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Vanished into thin air – Matthew Wilson

Posted by KindraLore on December 28, 2007

Matthew Wilson - Missing

Update 6/15/08 11:23AM

Matthew Wilson’s vehicle has been located in Berkeley, California on Saturday. It had apparently been abandoned for some time. In reading the article, it looks as though LE believe Matthew may have left of his own accord due to the fact of some odd purchases that were made shortly before his disappearance.

According to the article:

Matthew Wilson withdrew $500 from his checking account and bought charcoal and matches, a car cover and window shade before his disappearance, prompting police to believe he may have left on his own accord.

“Some of the purchases he made that were made before he left may have been purchases someone would have made if they were going to do some traveling,” Taylor said.

His mother Cathy Wilson said it would be out of character for her son to leave without communicating with his family.

She now believes, however, that he may have left on his own volition.

“If he’s safe and he’s away because he wants to be, that’s fine,” she said. “I just want to know that he’s safe.”

Read Complete Article here.


Update 1/7/08 12:16PM

Rice University in Houston is now offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Matthew Wilson. The family put up $10,000 as well, making the reward $20,000. The family is hoping the reward will lead to answers.

News Article


Update 1/4/08 8:55PM

There have been absolutely no new updates in this case. Matthew is still missing and this case remains a mystery. I would like to post a picture of his car, license plate and what Matthew may look like clean shaven and with shorter hair.

Matthew Wilson Car
2004 Silver Dodge Neon with Oklahoma License Plates
Matthew Wilson License Tag
Matthew Wilson


Original Blog

Just as in my previous blog about Joshua Szostak, once again another college student is missing. This time it’s Matthew Wilson. Matthew’s case is different than Joshua, Kyle or Justin’s though. All three of their disappearances involved leaving a bar late a night.

By all accounts Matthew did not drink, nor smoke. He drove a conservative vehicle and normally walked to and from the campus to his apartment. Matthew was an excellent student, making straight A’s and maintaining a high grade point average.

Matthew was a Computer Science major at Rice University in Houston, Texas. He had an off campus apartment he shared with a roommate, Elliot Harwell. Harwell first noticed Matthew missing on December 16th. He states that he last saw him the day before on the 15th around noon (I have read another article that states he last saw him on the 14th) working on his finals in his room. Police later learned that Matthew failed to drive a friend to the airport on the 15th as he had promised.

With finals, Elliott Harwell too was busy and reportedly left the apartment and did not return until the next day, December 16th. Two days later he filed a report with the Rice police.

Matthew just disappeared into thin air.

At first authorities thought that Matthew was probably hold up somewhere, studying for finals. Now however, almost two weeks later with finals come and gone, Christmas over, they know something is horribly wrong.

Although there have been no signs of foul play, Matthew did withdraw $100 and $400 from his bank account at 3:30 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. from an automated teller machine in a shopping center where students often do their laundry on December 14th. His family and authorities said that was an unusual transaction. His car is also missing.

His mother maintains that not only had she never known him to make such a large withdraw at once, she also says Matthew had paid December’s rent and Matthew still had another $1,000 left in his account, which has remained untouched.

Authorities have stated that there is nothing to suggest that Matthew was coerced or made to withdraw the money as he was back in his apartment that evening with his roommate.

Matthew’s cell phone was left in his apartment, however his backpack is gone.

Matthew Wilson is described as white, 5 ft. 7 inches tall, 135lbs, with green eyes, glasses and a curly red beard and hair. His car is a 2004 silver Dodge Neon with Oklahoma license plate 863 MCZ.

Houston Crime Stoppers has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to felony charges in the case.

Last News Article on Matthew Wilson


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Another College Student Gone – Where is Joshua Szostak?

Posted by KindraLore on December 28, 2007

Joshua Szostak

Update 4/22/08

A body found in the Hudson river is believed to be that of Joshua Szostak. The body was taken to St. Peter’s Hospital where an autopsy is scheduled on Wednesday. Miller said authorities expect they will be able to officially identify the body and determine the cause of death at that time. He said the investigation is now being handled jointly by Albany and state police.

