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This Month’s Featured Case – Brian Shaffer

Posted by KindraLore on January 4, 2008

January 2008

Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer

The Disappearance

Brian Shaffer was a second year med student at Ohio State University in the spring of 2006. His mother had battled a devastating and fatal illness with cancer and his girlfriend, Alexis Waggoner had been visiting her family.

Spring Break was about to be in full swing and Brian and his ex roommate Clint Florence headed out that Friday to have some drinks at the local bars.

Brian & Clint
Brian Shaffer and his friend Clint Florence

The two men arrived at the Ugly Tuna Saloon around 9:15PM and had a few shots. He and Alexis spoke on his cell phone around 10:30PM. Brian and Clint then left the Ugly Tuna Saloon around 11:00PM and walked to Short North Tavern and then to another bar around 11:40PM. By 1:15AM they were back at the Ugly Tuna where their evening had begun.

Brian Video 1
Brian returning to the Ugly Tuna

Brian can be seen in the grainy surveillance video returning to the Ugly Tuna around 1:15AM. He can also he seen on the foyer near the escalators speaking with some girls that Clint knew. He then walks out of the bottom right side of the camera and Brian Shaffer disappears into thin air.

Brian Video 2
Brian – last images of him

By 2:00M its closing time. Clint calls Brian on his cell phone and it goes straight to voicemail. He goes to the men’s room and looks for him but Brian is not there either. Eventually Clint assumes Brian has left and he leaves as well.

Saturday, April 1st Alexis continuously tried to call Brian with no luck. The couple had plans to leave town for a Spring Break vacation in Florida that following Monday. By Sunday she was scared and knew something was not right.

A Mystery

One baffling aspect of this case that still perplexes law enforcement today is the fact that Brian could not be seen on surveillance leaving the bar after he had re-entered. Both bar exits are covered by cameras, as is the escalator in which you see Brian enter and leave and enter again.

Outside the bar, out of camera view, are stairs and an elevator that lead to the first floor. Once on the first floor, the only way out, without being seen on tape, would be through a service exit that leads to a construction site, with doors to the street.

Exit Ugly Tuna
Only exit not covered by cameras

Brian’s credit cards, bank account and cell phone have not been used. There have been no significant leads to indicate what happened that Friday night.

Connections or Coincidence?

Since 1997 at least eight college men were found dead in local rivers after a night out at local taverns or bars in the mid-west. Many started to wonder if there was a serial killer in our midst, preying on vulnerable inebriated men.

The series of deaths began in July 1997, when the body of 19-year-old Richard Hlavaty was found in the Mississippi. In 2004 the body of 21-year-old UW-La Crosse wrestler Jared Dion was also found in the Mississippi river. In September 2006 UW-La Crosse basketball player Luke Homan was again found in the Mississippi and a month later police classified the death of Chris Jenkins, a University of Minnesota student as a murder and not accidental.

According to a criminologist at Minnesota’s St. Cloud State University, more than twenty college-aged men had drowned after disappearing from bars or parties since 1997 in an area from Minnesota to Ohio.

However, in September of 2007 after La Crosse police asked the FBI’s National Center for Analysis of Violent Crime to review their investigations, the FBI stated that they had found no evidence to support a theory of a serial killer and contributed the deaths to excessive drinking. Some are not convinced however and think they police are trying to avoid publicity.

One name that has continuously been linked with Brian Shaffer’s disappearance is that of Anthony “Tony” Luzio. On the evening of July 3, 2005 Tony had gone to a friend’s house to play cards. Afterwards he stopped at a local hangout and around 2:30AM Tony and a group of friends went to a party, one mile from Tony’s parents house in Powell, Ohio.

Tony was last seen leaving the party at 4:00AM, presumably to his apartment. That was the last time anyone ever saw Tony Luzio again. His 2004 Honda Civic is also missing and has never been recovered. He disappeared just 15 miles from where Brian Shaffer disappeared.

In November of 2005 29-year-old Mohamed Rihani also disappeared in the same close proximity after leaving his residence in the vicinity of Riverview Drive and Olentangy River Road in Columbus, Ohio. He too was driving a Honda Civic, black in color. Both he and his vehicle have vanished.

Where it Stands

Since Brian Shaffer’s disappearance, other college-aged men have also disappeared, although not close in vicinity to the disappearances of the previous mentioned men.

In November of 2007 18-year-old Justin Gaines disappeared from Wild Bill’s in Duluth, Georgia and just one week later Kyle Fleischmann disappeared from the Buckhead Saloon in Charlotte, North Carolina. December 23, 2007 21-year-old Joshua Szostak disappeared after leaving the Bayou Café on North Pearl Street in Albany, New York.

It does seem that young males have a false sense of security when being out and about, thinking that nothing can happen to them. All these young men that were mentioned were in good shape and seemed very capable of taking care of themselves. However, once alone and intoxicated, one can become vulnerable and a victim.

Today Brian’s father (as well as all the other families of these missing men) continues the quest to find answers and to find his son. After all, not knowing is the hardest.

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173 Responses to “This Month’s Featured Case – Brian Shaffer”

  1. Mr. Clark-

    I read your post today regarding Brian Shaffer. Thank you very much for remembering Brian and taking the time to study his case. I did not know Brian but have had the opportunity to meet his father since Brian’s disappearance. Brian is always on my mind and I continually replay the known events of the night he disappeared.

    Thank you again for making him the case of the month. Brian’s family deserves answers and I do not believe they will come unless we continue to research this case and keep it in the news.


  2. truthonsoares said

    I want to thank you too. Here in Albany, NY we are very concerned about Josh Szostak, who disappeared on the way back to his car in our small city. And yes, we have a river…. No one has seen him since a surveillance camera caught an image the night he disappeared, December 22…..

  3. Bryon said

    I was just curious why doesn’t anyone post the full surveillance video on this site or anywhere else on the internet? I mean the more people that can see those tapes and the people that are in that area the better chances of getting some information. Does anyone know where you can view the full tapes?

  4. Anonymous said

    There was a body found in the Olentangy river on April 29, 2008, that the Columbus Dispatch and the Lantern published. The body was said to be about 40 years of age, and although this does not correlate with the other college aged men, perhaps it is still a significant piece of evidence.

  5. Anonymous said

    I just watched physic kids and this case was on it, since I’ve watched it, I cant get him and the events of that night off my mind. I am also from Ohio, and it always comes as a shock to hear about something like this hitting this close to home. I hope for everyone involved with Brian and this case gets answers soon. My prayers go out to you!

  6. Brandi said

    I just finished watching physic kids and this case was featured on it. since hearing about the case and Brian I cant get him and the events that took place that night off my mind. I’m also from Ohio, and go down to Columbus all the time. It’s hard to imagine that something like this could happen so close to home. I pray for the family and friends of Brian that he be brought home. You are all in my prayers!

    My best wishes.

  7. Brandi:

    I didnt watch the episode. What did it show?

  8. Anonymous said

    Psychic Kids were given little, if any, information on the case. They were taken to the Ugly Tuna to see if there was anything they could “pick up”. The three of them all agreed that A) a “dirty blonde” was not telling the whole truth in the case. B) He was being watched from the balcony by someone (friend) with jealous feelings and C) It was a dispute that went to far, becoming an “accident”. I initially saw this story on a “Spring Breaks Gone Wrong” show. Even then I thought his friend(s) knew more than they were leading on. Heart and prayers goes out to Shaffer family.

  9. I would like to see that. Maybe they I can catch it on On Demand. Thanks for the info.

  10. Erica said

    My friend vanished in 2001 Scott Javins in Terre Haute IN. He was last seen leaving a party, for five years him and his Honda Civic Si were missing. Just last October they recovered him and his vehicle in the river in Terre Haute. They ruled that his death was an accident and that he had been drinking and passed out, his car rolled into the river. However, no one is convinced that is what happened. After reading this article the car Honda Civic kept poping up. I was concerned about that.

  11. That is strange Erica. Here is the AMW Article on your friend:

    So sorry for your loss. It states it was not recovered until 5 years later though so their ruling was because they had no evidence otherwise. Not saying it wasnt an accident either, but after that time period, and being submerged, it would surely be hard to tell IF there was any foul play.

  12. Here is a link to the thread about Scott Javins on the Websleuth community site:

    looks like at first they considered this a homicide. I also wonder why the skull and mandible was the only remains recovered. Confusing case.

  13. Rachel said

    Thank you for writing this post about Brian. I know his father and all of Brian’s family and friends appreciate it. My heart goes out to Randy, Brian’s dad, our good friend, and all the families missing loved ones out there. I pray the truth will surface so that they may have peace…

  14. amy said

    i saw that episode of psychic kids, upon seeing brian shaffer’s photo, the word “cabo” came to mind. any links to this, or any that has cab, cabo, or cabot? my prayers goes to all of the families & friends of these missing men. hope that they all come home safe….the truth comes out sooner or later and you’ll have the peace of mind you seek. keep your Faith in God! take care….

  15. Lindsay said

    Hi i live in Ohio about 15 minutes from the colombus area I saw brians story on THS springbreak at first and ever since i have seen his story i have been thinking alot for his family and girlfriend and my heart goes out to you all i don’t know what i would ever do in this situation I added The Find Brian Shaffer myspace to my friends and i will be looking for updates in this case i hope he is prayers go out to you!

  16. Rebecca said

    I was at KU (Kansas) back in 1992 and we also had another young man go missing. His name was Alexis Dillard. He disappeared while walking away from Johnny’s Tavern in Lawrence on night. The speculation is that he may have tried to swim the local river and they did find footprints near the banks, but it isn’t clear if they lead into the river or turn away from it. I don’t know if the information that was released at the time was sketchy because police didn’t know or if they were holding onto it in hopes of further investigation. But that was also about 16 years ago.

  17. Rebecca said

    I also just wanted to add… what struck me about Brian Shaffer’s case is that he looks very much like how I remember Alexis Dillard looked… short dark hair, dark eyes, similar form. Has there been any similarities in the drowning victims or thsoe missing?

  18. Diana said

    Have the police questioned his friend Clint Florence?

  19. Diana:

    Clint was questioned at length. I am not sure of the details of it but his phone records (calling Brian when the bar closed) and the video from the bar pretty much went along with what he stated happened.

  20. me said

    i also saw the show and was wondering about that locked door—up at ugly tuna bar, they say there was construction going on–is it possible that maybe the door was unlocked that night and Brian maybe opened it thinking it was an exit door..and maybe fell…did they even check that door…beings that the camera didnt show him leaving the bar

  21. Tyler said

    Why dont they look at all the credit cards used that night and question everyone in the bar that night?

