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Missing Lexington, Ohio Mom Holly Metzger Still Missing

Posted by KindraLore on January 8, 2008

Update 3/19/08 10:31PM

Thanks to the anonymous poster that informed me that Holly Metzger’s body has been found. Reports state she drowned. Foul play has NOT been ruled out. Click here for more details. So sad. My thoughts and prayers to Holly’s family, especially her children.

Holly Metzger

Update 1/19/08 2:26PM

Randy Shaffer, Brian Shaffer’s father put up an $8,000 reward for missing mom, Holly Metzger. Central Ohio Crime Stoppers put up an additional $2,000, making the reward $10,000. Brian Shaffer is the Ohio State University Student who disappeared from the Ugly Tuna Saloon in April 2006.

News Article


Original Blog

Christmas has come and gone and two children are still missing their mom. 34-year-old Holly Metzger (Also known as Holly Carruthers) went missing on December 17th from the Walmart Supercenter on O’Possum Run Road in Lexington, Ohio. She was last seen at 9:30PM and her car was discovered abandoned the next morning near Ohio 3 and Ohio 97 near Loudonville.

Holly is a single mother with two children, a 12-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter that means the world to her. She works at Infocision Management Corporation and graduated from Mount Vernon Nazarene University with a BA in accounting.

Authorities say that Holly takes medication and could be disoriented. Her friends and family are understandably distraught but try to remain hopeful. “You would have to be in our position to know what it’s like,” said Dawn Risner, Holly’s aunt. “I sleep, but I can’t stay asleep. It’s like a horror movie.”

“Holly’s a very good mom,” Risner said. “This is killing her kids, going through Christmas without her,” she said in a December 25th interview with the Mansfield News Journal.

Police say they are not ruling out the possibility of foul play.

Holly Metzger is described as a white female, 5ft. 2in tall, 138lbs. She has brown hair and green eyes and wears glasses.

Anyone with information on Metzger’s whereabouts is asked to call the Lexington Police Department at 419-884-1032 or the nearest law enforcement agency.

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Hunting the Hunter – The Search for Greg Williams

Posted by KindraLore on January 8, 2008

Greg Williams

Update 4/29/08 4:47PM

According to a poster here (see comments) the body of Greg Williams was found this morning. I have searched the news and have not found anything as of yet. My prayers are with the family.


Original Blog


According to friends and family, it was not unusual for 47-year-old Greg Williams to go hunting or leave his home on Stafford Road in Waterville, NY to go walking in the near by state forest. However, this time Greg did not return.

Greg Williams was last seen on New Years eve around 9:00PM. The next day family members found a note left by Greg that he was going coyote hunting. On January 2nd the state police conducted an aerial search of the area and State Forest Rangers and Environmental Conservation Officers conducted a search with snowmobiles. A command post was established at the Waterville Fire Department and at some point crews did find footprints in the snow.

However, yesterday’s weather hampered the search with unusual temperatures that melted the snow and deteriorated any previous footprints made by the Waterville man. Authorities are hopeful because Greg is known to carry a survival kit with matches, food and other survival items.

Yesterday at least 145 volunteers converged on the area focusing on the Tassel Hill state land area where Greg Williams was known to hunt. Police suspended the ground search today however, but state they will continue to investigation and will reconvene the ground search with forest rangers upon new leads.

Anyone with information regarding Williams is asked to contact police at (315) 366-6000.

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New Article about Colton Clark in Seminole Producer

Posted by KindraLore on January 7, 2008

Colton Clark’s Disappearance Leads to a Bizarre Investigation

A Seminole local I have been speaking with about Colton for a long time now, emailed me and told me that the Seminole Producer came out with a new article on Colton Clark. I was so excited, thinking that there must have been a break in the case, especially when I read the headlines. Then I started reading and became even more excited, as it sounded as though Colt had been found alive and well with his biological mother Terry Clark! It was not to be though.

I am so glad that at least his story is still out there and that law enforcement is still pursuing his case. Hopefully one day, we will find Colton or at least find out what happened to him.

The Seminole Producer is a paid subscription site now, so i have of course paid for the article and here it is. Please click on the images if you want to enlarge and view the complete article.

