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The Search for Cori Jesse Baker Continues

Posted by KindraLore on November 15, 2007

UPDATE 3/25/08 9:21PM

The Medical Examiner’s Office positively identified a skull and other remains that were found Friday evening at Paintball Adventure Games as belonging to Cori Jesse Baker.

Marquis Bullock, who picked her up from school that day, is charged with first-degree murder in her death.

Complete article found here.


UPDATE 12/14/07 12:07PM

Despite the fact that authorities have been unable to locate the body of Cori Baker, Marquis Bullock has been charged with first degree murder. Bullock originally maintained that he and Cori were playing by the river and she accidentally fell in. He has since recanted stating that he was not with the girl the day she disappeared.

Latest News Article:

Murder charge filed in Tulsa missing teen case


11/20/7 8:06PM

A small update on this story.

Police have still found no signs of Cori Jesse Baker or belongings of hers they are now looking for. Police state that they are looking for a CD player and a black purse that Cori was carrying at the time. They are also looking for a yellow striped polo shirt, purportedly belonging to Bullock.

Today police received a tip from a delivery driver claiming to have seen a CD player and a yellow striped shirt lying near the road along 145th East Avenue between E 31st Street and E 51st Street. Police believe if they can find these items, her body may be near.

Click for Article


11/15/07 12:34PM

Missing girl’s family joins in search

Based on statements that 18 year old Marquis Bullock made, police were searching along the west bank of the river north of Pedestrian Bridge for Cori Baker yesterday, but yielded no results.

Cori’s whole family were out searching as well. Divers combed the river until well after dark. Still, no sign of little Cori Baker. LE concedes that they are back to square one.

Missing girl’s family joins in search
Search for Tulsa teen is ‘back to square one’

Original Blog

Tulsa, OK – Police continued their search today along the Arkansas River for the body of 13 year old Cori Jesse Baker. Cori was picked up from the Union Alternative School on Friday by her sister’s boyfriend, 18 year old Marquis Bullock.

Tulsa police has since arrested Marquis Milton Bullock and charged him with First-degree murder and kidnapping. Cori reportedly told friends that Bullock was going to take her to the mall to purchase a Christmas present for her sister.

When questioned, initially Bullock gave conflicting statements of where he was at the time of Cori’s disappearance; one story stating he was at a casino, the second that he was at a strip club. He also lied to police about what articles of clothing he wore that day.

The arrest report indicated that the description of the man and the vehicle that picked Cori up at school that day matched that of Bullock and that his red Firebird was also caught on security tape of the school parking lot.

Originally Cori’s sister Courtney told police Bullock was with her at the time of Cori’s disappearance, but eventually recanted that statement and stated that she was “coerced and intimidated” by Bullock and his mother to say Bullock was with her Friday afternoon.

A substance that tested positive for blood was found in Bullock’s car and on his shoes, but those tests are not definitive, according to the report.

Rescue crews have focused the search along the Arkansas River at 31st Street. They’re waiting for the water level to go down. The Corps of Engineers has shut off the flow of water from the Keystone Dam.

Detectives are still looking for more clues. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the FBI are assisting Tulsa police.

Marquis Bullock pictured

31 Responses to “The Search for Cori Jesse Baker Continues”

  1. Jared Buker said

    Cori was such a wonderful girl — so full of life, so sweet, so bubbly. This is such a tragedy for the Baker family — they are an incredibly close family, and the three girls are the apple of Danny’s (the father) eyes. My family is lucky enough to know their family; Cori was like a Granddaughter to my mother. This is just so heartbreaking for everybody.

    Jared Buker
    Minneapolis, MN

    • circe sanchez said

      it is a horrid thing i miss cori so much its so hard to belive that shes gone although almost two years have gone by!

      • amanda said

        i dont kno of you nor do i kno you. but i can definetly say i feel ur pain and the baker families pain. i was close friends with casey baker and knew of her family very well i lived down the street form them when i lived in oklahom of 06-07 before i moved n the middle of my 8th grade yr now im a senior. but when i heard about this i couldnt believe my ears. god just thinkin and readin and known this and god i knew of him. caseys dad let him live there with kourtney and he did this. it hurts to kno someone ive known and the familie members that ive known for so long have a tragic like this happen to them. its very sad and all my prayers and hopes are to the bakers familie espeacially cori.. if u would like to email me its and my names amanda. casey bakers best friend in so sorry this happen and god bless the bakers family.may god always be with you:)

  2. Kindra Lore said


    My condolences to you and the Baker family and everyone that knew Cori.