The discovery occurred just days after a special drone plane was brought in to help search for Szostak and Jaliek Rainwalker, a 12-year-old who has been missing for months from Washington County.

Complete article here.

Thanks to Kim and Stan for the heads up. My heart goes out to Josh’s family and friends. It will be terrible if this turns out to be Josh, but at the same time, at least they have some sort of closure. Not knowing is the hardest.

Update 2/28/08 6:50PM

See video of Josh Szostak:

Update 1/23/08 7:28PM

Last Sunday a fund raiser was held at Shaker-Loudonville Fire Department was held to help raise money for the mounting costs in finding missing 21-year-old Josh Szostak. The event’s organizer Gina Urban, was hoping to meet the goal of $20,000. No word on if they met that goal.

Josh’s father, Bill Szostak has now hired a private investigator to aid in the search for his son. There has also been a website set up offer up-to-date information on the search as well as being able to leave an anonymous tip.

How to help:

Scott Waldman can be reached at 545-5080 or by email at

You can also make a contribution to the Joshua Szostak Search and Rescue Fund at any Pioneer Savings Bank branch.

Entire News Article


Update 1/6/08 11:57AM

Here is the latest article. No new info to report except for the fact that Josh’s family have now hired a private investigator. That investigator has set up an anonymous tip line, which will be answered 24 hours a day.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call (518) 424-7236. Again, the family would like to stress that this tip line is not affiliated with any law enforcement agency and all calls will remain confidential.

I was emailed and told to ad this, which is essentially what is written above. Press Release Josh Szostak ________________________________________________________________________________

Update 1/4/08 8:19PM

The damaged and stolen SUV that police originally believed may been connected to the disappearance of Josh “The Stag” Szostak failed to yield any clues that Josh had ever been inside of the vehicle. Police were hoping that the fingerprints found in the vehicle may provide clues of who was actually in the vehicle, most importantly Josh. However, there is no evidence that the SUV is connected to Josh Szotstak in any way. No finger prints of Josh’s were found in the vehicle.

Now investigators are conducting tests on DNA samples taken in the vehicle to rule out with certainty that Josh was or was not inside the vehicle. Samples have been sent to the State Police Forensic Investigation Center in Albany, but no word of when those results will be back.

The DEC Dodge Durango was found around 1:40AM on December 23rd at the entrance to Dawson’s Garage and Scarano boat storage. There had been damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle. Josh’s cell phone was found in the street near the facility.

The last known image of Josh Szostak was taken by a surveillance camera at 12:15AM December 23rd at the corner of State and North Pearl streets. The Bayou Cafe in which Josh had left is just blocks away. The last usage of his cell phone was a text message at 12:17AM.

Bill Szostak, Josh’s father remains focused on a scent picked up from tracking dogs from a volunteer search crew which indicated that at some point Josh was on Park Ave. before turning south onto the west side of Martin Luther King Blvd. in Lincoln Park. After about 100 feet the track crosses the street and then stops, maybe indicating that Josh got into a vehicle.

Next week authorities plan to search the Hudson river with a new sonar system donated to Troop G dive team last month by the Center of Hope.

Read Latest Article


Original Blog

Someone pointed me to this case and asked why I had not blogged about Joshua.

“Why haven’t you put Joshua Szostak on your website….same story as Kyle and Justin. Check it out. Joshua is from Albany NY and just went missing several days ago after leaving a bar.”

I had read about this story days ago, but frankly I was thrown off by the reports that he had stolen a car. After reading that article I thought it was probably some reckless little punk and he was running from the law and would be found soon.

However, after reading up on this case today, I find that not to be the deal at all. 21-year-old Joshua Szostak was last seen after midnight Sunday morning, leaving the Bayou Café on North Pearl Street in Albany, New York. Joshua got separated from his friends and was not seen again.

Joshua’s cell phone was found the next day in a state D.E.C. parking lot as well as a stolen D.E.C. sport utility vehicle that police say Szostak may have driven and then abandoned. The police have since softened their words of stating Joshua stole the vehicle after his family voiced their outrage.