  22. Gene W. said

    Was this construction area somehow connected to the inside of the Ugly Tuna and also is there a way to enter this construction area, if NOT inside from the outside without being seen on the internal camera? If the latter, then isnt it feasible that the bar was closing, Brian gets tossed out after talking with band and not finding friends and has to go to the bathroom. If it was me, this would be a likely spot I would use if I needed to make a ‘pit stop’ before heading home. Also, has anyone interviewed the 2 police officers / security guards in the 2nd frame. Just seems strange that nobody would have seen anything and I would be curious what they said and saw.

  23. Gene:

    Funny you should say that. Someone emailed me the other day regarding the security officer. This person said that the security guards should be looked at.

  24. Gene W. said

    I reviewed the video in the documentary on this case. The door to the construction were right next to the Ugly Tuna door, and completely out of view of the cameras.

    I would assume police and family looked through the construction site for sewer grating / openings.

    Not sure I put too much stock in the psychics but one of them talked about being watched. One of the security guards does appear to be ‘watching’ the overall scene – the one further back with the casual lean.

    Additionally – as Brian comes up the escalator someone is gesturing a they are leaving as if to say “What do you want?” and goes back into the bar area. Wondering if this is the same girl that is seen late that night talking to Brian. Not that it means much but it just struck me as a little odd if that is the same girl. If not, its meaningless.

    One final thought… Did anyone watch the tapes just to see, if by some weird circumstance, that Brian might have left the establishment through the front wearing another shirt or a hooded sweathirt or something? I am sure police looked for that but there is an outside possibility. I am sure the band would remember but I was thinking if they gave him a t-shirt or sweathirt or something… or something weird happened and he left in different clothes… I will assume this was all thought about already. I will keep thinking about this one and studying it… You can get a good idea of the street layout from Google Maps of the area. It’s a pretty busy place. Would love for someone to let me know all of that has already been covered.

  25. Gene W. said

    I found an article that said that Brian’s cell phone pinged a tower near Scioto Darby Creek Road as the last ‘call’ was made. I think by call they mean the last ping of an inbound call. If this is true and assuming this type of cell phone can’t arbitrarily ‘roam’ far from the location of the person, it stands to reason that the answers are somewhere near that area. If you study a google map of that area there appears to be some construction going on to the south of that road and it said authorities had been looking there. If asked I will post the link to where I found that article (in a compilation – this one was from 2007 I think).

    Again, if all is true I would think they checked that small water tributary that would be ‘on route’ from N. High Street (Ugly Tuna) to Scioto Darby Creek Road known as the Scioto River. There appears to be a bridge that goes over it. Again, I assume that the authorities did a lot of investigating based on that (I hope they did).

    If the cell phone ping is true this would seem a lot like ‘foul play’ and there needs to be more press on it. Has “Unsolved Mysteries” done a segment on this? That how gets a TON of viewership and would likely help.

    Has anyone else read about this last known cell tower ping?

  26. Gene: Kudos to you. You have done lots of research on this case. Do you have a link regarding the cell phone ping? I dont recall reading that anywhere.

    Also, how far would the tower near Scioto Dark Creek Road in relation to the Ugly Tuna? Does it mention what time the ping was or can they even trace that much detail?

    I am pretty sure Unsolved Mysteries is no longer in production. Only re-runs. I would like to see his case on America’s Most Wanted though. I could be incorrect but I dont think they did anything on this case.

  27. Gene W. said

    Here is the link I found. While I have not researched the source of this article it appeared cut and pasted from a local source.

    The article under data Saturday, Aug 25, 2007 says some of the following:

    { Teams concentrated on a field near Scioto Darby Creek Road. According to officials, Shaffer’s cell phone was last used in the area.

    “There’s a report that the last (cell phone call) did ping off a tower in this area, so we want to take it serious and eliminate areas,” Miller said. }

    Great questions on time of ping… I would love to review the police case files on this just to see. I would also love to review ALL of the surveillance cameras from the entire night.

    When I reviewed the location of the parking garage to where I *think* that non-camera exit from the construction was it kind of would make sense if Brian thought he might catch his friends in the garage before they drove away (where they had parked) or to use it as a ‘rest stop’. It would not seem far out of the realm of common possibility.

    Still – the whole thing is unusual. Again, if the cell tower did ping in that location and it not possible for that to happen without being close than the theories on the exit are moot anyway. The question you bring up is what time was that ping… it’s not clear.

    I will keep researching on the internet since I am kind of obsesed now with the “why” of this mystery.

    Thanks for the kind words. I will post whatever else I find or questions I come up with.

  28. Lauren said

    I’ve been following this case for almost a year now… As far as the cell phone is concerned, his ex-gf Alexis used to call his cell phone every night before bed for the first year or so and every time she called it, it would go to voice mail. However, several months after he went missing (3-6 months), she made her usual nightly call and it rang. She panicked and didn’t know what to say or do, but no one answered the phone and it eventually went to voice mail. She then called the police and when they investigated, they claimed it was the “ping” you mentioned. I’m not sure of the exact time or the date but I know it occurred long after he went missing.

    As for the two friends with which he went out that night (it was a young man and young woman), they ewre both questioned but both REFUSED to go on the polygraph. I find this extraodrinarily odd.

  29. Lauren said

    Just to reiterate, the police stated that the phone ringing was just a glitch in the system…

  30. eb said

    My heart goes out to the father of Brian. I saw the episode about him on Psychic Kids and the help that was offered to his family.

    How does somebody go into a bar and then never leave?? How does nobody notice? Have all parties in the above videos been identified? I think the video is slightly difficult to see, but is that the same guy in the dark shirt and jeans that is going down the escalator in the “Brian returning to the Ugly Tuna” and in the “Brian – last images of him” videos talking to the man in the suit? It may just be the way the above pictures display.

    Above all, my prayers go out to his family and I hope they find closure.

  31. Eb:

    In both images, Brian is circled.

  32. Gene W. said

    Not that it means much, but as I continued to research this a more well-known psychic named Gale St. John suggested that Brian was drugged with GHB… (or so it seemed on a psychic ‘dream site’ that I found) at least that’s what I was interpreting from a site out there that apparently works with her and knows her.

    I just wonder if drugs or something of that kind were involved and Clint Florence or Meredith Gale were providing drugs of some kind to Brian (I would assume Brian knew – not suggesting he is a druggie but let’s assume for the moment he took them) and he had a bad reaction, was getting sick, couldn’t walk? Perhaps someone ‘helped’ him on the ground floor out the service entrance? It is obvious he would have HAD to have used that exit.

    So Clint and Meredith perhaps wont do the poly because they are worried about civil liability? If Clint was a dealer perhaps it’s also going to be criminal liability? That seems quite plausible but still doesn’t explain what happened to Brian. According to the research I read Clint and Meredith are seen exiting the main exit on video which likely rules them out and another reason the police probably dont have them as suspects.

    The whole thing is one of the crazier stories only because of the fact that he is never seen leaving the second time. That said, there must be some suspicious people the police could see on either camera from that night. I would like to see that video and just count 1 man in, 1 man out and see what comes up. I imagine the police have already done that.

  33. Interested said

    If I’m reading correctly, Brian’s phone was ringing and going to voicemail 3-6 months after he went missing. Wouldn’t the cell provider have cut off his service for lack of payment before that? Or, is someone continuing to pay the bill?

    Just watched the THS spot on Spring Break, which included this heartbreaking story. My heart goes out to the family and his girlfriend.

  34. Interested said

    Back to add: Eb, I see what you’re looking at, and it does look like the guy going down the escalator as Brian is coming up could be the same guy talking to a guy just to the left of where Brian is chatting with the 2 women later. For what that’s worth…

  35. Hi Interested. To my knowledge, I believe the family has continued to pay Brian’s cell phone even today. It was never cut off.

  36. Interested and Eb: You are right. Very good eye. It IS the same guy in both shots. Very interesting. I think I will go watch the video again.


  37. little odd said

    Why does it look like the same three guys seen in the stairs with Brian are the same three guys up top. The one in white just missing the long brown hair (or wig)? That guy appears to be pointing brian back into the bar entrance while the other two are talking. Is the guy in jeans and black shirt reaching for a gun? Why are the police up there and seem to be watching the two men to the left?
    Julie Popovich went missing right down the road 8 months prior. She also was from Pickerington Oh. Did Brian know Julie? Or anything about the case? Julie was found by Hoover resevoir. Did they search that area?
    Why does this look like such a planned team effort?

  38. little odd said

    Oh i see better now. It appears the man in jeans and black shirt is following Brian. ? Who is he? Sychic kids say Brian went missing not because of something he did but because of a woman. Was someone after a woman and Brian saw something? Have all the people been identified in the videos and questioned? Amazing with all the photage nobodys been caught.

  39. who are they? said

    If anyone noticed the security is not there when Brian comes up but appear when hes leaving. Have their names been published? I assume they saw things and is there job to look for trouble. I have been to that bar but dont know if thats a nightly thing to guard the exit. You would think security is much more needed downstairs where everyone is filing out of all the other gateway bars. I would never even think to exit through another way. Can anyone say who all was around Brian in the last views of him? I pretty much know everyone in town and if I dont theres just a degree away. Following another case has sparked my attention on this one as well. It has been rumored in town for years that this was some sort of “inside” job due to the circumstance- but why would Brian be a target? He seemed to have everything going for him. There are so many people missing in this town. Oddly enough if found its usually up north in Deleware and alum creek. Orlin Obrego was last seen at a bar on 161 last Aug and found up at alum creek. Two prostitutes found on same road. I would guess we have a serial killer preying on bar patrons and prostitutes. Anyone easy to be mislead. Ill keep an eye on this case and pray for all those affected

  40. who are they? said

    I have spent many hours viewing all the video and have come to the conclusion that the three men up top have all swapped clothing. When Brian is seen coming up there are two men coming out of Ugly Tuna . One goes down in a white shirt and black hodie. The other goes back in wearing a grey/blue t-shirt. When Brian is seen with the two girls later the man in the black hodie is now wearing the grey/blue t-shirt and the third guy is now wearing a black hodie. The guy first wearing the blue/grey t-shirt is now wearing a white shirt and dark shirt over it. Can anybody see this??? There appears to be a girl standing with the three men as well. Who are these four people? I spent some time walking around the bar inside and out the other day to get the layout. I feel he was lead out by someone and they have something to do with it. They all appear to be checking out the scene and aware of the people around them. One guy even turns and looks at Brian as he walks back into the bar.I wonder if those four people have come forward?

