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Have You Seen Megan Wodarski?

Posted by KindraLore on November 24, 2007

 12/17/07 4:14PM

Beth Wodarski, Megan’s mother just left a comment saying that Megan is home! I am so happy for both her and Megan. I hope whatever issues Megan had or has that led her to leave will be resolved. The worry and suffering and sleepless nights that Beth has gone through should not ever be repeated. Congrats Beth and Megan!


Update 12/13/07 7:23PM

According to Megan’s Aunt that posted here, Megan may be in the company of 17 year old Cameron Quisenberry who is also missing and considered an Endangered Runaway. Here is a picture of Cameron:

Cameron Quisenberry - Missing

Here is the link to his information:

Missing – Cameron L. Quisenberry
Click here if you cannot view the previous pdf version


Update 12/13/07 11:15Am

As a poster by the name of Brian commented here, Megan’s myspace has once again changed the caption to say, “Ok mom I will be home for Christmas”. As you notice on the right, it says, “ok mom I will be home for Christmas Iloveyou Cameron”. I assume all of that was written on her heading but it would only show so much of it. So is Cameron the one writing it? Is Megan saying she loves Cameron? Why would Megan do this at all? If she is truely ok, this seems a weird way to communicate with her family.

Megan Wodarski Myspace 12/12

Megan Wodarski Myspace 2________________________________________________________________

Update 12/8/07 7:39PM

Well the only updates I am getting seem to be from Megan’s myspace account and the fact that someone that left a comment on this blog stating that Megan was ok and was staying with a boy named Cameron. Today on Megan’s myspace it seems her mom left her another “comment” on her heading:

Megan Wodarski Myspace

If anyone can shed some light on this case, let me know. Megan, if you are reading this, please at least call your mom. I cannot imagine the worry she is going through.


Update 12/4/07 2:30PM

I checked in on Megan’s myspace profile and I’m not sure what to make of this:

Megan Wodarski Myspace

The profile states someone was logged in Saturday (which I have already deduced that Megan’s mom had access previously as she left her a message on the profile heading (see original blog).

Now the heading states:
“MOM im okay cam didnt hurt me i will cum home soon”

If this is true and Megan is safe, why wouldn’t she just pick up the phone and call her mom? Why would she leave a message in the heading of her myspace account?


Megan Wodarski

Update 12/4/07 10:33AM

I have not found any new articles on this missing girl. However, she is listed now on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s website found here, so I am assuming she is still missing.


15 year old Megan Wodarski of Toledo, Ohio rode the school bus last Friday, November 16th and has not been seen since. According to her mother she never showed up for classes. Its been over a week and now her family are worried for her safety.

“I honestly think something is wrong with her because she would not, not call me. I don’t understand that,” says Megan’s mother, Beth Wodarski.

On Megan’s myspace it states: megan call me & let me know u r ok. I love u! MOM!

On the tagline it says: “never give up on me cause i’ll never give up on you. your everything i need just look at what we’ve already been through.””

Megan Wodarski was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt hoodie and khaki pants. If you’ve seen or heard from her, you’re urged to call police or her mother at 419-297-0115.

Click for News Article with Video


21 Responses to “Have You Seen Megan Wodarski?”

  1. Icer said

    I live in Toledo and spoke with a friend of mine who says she knows Megan. She told me that as far as she knows that Megan is “okay” and is currently staying with her possibly older African American boyfriend named Cameron that is not very well liked by her family. She told me she would give me more information if she finds out anything.

  2. Icer:

    Thanks for your comment and the info. You must have been reading my mind because after searching and searching for days and no info on Megan I was beginning to wonder and was about to post and ask anyone for some updates or info. I also got wind that this may be a hoax and with the myspace thing, I started to wonder.

    I do see that Megan is listed with National Center for Missing & Exploited Children as well as other missing persons organizations, so if her family knows she is ok, they should notify these agencies.

    Please keep us updated if any news is available.