The car’s undercarriage was damaged and the car was left at the end of an access road in the southernmost portion of the port off Normanskill Street.

“He’s a happy-go-lucky kid”, said Szostak’s Aunt, Ann Strizz. “He’s obligated to his family, he’s obligated to his job. He’s obligated to his academics and his school work. It’s totally out of character, totally out of character.”

Joshua was attending Hudson Valley Community College this past semester, with plans to return to SUNY Plattsburgh to study journalism.

Joshua was known to have been carrying a large amount of cash on him at the time (over $500). His family still believes that someone robbed and harmed Joshua on his walk back from the bar.

As most know, this is the 3rd young man to disappear under similar circumstances in a short time period. Justin Gaines was last seen at Wild Bill’s in Duluth, GA on Thursday night, November 1st. Kyle Fleischmann disappeared from Buckhead Saloon in Charlotte, NC in the early morning hours of Friday morning (was at the club also on a Thursday night) on 11/9/7.

It reminded me of the Midwest mystery where some say a serial killer was or is still on the loose. All the young men were college students, all disappearing from bars in the early hours of the morning. Bodies were found of some, some were never found at all. Some think the serial killer is a man that travels on business. Many of the boy’s families are convinced that something is going on and that the disappearances of their loved ones are connected to others.

I personally am not feeling this in the case of Joshua. I do think he has met with foul play indeed and in my opinion I think he may have been made to drive the stolen SUV, he wrecked and something bad happened after that.

Police are continuing to search the Hudson River and volunteers have searched and retraced the complete route from the bar to where his cell phone was found, with no additional evidence of what happened to Joshua Szostak.

As for Justin Gaines and Kyle Fleischmann, I am still on the fence about whether their disappearances may connected, and will stay that way until more evidence would indicate so. However, I do believe it’s apparent that they have met with foul play as well.

Last News Article on Joshua Szostak

Read more about the Midwest Disappearances and Drownings of College Students – Drowning in Coincidence

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Analyzing the Surveillance Video of Kyle Fleischmann

Posted by KindraLore on December 27, 2007

Update 12/28/07 9:45Pm

I decided to take down the video stills since its not Kyle and I felt it silly and confusing to keep up. I want to thank “Just Me” for clearing up the whole ordeal.

Update 12/18/07 12:07PM

According to a poster here the said video is not even Kyle. Kyle was wearing a black shirt. This was to help identify people there that evening. I apologize for the confusion of this post but I will let in stand in hopes to bring attention to this case.


While no new information has came out in the disappearance of 24-year-old Kyle Fleishmann from the Buckhead Saloon in the early morning hours of November 9th, police released a video surveillance tape of the last few moments Kyle can be seen and accounted for.

Previous Blog:
The Disappearance of Justin Gaines and Kyle Fleischmann – Possibly Connected?

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Man Wanted on Sex Charges on the Run with 13-year-old Niece

Posted by KindraLore on December 19, 2007

Savannah and Justin Haggerman

Update 12/20/07 6:44PM

Savannah and Justin Haggerman were located, thanks to a very aware homeless person living in a Southern California park. The pair were more than 1600 miles away from home when the police department in Pomona, CA received a call Wednesday from a park employee who had been approached by a homeless person expressing concern about a young teen living at the park with her uncle.

Haggerman has been arrested on outstanding warrants and is being held without bail in California, pending extradition to Missouri. Savannah was placed by the California Department of Child Services into custody and authorities in Missouri have been notified.

Someone claiming to be Savannah left a comment here that stated:

first off he did not kidnap me. and he is no where near a dangerous person. he got frost bite to keep me warm, and he spoiled me like crazy. none of u have any clue what we had. maybe every1 should just mind their own business. i look at it like this. if he is who i love and who i want to be with i should not be treated like crap because no one approves because they think its wrong.

My heart really goes out to Savannah as I bring myself back to being her age and how hard it was and how amplified my feelings were about everything. I hope the best for her.

