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If it Walks Like a Duck, Quacks Like a Duck.. Jack McClellan

Posted by KindraLore on November 20, 2007

Jack McClellanJack McClellanJack McClellan

I have blogged previously here and here about self proclaimed pedophile Jack McClellan. Since then Jack has been arrested for violating a restraining order by standing outside of a daycare (where the oldest child was three years of age) taking pictures. Attorney Anthony Zinnanti fought and won a temporary restraining order prohibiting McClellan from contact with ANY minors in the state of California hereby forcing McClellan to leave Santa Clarita and move to Portland, Oregon.

However, once there Jack did not receive an open armed welcome and Portland’s transit police made sure Jack was not riding TriMet after openly proclaiming the transit system to be a good place to watch little girls.

McClellan admitted to riding TriMet for long stretches to stay warm, which is in violation of transit system rules. As a result, McClellan was banned from riding for 60 days.

According to unconfirmed reports Jack the pedophile has hightailed it back to California.

It seems that police are also interested in the unsolved murder of a 10 year old Lakewood Washington girl, Adre’anna Jackson.

Adre'anna Jackson

According to Crime Library, on McClellan’s now-defunct pedophile web site, “Seattle-Tacoma-Everett Girl Love” McClellan provided a link to a news story on the death of Adre’anna Jackson and also listed area where she disappeared in a portion of his site labeled “Seattle-Vancouver Street Prostitution Guide.” He has professed attraction to a child actress who looks similar to Jackson and left his home state of Washington after the start of a billboard campaign to find the killer.

In the meantime, Anthony Zinnanti, the attorney that won the restraining order against McClellan and attorney for Ron Tebo (creator of anti-Jack website) has stated he and Tebo have backed off the campaign against McClelland after receiving anonymous threats against their families, and both having their children’s pictures put on pedophile sites.
Tebo’s anti-Jack site has been taking down for the most part with exclusion of a picture of McClellan and a message that states:

“If you have any information that is relevant to Jack McClellan please contact your local law enforcement agency or local FBI office!”

In the last month or so, after fighting with pro-Jack Web designers to have a photo of his son removed from the Internet, Tebo has been forced to withdraw from the feud, regroup and rethink his tactics.

“I’m just trying to stay away from all of this right now,” he said, during a phone interview at his home in New York. “It’s tiring, time-consuming and exhausting.”

Zinnanti has reportedly lost his law office and most of his business revenue. “This whole case has so severely impacted my life that I had to leave my office,” Zinannti said Friday. “I lost my law office and the money I once received is gone. I’ve lost 70 percent of my income.

“This whole thing has just destroyed my practice.”

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4 Responses to “If it Walks Like a Duck, Quacks Like a Duck.. Jack McClellan”

  1. Darren said

    This in reference to a blog entitled, “Anthony Zinnanti-Best. Attorney. Ever” This statement is as correct in fact, as it is grammatically correct.

    Zinnanti took a guy who violated no law, took pictures in public, and used that as a platform to promote himself thanks to his big sister Nancy Grace! Granted McClennan’s taste for publishing his thoughts is distasteful, all Zinnanti did was push McClennan and others further underground.
    A person gives up rights when they walk out their front door. You do not need permission to take a photograph in public. Warren v. Fairfax County, 196 F.3d 186, 191 (4th Cir. 1999) (“The archetypical examples of traditional public fora are streets, sidewalks, and parks.”

    Watch TMZ and you will see photographers blocking streets, sidewalks, etc. The age of the person being photographed is irrelevant. Brandenburg v. Ohio is also irrelevant since it deals with defining a threat. This issue pertains to taking a picture in public and the person publishing statements online–which do not come close to a threat since McClennan never spoke to a single kid. (Read the opinion)

    Zinnanti’s standing to file the restraining order is that his teenage daughters were at risk of McClennan. McClennan posted he liked “LGs” (Little Girls), teenage girls are far from Little Girls. In short, Zinnanti used his daughters as a platform to launch himself into the spot light.
    Zinnanti has no major published cases, works by himself, and operates out of a little office. To say he is the “Best Attorney” is as true as saying McClennan likes adult women.

    Perplexingly, it’s ok to write and publish books about how to forge ID’s, make bombs, and even the KKK which is responsible for dozens of murders gets to publish its thoughts—but McClennan can’t take a picture in public and write about his fantasies. (?) See

    The common bond Zinnanti shares with McClennan is that they each love the spot light.

  2. Teri said

    @ Darren
    You are just as sick and twisted as McClennan….How dare you back something like that up….You both need to be shipped off to a far away island with nothing but big gay men who want to tear you a new asshole…..literally….
    To take pics of a child in a sexual way is wrong and he is taking pics of little girls for his own sexual pleasure…so how can you back that up…..

    both of you need to go to prison and see how they handle preditors….you nasty people!!!!

  3. Darren said

    “To take pics of a child in a sexual way” is incorrect. You must be a big Nancy Grace fan, since Nancy loves the drama and forgets the facts. Fact is, McClennan didn’t take any pic of any child “in a sexual way”, but merely in public, walking down the street, at a park, etc. If a kid is in a sexual position in public, maybe the parent should correct the child’s behavior. During the same time McClennan has been in the media, he has never been caught with a kid, but dozens of teachers, priests, and trusted uncles have. All of these ‘trusted’ people hide what they are, while McClennan tells the world his mental thoughts but still has no conviction for sexual conduct with a minor.

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