  3. Worried Aunt said

    First, let me say this is not a hoax. No as far as the family knows Megan is not ok. It is very much not like Megan to just disappear. She does not do drugs or drink alcohol. She took nothing with her including her special order contacts to see. Cameron is a child himself so he too needs to be home. The family is worried sick we just want her to come home. We have no reason to believe that she has left on her own will and have even heard that Cameron has been seen by friends and she has not been with him. She has not been found and we would love for anyone who may know where she is located to contact the Toledo Police at 419-245-3340 or Her mother at 419-297-0115. We want Megan home safe. The Fox Toledo news station aired a story on November 19th 2007 you can see it on their website. That should have a picture of Megan and Cameron. Also Channel 11 in Toledo did a brief story on Friday November 23rd. PLease we are begging you to provide a location of Megan or Cameron!

  4. Megan’s Aunt:

    Thank you for clearing that up. I believe its very important to let everyone know that this is a serious situation. Have the police questioned Cameron? Are they actively trying to find Megan? Has Megan called or contacted in any way besides the myspace account? Do you think it was her that posted on that account or someone else?

    My thoughts and prayers for your family. I am sure you are worried stiff.

    If any of Megan’s friends are reading this blog and have seen her or know anything, please call the Toledo Police Department at the number Megan’s Aunt has given.


  5. Brian G said

    Now her MySpace account has the caption “okay mom i will be home for christmas”

    Is she really accessing the page, or is someone else changing the titles?

  6. Thanks Brian. I would like to know if she is the one leaving those messages or if its someone else as well. If it is her, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me because it would be easier and more private to make a phone call or at the very least, send an email.

  7. Willing2Help said

    Does anyone know what Cameron’s last name is and where he lives or used to live? If we find him, we should be able to find her.

  8. Worried Aunt said

    Cameron’s last name is Quinsenbery or Quisenberry. There are two ways we have found it spelled. He used to reside off of Sylvania ave. Now he lives on Michigan and Bush with his parents and siblings. Northend of Toledo

  9. It seems weird that the police have not checked Cameron out. Are they not actively looking for Megan? I agree with Willing2Help. If any of Megan’s friends know anything about Cameron; his last name or a way he can be found, please tell.

    Don’t post address info here or phone numbers, but you can email me through Email KindraLore at the top, or you can call the Toledo police department.

  10. Megan’s Aunt:

    I looked back on the video and I did not see a picture of Cameron (The link to the story and video are provided on this blog). Can you direct us to where there is a picture of Cameron, or if her mom has access to her myspace and Megan has a picture there, could someone email it to me through Email KindraLore? I could post it and maybe that could lead to information of their whereabouts.

    Also, is Cameron missing as well? You said that he needed to be home.


  11. Is this Cameron:


  12. Megans Mom said

    Yes, that is Cameron. He is still missing as far as I know. His sister Elaine, who I believe is 13 yrs. old has a mutual friend of Megans that lives accross the street from us who’s mother called me on Saturday 12-8-07 and said that elaine spent the night and said that she has info but was not allowed to disclose this info. She finally told the mutual friend and the girls grandmother that “Cameron came home 2-3 days prior at 5 am and spoke with her and her older brother Brian and said that they were alright and that he is taking care of Megan and that they are staying at a friend of his by Woodward H.S. then he left and they told their parents and the MOM of Cameron said you can can tell Beth(Megan mom) because she will freak out”. This made me mad because first of all where the heck was my daughter at 5am while hewas walking to his parents house?? and what kind of mother would keep this information from another parent who’s child is alos missing. They may or may not care what or where there child is, but I do care and love my daughter and want her home safe and sound. I thank you all for any help!!! I hope she comes home soon.

  13. Megans Mom said


  14. Beth:

    I am so sorry for what you are going through. Have you heard from Megan at all besides the myspace captions? Do you think it is actually her leaving them or someone else?

    Have the Toledo Police Department been actively pursuing the case? You should contact them with the information you have learned regarding Cameron and let them check it out. If Cameron’s mom knows anything, maybe she would be more willing to give it up to the police.

    I cant imagine the worry you have. Please hang in there.

    If any of Megan’s friends are reading this blog, or Megan herself, please contact Beth and let her know her daughter is ok!


  15. Megans Mom said

    Ihope it is Megan leaving the messeges on Myspace, but I also have my doubts about that. I am the one who left the two that were directed towards her, only because I have no other way to communicate with her. I also found it odd that she would change her caption, but could not simple block the phone # and call me to let me know she is ok. People have been getting stuff sent to them from her Myspace but they tell me it is alot of people just received two dots from her.I just hope that she is truly ok and will call me directly so I can talk to her myself.