News Article


Original Blog 

Tuesday, December 11th, 13-year-old Savannah Haggerman was reported missing by her mother. Authorities believe that she is currently in the company of her 21-year-old uncle Justin Haggerman. Justin is currently on parole in Missouri for burglary and assault convictions and today authorities added charges of statutory rape and sex with a minor under the age of 14. Although it’s believed that Savannah left of her own accord, police consider Justin violent and believe she may be in danger.

According to Justin’s grandmother Evelyn Haggerman, the two have been talking for awhile and Savannah asked Justin to come get her. Ms. Haggerman maintains that she does not know where the two are. However, according to friends it is believed the pair may have headed to Iowa or Ohio.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol along with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office have been searching for Savannah and Justin and today issued an endangered person alert. Authorities in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio have also been alerted.

According to reports, Savannah’s father is currently in jail.

I found Justin’s myspace here and this is what he lists on his “about me” portion of the site:

My name is Justin and there’s not much to say about myself. I enjoy peace and quiet, but I know how to have fun. I’m just an average guy trying to make it in a insane world filled with egotistical assholes….lol. Anyways, send me a message if you are bored and I’ll say hi….other than that….I’m done…lol

His nick is “Dweller in the Pit Of Darkness” and his mood was set at devious. The day before he and Savannah disappeared, December 10th was the last time he logged in. He only seems to have one friend, a 15 year old female.

The female friend’s profile seems to be Savannah herself because when I do a search of her name, her profile shows up. Her nick is ^*drive^me^crazy*^ and her caption says, “fuk all the haterz, the playerz, and fakes. i hope u die!” Her profile is set to private so I cannot view it in its entirety. She also seems to have two other profiles as well, here and here, showing a picture of her flipping off the camera. One is set to private and shows her mood as depressed, the other is pretty much blank with Myspace’s Tom showing as her only friend.

Authorities believe Justin Haggerman is driving a light blue 1989 Ford Tempo with Missouri plate.

Savannah Haggerman is 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighing 140lbs. She has strawberry blond hair and blue eyes.

Justin Haggerman is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 135lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone seeing the missing person, suspect, associate or vehicle, or anyone having any information related to the endangered missing person should immediately dial 911 to contact the nearest law enforcement agency or call the Benton County Sheriff’s Dept. at 660-438-5252.

Related Article:

Endangered Person Advisory issued

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Fugitive Rapist Kidnapped Baby – Help find Deanna Alderete

Posted by KindraLore on December 14, 2007

Raul Alderete

Raul Carillo Alderete

Update 12/17/07 4:10PM

To correct my previous update, the source I got the information from stating Alderete had been captured is questionable, and AMW has not updated his profile to state he has been captured, nor have I found any other media source to verify this.

Therefore I am pretty certain Alderete is still a fugitive and has little Deanna.


Update 12/15/07 11:07AM

Police have arrested Raul Carillo Alderete and little Deanna is safe and well back in the custody of her mother. Unfortunately, no kidnap charges could be filed against Alderete because there was no full or official custody agreement between Raul Alderete and his distant wife. It is also unknown if the couple is currently seeking a legal divorce or not or if the wife has a restraining order against her estranged husband.

However, Alderete may still have to serve time behind bars. The Ponoma, California Police Department currently has a $4 million warrant against Alderete for unmentioned charges. He is expected to have a court date for these charges as well.

Click for complete News Article


Original Blog

On November 22nd, America’s Most Wanted featured a story on Raul Carillo Alderete. 28 year old Alderete reportedly held his girlfriend captive. She made her escape through a second story window and broke her leg from trying to get away. Police say Alderete found her at a nearby hospital and made her leave.

Once gone, Alderete took his victim to an abandoned apartment where according to Law Enforcement, he proceeded to punch, kick and rape her for a week, stabbing her at least thirty times and raping her sometimes with a flashlight and beer bottle.

Deanna Alderete

Deanna Alderete

Police say that around 9:00PM last night, Alderete took his daughter Deanna Alderete from the home of his estranged wife. According to reports, when the family saw Alderete in front of the home, frightened they ran into a back house leaving the baby in the house. He then broke into the home and took 11 month old Deanna Alderete.

