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Jaliek Rainwalker – State Police to Subpoena T.V. Interviews of Jaliek’s Parents

Posted by KindraLore on November 19, 2007

Jaliek Rainwalker

State police have said that they are going to subpoena all taped interviews with Jaliek Rainwalker’s parents according to reports coming out today. I know many want to believe in these parents, as do I, but common sense tells us that a little boy does not completely disappear off the face of this earth. Someone would have seen little Jaliek walking down the road. In two weeks since he has been missing there have been no sightings people.

Yet Friday in a candlelight vigil, Stephen Kerr, Jaliek’s adoptive father says he still believes Jaliek’s alive. You can see his plea here .

Now that we know Jaliek’s adoptive parents were about to return him to the state, the question lies: did Jaliek run away or did something more sinister happen.

Today Jaliek’s foster parents (who have cared for Jaliek off and on since he was seven when his adoptive parents needed a break) say they want answers. The Persons of Altamont told NEWS10 “I think they thought they could fix this child and there are some things that you can’t fix”. They said that Stephen Kerr told them that a threat made to another child was the last straw.

“In my discussions with Stephen, he said that they were going to disrupt the placement. But he gave me no indication that Jaliek knew that and I don’t think Jaliek knew.

Elaine Person stated that Jaliek was happy when she dropped him off with his father.

According to this article Jaliek threatened the family and once threatened to rape a 4-year old child at the small homeschool he attended. Some family members say Rainwalker was no longer welcome at the school after that last threat and that may have prompted him to run away. Rainwalker’s 14-year-old brother told CBS 6 Jaliek had threatened his family and began to throw tantrums about three months after he was adopted three years ago.

3 Responses to “Jaliek Rainwalker – State Police to Subpoena T.V. Interviews of Jaliek’s Parents”

  1. Trisha said

    Hey Kindralore,

    Wow, this case sound more like Colt’s and Ricky Holland’s case all rolled into one. I was reading tonight that the adoptive parents had in fact decided to reverse the adoption. Steve decided for some reason on the night Jaliek came back from the respite care to take him to the vacant home of his parents. He awakened the next morning and discovered Jaliek had “run away” leaving a note stating he did not want to be a burden to the family. Hmmm. The way they have described this young man I don’t think he has the skills to be that introspective and write a good-bye note.

    I am with you on someone needed to have seen him wandering around. He has poor impulse control according to the family and he certainly would have drawn attention to himself.

    Hope you are doing well. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  3. Sally Mae said

    I think an accident happened. Perhaps Jalick got a little out of hand and his stepfather tried to control him, but something went wrong. He took Jalick for a drive and that’s that..I don’t think the stepfather wants to admit to anything. I think he’s scared. Why did they stop looking for Jalick at the pond. the dogs smelled something. Is there a drainage cover or something like that.. did they look there.. Where is Jalick. Somebody say something.. It’s not fair that he should be alone.

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