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Christmas Eve Disappearance – Where is Zach Gamble?

Posted by KindraLore on January 4, 2008

Zach Gamble

Update 1/7/08 5:12PM

Police said suicide or accident, not homicide, is the most likely explanation in the death of Zach Gamble. The article also states that police had picked Zach up on December 23rd for violation of curfew, and this is one of the reasons they considered him a runaway.

Police said Zach’s injuries are consistent with a long fall from the bridge. There’s no evidence of homicide, his hands and feet weren’t tied up, there’s no bullet or stab wounds, just blunt force trauma to the side of his body where he landed.

Detectives said that would most likely suggest a freak accident from a fall or a suicide and that’s something friends who attended his candlelight vigil Sunday night find hard to believe.

“I’ve ran it over in my head so many times, and them saying he’s a runaway, is not even a question in my mind,” friend Chris Taylor said. “I mean suicide? No, suicide no, he had the most amazing life. His girlfriend, he loved his girlfriend, he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.”

Read Complete Article Here


Update 1/6/08 5:01PM

If you were directed to this site by the Kansas City Fox News Article, it was incorrect. This is not the blog his family made. You can find that here. This is a site for missing people and I wrote about Zach’s disappearance.


Update 1/6/08 11:26AM

Here is the latest article. The police have not confirmed the body to be Zach’s yet but the facebook and website set up for Zach is. If you go to and look on the right, there is also a button to donate for the funeral. Obviously this means there was no life insurance, so I would urge you all to help out. I did.


Update 1/5/08 9:05PM

Terrible, terrible news tonight in the search for Zach Gamble. I had previously joined the facebook group dedicated to Zach, and this evening an email was sent out to the group members:

Subject: Rest in Peace Zach

It is with unbelievable pain, that I write this.

The body of Zach Gamble was found today during the search party.

At this point, the medical examiners report is still out.

We ask that you say an extra prayer for Chris and her family tonight and respect her wishes.

Please don’t PM her or try and contact her.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Chris and her family tonight.

My prayers and heartfelt thoughts are with Christy, Amanda and all of Zach’s family and friends whose lives he touched.


Original Blog

Zach Gamble may not look like your normal honor student, member of the Debate Team, 16-year-old boy growing up in Raytown, Missouri. In fact his hair falls to his waist and because of that, it has earned him the nick name Jesus amongst friends. By first impression Zach looks more Goth or alternative.

However, Zachary Gamble is in fact an honor student, a member of the Raytown High debate squad, a Boy Scout and according to his mother he is extremely shy. He has a girlfriend named Amanda Collins and on Christmas Eve he asked her to sneak out with him. “Where are you going?” Amanda asked him. Zach told her she would find out once they arrived there.

Amanda did not go and the last time anyone saw Zachary Gamble was around 10:00PM Christmas Eve. When the family awoke the next morning, Zach was gone. According to his mother, Christy Miller, Zach had left a twenty dollar bill laying on the entertainment system. His gifts were left under the tree unopened, some with money.

Zach does not have a history of running away and his parents believe that his plans were to only be gone a few hours. “My worst fear right now is that he snuck out and something bad happened and he’s in a ditch somewhere or he’s being tortured every minute,” said Zach’s mother.

Zach has not logged into any of his accounts or favorite internet sites. The family is frustrated with the Kansas City Police Department, stating that the Department’s position in this case is that Zach is a runaway and therefore there has been little help from Law Enforcement.

Amanda Collins and Zach’s mom Christy Miller have started an internet campaign to reach as many as possible in the hopes that someone can provide a clue as to where Zach is. They have started a group dedicated to finding Zach on, a myspace page and a website called

Zach Gamble

Zachary Gamble is 16 years old, wears all black, green eyes and waist length brown hair. He is about 5’5 and 130 lbs.

He was wearing a black zip up hoodie that goes down to his knees and baggy black tripp pants with chains.

He wears two different shoes on his feet at once. On one foot he is wearing a black and white checked Vans shoe and one the other foot he is wearing a green leather Vans type shoe. You usually can’t see his shoes because his pants cover them up but you can see the toe part.

The family asks anyone with information about Zach’s whereabouts to call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

Zach Gamble

Latest News Article:
Family Asks For Help Finding Missing Teen


6 Responses to “Christmas Eve Disappearance – Where is Zach Gamble?”

  1. I am very sorry and my prayers go out to you and your family. I am very, very sorry for your loss.

  2. della said


    my prayers are with zack gamble family, friends ect…


  3. grandma said

    Please sign Zachs memorybook kcstarnews

  4. Grandma:

    I did not see an online book. On Zach’s facebook group that is dedicated to him I found the following:

    Kaytlynn Clemons (Kansas City, MO) wrote
    on Jan 8, 2008 at 8:22 PM.
    So the past few days I’ve been reading all of the notes about Zach. I think they are all really neat, and that his family might want to read them. Wat if we all printed are notes off in honor/memory of Zach, and gave em to his parents. It mite help to know his death was not in vain. I will gladly take them (Kaytlynn Clemons) or you can email them to I would like to have them by Friday the 11 of January. Thanks

    I also received an email through Facebook that said the deadline is extended to 1/16 but obviously that time too has past.

    If there is an online memory book to sign, please, someone post a link.


  5. I am so sorry for your loss I did not know Zach, But my prayers are with you!
    My friend who’s dad lives in Raytown, Missouri she knew your son Zach and she told me about him. I would have loved to have met your son.
    But I am very sorry for your loss and my Prayers go out to you!!!

    I Pray for Zach and his Family and Friends!!!

    With all my Love,
    Mariah Nitsch

  6. Nik B said

    Well my only say here is…

    If this is the same Amanda Collins from Raytown, that I went to middle school with then she would of been 22-23 at that time, because that’s how old I was. My only question is why would the mother let her be his girlfriend at that age. That’s my only take on the whole thing, wouldn’t that have something to do with her? But that’s me I’m a bit old fashioned I guess.

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