  41. Intrigued said

    I have a few theories. Were there any unusual patterns to his bank withdrawals, cell phone calls, or land line calls in the months before his disappearance? Probably not, too easy. Has anyone questioned the band? Maybe Brian offered to help them load out thru the backdoor at closing time. This is very common in the bar scene; everyone loads in and out the back door so they can pull a truck up close. We know two things: he did not leave from the front and he is not still in the bar (assuming they have checked every square inch). Has the bar been sprayed with luminol? Have Clint and Meredith’s shoes and clothing from that night been confiscated and examined forensically? It is without doubt that someone out there knows something. Boy, I’d sure like to be on this case in Ohio. It’s been on my mind since I first saw it on TV.

  42. Intrigued said

    Also, were there any unusual phone calls on his gf’s phone records in the months before he disappeared? Could she have conspired with someone to do this while she established her alibi in Toledo? Or could another guy have been interested in Alexis and wanting to get rid of the competition?

  43. who are they? said

    Intrigued- I believe your last theory is correct. Julie Popovich went missing 8 months prior from another campus bar. Sorry people but the wrong guy is serving time for that. Adam Saleh filed an appeal Aug 22nd and due to the facts ive read his case should be thrown out. So here we have 2 people that went missing from a campus bar late at night when highly intoxicated. Conected? I believe so. Both Julie and Alexis have long brown hair and beautiful. I believe Brian, Julie and Alexis were on Myspace and think both Julie and Brian are from Pickerington.? There was so much speculation that the cases were linked but they couldnt tie them together with Adam Saleh behind bars when brian went missing. Well you can tie them together when Adam is THE WRONG GUY. No physical evidence links him. Not one strand of Julies hair or fiber in his car they say he put her in. That doesnt happen. The DNA needs to be revealed. So bottom line we need to wait and see what they do to Adam. Release him? Retrial? Doubt retrial for that will be publc record and I dont think they would want for the world to see how messed up the case against Adam was. Solving the Julie Popovich case may help in Brian Shaffers. There are just too many things in common. For Julie and Brian to go missing w/out a trace its got to be premeditated. Someone had to know the layout of the gateway area. The band wouldve gone down the stairs with the rest of the patrons. So that leaves the other exit that i saw leads to an alley type drive. Im eagerly waiting for the Popovich case to reopen because there is so much everyone needs to hear.

  44. concerned said

    My sister said that Brian’s Dad was killed last night. She said that a large branch fell and hit him in the head right in his own yard. If Brian is in heaven then his own wonderful father can finally be with him again. Along with his mother they may all rest in peace in God’s loving embrace. There is nothing more painful in the world then when your child dies. trust me…I know.

  45. Sean said

    Brians father was killed yesterday by a falling tree limb during the windstorm we had here. 😦

  46. That is terrible. My heart goes out to this family! I know that Randy Shaffer was vigilant in finding his son and never gave up hope. Thoughts and prayers to a family that has suffered so dearly.

    Here is an article to confirm this to be true:


  47. Don Corbett said

    Don Corbett an investigator who had been working with Brian’s dad Randy prior to his death will be will be continuing his investigation into this matter in honor of Randy Shaffer.

    Don Corbett can be reached at 614-565-7189 or

    Please contact him with any information.

  48. Don Corbett said

    Don Corbett’s correct email is

  49. On Sept 14, Central Ohio Crime Stoppers and the Community lost a friend Randy Shaffer father of missing Ohio State medical student Brian Shaffer [] was killed when a tree fell on him. Randy had just lost his wife to cancer when three weeks later, his son disappeared without a trace. But Randy never gave up and helped many other families with missing adults and children. He also helped to raise thousand of dollars to help fight crime for Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, along with Tony Luzio, whose son is also missing. You can post your own letter to the family or memories of Randy on the DIARY page. As you will see, Randy Shaffer was loved and respected for what he has done and will be dearly missed by all. go to

  50. Yusen said

    This case has haunted me since it first came on the air with THS. I have been to at least 20 times. I keep hoping they find him. I think the Brian’s “friends” should have ruled themselves out as suspects by taking the polygraph. The police would not have asked them if they felt they were telling the truth. Also why wasn’t the construction exit closed? I saw the episode of the Psychic Kids about Brian Shaffer. Does anyone know if any new evidence was uncovered because of it? I am completely engulfed in this case and I have no rest about it. I was also very sad to hear about Brian’s dad dying. What a horrible series of events to befall the Shaffers. My prayers go out to Derek and any other relatives. I’m sorry for your loss. I hope Brian is still out there.

  51. we need the truth said

    Psychic kids said they felt Brian was being watched from the balcony. While Brian is coming up the stairs there are two men coming out. One goes down the stairs one turns around and goes back into the bar. Now if you are on the balcony and watching someone below walking by it is about perfect timing where those guys cross Brians path. Could they have thought he was going to keep walking by toward the parking garage? It was pretty late at night. Also when Brian is last seen there are four people and two guards near the only other exit.The four people are in front of it. The guards are facing it. You can catch a lot of video photage on the Dateline missing without a trace episode. There is a lot of odd behavior with all those shown in his last moments caught on tape. One guard appears to have a little conversation with one of the guys when people arent around. He also scratches his head a split second after one of the guys up top. It just appears that someone was stalking him. I sure would like to know what those guards saw and how they wouldnt have seen Brian going through the only other exit that they are facing. I dont blame his friends for not taking a polygragh. That could possibly be used against them. I do know that there are many people that have to start talking. All those people around and nobody saw anything? I dont believe it. How long can they keep quiet? Many of us are getting to the bottom of this until the truth comes out.

  52. Haunted by this case said

    This case has haunted me since I first saw the flier of Randy posted on High St. about two weeks after he vanished. How does a grown man vanish into thin air? I have read as much on the case as possible and have come to think the “friends” know more than they have admitted. I also want to say that psychics provide very little that is of value in criminal cases, or they would be used often by police departments. I’m not saying that psychic abilities do not exist, but tv programs are really for entertainment purposes. What we see is the result of a very slanted editing process. And we don’t know if the purported psychics are fed information beforehand. This case won’t be cracked by a psychic. But it doesn’t seem like the Columbus police will crack it either.

  53. we need the truth said

    Psychics have been helpful in many cases for the police and with victims families looking for any help. Randy had to turn to psychics and private help because the case has just been dead. I feel the psychics were right about being watched from the balcony. (If they were talking about the balcony inside Ugly Tuna overlooking the walkway.) Brian was said to have come from Short North Tavern which is just south of the Gateway area. So they wouldve been walking north on High st and turned left in front of the balcony above and then left into the building and up the stairs. It doesnt though take a psychic to know that. Just the fact that two men seem to rush out Ugly Tuna as Brian is coming up and one turns back is weird. If you take two people with one on balcony outside above and one rounding the corner from High st below you will see where they meet…. The news stated last night that they traced that message thought to be sent by Brian in the Virgin Island to Franklin County. They then searched an area with dogs with no finding. What an awful prank to first make people believe hes alive and then make them search for his remains. Not sure if any one person has been found responsible for that but hasnt the Shaffer family been through enough

  54. Haunted by this case said

    I am beginning to wonder if something happened to Brian inside the bar. And his body was concealed until long after the bar closed and then taken out the construction exit. And how would you conceal him without the bar knowing about it…so could any bar employees have been involved? And if I was out with a friend and could not find him at closing time, I would not just leave even if he was an adult. That has always bothered me about his friends’ behavior. And why not take a polygraph test? If you are innocent and have nothing to hide, and this is your good, good friend, I would think you would do it. So much about this case does not add up. I’m not against seeking out the help of psychics, but what real good did it do? I do not personally think Brian is still alive. And even if his body is found, after such a long time it’s unlikely to present much in the way of evidence. It’s a cautionary tale to young people. Excessive drinking leads to some very tragic events. Would it have different if Brian had not imbibed? We’ll never know. But it is infinitely easier to take control of another person when they are impaired. Just look at the missing young college students across this country. The vast majority involved excessive drinking. So, so sad.

  55. Check this out:

    Brian Shaffer in the Virgin Islands?

    From the Article:

    Click headline to enlarge

    Without a trace
    Long search for medical student who vanished in Ohio leads investigator to V.I.
    Wednesday, October 1st 2008

    Brian Shaffer

    The flagging search for a missing Ohio State University medical student recently was broadened to the Virgin Islands after a tragic accident unexpectedly provided investigators with a cyberspace clue.

    Randall Shaffer spent two and a half years tirelessly spearheading efforts to find his son, Brian Shaffer, who disappeared without a trace after a night out with friends in Columbus, Ohio, on March 31, 2006. The baffling case received heavy news coverage in Ohio, and was featured on several national news programs.

    Two weeks ago, the distraught 55-year-old father was killed in a freak accident in his own yard – a storm-blown tree limb fatally struck him on the head.

    After the funeral, friends maintaining an online guest book that accompanied Randall Shaffer’s obituary on the website of the local newspaper, The Columbus Dispatch, were shocked to see a brief entry ostensibly from the dead man’s missing son.

    On the evening of Sept. 18, someone posted: “Dad, I love you, Brian. (U.S. Virgin Islands)”

    Don Corbett, a private investigator hired by the family when Shaffer went missing, said there were only two explanations.

    Either the missing 29-year-old wrote the message, and likely was in the Virgin Islands, Corbett said, or “somebody has a very sick sense of humor.”

    Ohio authorities have subpoenaed the web host’s Internet records to geographically pinpoint the sender, a process that could take a couple weeks, Corbett said.

    In the meantime, Corbett has contacted Virgin Islands police, providing Shaffer’s missing person poster.

  56. Then this article came out yesterday:

    New Clues Or Sick Jokes In Shaffer Case?

    From the article:

    Columbus Police Detectives traced the email to a public computer in Franklin County.

    Shortly after, detectives received a tip claiming Brian’s body could be found at a certain location in Columbus. Police searched the specified area on September 21st with cadaver dogs, but found no body.

  57. we need the truth said

    Well where did the email come from and where did they search? How come nothing is ever disclosed. Disclosing this info to the public could help. People need to start talking for this case to be solved. When I saw that message weeks ago I thought what a sick Joke. Could the message have been left by a person that knows something? Again it looks like someone wanted to make people believe he is alive in the Virgin Islands and then search for his remains. How cruel. I understand why a lot of info is not disclosed but people want to help. The public and his family deserve answers.