He may be heading to Mexico. They have not issued an Amber Alert due to the fact that the authorities are unsure what type of vehicle Alderete is driving.

Alderete is Hispanic, 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 160 pounds. He has a scar on his left eyebrow, a short dark goatee, and tattoos of “Desiree” and “Hecho en Pomona” — meaning “Made in Pomona” — on the back of his neck, and three dots next to his right eye.

Alderete was wearing a white T-shirt, a checkered flannel jacket with red lines on it, dark blue jeans and white tennis shoes.

Deanna is Hispanic with light skin and brown eyes, about 2 feet tall and weighs about 28 pounds. She has some of her teeth growing in, with a gap in front; a strawberry-colored birthmark on her right hand; and a mole on her right cheek. She was wearing yellow pajamas and pink stud earrings.

If you know the whereabouts of Raul Carillo Alderete, please call AMW at 1-800-CRIME-TV or email us your tip from this website. You can remain anonymous!

Links and Articles:
11-Month-Old Kidnapped from North Hollywood Home
Raul Carillo Alderete – America’s Most Wanted

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Where is Janna Kelly?

Posted by KindraLore on December 9, 2007

Janna Kelly

 Update 3/14/08 4:46PM

Thanks to the poster “GLS” for the heads up on a sad and horrible conclusion to this case. The body of a woman found Thursday in Grand Haven Township has been confirmed as that of Janna Kelly. Furthermore, the death has been deemed a homicide, although authorities will not name cause of death. Prayers to Janna’s friends, family and co-workers and to all those that loved her.

Autopsy confirms body is Janna Kelly; homicide is cause of death
Janna Kelly’s family waits for autopsy on body


Update 2/23/08 11:26AM

The reward for Janna Kelly has increased from $10,000 to $25,000. Still no sign of the missing woman since she disappeared over 2 months ago. Complete details here.


Update 1/4/08 10:05AM

Janna Kelly’s niece has started a group on devoted to finding her aunt. You can find it here.

An article about it is here.


Original Blog

Sometime between the hours of 7:21PM on Tuesday December 4th and early the following day Janna Kelly went missing.

Janna made a purchase at Michael’s craft store at 7:21PM that Tuesday evening and the receipt was found in her Grand Rapids condominium. However, there was no answer at her home an hour later when her boyfriend Earl Lynn called to check on her. On Wednesday morning Janna did not show up for work at the Burr Insurance Agency in which she is a Vice President/Operations Manager.

Being totally out of character for the 60-year-old businesswoman, her coworkers became concerned. They made a call to her family and her family went to her house only to find her bed not slept in and her car gone.

By Wednesday afternoon her wallet had been found on the ground at a car wash between Burton and Kalamazoo and upon further inspection of the area, her purse was found in a trash bin. Cash was taken from her wallet but her credit cards were left.

By Thursday evening her car was also located in the Ottawa Hills neighborhood just off Plymouth Avenue near Louise Street. The Grand Rapids Police Department has stated that there seems to be no foul play indicated either in the vehicle or her condominium.

Police have set up a command center in the parking lot of Breton Village and bloodhounds have been brought in to search the area around Ms. Kelly’s home as well as the car wash where her wallet and purse were located, yet no significant signs have been found.

Janna is described as 5-foot-4-inches and weighing about 140 pounds.

There is currently a $10,000 reward offered for information in the case. Anyone with information is asked to call police at 456-3604 or Silent Observer at 774-2345. Silent Observer also can be contacted confidentially at This Link.

Most Recent Article:

Scent Dogs Help In Search For Missing Woman

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December 07 Featured Case – Colton Levi Clark

Posted by KindraLore on December 7, 2007

This Month’s Featured Case

December 2007

Colton Levi Clark

Colton Levi Clark

The Disappearance

In the Spring of 2006 a DHS caseworker arrived at the residence of Rebecca and James Rex Clark in Wewoka, Oklahoma for a scheduled appointment with 9-year-old Colton Clark. It was around 4:00PM that afternoon.

Upon arriving, the caseworker was told that Colton Levi Clark was missing. The caseworker contacted the Seminole Country Sheriff’s Department and soon a search ensued for a nine-year-old boy.