Click on Image to Enlarge

Click on Image to Enlarge

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Searching for Alayna

Posted by KindraLore on January 5, 2008

Alayna Rinebold

Update 2/23/08 11:35AM

According to reports Alayna came out of hiding and called her mom a couple of weeks ago. In a thirteen minute phone conversation, Alayna assured her mother that she was ok, was not doing drugs or partying, but that she isn’t coming home anytime soon. Complete details here.


Original Blog

Tuesday, November 27th started just like any other day. Alayna Rinebold who had just recently turned 15 the month before, headed to school where she was a freshman in Fremont, Ohio. Alayna’s friends say she spoke with a 29-year-old man on her cell phone twice that day and before the day was over, her mother received an odd call from Alayna in which she sounded distressed. She told her mother that she would not be coming home. That was the last confirmed contact from Alayna Rinebold.

Authorities have since learned that the 29-year-old man that she was conversing with is a registered sex offender involving minors, and authorities have reason to believe he may have something to do with Alayna’s disappearance.

In December one of Alayna’s friends received a message from Alayna’s myspace account. Mindy said that her given name is Melinda and that is what Alayna always called her. However, in the myspace message she was called Mindy. She said that the message also said, “she won’t be home for awhile,” instead of saying “I won’t be home for awhile.”

Alayna’s friends and family are desperately worried about her. Leigh Ann Jackson, Alayna’s mother said, “I try not to think about the most horrible scenario but all things are going through my mind right now.” Alayna’s 5-year-old sister said, “I miss her very much and I really want her to come home and I very miss her so much.”

Fremont Police say they’ve searched several homes but haven’t found her.

Alayna Rinebold

Alayna Lynn Rinebold is a white female, 15-years-old with blue eyes and light brown hair. She is 5ft 5 in tall and 150lbs. Her ears and navel are pierced. There is a reward. If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Alayna, they are urged to contact the Fremont Police Department at (419) 307-2289 or (419) 552-2143.

News Article

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Christmas Eve Disappearance – Where is Zach Gamble?

Posted by KindraLore on January 4, 2008

Zach Gamble

Update 1/7/08 5:12PM

Police said suicide or accident, not homicide, is the most likely explanation in the death of Zach Gamble. The article also states that police had picked Zach up on December 23rd for violation of curfew, and this is one of the reasons they considered him a runaway.

Police said Zach’s injuries are consistent with a long fall from the bridge. There’s no evidence of homicide, his hands and feet weren’t tied up, there’s no bullet or stab wounds, just blunt force trauma to the side of his body where he landed.

Detectives said that would most likely suggest a freak accident from a fall or a suicide and that’s something friends who attended his candlelight vigil Sunday night find hard to believe.

“I’ve ran it over in my head so many times, and them saying he’s a runaway, is not even a question in my mind,” friend Chris Taylor said. “I mean suicide? No, suicide no, he had the most amazing life. His girlfriend, he loved his girlfriend, he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.”

Read Complete Article Here


Update 1/6/08 5:01PM

If you were directed to this site by the Kansas City Fox News Article, it was incorrect. This is not the blog his family made. You can find that here. This is a site for missing people and I wrote about Zach’s disappearance.


Update 1/6/08 11:26AM

Here is the latest article. The police have not confirmed the body to be Zach’s yet but the facebook and website set up for Zach is. If you go to and look on the right, there is also a button to donate for the funeral. Obviously this means there was no life insurance, so I would urge you all to help out. I did.


Update 1/5/08 9:05PM

Terrible, terrible news tonight in the search for Zach Gamble. I had previously joined the facebook group dedicated to Zach, and this evening an email was sent out to the group members:

Subject: Rest in Peace Zach

It is with unbelievable pain, that I write this.

The body of Zach Gamble was found today during the search party.

At this point, the medical examiners report is still out.

We ask that you say an extra prayer for Chris and her family tonight and respect her wishes.

Please don’t PM her or try and contact her.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Chris and her family tonight.

My prayers and heartfelt thoughts are with Christy, Amanda and all of Zach’s family and friends whose lives he touched.