  58. news story said

    News just reported they pulled a black honda civic from hoover resevoir.Its believed to have been there for possibly years. As mentioned above Mohamed Rihani went missing Nov. 2005 close to Brians last location. The remains of a male were found inside so i can only guess its Mohamed. Julie Popovich went missing from campus in Aug 2005 and the I D she had on her was found about a half mile from where this car was just pulled. She was found weeks later across hoover in a farmers field. Ive been trying to tell people there needs to be a mass search of the hoover area. Divers searched hoover resevoir in Aug 2005 for Julie and Tony Luzio so this car had to be dumped after then. Maybe this is at least some answers for Mohameds family. If it is then there needs to be more searching in that area for Brian or Tony.

  59. So Many Questions said

    Hi, I’m in the Columbus metro area, and have watched and prayed about Brian’s case when he first went missing. Same with Julie Popovich. I can confirm that I heard the same story on the local news last night about the car pulled from Hoover reservoir. Brian immediately came to mind, and soon after that, so did Julie P. This morning I find myself scouring the web for any updates on Brian, and find this site for the first time. I agree with News Story’s post above that there needs to be more searching in the Hoover area for these missing young people. I hope this car & body will provide some new clues to help us solve these mysteries. May God bless each of the loved ones of the missing and provide them strength and comfort.

  60. news story said

    Julie Popovich, Mohamed Rihani and Brian Shaffer all went missing from the campus area within 8 months. 2 out of 3 found 18 miles away at Hoover Resevoir! Come on people! What is in going to take to get them to listen? Adem Saleh was charged with the murder of Julie but theres NO way he did it! An inmates testimony and fake cell phone records convicted him. His appeal was filed and hopefully he will be out soon so they will go after the real killer. You cant tie these cases together with Adam in prison. The truth is coming out slowly but surely. Once everyone learns Adam didnt do it then hopefully people will wake up and see these case are all very similar. NOW DO A MASS SEARCH OF THE HOOVER AREA PLEASE! I have checked out some wooded areas around the lots of fishing and boating areas but there is a lot of ground to cover.

  61. Haunted By This Case said

    There were skeletonized remains found alongside I-75 near Dayton a few days ago. Could this be Brian? I hope the LE agencies will communicate and check this possibility.

  62. news story said

    Well Mohameds death was ruled a suicide. How did he decide to drive from campus to Hoover resevoir (almost the exact area they found the I D Julie Popovich had on her when she went missing) and drive himself into the water? I hear he was tied up and his car was in nuetral. I hope they start to put their heads together and think about this. Its Also a bit of a coincidence that when Julie Popovich first went missing her friend Justin Webb said she spent a lot of time hanging around a guy with dark hair, shelled neclace and blue polo. Now Brian Shaffer was from Pickerington Central like Julie. I lost count of how many pictures I found of Brian wearing what seems to be a shelled neclace and a blue polo. What happened to Brian? Could he be the “shelled neclace” guy in the Popovich case? They’ve never released the “shelled neclace” guys name to the public. It’s not Adam Saleh because thats not what he was wearing. Ive just for years now wonder if Brian is missing because he knows something. Seeing how Adam Saleh due to the facts is NOT Julies killer.
    I really hope a search is done in the Hoover area. But I said that before Mohamed was found and Nobody listened to me. Both Julie and Brian went missing from osu campus bars late at night and nobody saw ANYTHING. Julie was found at Schott and Smoothers Rd across Hoover resevoir. Please search the Hoover area. I dont live that far away from there so it really make sleeping peacefully hard…………..

  63. Dahiana said

    Hola. Bueno todo comenzo cuando sin querer llegue al canal en el cual pasan el programa de “paranormal state” y eso de los niños psiquicos. Realmente esta historia me llamo la atencion por el grado de misterio el cual conlleva. Me gustaria informarme un poco mas sobre este caso. Tengo 15 años y digamos que tengo una pequeña aficcion hacia el mundo paranormal. Son respuestas que casi todo el mundo busca. Este caso en especial me llamo la atencion. Una serie de preguntas seria como lograron sacar a Brian sin ser visto por ninguna de las camaras de seguridad. Otra de las preguntas es porque Brian dejo el edificio para volver luego de un tiempo. Quizas el sabia lo que le podria pasar y regreso a enfrentarlo. Son pensamientos que cada persona tiene. Sin embargo hay detalles en el cual nadie se ha fijado. Esos detalles se le pasan a todas las personas. Detalles como por ejemplo si este chico estuviese muerto.. Porque nadie se ha tratado de comunicar con el? O quizas cualquier “espiritu” podria saberlo. Tan solo deberian creer un poco mas en que hay un mundo detras del nuestro que algunos espiritus no pueden llegar. Uno de los chicos siquicos dijo que hay un testigo escencial en el caso, una mujer rubia que sabe mas de lo que dice. Podrian interrogar a los testigos nuevamente. En especial si hay una mujer rubia. Otra cosa que he leido en ciertas paginas sobre este caso es que Brian si utilizo el telefono luego de su supuesta hora de desaparicion. Hay una llamada bastante extraña.
    Todo lo que he escrito, o parte de el. son mis pensamientos. Tengo una mente bastante abierta y espero no ofenda a nadie. Y si lo hago pido disculpas.
    Un saludo a todos y espero que este caso se resuelva.
    Reitero mis disculpas si ofendi a alguien.

    Dahiana, 15 años
    Uruguay, America Latina.

  64. This is a rough translation of the comment above through babelfish:

    Hello. Good everything comenzo when without wanting it arrives at the channel in which passes the program of ” paranormal state” and that of the psychic children. Really this history I draw attention by the mystery degree which entails. Me gustaria to inform a little to me but on this case. I am 15 years old and we say that I have small aficcion towards the world paranormal. They are answers that almost everybody looks for. This case I especially draw attention. A series of questions serious as they managed to remove to Brian without being seen by no of security chambers. Another one of the questions is because Brian I leave the building in order to return after a time. Perhaps the wise person which him podria to pass and return to face it. They are thoughts that each person has. Nevertheless there are details to which nobody has paid attention. Those details go to him to all the people. Details like for example if this boy were dead. Because nobody has been to communicate with? Or perhaps any ” espiritu” podria to know it. They only deberian to believe a little but in that there is a world behind ours that some spirits cannot arrive. One of psychic boys said that there is a escencial witness in the case, a blond woman that he knows but than he says. Podrian to interrogate the witnesses again. Especially if there is a blond woman. Another thing that there am leido in certain pages on this case is that Brian if I use the telephone after its supposed hour of disappearance. There is a quite strange call. Everything what I have written, or part of. they are my thoughts. I have a mind abierta enough and I hope does not offend anybody. And I do if it I request excuses. A greeting to all and I hope that this case is solved. I reiterate my excuses if ofendi to somebody. Dahiana, 15 years Uruguay, Latin America.

  65. news story said

    News today reports yet again another body pulled from Hoover resevoir near the dam. Thats just south of where Mohamed Rihani was pulled and where the I D Julie Popovich had on her the night she went missing from campus. Its reported to be female and possible suicide. I hope they dont rush this and rule suicide like they did in Mohameds case. I mean its been freezing out. Why are all these missing people being found in such a remote area in such close proximity? As ive stated before if something bad has happened to Brian the first place a search team should go is Hoover..

  66. k8 said

    This is terrifying and extremely heartbreaking to hear these stories. I don’t know if this is any help at all but I can sort of see pictures in my head (psychic at times) I seen a river. Lots of green trees along side a river. Forest all around the long river. It reminded me of Vermont forest because I never been to Ohio. I then saw a dark whole in the ground. The picture zoomed in and I saw a grave. I began to get frightened and wanted to open my eyes but I kept closing them and I saw more graves. About 5 more or less. I tried to count but it was really hard to. I dont know what this means but I just hope its not true. I hope its not true.

  67. Maria said

    Hi, Just wanting to help with the proper Spanish Translation to the above comment By: Dihiana
    No offense to coltonleviclark. ( Dihiana ) Hello It all started as I inadvertently came across the channel that was showing The “Paranormal State” and the one with Psychic children.Realistically I was drawn to this story due to the mystery that it brings.I would like to imform myself more on this case.I am 15 years old and have a small affiniation to the world of the paranormal.They are answers that almost all the world looks for. This case especially caught to my attention. A series of questions is why they were able to take Brian out without being seen by the security cameras.Another question is why Brain left the building to only come back again later. Maybe he knew what was waiting for him and returned to confront it. These are thoughts that every person has. None the less there are details that no one has looked for.Those are details that everyone has looked past. Details for example if this guy were dead. Why has no one tried to communicate with him? or perhaps another “spirit” may know.If only they would believe that there is something beyond what we know as our world out there. where other spirits cannot get too. One of the psychic kids said that there was an essential witness in the case. A blonde woman knows more than she is telling. They should interrogate the witnesses again. Especially if there is a blonde woman. Another thing that I have read in some pages in the case is that Brian used the phone during his supposed dissapearance. There is a strange Phone call. Everything That I have written, Or part of are my own thoughts. I have a very open mind and hope that I haven’t offended anyone. And if I have you have my pardon. Hello to everyone and hope this case gets resolved. I repeat my apologies if I offended anyone. Diahana 15 years old. Uruguay, Latin America.

    Sorry for translating but I couldn’t understand. Again No Offense. And to add my won comment. This is still a story that I think of all the time. I am sure that if the case is that Brian is indeed passed. I pray that his parents are with him. But I also pray that they find him for his brothers sake. All of his family is gone. My condolences to him.

  68. Lori said

    Brian’s 30th birthday was February 11 but of course, no celebration was done.

    It saddens me to no end to know that the 3rd ‘anniversary’ of his disappearance is quickly approaching and we are still no closer to a resolution than the day Brian disappeared.

    I TRULY appreciate each of you reviewing the films, providing your input, etc. We NEED more of this in order to solve this case. We need to keep this case in the media and in people’s minds, in every way we can. Thank you to everyone of you here that are doing that. We never know when one of the thoughts or ideas here may end up solving this case. IF ANYONE HAS A TIP FOR BRIAN’S CASE, PLEASE SUBMIT TO There is a Reward of $25,000 that is just waiting for the right information to solve this case.

  69. Anonymous said

    im so sorry for the lost of such a young man.

    i hope you find answers to all your questions..

    regards from denmark.

  70. many cases said

    Unfortunately at the time Brian vannished there were many others. All went missing from the campus area at night with nobody seeing anything. This happened in a ten month time frame but then stopped. If they don’t tie these case together they may never be solved.
    I agree that keeping Brians story in the media and on peoples minds could lead to answers. Somebody knows something and I hope their conscience brings answer.
    I will help keep this story alive. My thoughts and prayers to all.