Becky and Rex stated that they had plans to go to a neighboring town of Norman at 1:00PM that afternoon for a scheduled appointment for Colton with a psychiatrist.

Becky’s story to the Sheriff’s Department was that Rex went to take a nap before the appointment and she went to get ready. When she looked for Colton his window was open and he was gone. She stated that she was not concerned at first; she thought he might be waiting in the car.

After looking in the family vehicle she realized he was not there either. It’s unclear as to why the Clarks would have waited from around 11:00AM until the time the caseworker arrived at 4:00PM in order to report the boy missing.

Becky told the Seminole Sheriff’s department that Colton had been in trouble the previous couple of days for supposedly stealing beer from a neighbor’s home. She stated that Colton’s backpack and some food were missing.

A Troubled Life

Colton and Austin Clark were born to Monty and Terri Clark. Public records show that Monty had a history of domestic violence, supposedly against Terri. Terri was also known to have left for long periods at a time without the family knowing her whereabouts. Both were reported drug abusers.

When Monty Clark was again arrested and ordered into a drug rehab and Terri was already in jail, the boys were placed with Becky and Rex Clark. Rex and Monty are brothers therefore Rex being the boy’s uncle.

Eventually Rebecca and Rex Clark adopted the boys. They were renamed. Colton became Colt Levi River Clark and Austin became and Homer Justice Levi Clark. Becky claims the boys chose these names for symbolic reasons and a fresh start.

Becky Clark herself states on the Court TV boards that the boys had an ominous life with their biological parents. She claims one of the boys were born cocaine addicted while Terri Clark was in jail and there were accusations of child molestation, porn and abuse.

She posted on the Court TV board:

“My boy’s reported to the LE last year that the Bio family had sexually molested them since the ages of approx 3 yr’s old. The boys futher stated that the parents prostituted them to pay off drug deabts. They stated the parents were paid for their involvement in child pornography. No arrests were made because no evidence could be found. The police stated to much time had passed, and some persons had moved , and the boy,s knew knick names. The father was polygraphed and a few of his associates too. This was 3-2005. He passed and they did also. However; it was later proved that several of them did lie and past the test. This is not uncommon for criminals and sociopaths.

The Mother would not come in for the test.

The father is in a drug rehab., but receives passes. He is also the driver for the facility. The facility is about 30 minutes away. He jumped over our back fence, and the date was 1-27-2006. He was in the facility at that time. Many of the LE state that he must be a snitch for the LE in those counties because he has had 2 many arrest for 2 many serious domestic assault charges, DUI’s and violent crimes along with position and sells of drugs. The Children were born Cocain addicted also with various other substances. The Mothers water broke in the Pot. County Jail for various crimes and the baby was born early. This is just a fragment of the childrens life. God had his hand on them then, and we have to believe Colt will be returned safe. If, that is clearing the parents excuse me!!!!!”

When the boys came to live with the Clarks, they were originally attending school in Bowlegs. Eventually the children were taken out and home schooled.

The Search

The search continued that evening until 4:00AM. Eventually teams were brought in and searches were conducted on ATVs, horseback, by helicopter and people scoured the area looking for Colton. Abandoned houses, woods, the railroad tracks, water reservoirs; every place was searched with no sign.


Both cadaver and search dogs were brought in. Neither hit on anything, not even near or around the Clark residence where Colton resided. Colton seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Leads were followed. One lead was that a truck was seen on the Clark property that day. According to the Sheriff’s Department the truck that was reported to have been on the Clarks property never was actually on their property, but rather a few miles away. The owner of the truck was questioned after another party reported seeing a similar truck with a boy in it. It turned out t be a grandfather who was dropping his (much younger than Colton) grandson at daycare and that the boy did not even bare a resemblance to Colton.

Another report was that from an unidentified caller who reported that Colton was spotted in Delray Beach, Florida. This report turns out to be unsubstantiated and in fact the address given did not exist.

On May 24, Colt’s 10th birthday, Texas EquuSearch, a hi-tech search and recovery outfit, used a remote-controlled aircraft equipped with a thermal imaging system to peer into woods, ponds, streams, and rivers surrounding the Clarks’ home. They found nothing.