Original Blog

Zach Gamble may not look like your normal honor student, member of the Debate Team, 16-year-old boy growing up in Raytown, Missouri. In fact his hair falls to his waist and because of that, it has earned him the nick name Jesus amongst friends. By first impression Zach looks more Goth or alternative.

However, Zachary Gamble is in fact an honor student, a member of the Raytown High debate squad, a Boy Scout and according to his mother he is extremely shy. He has a girlfriend named Amanda Collins and on Christmas Eve he asked her to sneak out with him. “Where are you going?” Amanda asked him. Zach told her she would find out once they arrived there.

Amanda did not go and the last time anyone saw Zachary Gamble was around 10:00PM Christmas Eve. When the family awoke the next morning, Zach was gone. According to his mother, Christy Miller, Zach had left a twenty dollar bill laying on the entertainment system. His gifts were left under the tree unopened, some with money.

Zach does not have a history of running away and his parents believe that his plans were to only be gone a few hours. “My worst fear right now is that he snuck out and something bad happened and he’s in a ditch somewhere or he’s being tortured every minute,” said Zach’s mother.

Zach has not logged into any of his accounts or favorite internet sites. The family is frustrated with the Kansas City Police Department, stating that the Department’s position in this case is that Zach is a runaway and therefore there has been little help from Law Enforcement.

Amanda Collins and Zach’s mom Christy Miller have started an internet campaign to reach as many as possible in the hopes that someone can provide a clue as to where Zach is. They have started a group dedicated to finding Zach on, a myspace page and a website called

Zach Gamble

Zachary Gamble is 16 years old, wears all black, green eyes and waist length brown hair. He is about 5’5 and 130 lbs.

He was wearing a black zip up hoodie that goes down to his knees and baggy black tripp pants with chains.

He wears two different shoes on his feet at once. On one foot he is wearing a black and white checked Vans shoe and one the other foot he is wearing a green leather Vans type shoe. You usually can’t see his shoes because his pants cover them up but you can see the toe part.

The family asks anyone with information about Zach’s whereabouts to call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

Zach Gamble

Latest News Article:
Family Asks For Help Finding Missing Teen

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11-year-old Marcus Gomez Missing from Aurora, IL

Posted by KindraLore on January 4, 2008

Marcus Gomez

Update 1/4/08 8:07PM

Good news. Marcus has been found safe. News Article Here


Original Blog

Police in Aurora, IL are looking for the publics help to find 11-year-old Marcus Antonio Gomez. Marcus has been missing from his home since about 4:00PM on Sunday, December 30th, 2007 when he told his brother that he was spending the night with a friend.

He does not have a history of running away and his family have been unable to locate him.

Marcus was last seen wearing a blue jacket. He is 4-foot-10 and weighs 80lbs, with black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Aurora police at (630) 859-1700.

Latest News Article

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21-Years Later, There May Finally Be Justice for Cindy Zarzycki

Posted by KindraLore on January 4, 2008

Cindy Zarzycki

UPDATE 6/19/08 8:6PM

In the eleventh hour Arthur Ream offered the prosecutors a deal: He would lead them to Cindy Jo’s body in exchange for a guilty plea with a shortened sentence. Cindy’s family agreed but that deal never took place. Prosecutors surmised that maybe it was a ploy to buy time because if in fact had lead them to a body, the trial would have been delayed pending DNA testing. That never took place and today Arthur Ream who was being held on a rape conviction and is a convicted child molester, was found guilty of first-degree murder.

Cindy Jo’s family found the verdict bitter sweet because while justice was served, the family had to finally come to terms once and for all that she was murdered after years of hoping she would be found alive.

Click here for full news story


Original Blog

In April of 1986 Cynthia Jocelyn Zarzycki, (better known as Cindy Jo to her friends and family) was a 13-year-old sandy haired girl living in Eastpointe, Michigan. Sandy Jo loved playing softball and had even won a trophy for most valuable player on her team. Her parents were divorced and she lived with her father, brother and sister in Eastern Detroit and still saw her mother frequently.