  3. Anonymous said

    i believe in marquis bullocks innocence .i do not believe they have the evidence to prove their case.i do feel for the parents and i do pray they find theit daughter

    • circe sanchez said

      well let me tell you just how wrong you are i was the last person other thatn marquis to see cori that day i got so scared when i found out she was gone i was the first person they called and i was the one to say who she went with and where they supposidly went to and that so called person whom is more of an animal like beast than human she left with that raped and killed one of my best friends is named MARQUIS BULLOCK!!!!

      • amanda said

        i totally agree with you. i hope tht pig rotts in prison if not in hell. the pain and disturbance he’s caused upon the most loved and close ones and the surprise and suspicions.its rediculous and just so sad. its totally fucked up and whoever knew or knows what he knows, the one person everyone is sayin might of ben with him, speak or forever hold ur peace but it will eat u alive till the day u die just like tht pig….!!!

  4. Anonymous:

    I think the problem with that theory is:

    a) the school camera’s caught Marcus’ car on the property @ the time Cori was last seen

    b) Bullock lied about his whereabouts @ the time of her disappearance and his alibi could not be substantiated

    c) Cori’s sister stated that when he did show up at her house hours later, he was cleaning his shoes off

    d) blood was found on his shoes and in his car (details to my knowledge have not been released as to what the DNA results of the blood testing were as of yet)

    e) Cori had told her friends that day the Bullock was picking her up at school to go shopping for a present for her sister

    In my opinion, I am confident that LE has the right suspect. I think he is not going to give up the location of the body because he recanted his statement. He knows, no body – hard to convict.


  5. Anonymous said

    As the news has stated in the last 3 days, it was NOT blood on his shoes or in his car. I have a feeling that this going to be 10 times worse then anyone in this family can imagine. The Baker family I think are in for a very bad situation, because I feel he did not work alone. Everyone keeps talking about he didn’t have enough time….ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? She went missing on friday afternoon, he was not arrested until late Monday night, that is almost 3 DAYS he had to get rid of her body!!! Wake up police!!

    • circe sanchez said

      well see thats where you are wrong he was arrested late sunday night and that was blood on his shoes and in his car its had just been belived to be animal blood covering jesse’s(cori’s) blood!

  6. Well it must be local news then because in anything I have found on the internet it states his shoes tested positive for blood and that Courtney Baker saw him cleaning his shoes in the bathroom with a toothbrush. Reports state the carpet tested postive for blood too. Can you please point me to an article where it comes out and states that is wrong?


  7. HopeFloats said

    Last week while I was helping look for Cori, I talked to a lady that said she was friends with Cori’s family..she said Cori called her nanny…she said that it turned out it was not blood on his shoes or in the car…And I agree, her body could be anywhere, he had a 3 day window to get rid of it…and he is holding out on telling where it is hoping that there is not enough evidence to convict him..

  8. B said

    I also helped searched for Cori. It was frusterating. I just want to go shake him. She was definitely with him and I do believe that he had help. I think they are realizing that he may have had more time than they originally thought seeing as how they are now searching in Taft. The word around her school was that she had a crush on him. That she was excited he was picking her up and telling everyone that he’d be picking her up all day. Thats just what I’ve heard from a source close to another local PD.

    I hope that they find her soon and lay her to rest. I am overcome with anger and sadness everytime I drive past a wooded area and think of her body possibly laying out there. My thoughts are with the Baker family, especially Courtney. I can’t imagine what she must be feeling.


    • circe sanchez said

      well let me just make a quick comment on youre oh so incorrect opinion cori didnt have a crush on marquis she had a crush on a guy named dillon…and yes she was exited and telling us all marquis would be picking her up but only because she thought she was going gift shooping with him for her sister and he promised to get her cigarets if she acompanied him…

  9. Anonymous said

    i will not be leaving any proof of who i am but i am very close to the family and i believe in marquises innocence .none of you know a damn thing about him.the police are just grabbing at straws they want to just solve the case not prove a man,s innocence.marquis is innocent people there is no case or evidence to prove otherwise.

    • circe sanchez said

      well im not scared to let you know who i am my name is circe sanchez and im16 i loved cori i still do and i always will and i KNOW for a fact marquis is as guilty as can be!!!!