Tim Miller

Tim Miller (pictured), who founded Texas EquuSearch after the 1984 abduction and murder of his daughter Laura, added $10,000 to the reward for Colt’s return.

Neither Rebecca nor Rex Clark was present when Texas EquuSearch came to search for their son. Instead they say they were following a lead that they received when an anonymous caller contacted the Clarks at their residence and told them that Colton was spotted at a motel in Dallas, Texas.


Rebecca and Rex Clark were brought in for questioning and originally agreed to polygraph testing but then eventually refused. Rebecca stated that Rex and Homer Clark both suffered Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and were on medications and their attorney advised against it.

Becky on many occasions maintained that Colton ran away and on others stated that the bio parents Monty and or Terri Clark had something to do with Colton’s disappearance.

Eventually the Clarks had very little contact with law enforcement regarding the case and would no longer do any media interviews. The case had come to a stop.

Déjà vu

On September 30, 2006 the Seminole County Sheriff’s department were once again at the Clark’s home. This time it was to investigate a reported burglary regarding a neighboring property. A gun and cell phone was stolen.

At that point Rex and Rebecca Clark again reported their son missing. This time it was Homer Clark. Rebecca stated that she had not seen Homer since September 26th at 5:30AM when she took Rex to the emergency room for heart related issues. Rex had remained at the hospital and they had just returned home that day.

It was reported that Becky had made at least daily treks from the hospital to the Clark residence, yet never reported the 13-year-old Homer Clark missing.

Colton and Homer Clark

Once again there was a search ensuing for a Clark child. Search dogs were brought out and Homer Clark was located around 8:30PM that evening at a local mobile home park.

He was taken into protective custody.

Where it Stands

Eventually Rebecca and Rex Clark gave up their parental rights to Homer Clark. His whereabouts are unknown to me.
The sign for Colton that hung on the fence of the Clark property has since been taken down. Another winter is approaching and Colton Levi Clark is still missing.

Colton Levi Clark

Have you seen Colton?


Law enforcement authorities consider him to be a missing and endangered person. Colton was last seen wearing silver glasses, a sky-blue shirt, blue and white tennis shoes and blue Wrangler jeans. He has a scar above his left eyebrow. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of this missing child and/or this case is urged to immediately contact the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department (1-405-257-5445) or (1-405-382-9340).

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Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom – A Story That Must Be Told – Part III – The Trials

Posted by KindraLore on December 5, 2007

Previous Blogs:

Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom – A Story That Must Be Told – Part I
Channon Christian & Christopher Newsom – A Story That Must Be Told – Part II

1/7/08 8:55PM

Remembering Channon and Chris – The One Year Anniversary

Click here to see the news video report of the one year anniversary of when Channon and Chris were carjacked. Chris’ mother Mary Newsom talks about Chris and her memories of him.


12/10/07 10:43PM

The DA announced Friday that they will be seeking the Death Penalty for Letalvis Cobbins .

Click HERE for article.


12/04/07 11:45PM

Boyd Stays in Knoxville

US Magistrate Bruce Guyston denied a request by the attorney for Eric Dewayne Boyd to move Boyd’s trial outside of Knoxville yesterday.

Attorney Philip Lomonaco requested a change of venue siting Internet bloggers have brought too much attention to the case and inflamed racial tensions.

Boyd is charged as an accessory after the fact to the fatal carjacking of Channon Christian and her boyfriend Christopher Newsom last January.

Boyd’s trial is scheduled for February. He could face 15 years if convicted.

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Brittnee Plant is Still Missing

Posted by KindraLore on December 5, 2007

Brittnee Plant

UPDATE 12/6/07 8:04PM

Good news on this case. Brittnee Plant was found at the Mexican border. Details are still sketchy as to who she was with and if she left on her own accord.

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On November 20th, two days before Thanksgiving, Brittnee Plant’s father went to his daughter’s bedroom in their Mesa, Arizona home only to find her missing. Since then, 13 year old Brittnee Platt has phoned home a total of three times. Each phone call was very brief, with her father taking two of them and her mother one.