  71. […] From Find Brian Shaffer […]

  72. wow said

    That was an interesting reading posted. Following this case for years now, that reading is pretty close to the theory i’ve come up with. I mean he had to have left with someone that knows the layout of that bar (to exit undetected)and there had to be a reason he went back to the bar so late. I believe he knew the person he left with and something went bad afterwards. Most people in town have their own theory but I do feel answer will come. Keep hope

  73. Ed said

    This is the first I’ve heard of this story after seeing it on TV this morning. It is just an awful story, and just leaves you with an empty feeling.
    Great points by many in this post, and I was thinking what the 15 yeard old mentioned above. Why did he go back to the bar he started at? No reason to go back unless he was meeting someone or confronting something.
    I assume they questioned everyone that was on the camera footage, if not then they obviously dropped the ball. Also, was Brian prone to just leave bar son his own to go home? His ex-roomate goes out with him, but then just loses him?
    There is obviously more going on here that either a bunch of people made a pact not to say anything, maybe the roomate wanted revenge for something?
    If my good friend went missing I’d do everything to help them find the person who did it, including take a lie dectector. The ex roomate to me is key along with that woman, just becuase he left the bar doesn’t mean he wasn’t involved.
    I don’t know, but i’m fired up, and it is a damn shame. I think the lesson here is know your bearings, not saying Brian was blacked out, but he was obviously drinking, and make sure you have a wing man.
    Brian did have one, but his wing man left him…in his in my prayers

  74. Ed said

    I had add a bit more after reading the astrology report, which I normally wouldn’t accept, but good points are brought up especially the potential of Brian maybe buying some drugs form one of the workers, or maybe owing money for betting?
    I know his current girlfriend only had known him for around 9 months, he could of easily held back info on drugs, gambling, etc. These things are pretty common in college, and who kows what Brian was in to while at Ohio State.
    They need to question his ex roomate again, and get the staff of bar, and question them agian, all lie dectector.
    Let’s just hope they find the people responsible for this.

  75. Dani said

    Just wanted to say that I will keep looking for Brian forever until he is found. I just wish there was something other than putting up flyers that I could do. I feel so insignificant. I pray that he will come home soon. As I’ve stated on other message boards- I never met Brian but I did meet his father Randy. Randy was an amazing man. It’s a shame that Brian wasn’t found before Randy passed. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Shaffer family.

  76. Haunted By This Case said

    As the third anniversary of Brian’s disappearance approaches, I pray that he will be found soon. So many people have suffered so much heartache from this tragedy. Sadly, I feel certain he did not disappear of his own accord. From everything I have read about him he would never have hurt his loved ones so deeply. They need to know where he is and what happened. The information is out there. Someone knows something and they are not stepping forward. The PD in Columbus needs to get busy and re-investigate this case.

  77. come forward LE said

    People have come forward but nobody knows what they are doing with the leads. I’d love to get my hands on the video of the entire evening. If something bad has happened the suspects are on there. I wish people would stop blaming his friends. Remember there were a lot of other missing people at the time and one from a bar down the road. If I were Clint I wouldnt take the test. Look what happened to Adam Saleh. He passed the test but still got framed with no physical evidence either. They DID drop the ball (as mentioned above) starting with the Popovich case which then screwed up all these other cases. We think its quite obvious why no suspects questioned were ever mentioned. If the cases are linked then somebody has a lot of explaining to do.

  78. Rocko said

    Looks to me like the Astrologer pretty well figured it out, someone should take her seriously and start looking in areas that fit her description. Likely a drug deal gone bad, but gambling is a possibility – no one has been told much about Brian Schaffers lifestyle, which would probably point to what happened.

  79. Mary said

    I miss you Brian they say that maybe you are maybe Alive. I hope so. It would be wonderful

  80. Tasha said

    I am glad that this forum is on here and people are still talking about the case. I too learned about Brians case on THS and have been thinking about him ever since.I think the physic prediction makes sense..he had to of trusted someone that worked at the bar and knew how to get out a different way. Brians friends said that he liked to talk to the band..maybe a club promoter that knows Brian and knows that he loves music could have told him that he was selling something harmless like a guitar or concert tickets??? I don’t know, but Brian does not seem like a guy that would be into drugs or gambling considering he was a medical student. Maybe this was a robbery gone wrong..but it is just sad. I wish I lived near the area and I could help search for him.

  81. Tasha said

    Ohh and I also wondered if maybe Brian left the bar initially to get money and then went back to buy something from the employee?? I wonder if he went to an ATM at all during the night

  82. Reply to Rocko said

    A group of us last weekend did a search in some locations suggested. We will continue plotting some points and searching before areas are overgrown with folliage. Ive taken other psychics finding and matched the similar details. People don’t just vanish and I’d hope if it were me or a loved one, people would help in finding answers. We may put up flyers for future searches for those that want to help. Answers are somewhere.

  83. Concerned in C-bus said

    I, too, have been disheartened by this case since Brian disappeared. His father’s bizarre death was particularly upsetting (I’m from Florida but have lived in Columbus for over a decade, and you just don’t expect hurricane winds in Ohio). I’ve been teaching at OSU since I moved here, and have watched that stretch of road across from the campus grow. In the late 90’s, all of the older bars and shops were still there, and the streets were so packed on Friday and Saturday nights that they’d put these wire ropes all down the sidewalks to cordon off the drunk college students so they wouldn’t fall into the road (High Street). You could drive around drunk all you wanted with no consequences but if you came anywhere near a pedestrian (drunk or sober) in front of the campus while you’re driving, big ticket. Same if you jay walked. Very strange set of rules.

    Over the years though, Campus Partners bought out almost everything and shut it down, only to reopen newer bars and shops, including Ugly Tuna Saloona. I live near there, and watched it being built. The thing is, since they closed down the old bars, High Street is not as busy as it used to be. they don’t use the wire ropes anymore, and it is never as packed as it used to be. And during some seasons it’s completely empty at night. When Brian disappeared, I paid close attention. He could have been one of my students. It is unfathomable that he just disappeared. No matter how or why it happened, someone had to see something or know someone who did. Maybe there is a connection between all these disappearances. But there has never been enough coverage of these cases separately or collectively to figure that out. These stories should’ve gotten continuous and detailed coverage, but compared to other national cases, they did not.

    I don’t know if Adam Saleh is guilty of killing Julie Popovich or not, but he was charged with the rape of a 39 year Zanesville woman, so that makes him suspect at the very least. That doesn’t mean he without a doubt killed Julie, but it doesn’t lend him any credibility. Yet, the lack of evidence in the Popovich case is troubling though. And regarding the security guards in the tapes, I don’t think they are paying Brian or anyone anymore attention than is necessary. They’re just doing their job. In Columbus, we have a mall that has a no-underaged-unaccompanied kids after 9pm rule (or something close to this), so that they can be made to leave the mall if the security guard sees them. It makes sense that the Ugly Tuna security would be watching the people coming in and out of a bar, especially because it is not really crowded at that point and in that place. Again, I wish there were more coverage of this case. They could even ask a class of students (in law, forensic science, or something related) to help with the search, and get course credit for it. The more people helping the better the chances of figuring this out.

  84. reply said

    Lack of evidence in the Popovich case is an understatement. If Adam Saleh was wearing the SHELL NECKLACE during a interview with Detective Dorn, then why couldn’t they produce it in court? That interview was video recorded so I’d love to see that video. That would be pretty stupid to show up at an interview wearing a shell necklace if you just killed someone wearing it and they are looking for a shell necklace man huh? Give me a break…Now they weren’t saying the name of the shell necklace guy for months. There was suspect Tanner Rodgers, Adam Saleh and this shell necklace guy. The media assumed and got people to believe Adam is the shell necklace guy. Not true. Adam wasnt even wearing a blue polo that night either according to friends and family. So who is the shell necklace blue polo guy. Julie and Brian were from the same High school. Both tall beautiful people. Not sure when Brian and Alexis started dating that summer of ’05. Now again this shell necklace guy was just a POI the police wanted to talk with. According to all the initial statements “NOBODY SAW JULIE LEAVING WITH ANYONE” states Teonna Brooks. Brian seems to have disappeared without anyone seeing anything either. Its interesting how many pictures you can find of Brian Shaffer wearing a shell necklace and blue polo let alone the shell necklace. Seems to be his favorite thing to wear. I definitely am not saying Brian is suspect but whoever this real shell necklace guy is wouldve made a great witness on Adams behalf. If we all knew who the real shell necklace guy was then in court they couldnt say it was Adam that Julie was flirting with. I think we all know that the 6ft model was not hanging all over the much shorter Adam Saleh. I think we all know that someone would have seen him strangle her in front of Ledos and put her in his trunk. Please. I think we all know there are plenty of other grassy areas around campus to dispose of a body. Of course it obvious to most that she must have gone with someone who said they would take her home but lead her to her death behind that shed 20 miles from campus. Then they didnt even try to hide her seeing how there is a patch of woulds yards away from where she lay. Is there DNA with her remains? They say no but is it that the DNA just doesnt match Adam? Id also love to see the labs results of the testing of her fingernails. I really hope all these cases are investigated further than what has been done or reported at this time.

  85. reply to the above said

    I remember those days on campus as well. Unfortunately cleaning up campus didnt clean up crime. Now I hate to bring up other case because people want to focus on Brian but actually we need to look at the entire picture. 2005-2006 was a frightening time on campus. Adam Saleh was only a person of interest because of the alleged rape he didnt commit in may 2005. (he was found not guilty after proving the woman even called him repeatedly after their encounter. Who calls their rapist for directions on their way home?) Reopening the rape case sure put him in a bad position. After being found not guilty and no physical evidence in the murder of Julie they still went forward with the charges. I guess if you get enough inmates to testify against you then youre doomed.
    So lets just for a minute say Adam Saleh did not kill Julie Popovich. Then you have two OSU students from Pickerington Central High School missing from a bar off High Street eight months apart. Both were seen by their friends walking away and never seen by anyone again. (Well Julie was found about three weeks later in a patch of grass 20 miles away. Why she wasnt put in the woods yards away is the question.) I recall Stacie Colbert went missing in ’98 and was found up north a few years ago in a farmers field as well. Why are all these people taken north when there are plenty of wooded areas surrounding campus. Doesnt the average killer dump a body close to home? By now I think we must assume the worst but pray for the best. Searches should be done starting with surrounding areas of where other victims were found. Hoover is the main dumping ground in the past few years which raises fear to those in the area. Many of the bodies are ruled suicides but thats just bad detective work inmost opinion.

