was only a child.

    Jaliek was an angel who was here to teach us about compassion, caring and love despite the behaviour he sometimes displayed.

  53. Barbara Reeley said

    “Light the Night for Jaliek” will be at the VFW on Abeel Avenue in Greenwich, Ny on Sunday, December 23rd from 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. There will be a giant Christmas card for Jaliek, free Christmas ornaments and refreshments. Contact Elaine Person at 518-861-6262. Public Welcome!

  54. Dancingwind said

    It’s wonderful that there will be a night in remembrance and hope that Jaliek will be found. I have thought of him every day since he’s been missing, and I never knew him. There are many others out there that are victims of bad circumstances out there also. I think of them too. I hope we have answers soon. There are many other people I know following the Court TV message board about Jaliek. Many people are hoping for the truth. “The truth will set Jaliek free.”

  55. Dancingwind said

    I am so pleased to know that a new task force is underway. I would like to help in any way I can. When the searching begins again my husband and friends of ours would be glad to be involved. There may be other ways we may be able to help also. I am waiting to see what Elaine Persons has planned, which she will announce on New Year’s Day. I hope they take into account that I don’t believe the area around Kerr’s residence has been searched with dogs. We are only taking Kerr’s word that he spent the night with Jaliek at the Hill St. residence! As far as he’s concerned, I don’t believe his word is very good. He has not cooperated to the fullest. His wife took the polygraph, which they are not saying she passed or failed which to me means she failed. They are usually very quick to announce when someone passes one. Now they are residing there, at the Hill Street residence. Is it to keep the focus off the area where they reside, which is so desolate with so many woods and streams. I will keep Jaliek in my prayers to St. Anthony, the Patron Saint of things lost. I believe you will have a lot of support, and with not leaving any stone unturned, Jaliek will be found. Thank God you are keeping the search for him alive and active, until he’s found.

  56. Bertha said

    Dancing Wind, you know, intuitively I feel you are onto something here and it feels right to bring some focus on searching around the old house. Thank you for bringing this up and your willingness to help. After speaking with Jaliek’s grandfather, Barbara Reeley’s husband, I know they will not rest until they have found Jaliek.

  57. Dancingwind said

    I didn’t even know Jaliek and I will not rest till he’s found either. He’s found a place in my heart. I take care of kids like him, and they are so hard to understand sometimes, but they missed out somewhere along the line. They can’t always help what they have become, how they act, and how they respond to things. I see Stephen is in Albany again passing out flyers there. He sure wants to take the focus off the Greenwich area! I would have believed him more, if in the tv interview he gave with his wife, he said they had a big argument and then Jaliek jumped out of the car and took off. I don’t believe it went down the way he said. I don’t believe Jaliek went silent and not another word was spoken, unless he silenced Jaliek, by harming him. I will keep posted on what’s going on with the task force. I wish we’d stop getting snow. It will impede any searches until Spring. I don’t believe Jaliek is alive, although I want to with all my heart. I hope I’m wrong. Tell everyone to keep up hope. There are miracles!

  58. Barbara Reeley said

    Find Jaliek Task Force is keeping the search for Jaliek in the media by putting up our own Reward Posters today in Greenwich, Salem,Cambridge, Schuylerville & Saratoga. We are putting on a bake sale on Monday, Jan. 21, in front of K-Mart in Greenwich with all proceeds to go Trustco Bank to be held for the reward to anyone gives a lead that finds Jaliek. For more information please go to our website:

    Two months, four days . . . I miss Jaliek. Thank you to everyone for their support.

  59. Dancingwind said

    My husband and I are so glad that everyone has gotten together who knew Jaliek and are keeping his spirit alive. I am glad that the police are finally able to say that Stephen Kerr is a person of interest. I believe the “writings on the wall”. The problem is, that they don’t have enough evidence yet, to call him a suspect. He prances up and down the streets of Albany with a smirk on his face. I think he feels pretty confident right now, that he’s home free. All I’m praying for is for him to make a few good slip-ups. He can’t really control his temper when his buttons are pushed. That was clearly seen in the TV interview with him and Jocelyn. If for one minute she knows anything about Jalieks disappearance, then she’s aiding and abetting a criminal. She should be charged with a crime also if that is ever proven. I feel in my heart that she does know what really happened. He said he didn’t call the police right away because he had to confer with Jocelyn. 90 minutes after he discovers Jaliek missing he calls the police. Something is not adding up here. I wish they could get a warrant up where he was living before Jaliek disappeared. Bring some cadaver dogs up there. He’s sure trying to keep the focus off that area, and now plans to move to Rupert Vt., to get away from there. He doesn’t even reside there now. He’s residing at the Hill St. residence. If Jaliek is no longer with us, maybe Stephen moved him and is afraid there is trace evidence in the Van, that they wouldn’t have found before. If the police had the Van before and they didn’t find anythingthen, what’s the big problem now. It would maybe clear him as far as the van goes, but not the time he was out in it. If he knows he was really sleeping at the time the surveillance video captured this picture, then what’s he afraid of. I say this speaks for itself! Jaliek is in my prayers, everyday. Everyone’s prayers and thoughts of Jaliek will pave the way to the truth.

  60. Dancingwind said

    My husband and I, and another friend of mine, have signed up to help search if the time comes for that. We are happy that the Greenwich police are not letting this go. I have to commend Chief Bell for his dedication to this case. I have been keeping up with every new development in this case. I feel like I’ve known Jaliek my whole life. I think of him every day and want to know the truth. We will keep praying that the truth will come out. Someday I hope to meet his Grandmother Barbara Reeley.She must be very strong to take the stance she has, especially with her own daughter being involved. Everyone needs to think stongly of Jaliek everyday, as many already are, keep him in your prayers and in your heart, and hope for the truth.

  61. Bertha said

    It has been too long on this forum without posts about Jaliek Rainwalker.

    Today is the first day of Spring and soon the search can be taken up again.

  62. upset said

    i do believe something bad happened to jaliek , poor kid, all kids have issues, but still get them the help your geting paid for, his adoptive parentsdon’t care.if they did,they wouldn’t have made him seepwith the rst i a shck, the are rules and guidelines to follow, they din’t how nice

  63. Ace said

    Just saw this story on “Find Our Missing” on the TVONE network. This is really sad. It is also very obvious his adoptive parents know what happened to him. God bless his grandmother for still not giving up hope. I pray that one day there is closure for the people that actually cared about him. I also hope that the search continues and that he is not just forgotten like so many others.

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