Lesa Stephens, Brittnee’s mom said she heard her daughter briefly on the other end of the phone, “Hey, Mom, I’m calling to say I love you guys”. Lesa explained that she thought someone unexpectedly entered the room and Brittnee ended the call. Its been over a week since they have received any phone call or word at all.

Police believe Brittnee may be in the company of a 19 year old man by the name of Chris that she met a mall. Lesa Stephens said Chris is homeless and has tried to lure her daughter away before.

Her parents maintain that Brittnee was a normal teenager and this is out of character for her. “She’s a good girl, and I know that she would continue to call or at least let us know she was OK.”, said Lesa. “We just miss her, and we really need her home.”

Brittnee Plant 2

A recent alleged sighting of Brittnee about a week ago at a Circle K near Broadway and Extension roads gave the family some hope. They have passed out hundreds of flyers and hope with each passing day that this will be the day their daughter returns. At this point police have very little to go on.

Brittnee Plant 3

Brittnee is 5 ft 1 in tall, 110lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a black shirt and blue jeans with writing all over, black and red shoes, and a necklace with a heart pendant.

Anyone with information on Brittnee Plant is urged to contact Mesa police.

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21 Years Later – Jessie Gutierrez’s Story Comes to Life Again

Posted by KindraLore on December 4, 2007

Jessica Suzanne Gutierrez

Jessie Gutierrez – 4 Years Old 

On the evening of June 6, 1986 little four-year-old Jessica Suzanne Gutierrez was tucked safely in her bed sleeping in her home in Lexington, South Carolina in a bedroom she shared with her two sisters.

Sometime during the hours of 11:30PM and 9:00AM the following morning, an unknown intruder entered the Gutierrez home through a living room window. Jessie’s sister, six-year-old Rebecca who was sleeping right beside her, awoke to the sight of a man bent over their bed.

Jessica Suzanne Gutierrez Age Progressed

Jessie Gutierrez – Age Progressed 21 years

In a recent article she said that scene still haunts her 21 years later. “That man standing over our bed and him bending over to pick Jessie up. I see his face every night before I go to bed.”

Rebecca said her sister Jessie never woke up as the man carried her out of their bedroom. Terrified, the little girl did not tell her parents, but instead pulled a blanket over her head, scared to move. To this day Rebecca regrets that understandable decision that a six-year-old petrified child made.

The next day the child described the man that took her sister as “a man with a magic hat.”

All of these years Gutierrez’s mother Debbie has suspected an unnamed family friend as having taken her daughter. Debbie found fibers in an abandoned car that belonged to this family friend that she states were linked to her daughter.

The unnamed suspect has served time in prison in North Carolina for rape, and in 1987 told his cell mate that he kidnapped Jessie.

Sheriff James Metts says they’ve felt like they’ve had a case since the beginning against the family friend but still twenty-one years later there have been no arrests. “That’s what’s frustrating about the case. We’ve felt we knew who it was pretty much a day or two into that case, but we’ve been not able to convince the solicitor that we need to move forward as far as prosecution in concerned.”

Sheriff James Metts

Sheriff James Metts

Solicitor Donnie Meyers stated that “we have some evidence at the FBI as we speak that we hope may turn up something on this case, that will give us some additional probable cause that might enlighten the solicitor to move forward with the prosecution in this particular case.”

Solicitor Donnie Meyers

Solicitor Donnie Meyers

Meyers also went on to explain that twenty-one years ago “most of the evidence was inadmissible. The little bit of evidence they had there was an explanation for.”

With no body Meyers states that there needs to be “a mountain of evidence” in order to move forward.

As far as new evidence that Sheriff Metts spoke of, Meyers said “If an investigation is going on, I don’t know anything about it.”

Jessie’s family however hopes that finally they will move forward. “We want them to follow through with what they should have been doing back in 1986. We want justice, closure. This is something we’ll have to live with all of our life, but it would be a little easier knowing the person who did this goes to jail and pays for what he’s done to my sister, our family,” stated Rebecca.

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