  86. Anonymous said

    O.k. so, like some of the above folks have stated I just found out about this case by watching an episode of “Psychic Kids” on the Biography channel. I don’t pretend to be psychic or anything, but I do have my little flashes here and there. Anyway, as soon as they showed Brian’s picture I immediately thought “Oh, shit, the guy in the woods!” Now to explain this a little better, I live in Washington County Pennsylvania, we aren’t that far from where he disappeared from and well, lets state it bluntly, people from Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania are constantly using the game lands out here to dump bodies. Recently there was a body found out here near a school, that had been out for some time. And a few years back there were some kids from, I actually think, OSU that disappeared… Their bodies were found here. I don’t know if they already have or not, but they should search the game lands out here.

  87. to anonymous said

    What OSU students were found in Pennsylvania? Can you please make more sense and be more specific?

  88. Stuned said

    Like many others I heard about this case on THS. I am still at an awe, beacuse of the sircumstances. I hope that for the peace of his family, he is found soon. From all the commetns that i have read, I hope the police searches the Hoover area ASAP. I live in California so I can’t help, but I will pass this site on so that as many people as possible read and learn about all of these cases and maybe help these families find answers.

  89. Dear "stuned" said

    Your post looks quite familiar to the others posted all over sites of missing and murdered in town. Especially BECAUSE as Beacuse, COMMENTS as commetns etc… Now don’t get all on the attack as usual… Just a typo you have a habit of doing and saying you live in California… I live in Columbus, so you say to check out Hoover asap? Thats interesting for someone from “California” to suggests such urgency.?? Must not be any cases out in California to get involved with… Why people continue to post such nonsense is just cruel and heartless. Brian Shaffer is MISSING and it concerns many people in town. I think many of the posts need to be checked out as the one from Virgin Islands claiming to be Brian. That was obviously somebody again being vicious. Never did say where that post exactly came from did they? Hope they are tracking EVERY post on Brians websites… Oh wait, that might solve this case and others. To the friends and loved ones, prayers and persistence will bring answers.

  90. STUNED said

    To dear “stuned”

    Seems like you’ve had a lot of time to check out people’s spelling. In response, this is actually the first time I’ve ever posted about anything. Brian’s case caught my attention because of how he disappeared thats all. I always wanted to pursue a career in crime investigation and I’ve always watched all of the Law and Order shows and like everyone else Im just wondering where he is. I said to check the Hoover area because it sounds like those who do live there are conserned about that particular area. Also Im on maternity leave so right now I have a lot time on my hands since I have to be on bed-rest. Hopefully he will be found soon.

  91. Dear "stuned" said

    Nice attempt on a rebuttle… Reading ALL the posts on Brian Shaffers websites is very disturbing. I’m starting to actually wonder just how many times his story airs on t.v. I haven’t seen an episode in some time, yet posters keep saying they just viewed his story here and there.
    Brians case will be solved when everyone recognizes the facts in his case and the other victims in the area as well.
    Julie Popovich went missing near campus in August 2005-was found by Hoover in Delaware.
    Mohamed Rihani went missing near campus in November 2005- was found in Hoover in his car.
    Brian Shaffer went missing near campus April 2006- hasn’t been found…
    Has there been a search at Hoover? If not, WHY NOT?
    Maybe because Adam Saleh DID NOT kill Julie Popovich. There is no evidence proving he did. BOTTOM LINE.
    Mohameds death was ruled suicide. What an injustice…
    If Brian were to be found near Hoover, you think anyone would except a suicide ruling?
    Lets not forget the missing Tony Luzio. Missing one month before Julie Popovich. Same vihicle as Mohamed, but silver in color. He has not been found.
    If Adam Saleh were never framed for the murder of Julie Popovich, do you think there would be different outcomes?
    I guess we must wait to see if Adam is granted an appeal. I would bet that they will try and stop that from happening at all cost. Look what that mess-up costed. Possibly more lives… I want to hear the truth and no more lies…

    • Dear "Dear Stuned" said

      to the idiot who wrote the reply “Dear Stuned”

      i never ever post to these things but i since i happened to stumble across such a raging moron hypocrite as yourself i couldnt help myself. i dont even know who you were trying to rag on but all you did was show everyone what a retard you actually are. i live nowhere near where ever this happened either but somehow i found myself here. hmmmm, it must just be interesting.. there must just not be any cases to get involved with where i live. it disheartens me to find such stupidity trying to spew there crap on friendly people trying to share there thoughts in a forum made for doing that very thing. do yourself a favor an make yourself disappear.

  92. ohio said

    post #89 and #91 is from the same guy who has been stalking people on other sites. he has even accused people of julies murder ,posting names and adresses and where they work.go to topix and you will see what im talking about. what is this freaks obsession with julie popovich?the guy you posted his address is going to find out who you are and sue you for slander.he has even started trouble on brians websight till they notified everyone the police will tracking posters.this guy is a phony,immature juvenile and is probably resposible for all the sick post on other forums about brian and his father.if you have a legimate e-mail on him,notify the columbus sure there well aware of him by now.

  93. Hes back said

    Post 92 is scared the truth is finally coming out in the Popovich case. Might want to investigate what is going on with that case. The police know exactly what is going on and who is posting all over Tony Luzios site as well as Brians. Knowbody is fooling anyone. Hopefully it may lead to answers in Brians case.
    How do you know the man is going to sue? Are you he and ALL his personalities? I hear a suspect reported in the Popovich case has obtained legal advice. You sound scared “Ohio” are you him as well? Answer are coming. Stay tuned. You will get justice Julie

  94. OHIO said

    all my personalities?lets see here are just a few that you use-swinginglite.hes back,exterminator,tacklebox,slueth,charliechan, nancy,hmmm,concerned,cprell,slueth is my favorite, i find it funny how someone with your detective skills can accuse so many different people of her murder, and to go on topix and post a mans name and adress. you have accused dozens of people of being fightfan,some matt guy,etcetcetc… are a stalker,going on sports forums and harrasing people with your non stop obsession.the only fool is you.if that guy hasnt sued you then your the luckiest loser ever. you keep saying the truth is about to come out, but all you keep doing is posting b.s. you dont know s hit and your full of s hit.and still your buddy is rotting in jail where he belongs.and once again i have to tell you this forum is for brian shaffer not the solved julie popovich murder.have a nice day-FREAK

  95. charley said

    I don’t know the layout of the bar, or how many floors the building has. But could he have been dumped in a trash chute, or taken out in a trash or laundry cart? When Brian’s story first aired, I thought it was stated that his scent was not picked up by dogs at the service exit or construction site.

  96. Dear Ohi said

    In regards to your post 94, why have you been following all these cases so closely and posts people make? What is your interest in Brians case? Why are you so angry about people hearing the truth? Are you hiding something? Did you know the kid that was framed for Julies murder? you always call him bad names but according to everyone that knows him he is a good caring person and would never hurt anyone.Why are you on all those forums and topix and this site? Just trying to figure out your place in all these cases

  97. Dear "OHIO" said

    I see you are still stalking Brians site and all the others to see what updates there are. Have you ever tried contacting any of the detectives or private investigators in Julie or Brians case? Im sure they would love to hear from you by phone. You seem to know a lot of details in their cases that few know about.. By the way, Im none of the user names you listed above. There are more people than you think involved in these cases in town and they will be solved. Also you keep saying Julies case is SOLVED- better do your research young man…You are the only person that believes Adam did this and keep calling him awful names. Sure does sound a little fishy to me. Are you the person that posted all the horrible details about her murder say it was like something out of Silence of The Lambs? You recently said it was a horrible crime but in court they said Adam strangled her in front of that crowded bar and put her in his trunk. You really believe that? I doubt it- so can you tell us what really happened to Julie behind that shed 19 miles away from the bar? That shed is just up the road from a suspect. Have any idea who he or his brother are? Do you know why “this guy” isnt suing? Im mean if someone were calling me a killer I WOULD! Is he afraid the physical evidence in the case might be released?

  98. ohio said

    where did you go gilmore?no more fightfan rants?

  99. Dear Ohio said

    “Ohio” you really need to call the detectives and PIs on the cases. Your comments aren’t needed on Brians sites anymore. Didn’t your law firm tell you to stop posting or do they know that you have posted thousands of posts on Brian Shaffer alone? There is only one chapter left in this story and it will be written soon… are you this “Terry” personality as well from the PLEASE HELP FIND BRIAN SHAFFER site? They all sound similar to us.

    terry Sunday, 5/31/09, 4:27 PM

    you are a quack why dont you use some of your other usernames-ace from whitier ca,ace -stlouis-ace Wilkes-agree- Erie pa, just to name a few.going from sight to sight telling people fightfan murdered julie popovich,is setting you up for a lawsuit dumb ass.i hope he sues your sorry butt.why arent you contacting the police , you have all the answers?your glue is melting its time to hire a shrink.

  100. ohio said

    who is US, you mean just yourself. what deails have i revealed ? your a nut.i have openly posted my e-mail address on many sites and i am a registered user on many sites ,not a namless troll-stalker like yourself.i wouldnt be too hard to track down.are you accusing me of having info.about her case, i thought you know who is responsible?i dont even live in columbus been there 5 times all in the last 2 years,but i guess you have it all figuered out.i have been following the brian shaffer case,since i first heard the story.i guess i became intigued in the whole mystery of how he left the bar without being seen on camera never to be heard from agian. did he leave on his own or whas he murdered? im not the only one who thinks adam murdered her. a jury convicted not closed minded if hes innocent then prove it.innocent people do go to jail- see amherst ny BIKEPATHH RAPISTyou just flapping on the internet and posting some guy you say is responsible doesnt mean anything.PROVE IT.why would i want speak to the police?like i said anyone who wants to contact me can ,i dont hide behind a public computer.

  101. Maria said

    I visit Brian’s website often in hopes that he has been found. It feel like everyone here. It’s so sad. I have been keeping up and have read that his x-Fiance in engaged and has moved on. I Pray that his brother is still trying to find him. I can only hope and Pray that either way he is found.No one should have to be having to endure this type of heartache. I did not know him but he seems like a great person that had a great life and a wonderful family. Just checking in and wishing that Brian is found. Preferably Alive and well. Goodnight to all.

