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New Clues Regarding the Disappearance of Amber Wilde?

Posted by KindraLore on December 4, 2007

Amber Wilde

Update 12/6/07 8:16PM

Weather has suspended the current search in this disappearance of Amber Wilde today with temperatures reaching 13 below zero. The hole is now the size of a large swimming pool and investigators say they will be back out as soon as possible, as cadaver dogs were hitting on a scent.

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More than nine years after 19 year old Amber Wilde went missing from Green Bay, Wisconsin, police are searching a field in Shawano County that may contain evidence related to the missing girl.

Amber Wilde was 4 ½ months pregnant when she went missing September 24, 1998. The previous day Amber had a fender bender on her way to school. She asked her father to call her the next morning to make sure she was up for her 1:00PM class at the University of Wisconsin. He did but there was no answer.

Steve Wilde, Amber’s father then went to her apartment and found her apartment locked and her car gone. A week later police found her 1988 Subaru in the parking lot of a sports bar near Lambeau Field. The keys were in the ignition and her purse and cell phone were in the trunk. Investigators also found that her seat was rolled back too far for Amber to be able to reach the pedals.

The father of Amber’s unborn child and former boyfriend was being investigated. However, the disappearance of Amber Wilde went cold until April 2001 when police searched an eight acre farm field along Highway 29 in Shawano County for four days. The search turned up no clues and once again the case went cold.

There has been speculation that Wilde’s disappearance was connected to 32 year old missing naive of Thailand, Areerat Chuprevich.

Chuprevich was last seen by her husband at their residence at the Mariner Motel in the 220 block of Riverside Drive, when he said goodbye to her before going on a fishing trip up north. Later that day, Chuprevich sent an email to her sister in Detroit, Michigan. She has never been heard from again.

When her husband returned the next evening, his wife was missing. She had left her makeup behind, and her cellular phone, which her husband says she never went anywhere without. Chuprevich did not show up for classes at St. Norbert College on April 28, two days after she was last seen.

Search for Amber Wilde

There has been no indication as to why after nine years authorities are again searching a field for clues of Wilde. However, they have stated that Amber’s former boyfriend had a connection to one of the work crews that rebuilt segments of Highway 29 in Shawano County during that time.

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3 Responses to “New Clues Regarding the Disappearance of Amber Wilde?”

  1. Anonymous said

    has any one ever thought if the boy friend was a suspect that maybe he burried her under the friken highway 29 during construction most likely didnt want any kids so he had her abducted and burried there why not dig up sections of the Hgy where the field was searched????????????

    • anyonymous2 said

      has anyone thought that if the Green Bay Police Dept. are looking into it, that’s like asking for it to never be solved? That also is likely because they don’t think much.

  2. Anonymous said

    What if the BF didn’t do it? What if all this time a killer is at large in the Green Bay area? Please GB Police, follow up on leads when people come in and report suspicious activity! Our lives depend on it! Another woman has gone missing since Amber besides Mrs. Chuprevich. They always accuse the husband or boyfriend and then sit on their cans waiting for someone to have a guilty conscience. Sometimes it happens that way, and sometimes it doesn’t! They always say, there is no danger to the community, go on about your business. Then why have there been no arrests when there are fingerprints in her car? Be vigilant, women of Green Bay, and report suspicious activity and behavior. What ever happened to “see something, say something?”

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