Cindy Jo was dating a boy named Scott Ream at the time who later died in a car accident in the 1990’s, well after Cindy Jo’s disappearance. Scott was never a suspect in Cindy Jo’s disappearance, however his father Arthur Nelson Ream is finally facing murder charges in the murder of Cindy Zarzycki twenty-one years later.

Arthur Nelson Ream

According to authorities, Arthur Ream kept a missing person flyer regarding Cindy’s disappearance in a keepsake box. This intrigued investigators, coupled with the fact that Ream was serving a 15-year sentence for third-degree criminal sexual conduct in the assault of a 14-year-old girl. He also was convicted in 1975 of taking indecent liberties with a child. He was due to be paroled December 27th but will instead is expected to be arraigned January 9th on one count each of first- and second-degree murder in Macomb County in Eastpointe’s 38th District Court.

Although authorities suspected Ream in Cindy Jo’s disappearance, they had no evidence linking him until recently. A friend of Cindy Jo’s told detectives that Cindy had planned to meet Ream at the Diary Queen the morning of her disappearance. According to Cindy, Ream was going to take her to a surprise birthday party for his son Scott. Authorities learned that no such party had ever taken place.

A car like Ream’s was spotted at the same Dairy Queen around the time he was to allegedly meet Cindy Jo. Witnesses put her at the Dairy Queen shortly before her disappearance eating an ice cream cone.

Authorities concede that their case is largely circumstantial and Cindy’s body has never been recovered. “There’s no DNA in this case,” said Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith. “There’s no smoking gun.”

The family of Cindy Zarzycki may finally have some closure. “Sometimes you tend to feel lost and forgotten,” her father, Ed Zarzycki said. “It just gives you hope that no one forgot, that someone cares enough to bring it back.”

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This Month’s Featured Case – Brian Shaffer

Posted by KindraLore on January 4, 2008

January 2008

Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer

The Disappearance

Brian Shaffer was a second year med student at Ohio State University in the spring of 2006. His mother had battled a devastating and fatal illness with cancer and his girlfriend, Alexis Waggoner had been visiting her family.

Spring Break was about to be in full swing and Brian and his ex roommate Clint Florence headed out that Friday to have some drinks at the local bars.

Brian & Clint
Brian Shaffer and his friend Clint Florence

The two men arrived at the Ugly Tuna Saloon around 9:15PM and had a few shots. He and Alexis spoke on his cell phone around 10:30PM. Brian and Clint then left the Ugly Tuna Saloon around 11:00PM and walked to Short North Tavern and then to another bar around 11:40PM. By 1:15AM they were back at the Ugly Tuna where their evening had begun.

Brian Video 1
Brian returning to the Ugly Tuna

Brian can be seen in the grainy surveillance video returning to the Ugly Tuna around 1:15AM. He can also he seen on the foyer near the escalators speaking with some girls that Clint knew. He then walks out of the bottom right side of the camera and Brian Shaffer disappears into thin air.

Brian Video 2
Brian – last images of him

By 2:00M its closing time. Clint calls Brian on his cell phone and it goes straight to voicemail. He goes to the men’s room and looks for him but Brian is not there either. Eventually Clint assumes Brian has left and he leaves as well.

Saturday, April 1st Alexis continuously tried to call Brian with no luck. The couple had plans to leave town for a Spring Break vacation in Florida that following Monday. By Sunday she was scared and knew something was not right.

A Mystery

One baffling aspect of this case that still perplexes law enforcement today is the fact that Brian could not be seen on surveillance leaving the bar after he had re-entered. Both bar exits are covered by cameras, as is the escalator in which you see Brian enter and leave and enter again.

Outside the bar, out of camera view, are stairs and an elevator that lead to the first floor. Once on the first floor, the only way out, without being seen on tape, would be through a service exit that leads to a construction site, with doors to the street.

Exit Ugly Tuna
Only exit not covered by cameras

Brian’s credit cards, bank account and cell phone have not been used. There have been no significant leads to indicate what happened that Friday night.

Connections or Coincidence?

Since 1997 at least eight college men were found dead in local rivers after a night out at local taverns or bars in the mid-west. Many started to wonder if there was a serial killer in our midst, preying on vulnerable inebriated men.

