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Another College Student Gone – Where is Joshua Szostak?

Posted by KindraLore on December 28, 2007

Joshua Szostak

Update 4/22/08

A body found in the Hudson river is believed to be that of Joshua Szostak. The body was taken to St. Peter’s Hospital where an autopsy is scheduled on Wednesday. Miller said authorities expect they will be able to officially identify the body and determine the cause of death at that time. He said the investigation is now being handled jointly by Albany and state police.

The discovery occurred just days after a special drone plane was brought in to help search for Szostak and Jaliek Rainwalker, a 12-year-old who has been missing for months from Washington County.

Complete article here.

Thanks to Kim and Stan for the heads up. My heart goes out to Josh’s family and friends. It will be terrible if this turns out to be Josh, but at the same time, at least they have some sort of closure. Not knowing is the hardest.

Update 2/28/08 6:50PM

See video of Josh Szostak:

Update 1/23/08 7:28PM

Last Sunday a fund raiser was held at Shaker-Loudonville Fire Department was held to help raise money for the mounting costs in finding missing 21-year-old Josh Szostak. The event’s organizer Gina Urban, was hoping to meet the goal of $20,000. No word on if they met that goal.

Josh’s father, Bill Szostak has now hired a private investigator to aid in the search for his son. There has also been a website set up offer up-to-date information on the search as well as being able to leave an anonymous tip.

How to help:

Scott Waldman can be reached at 545-5080 or by email at

You can also make a contribution to the Joshua Szostak Search and Rescue Fund at any Pioneer Savings Bank branch.

Entire News Article


Update 1/6/08 11:57AM

Here is the latest article. No new info to report except for the fact that Josh’s family have now hired a private investigator. That investigator has set up an anonymous tip line, which will be answered 24 hours a day.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call (518) 424-7236. Again, the family would like to stress that this tip line is not affiliated with any law enforcement agency and all calls will remain confidential.

I was emailed and told to ad this, which is essentially what is written above. Press Release Josh Szostak ________________________________________________________________________________

Update 1/4/08 8:19PM

The damaged and stolen SUV that police originally believed may been connected to the disappearance of Josh “The Stag” Szostak failed to yield any clues that Josh had ever been inside of the vehicle. Police were hoping that the fingerprints found in the vehicle may provide clues of who was actually in the vehicle, most importantly Josh. However, there is no evidence that the SUV is connected to Josh Szotstak in any way. No finger prints of Josh’s were found in the vehicle.

Now investigators are conducting tests on DNA samples taken in the vehicle to rule out with certainty that Josh was or was not inside the vehicle. Samples have been sent to the State Police Forensic Investigation Center in Albany, but no word of when those results will be back.

The DEC Dodge Durango was found around 1:40AM on December 23rd at the entrance to Dawson’s Garage and Scarano boat storage. There had been damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle. Josh’s cell phone was found in the street near the facility.

The last known image of Josh Szostak was taken by a surveillance camera at 12:15AM December 23rd at the corner of State and North Pearl streets. The Bayou Cafe in which Josh had left is just blocks away. The last usage of his cell phone was a text message at 12:17AM.

Bill Szostak, Josh’s father remains focused on a scent picked up from tracking dogs from a volunteer search crew which indicated that at some point Josh was on Park Ave. before turning south onto the west side of Martin Luther King Blvd. in Lincoln Park. After about 100 feet the track crosses the street and then stops, maybe indicating that Josh got into a vehicle.

Next week authorities plan to search the Hudson river with a new sonar system donated to Troop G dive team last month by the Center of Hope.

Read Latest Article


Original Blog

Someone pointed me to this case and asked why I had not blogged about Joshua.

“Why haven’t you put Joshua Szostak on your website….same story as Kyle and Justin. Check it out. Joshua is from Albany NY and just went missing several days ago after leaving a bar.”

I had read about this story days ago, but frankly I was thrown off by the reports that he had stolen a car. After reading that article I thought it was probably some reckless little punk and he was running from the law and would be found soon.

However, after reading up on this case today, I find that not to be the deal at all. 21-year-old Joshua Szostak was last seen after midnight Sunday morning, leaving the Bayou Café on North Pearl Street in Albany, New York. Joshua got separated from his friends and was not seen again.

Joshua’s cell phone was found the next day in a state D.E.C. parking lot as well as a stolen D.E.C. sport utility vehicle that police say Szostak may have driven and then abandoned. The police have since softened their words of stating Joshua stole the vehicle after his family voiced their outrage.

The car’s undercarriage was damaged and the car was left at the end of an access road in the southernmost portion of the port off Normanskill Street.

“He’s a happy-go-lucky kid”, said Szostak’s Aunt, Ann Strizz. “He’s obligated to his family, he’s obligated to his job. He’s obligated to his academics and his school work. It’s totally out of character, totally out of character.”

Joshua was attending Hudson Valley Community College this past semester, with plans to return to SUNY Plattsburgh to study journalism.

Joshua was known to have been carrying a large amount of cash on him at the time (over $500). His family still believes that someone robbed and harmed Joshua on his walk back from the bar.

As most know, this is the 3rd young man to disappear under similar circumstances in a short time period. Justin Gaines was last seen at Wild Bill’s in Duluth, GA on Thursday night, November 1st. Kyle Fleischmann disappeared from Buckhead Saloon in Charlotte, NC in the early morning hours of Friday morning (was at the club also on a Thursday night) on 11/9/7.

It reminded me of the Midwest mystery where some say a serial killer was or is still on the loose. All the young men were college students, all disappearing from bars in the early hours of the morning. Bodies were found of some, some were never found at all. Some think the serial killer is a man that travels on business. Many of the boy’s families are convinced that something is going on and that the disappearances of their loved ones are connected to others.

I personally am not feeling this in the case of Joshua. I do think he has met with foul play indeed and in my opinion I think he may have been made to drive the stolen SUV, he wrecked and something bad happened after that.

Police are continuing to search the Hudson River and volunteers have searched and retraced the complete route from the bar to where his cell phone was found, with no additional evidence of what happened to Joshua Szostak.

As for Justin Gaines and Kyle Fleischmann, I am still on the fence about whether their disappearances may connected, and will stay that way until more evidence would indicate so. However, I do believe it’s apparent that they have met with foul play as well.

Last News Article on Joshua Szostak

Read more about the Midwest Disappearances and Drownings of College Students – Drowning in Coincidence


5 Responses to “Another College Student Gone – Where is Joshua Szostak?”

  1. […] Another College Student Gone – Where is Joshua Szostak? […]

  2. tos said

    Here is another missing college student.

    Police searching again for Middlebury College student

    February 16, 2008

    MIDDLEBURY, Vt. –Searchers are out in Middlebury again Saturday looking for any information about what happened to a Middlebury college student missing since Feb. 5.

    Nineteen-year-old Nicholas Garza, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was last seen late that evening at a campus social gathering.

    The search for him did not begin until Feb. 11 because officials initially felt he had left campus during a break.

    The search was suspended Wednesday after the area was hit by a snowstorm

  3. stan said

    They found Joshuas body today in the Hudson River near Athens/Coxsackie NY

  4. Rick said

    I am not trying to stir anything up here, but when I read the story and heard the news that Josh was found down river having drowned accidently, I had to point this out. The police should a least take a look at this.

  5. Caitlyn said

    Just thought I’d point this out… Suspiciously enough there seem to be quite a few drunk college men happening to fall into water and drown. Hmmm sounds fishy to me especially since they seem to mainly happenening in the wintertime… not a criminal justice specialist or anything but it does seem odd.

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