  102. "Ohio" is a nut said

    “ohio” you must be the stalker on Tony Luzio, Brian Shaffer and Julies sites. Nobody talks the way you do online. Continue doing your sloppy research online but you will find out what is really going on once you have the guts to pick up a PHONE and call people working on the cases. You are not going to get any info with your phony emails and pretend users names. Maybe you could join a search for Brian and Tony.? Maybe you could join in on some meetings about the Popovich case and all the evidence suppressed in court? Maybe you could listen to some reports not disclosed to the media or courtroom? Maybe you could willingly go to the police station and give your DNA, fingerprints and polygraph the way Adam did? Willing to Show your face and help- since you are so intrigued? Why do you care so much about the Popovich case? The jury didnt hear the TRUTH in court. Just a bunch of lying inmates who either cut a deal or collected reward. You said online who found Julie- im surprised you knew that since not many people know. For not living in Columbus you sure know a lot about our missing young people from the campus area and the area that two were found.? It would be nice in you called the private investigators in the cases. Im sure you know who they are since you have done your research. Cant wait to hear if youve called! Hope you start sleeping Better young man………….

  103. ohio said

    stalking tony luzios site???i dont see anyone even posting on there but one person.LOSER.i know i wont see you posting on that site {you have to register}.the fact is i really dont care about the popvich case,ITS CLOSED.I see all your matt accusations have been deleted on topix.your a CLOWN,you talk like your really concered, but after reading your fightfan rants you are definatly a sycho.the only meetings you should be attending is AA OR METH.A.YOU will still be posting on the web 5 years from now how that adam guy was framed, and how its all about to come to an end and the truth is going to come out.the only thing i do know about that case is Guilty.and dont call me younge man because your probably about 18 years done discussing this with you ,your CRAZY.

  104. ohio said

    I have one question for you ,WHY do you come to the brian shaffer forums to discuss a solved murder???you stated adam took a lie detector test.{ i dont believe that}. so that makes him innocent? but what about brian shaffers friend who wouldnt take one or cooperate with the police????does it prove hes guilty ? NO,but it sure does raise alot of RED FLAGS and that were back on topic you can go ahead and defend his friend and continue to distract from the facts of that case.oh by the way i never even heard of the popovich case till you started ranting on brians site about it none lets not do the same thing here little man.

  105. John said

    “Ohio” you are a crazy psychopath aren’t you? I read all your posts and I hope you are tracked. What is your business on all these sites you are posting on? Brian is missing and if you have any information leave it with authorities. I don’t understand why you keep posting about your little knowledge of the cases in Columbus if you don’t live hear and aren’t involved with the family or search. Please keep your bad language to yourself. God Bless Brian Shaffer

  106. ohio said

    whats wrong, running out of public computers to hide behind??why is that???i think i know the answer, i am 100% convinced your the WACO who posted the virgin island hoax and other cruel messages to brians family [THE LANTEREN].ETC.why do you try to distract any suspition of his friend ?come on Gilbert, this is when you start accusing me of being fightfan,the guy you stalk and accuse dozens of people of being.take the CIRCUS ACT ON THE ROAD CLOWN BOY, YOUR ACT IS OLD.I AM ALSO 100% CONVINCED YOU ARE A TOTAL SYCHO, AND ARE GUILTY OF SOMETHING.You said on brians site under the username BILL that answers are coming soon, well since nobody else appears to have a clue what happened to brian other than his friend, lets here must have answers if you KNOW ANSWERS ARE COMING.better yet why dont you contact the police?????? i think i know why that is.

  107. Dear Ohio said

    You are the psycho that posted all those horrible posts on all the sites about Brian. Stop blaming others. You say you are a computer genius huh? You seriously need help. They tracked that Virgin Islands post to a public computer psycho. Shouldnt you be helping solve crimes in your own town? What is your interest in all of Brians sites and why do you keep saying Clint did it? Do you know Clint or do you just want people to think he had something to do with it? Do you know Adam Saleh to be calling him bad names or do you just want people to believe he killed somebody? Its almost crystal clear these missing campus area people were the victims of a serial killer. People stopped going missing when Adam was formally charged with the murder. He obviously didnt kill Mohamed or Brian Shaffer since he was behind bar getting framed. Its so nice though to have your comments for everyone to view. You obviously know a lot of details of these cases and must live in central Ohio? Are you the suspect living north of Columbus where most of the victims are being found? Its sounds as if you are getting VERY paranoid knowing details have been leaked out and time is ticking away for the real killer. DNA doesnt lie, inmates do. Just ask the detectives in the Popovich case. Oh wait, one retired, one wont admit to being a part of the framing and the last one standing is probably in deep dog poop. Maybe you could call the detectives in the Shaffer case? You know who is left on the case? I have an email discussing the disturbing comments being made on Brians sites that dates over a year ago- so you think its me? Thats funning seeing how we are watching your posts. Keep sleeping well. I know I will when the young man is finally in custody. Tick tock tick tock

  108. ohio said

    TRACK ME DOWN FOR WHAT???HERES MY E-MAIL SHERLOCK wasnt hard to track down. im done conversing with the moron any way.i too hope his case is solved,and dont want it to just fade away like alot of other unsolveed dissapearences.just because i dont live in columbus doesnt mean i cant discuss the shaffer mystery. people all over the country, have posted on his site. at least im discussing brian ,after all this forum is a discussion about him . not anyone else.

    • Calling Out said

      Over on this site now terry? Your email is Wow you really have guts “disclosing” yourself seeing how Brian is missing and Julies real killer is walking the streets. Oh sorry- you dont want people to talk about how Adam was single out of the bar and pinned and that that has been swept under the rug. Once again law enforcement wont admit to being wrong after slandering his name. I wonder who the shell necklace guy is as do many since Brian went missing same time.??????? . Good thing they got a conviction or people might think these cases are connected right? Your right- Julies case is CLOSED- if your dream comes true. You said on one site you hope Adam Saleh gets the chair. Well, in more graphic detail than that. Now you want hell to open up on Clint. I read your posts when Adam was convicted. You thanked people all over the websites while others were in complete utter shock around town. You pretended to be all kinds of people involved when nobody was posting online such ludicrous remarks that were involved. If it wasnt you then its someone sounding just like you. Never knew somebody could post so much crazy stuff in a day! It was like an obsession to post as many bad things (about someone they dont know) as they could like the person is doing to Brians best friend Clint. What is going to make you stop? Every time you argue with people online the well wishes stop from all around the world and other states. Looks familiar again. How many posts have you made about Tony, Brian, Julie and others? Thousands at least? I watched for years holding my fingers back just. Wow, this persons mind races out of control. I wonder if he is the profile from “Akron” that threatens other posters (especially the men) with rape and stabbing them? Who knows when he creates so many profiles online. I wonder if he is the person on Websleuths wondering if these missing men had an ONLINE LIFE? Saying how almost everyone does these days and would like to look at their computers? Again that person says they dont live in town but could pretty accurately discribe the area where Tony went missing.??? Agian, sounds familiar!!!!

    • Who are you said

      Anonymity sure gives you a certain courage to write things you would never express talking face to face with a real person. Who are you OHIO? (Besides a liar and mentally disturbed…if that makes the question less broad.)

  109. Ohio is a psycho said

    I see you are looking in the mirror as you type. You can stop anytime now with trying to hinder the minds of readers. Yes, they say that Virgin Islands post came from a public computer…How did you know that? I’ve never been on a public computer… You also the person sending threatening emails? Your buddy (the suspect you keep defending in the Popovich case) sounds and write identically to you. He follows all the Popovich and Shaffer sites too. What a coincidence! I wonder what was taken from Brians appartment when it was broken in? Maybe his computer and other personal items? Wonder if that person had his keys? The M O is very similar in many cases but the signiture left can’t be coincidence as well. One things ties at least three cases together that nobody has brought up. Thats the smoking gun… Hopefully people with little to no knowledge about these victims cases will stop taunting the family, friends and police with their horrific comments. Things can move slowly when you are dealing with the courts and suppressed evidence. Time will tell when the evidence and witnesses are released and their statements.

  110. w beal said

    I must say to the two people arguing on here: grow the eff up. You are on a forum about an innocent guy who went missing years ago, and you are too self-involved and self-concerned to stop bickering? What complete turds you both are. Especially you, “Ohio”. You are completely crazed by the looks of your post frequency and how heated you obviously get. I really am beginning to wonder what your close connection to this case is.

  111. I must agree with W Beal. I try not to censor comments as I think everyone should have a voice. But please stop bickering on this forum. This is not what it was intended for.

    Thanks for your cooperation.


  112. Ohio is a psycho said

    “Ohio” has been posting for years now taunting police and others. He constantly points the finger at Clint when its clear he has nothing to do with it. He has never once contacted anyone by phone and the email he just put up has never responded when sent an one. I have proof of an email sent to that address a year ago with NO response. We send emails to almost every email listed and never a response. NOBODY is going to disclose to you “OHIO” ANY important leads or info in the case. With Julies killer still on the loose and Brian missing, nobody in their right mind is going to disclose their real name to you either.

    • w beal said

      Now, did you not read the past 2 comments “Ohio is a Psycho”? And as a side note, in “Ohio’s” defense on this one, in no way can you say that Clint “clearly has nothing to do with it”. In fact based on what I’ve followed on this case he looks like the most promising person of interest. Hoewever, in no way does that implicate guilt or even mean anything. My point is that you cannot make the statement at this point that he is “clearly not involved”. As for the Popovich case, I don’t know why you are even bringing that up here. I thought this was about Brian Shaffer. All in all I just hope there are answers to be found sooner than later on this so that everyone in his life can have some closure. I cannot believe this family’s tragic story over the past 3 and a half years. Simply heartbreaking. So please stop the incessant and pointless arguing for selfish purposes, it’s completely classless and if anything is just going to upset Brian’s loved ones more than help.

  113. ohio said

    here we go again, MR.BEAL I have NO close connection to this case. I never met brian or any of his fiends or family.THanks for the accusation. i am NOT crazy either, just trying to keep brians name out thier, and this guy only wants to discuss another case on brians forums.any how, i appoligize, im done bickering with this individule lets get back on topic.

  114. ohio said

    I just missed his last post, see what i mean?it never e-mail address i posted is legit., i guess thats why it was deleted.this is the problem with sites that dont require you to register.have a nice day

    • I have not deleted any comments. I am trying to let a discussion take place without intervention. I just asked that it remain on topic and not so much nastiness senselessly.