The series of deaths began in July 1997, when the body of 19-year-old Richard Hlavaty was found in the Mississippi. In 2004 the body of 21-year-old UW-La Crosse wrestler Jared Dion was also found in the Mississippi river. In September 2006 UW-La Crosse basketball player Luke Homan was again found in the Mississippi and a month later police classified the death of Chris Jenkins, a University of Minnesota student as a murder and not accidental.

According to a criminologist at Minnesota’s St. Cloud State University, more than twenty college-aged men had drowned after disappearing from bars or parties since 1997 in an area from Minnesota to Ohio.

However, in September of 2007 after La Crosse police asked the FBI’s National Center for Analysis of Violent Crime to review their investigations, the FBI stated that they had found no evidence to support a theory of a serial killer and contributed the deaths to excessive drinking. Some are not convinced however and think they police are trying to avoid publicity.

One name that has continuously been linked with Brian Shaffer’s disappearance is that of Anthony “Tony” Luzio. On the evening of July 3, 2005 Tony had gone to a friend’s house to play cards. Afterwards he stopped at a local hangout and around 2:30AM Tony and a group of friends went to a party, one mile from Tony’s parents house in Powell, Ohio.

Tony was last seen leaving the party at 4:00AM, presumably to his apartment. That was the last time anyone ever saw Tony Luzio again. His 2004 Honda Civic is also missing and has never been recovered. He disappeared just 15 miles from where Brian Shaffer disappeared.

In November of 2005 29-year-old Mohamed Rihani also disappeared in the same close proximity after leaving his residence in the vicinity of Riverview Drive and Olentangy River Road in Columbus, Ohio. He too was driving a Honda Civic, black in color. Both he and his vehicle have vanished.

Where it Stands

Since Brian Shaffer’s disappearance, other college-aged men have also disappeared, although not close in vicinity to the disappearances of the previous mentioned men.

In November of 2007 18-year-old Justin Gaines disappeared from Wild Bill’s in Duluth, Georgia and just one week later Kyle Fleischmann disappeared from the Buckhead Saloon in Charlotte, North Carolina. December 23, 2007 21-year-old Joshua Szostak disappeared after leaving the Bayou Café on North Pearl Street in Albany, New York.

It does seem that young males have a false sense of security when being out and about, thinking that nothing can happen to them. All these young men that were mentioned were in good shape and seemed very capable of taking care of themselves. However, once alone and intoxicated, one can become vulnerable and a victim.

Today Brian’s father (as well as all the other families of these missing men) continues the quest to find answers and to find his son. After all, not knowing is the hardest.

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Unlikely Jewel

Posted by KindraLore on January 3, 2008

Jewel Strong

On Memorial Weekend 2006, little three-year-old Jewel Strong was visiting her grandparents in Panama City, Florida while her parents Racharel and Simona Strong where back home in Jonesboro, Georgia.

Jewel and her eighteen-year-old cousin were on a float in St. Andrews State Park when they drifted beyond the bounds of the park’s “kiddie pool” area and into an adjacent jetty channel with strong currents. The float overturned and Jewel’s cousin had to be rescued and rushed to the hospital.

Jetty Beach
St.Andrew State Park – Panama City, FL

A search ensued for little Jewel Strong but after a week of searching the Panama City Beach, authorities determined that she drowned. Since there was no proof, no body, no evidence that Jewel had drowned, the Strong’s continued searching for answers to what happened to their little girl.

Simona Strong stated that she and her family started to receive reports from many people that Jewel had been sighted in the company of three black women. In March 2007 someone contacted the Strong family and said that they had seen Jewel at the Golden Coral in Jacksonville, Florida in the company of three black women.

Jewel Strong Video
Video at Golden Coral in Jacksonville, FL

The family obtained the surveillance video and was given new hope that their daughter may still be alive.

“Clear as day. We just knew it was her, just to see her moving about for seven minutes we were sure,” said Simona Strong.