  10. I don’t know about grasping at straws because at one point Bullock told LE that he and Cori were playing by the river and she accidentally fell in. She told lots of people he was picking her up and a car JUST LIKE HIS was caught on the security tape at the time she would have been picked up. Plus, he lied and changed his story a few times about where he was when Cori disappeared. That does not sound like the actions of an innocent man to me. Just my opinion.

  11. B said

    I was told by a friend of the Baker family that some in the family believe that Courtney is responsible.

    If so, very sad. I’m not sure what to make of the story I was told though. It was a long one and I don’t care to share it with the public, but I do hope they find the answers they are looking for soon.

  12. What?? said

    You really shouldn’t post things like that #11 if you can’t back it up! That family is going through so much that I am almost certain that they have all had diff thoughts of what and how it all happen. I know the police have questioned Courtney, she even took a lie detector test and passed, if they felt she was invovled at all she wouldn’t be free to roam around Tulsa.

    Don’t go posting nonsense that you can’t back up!! Stupid!!!

  13. 11 said

    Back it up? I don’t need to back it up. Its all speculation anyways…from Marquis to Courtney, right on down to what really happened.

    I don’t doubt that the family is going thru a hard time, but it doesnt mean I can’t comment on it and share what I have heard. My thoughts are with them and I didn’t say it was 100% truth. I said I heard it from a friend of the family.

  14. What?? said

    Its just very sad that people twist the truth and lies around. I AM FAMILY!!!! And to hear people say “friend of the family told me” makes us all sick. So many people use that lie to just try to start crap and its wrong. Its 2008, and we still have not found her and it gets harder with every day that passes. Cori is missing, and instead of sitting here and trying to get things started by posting “What you heard”, maybe you should be out helping us??

    • circe sanchez said

      well im not family im coris friend who love sher oh so verry much and youre right insteasd of having had been posting a buch of crap online they souldve been trying to help us find her and at one end im glad we did find her for the peace of the family but at the other end im so torne up that we found cori the body not cori the person!!!!!

  15. Robin said

    An update on this story. A psychic is in Tulsa helping the Baker family. I heard that he thinks he will be able to find her. I hope that he does . . . we are so lucky to have him helping for free. The search is supposed to continue this Tuesday (19th) and they want volunteers. I read they desperately need donations, I wish I could give them some money. I feel so bad for the family. . . I hope that they find her soon.

  16. courtney said

    we love u robin and strongly believe we will have a body tuesday… the psychic arrived today and echo search and feds on there way to the search on tuesday.. but still need more volunteers.. love u robin stay strong.. and always cori we love u with all our hearts not a day goes by with out u..

  17. Ben Woodham said

    Well im Cori’s most recent ex boyfriend and me and her we so in love.Then i moved bacc to Memphis,TN for a while and we broke up.Well i came bacc to Tulsa about 2 weeks befor all this happened.Cori and I got into an argument befor i left and we were gona work it out at her basketball game that Saturday.This is really tearing my life apart because i said somethings to her that i wish i could take bacc.I have been crying myself to sleep 4 a really long time because of all of this.This is no joke everything i wrote is true.Please just keep her famliy in your prayers ok.Cori where ever you are i just want to say baby i love you.

  18. Awe, I’m so sorry Ben. Please don’t beat yourself up too bad about what was said in the heat of the moment. I am sure whatever it was, Cori knew that you did not mean it.

    My heart definately goes out to you and everyone that cares for Cori. Hang in there.


  19. Cori said

    i just looked upp cori on the internet and i cannot even believe this story!

  20. jim says said

    This is/was such a senseless tragedy that should never have happened. What is wrong with our “Society” today??? It is so sick, sick, sick!!! I believe this dude MB is as guilty as anything and the quicker they can have his trial, sentence him to life without parole possibility, throw his sorry A** in solairtie (sp) confinement, throw away the key, and forget to feed him a meal now and then, give him the rest of his sorry life to think about what he’s done. But, then along comes a bleeding heart defense attorney that throws in this BS about how MB was beaten as a kid by his sorry good for nothing alcoholic old man, Duh!!! Go figure!!! The victim’s family will never see justice done for their little 13 year old Cori. May she rest peacefully/eternally with her/our Lord in Heaven.

    With God’s love and respectfully submitted,


  21. Marquis Half Sister said

    i beleive my brother is innocent… i know he would do nothing of the sort…i am praying for the Baker family and i hope they find out the truth….because right now only the murderer, god and Cori knows what happened….

  22. marquis said

    none of you know shit about me or hat family,…i loved them all including cori, innocent and you should get your facts straight before you speak

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