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Man Wanted on Sex Charges on the Run with 13-year-old Niece

Posted by KindraLore on December 19, 2007

Savannah and Justin Haggerman

Update 12/20/07 6:44PM

Savannah and Justin Haggerman were located, thanks to a very aware homeless person living in a Southern California park. The pair were more than 1600 miles away from home when the police department in Pomona, CA received a call Wednesday from a park employee who had been approached by a homeless person expressing concern about a young teen living at the park with her uncle.

Haggerman has been arrested on outstanding warrants and is being held without bail in California, pending extradition to Missouri. Savannah was placed by the California Department of Child Services into custody and authorities in Missouri have been notified.

Someone claiming to be Savannah left a comment here that stated:

first off he did not kidnap me. and he is no where near a dangerous person. he got frost bite to keep me warm, and he spoiled me like crazy. none of u have any clue what we had. maybe every1 should just mind their own business. i look at it like this. if he is who i love and who i want to be with i should not be treated like crap because no one approves because they think its wrong.

My heart really goes out to Savannah as I bring myself back to being her age and how hard it was and how amplified my feelings were about everything. I hope the best for her.

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Original Blog 

Tuesday, December 11th, 13-year-old Savannah Haggerman was reported missing by her mother. Authorities believe that she is currently in the company of her 21-year-old uncle Justin Haggerman. Justin is currently on parole in Missouri for burglary and assault convictions and today authorities added charges of statutory rape and sex with a minor under the age of 14. Although it’s believed that Savannah left of her own accord, police consider Justin violent and believe she may be in danger.

According to Justin’s grandmother Evelyn Haggerman, the two have been talking for awhile and Savannah asked Justin to come get her. Ms. Haggerman maintains that she does not know where the two are. However, according to friends it is believed the pair may have headed to Iowa or Ohio.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol along with the Benton County Sheriff’s Office have been searching for Savannah and Justin and today issued an endangered person alert. Authorities in Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio have also been alerted.

According to reports, Savannah’s father is currently in jail.

I found Justin’s myspace here and this is what he lists on his “about me” portion of the site:

My name is Justin and there’s not much to say about myself. I enjoy peace and quiet, but I know how to have fun. I’m just an average guy trying to make it in a insane world filled with egotistical assholes….lol. Anyways, send me a message if you are bored and I’ll say hi….other than that….I’m done…lol

His nick is “Dweller in the Pit Of Darkness” and his mood was set at devious. The day before he and Savannah disappeared, December 10th was the last time he logged in. He only seems to have one friend, a 15 year old female.

The female friend’s profile seems to be Savannah herself because when I do a search of her name, her profile shows up. Her nick is ^*drive^me^crazy*^ and her caption says, “fuk all the haterz, the playerz, and fakes. i hope u die!” Her profile is set to private so I cannot view it in its entirety. She also seems to have two other profiles as well, here and here, showing a picture of her flipping off the camera. One is set to private and shows her mood as depressed, the other is pretty much blank with Myspace’s Tom showing as her only friend.

Authorities believe Justin Haggerman is driving a light blue 1989 Ford Tempo with Missouri plate.

Savannah Haggerman is 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighing 140lbs. She has strawberry blond hair and blue eyes.

Justin Haggerman is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 135lbs. He has black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone seeing the missing person, suspect, associate or vehicle, or anyone having any information related to the endangered missing person should immediately dial 911 to contact the nearest law enforcement agency or call the Benton County Sheriff’s Dept. at 660-438-5252.

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Endangered Person Advisory issued


10 Responses to “Man Wanted on Sex Charges on the Run with 13-year-old Niece”

  1. I am pasting this comment here. It was on the page Email KindraLore and Im sure it was meant for here:

    Rebecca Says:
    December 20, 2007 at 12:58 pm e
    I was able to view Savannah Haggermans MySpace through my daughters it seems that she has it set to be viewed only by thise under 18. Because trying to view her page whilre I was signed in would not let me but viewing when my daughter was signed in I was able to view it. This is a comment left by Justin to Savannah…….
    28 Nov 2007 22:40

    When I see your smiling face I am mezmerized. When I hear your sweet voice it holds me still. When I smell your hair I am hypnotized. When I touch your soft skin I get chills. When I taste your lucious lips I finally lose control. And I finally realized its u who makes me feel whole…..I love you sweetie.

    Savannah’s last login was 12/14/2007 She was actually online when I visited her profile.

  2. Rebecca:

    I have seen missing cases like this where they have a myspace and its the police that are on the account and not the owner of the myspace. I think thats probably the case here. They are thinking that maybe emails exchanged through myspace or something of that nature may bring them a clue to where they are.

    Interesting about the comment. I suspected that there was more going on there, but its obvious by that comment that there is. Justin definately has issues provided Savannah is only 13 and his niece.

  3. savannah said

    first off he did not kidnap me. and he is no where near a dangerous person. he got frost bite to keep me warm, and he spoiled me like crazy. none of u have any clue what we had. maybe every1 should just mind their own business. i look at it like this. if he is who i love and who i want to be with i should not be treated like crap because no one approves because they think its wrong.

  4. Savannah (If this is truly Savannah):

    No one certainly wants to treat you like crap. I know you wont understand this now but you are only 13. You cant even begin to realize love and what all that comes with it. I know right now you think you do, but you will see that at 13 you are still metamorphosing into the woman you will become. Life on the run would not have worked anyway. I think you must realize that.

    I’m very glad you are at home and safe.


  5. Justin's cousin said

    I don’t know Savannah, but I do know Justin, his Brother(who is Savannah’s Dad)and Their Grandmother. I do not care what Savannah says about Justin, he is pure evil and has been from the day he was born. It is genetic. I myself was repeated molested by Savannah’s father, who also molested several other girls in the family.

    I wish after this incident the FBI or child protective services would investigate this whole family. Once you open the door you will find a lot of skeletons.

  6. savannah said

    i love him.
    and my father and him are two diffrent people
    nothing alike never will be.

  7. savannah said

    i take that bak. he may have issues but thats no reason to judge him. he just needs help thats all hes ever needed

  8. savnnahs friend said

    ok first of all savannah is a cool girl and so what if she did that with her uncle she could have been feeling abadaned or sumthing like that and he was the only on she could relie on and that loved her so live her a lone because if u mess with her u mess with me and u might not want to mess with ether of us

  9. okamisamu said

    No matter way you look at it, the idea of an Uncle having sex with his Neice is disgusting.This girl was confused and vounarble.Her Uncle took advantage of that and she was only 13 years old.Justin is sick adult and I hope he’s locked up for the rest of his life.Common sense tells you that it is wrong.My prayers go out to Savannah.

  10. divorce rights…

    Man Wanted on Sex Charges on the Run with 13-year-old Niece « Colton Levi Clark…

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