  16. Toledo area resident said

    I saw Megan’s story on the Project Jason website a few weeks ago. (Couldn’t believe that I live in the Toledo area, but didn’t see any local publicity about her disappearance.) I’m sorry to see that you don’t have any further information.

  17. Megans Mom said

    Unfortunately, the City of Toledo an its surrounding areas, do NOT have a REAL good way to help look for missing kids in the area. A week after Megan was missing, a friend of Cameron told me that they were staying in an abandon house in the area of Bancroft between Elm and Chestnut. I called the police and they sent a car out and they went into three houses and looked in the area that they entered the house and saw nothing and suggested I get a better location or color of house. I did get from him to start looking in a couple yellow houses and when I called the non-emergency # to see if a car could be sent out the dispatcher told me that” We cannot send officers out every time we get information of abandon houses because they are too busy and have 110 cases like mine in Toledo” I then responded “What would you do if it was your daughter or child missing??” she then informed that “we are doing what we can” I then cancelled the call and told her I would be going through these houses looking for Megan myself. When the officer came out on the night Megan was missing he took the report and said “you know it is BIG football weekend (Ohio vs. Michigan)and that they probably took her to Michigan and dumped her along one of the side roads and that since she is 15 yrs. old that not much will be done, if she was 13 then they could do more.” I was shocked with this response and it took all I had not to burst into tears. The people I did talk to on Tuesday (11-19-07) that saw the first news broadcast from Fox 36, said that they did see her and Cameron the night of the 16th and that if they had saw it on11-16-07 they would have called Crime Stopper sooner. Its just a shame that there is no way to get these kids pictures out to the public as soon as possible so that someone who may see them can call and get them home. I did not know that Toledo has a 110 missing kids and how do I get this information to help these parents find their children? I want them to get the best help that they can and I am willing to do the searching with them. There are search teams with dogs in Cleveland that were willing to come and help look for Megan but the Detective told them NO!!!! I JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE POLICIES WHEN IT COMES TO OUR CHILDREN!!!! I also just found out about the prostitution ring in Toledo, where they are taking young girls and drugging them and getting them to do this. It is just so unbelieveable!!! Missing and Exploited Children have been very helpful, especially they support for parents and ideas they give you on websites available to make professional posters to get out with all the information about missing kids etc… Sorry I rattled on, its just an important issue that needs to be addressed and I am sad to say that had this not happened to me, I would still have no clue that parents go through this alot more than we truly know!!!

  18. Beth:

    I cant imagine what you are going through. I would suggest the following:

    Contact Kelly Jolkowski here at Project Jason. She is a wealth of information. She started the Jason Project when her own son went missing.

    Second, media is everything and I would see if you can get another TV interview with the station you previously did.

    I dont know why the police department will not allow you to have private search parties to come in. I have never heard of such and thing and I’m not sure that is even legal.

    You should contact Texas EquuSearchand see if there is a possibility they can help with the search.

    Last, I know a lot of people do not believe in psychics and such but I do know someone that is very well respected and known. If you would like to speak with her, email me through this site and I will get you in touch with her. She does not charge fees.

    I wish I knew more of what to do, but please know my heart and prayers go out to you and your family. Contact me anytime you wish.


  19. Beth Wodarski said

    MEGAN IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When I know more I will update you all…GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!

  20. That is amazing Beth!! I am so, so happy for you!

  21. Beth Wodarski said

    Kindra, Just wanted to give update on my daughter Megan. She is still at home with no other incidents so far. School seems to be going better for her and she seems happy. I appreciate everything you and your site did to help and get the word out to millions when she was missing. My heart goes out to other families going through this and pray that their loved ones are safe. I have been reading about the college students that have been missing and found. Its sad that our society is not as informed as we should be and to really see that missing kids, adults are not given the attention that is needed. I was amazed at the number of missing children in the Toledo area when my daughter was missing…102 and I only knew of one…my daughter. God bless you and everyone in this fight to bring our missing loved ones back home!

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