Then in August the Strong family got another lead. Jewel had reportedly been spotted in a Walgreens in Orlando. Once again the surveillance tapes were reviewed and it showed a little girl and a woman walking in and paying at the counter. Ironically, it seems that the woman may have been one of the three women on the surveillance video from the Golden Coral in Jacksonville.


Jewel Strong Video 2
Video at Walgreens in Orlando, FL

Since the two alleged sightings of Jewel Strong who would now be four-years-old, the family has moved from Atlanta to Jacksonville in hopes of finding their daughter alive.

In September of 2007 Sheriff Frank McKeithen said at a press conference that the security video of a girl from an Orlando Walgreens was not 3-year-old Jewel Strong. He maintained that leads were followed up to secure the credit card transaction information of the lady in the Walgreens and concluded that the little girl with her was not Jewel.

The family has a birth certificate and other “documentation” to prove the girl shown is theirs and not Jewel, McKeithen said.

As far as the video of the little girl purported to be Jewel at the Golden Coral in Jacksonville, the Sheriff says, “You can’t say it’s her and you can’t say it’s not her.”

The Strongs maintain that they think Jewel was abducted during a chaotic situation and have a website set up to receive tips about their daughter. Although the sightings are unlikely Jewel, the Strong family will not give up hope until they know what happened to their daughter.

Additional Links about Jewel Strong:

Family Says Missing Girl Spotted on Surveillance Tape
Sheriff: Girl in surveillance video is not missing child
National Center for Missing &d Exploited Children – Jewel Strong Poster

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UGA Student Cayle Bywater Still Missing

Posted by KindraLore on January 3, 2008

Cayle Bywater

Update 1/12/08 12:28PM

A sad ending to this story. The body of Cayle Bywater has been found in a murky pond in the park where she was last spotted.

Click here for complete news story and video

My thoughts and prayers are with Cayle’s family and friends.


Update 1/7/08 7:43PM

Go to Cayle’s website and see the latest news. Looks like someone actually captured her in a random picture taken the day she disappeared.


Update 1/6/08 9:08PM

There is a new website devoted to finding Cayle Bywater. Please go here.


Update 1/5/08 4:12PM

See video here for latest update. Also interesting is the Topix forum comments on this story. Some first hand accounts and updates are available there.


Update 1/4/08 10:39AM

A search for Cayle Bywater yesterday turned up no clues as to where the young UGA student may be. Volunteers and rescue workers spent hours searching sections of south Athens yesterday as well as the 90-acre Gran Ellen Drive park due to the fact someone called a tip in stating they had spotted Cayle on Saturday in the park and she seemed disoriented.

No organized searches were scheduled for today although rescue workers may dredge a pond in Memorial Park and are arranging for search dogs to be brought in.

Police believe Cayle may have stopped taking her medication and her sister, Tiffiny Cohen thinks that Cayle’s dog may have gotten loose and Cayle could have went after the dog and became injured.

Latest News Article


Original Blog

Saturday, December 29th was the last time anyone saw 29-year-old UGA Student Cayle Bywater. A neighbor saw her outside her home at 2004 South Milledge Ave. Between that time and the following day, Cayle disappeared.

A friend and co-worker became concerned when she went to the house and found Cayle’s cell phone and purse atop her car which was parked in her driveway. Cayle’s basement door was wide open and her dog was running lose.

The strange part is that authorities have stated that they do not believe foul play was involved, siting that Cayle suffers from bipolar disorder and may have wondered off. Uh, ok. I have a sister that is bipolar. The disorder certainly doesn’t make you just leave your house wide open, your dog running the neighborhood and your purse atop your car so that you can walk off into oblivion. That topped with the fact that its been five days with no eye witness reports or sightings of Cayle is definitely cause for concern.

“I’m very concerned, and I just don’t know what to say except we are really worried about her,” said Katie Sims, a friend of Cayles who works with her at Aromas wine bar in Five Points.

Cayle Bywater

Cayle Bywater is described as a white female, 5’3” tall, 113 pounds, with curly brown hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Cayle Bywater should call:

* The Athens-Clarke County Police Department at 706-613-3330,
* Central Communications at 706-613-3345, or
* Detective Dustin Smith at 706-613-3888, extension 795.

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