  115. Dear "W BEAL" said

    Whatever your business is in these cases in town I do not know. Not many people know the cover-ups that have taken place in the cases. Keep pointing the finger at Clint, it’s just hindering the case. If they wanted, they could have framed Clint by now. Faked some cell records like they did in the Popovich case. Don’t tell me to not bring up other cases when it is highly possible that getting Adam Saleh out of prison and the truth out could help solve Brians case. Does anyone want Brians case solved? Then pressure Columbus Homicide to to tell the truth in the Popovich case! Who is the mystery dark haired, shelled necklace man in a blue polo? Isnt that what Brian Shafffer is wearing in a picture above? Justin Webb said he could identify him but in a line up didnt first point at Adam Saleh. Sure did point the finger at Adam Saleh once reward money was offered. Adam Saleh became the “shelled necklace” guy after Brian Shaffer also goes missing from a bar on High St like Julie Poopvich. Does anyone know what happened to Brian Shaffers shelled necklace and blue polo? Was he wearing his favorite shelled necklace (seen in many pictures of him) when he went missing or does the family now have his belongings?
    Has the man (in the third picture from the top) been identified?The man going down the stairs is wearing the same outfit the detectives were searching for in Adam Salehs room. They never found a white polo and black hoodie or a plue polo and shelled necklace. Adam never wore a shelled necklace and pictures have surfaced of the necklace Adam always wore. The police have it in the property room because it was in his car when they pulled him out of it and put a gun to his head. They know its not a shelled necklace but during the trial called Adam the shelled necklace guy! Does anyone care?
    “OHIO” seems to be the only person who cares to stop the truth. Why? “OHIO” if that is your email then you just admitted that you are also the psycho “TERRY” that post all those comments on the Please Help Find Brian Shaffer site using that as their email? I saved all the comments on that site and that email address is used multiple times under different user names. You are sneaky though. You fool me sometimes when your intelligent side comes out but what you say (either contradictory to your last comment or not) is the clue its you.
    Brians case will be solved once the police and those involved stop with their one sided minds and open up their eyes. Free Adam Saleh and tell the truth. Its not too late for people to come forward. Adam has been incarcerated for 4 long years and Brians missing for almost 3 1/2. The cases arent going away and nobody is settling for an easy “CASE CLOSE”. Should we still call it a “Justice” system or a way for authority to have power over the weak and innocent?

  116. w beal said

    Wow. This thread is apparently completely irrelevant at this point, due to the several venemous posters on here.

    “Whatever your business is in these cases in town I do not know”? um, what?

    Sorry, I didn’t realize I was stepping on anyone’s feet by coming here. I guess I must apologize for finding the entire Shaffer family story heartbreaking and that I bothered looking it up online. I do live in town, but if I didn’t, would that mean I don’t “qualify” to post here? How sad is your life that you have to resort to such pettiness? Grow up. And I didn’t point the finger at Clint, but to not consider him a person of interest would be moronic at the least. Unless of course you have information that I as a lay person wouldn’t know. But why would you have that info unless you are either law enforcement or personally conected to one of the people involved in some way with the case? Either way, the posts by some of you “attackers” on here are quite bizarre.

  117. ohio said

    this is topic is going just where i said it would.and im the one being called a sycho. i check my email regulary. junk and inbox nobody has emailed on this topic ever,if you say you have. YOUR LYING.i use the same username on the site im appearing.on web slueths i use CONNER.. ARE YOU ACCUSING BRIAN OF HER MURDER NOW? i guess you could add it to the long list of people you say are responsible. the answers to brian all lead to his friend, the other case is solved [no connection],im not saying he murdered him ,but i think he has answers.

  118. ohio said

    i have said before i cant believe what brians poor brother has gone through, i can relate a little bit because i seen my brother in law lose a brother- murdered,a sister -car accident.and a younger sister dissapeared when he was 13 , and her remains were found years later , and most recently a son.i dont know he perserveared but he did.finding out what happened to brian is probably only thing that will help bring closure to the family. my prayeres are out to them.

  119. Dear "OHIO" said

    “OHIO” I thought you were leaving this site? “Terry” uses that email as well. That person is crazy on the Brian Shaffer sites. I thought you were “Conner” and “Dex” posting all that nonsense about Brian Shaffer and Tony Luzio saying maybe they do “meth” like you accused above. You are so many different names and claiming to not live in central Ohio but your interest is just creepy.
    To all the “Morons” that think Clint is involved, you’re right, he probably put Brian in his back pocket as he is seen leaving with his lady friend. I can’t believe how many ignorant people are and were involved in all these cases in town.
    Brian Shaffer has NOTHING to do with Julie Popovichs horrible murder. He fits the description of a witness. Adam Saleh doesnt fit any description of any of the POI. A witness last saw Julie drunk out on the smoking section talking with a guy with a bald head and big nose and thats the last time she was seen alive. That report is documented in a police report around Aug 24 2005. Who is that person? Not Tanner, Adam, or Brian Shaffer. Who is the white polo, black hoodie guy?
    “W Beal” must be friends with or just another user name with “Ohio”. Heck, 99% of the posts are by the same psycho. “ohio”- you always say you’re done posting but then you’ll reappear as say Holly from Holland,Brady from Brazil, Sally from South Africa, Eddy from Egypt etc…
    I will continue fighting to get Justice for Julie Popovich, free Adam Salah and find Brian Shaffer and Tony Luzio. Hopefully all the crazies will stop blaming their friends and the victims themselves for being out and enjoying a night with their friends. The state of Ohio is the central point of the college aged people going missing. All vanished when seperated from friends at party or bar. If people only knew what really happened to Julie they would pray that that is not the case for Brian and Tony. Look where the found Mohamed Rihanni (mentioned above) a block north from where Julies I D was found belonging to her friend. They can rule it suicide but I pray he didnt suffer. One crazy comment said he was tied up and his car in neutral.(Body submerged in Hoover Resevoir Topix) That same person made gruesome comments about Julies crime scene as well. They were pretty accurate which concerns me. Almost like they visited the crime scene BEFORE detectives arrived. Evidence they described would have been removed from the scene and not left there for others the view. Although it was pretty sloppy work done for them to say there is No DNA. That’s just ridiculous.
    I hope these sites Administers take a look at the comments and make a decision whether to stop comments from being posted. It seems to be just another place for some to have fun and misguide minds of and viewers. I have been following posts for years, and many are just horrible what they say about Brian, Julie and Tony. Who has no feelings for these victims to say this cruel jibberish? Oh, “Dex” on websleuths claims there are people out there that have NO feeling for anything. I SURE DONT KNOW ANYONE LIKE THAT!

    Dear Brian, Tony, Julie and Mohamed- You are not forgotten.

  120. Dear "OHIO" said

    Stop your lying “Ohio”. Your excuses for stalking this site and the others are not adding up. Id like to see you locked up in a mental ward without a computer and watch comments go silent on dispatch, topix, Brian Shaffer etc… What really is your obsession with Brian Shaffer and your knowledge of the other cases? You know mine- its getting Adam Saleh out of prison, Justice for Julie Popovich and finding Brian Saffer and Tony Luzio. You and the detectives that framed Adam Saleh may have the same criminal minds that lead Adam to prison – guilty until proven innocent- but the cases are not closed and won’t be until Adam is free and and the beast that did that to her is locked up. “Ohio”, “Terry from Akron”, “Conner”, “BuckNutts”, southAKRON314″ etc etc etc etc Im soooooooo sorry for your “brother in laws” losses. Who is his little sister that disappeared when he was 13? Maybe I’ve heard of the story?

  121. ohio said

    MR BEAL, this isnt even page one to how CREEPY this guy can be ,its only going to get worse anyone who who gets in a discussion with this guy will be verbally attacked, wether you agree with him or not.go to webslueths -brianshaffer forum #2, you dont have any of this have to register and have a legitamite e-mail address.this guy has never posted on there ,what does that tell you.

    • Recalling Comments said

      “OHIO” do you even remember posting these comments under the name “Terry” On Please Help Find Brian Shaffer?! You said above your email is “” like “Terry”? And you have been to Columbus “5 times all in the last two years”? Sounds like you spend your time on campus a lot when in Columbus. Here are some reminders of your posts as “Terry” using that email:

      terry Sunday, 4/19/09, 1:27 AM
      “i am not a psychic. whats your point? i was joking when i said the police should question fightfan.why are you getting worked up? you have a point maybe he was mocking the police,but do you really think the police know what happened to brian?people do dissapear, and are NEVER found again.lets say he was attacked after leaving the bar and dumped in a trash bin and then ended up in the city really think they would find him?it could be as simple and tragic as that.i have been to that bar once and it is very small i dont beleave anything could have happened there, if he snuck out he could have jumped from the outside patio but somebody would have seen him.and anybody who has been in that area on a friday ,sat night knows there are alot of people walking til all hours of the night,so if he did meet trouble somebody would have heard or seen something.that leaves me with someone close to him, maybe he ran into later on.i dont know ,thats why concerned people are on here looking for answers and show they do CARE>im not defending the police but if there are no leads what can they do/and if they have a suspect but no evidence they cant just arrest obviously dont trust the police ,i dont live in columbus so i guess you have your reasons.only time will tell.”

      terry Sunday, 4/19/09, 11:16 AM
      “i have been to the ugly tuna ONCE but have been by that area many times at night.are you calling me a liar?i DONT KNOW FIGHT FAN i just meant he seemed a little bizzar ,i know alot of FREAKS, but they are not seem to know more than everyone else , so lets here what you think,do you think the suspect might be BALD? everyone on here is just brain storming.if you have facts share them.i really have know clue what happened to brian. i keep hearing mention of facebook and myspace, do you think he was stalked ?thats interesting,but i still beleave someone close to him knows more ,its common fact that most homicides are commited by a person the victim knew.all i do know is 3 years have past and its time for that person to step up.

      terry Monday, 4/20/09, 12:31 AM
      i do really feel for his brother derrick.its unbelievable what the poor guy has been through. i used to work with a retired detective and he told me most cases are solved by pure luck. people cant keep ther mouth shut, thats kind of why i think only one person was involved.i would bet the person responsible is activly reading these post, and know there time will could you go on with your life knowing what you did? turn yourself in.its never going to go away.”


      I sure would like to know what “terry” is talking about when they say “turn yourself in” for what “you did”. “Terry” aka “ohio” sure seems to enjoy hanging around campus at night, especially the gateway area at all hours of the night. ???

  122. w beal said

    I’d say “dear ohio” is a complete moron, in fact it’s probably clint or one of clint’s friends. only a brain dead person would think clint isn’t in any way a person of interest. everything points to him knowing SOMETHING. why would “dear ohio” be so against the idea that clint knows absolutely nothing? doesn’t make ANY sense whatsoever unless of course it is clint himself. clint and refused to help or cooperate in any way with brians disappearance. when asked about this, brian’s girlfriend alexis as well as his brother derek said that they “just wished everyone involved with the case would cooperate”. it sounded like legally they couldn’t say much more about clint, but they made their feelings painfully clear. “dear ohio” i am now wondering why you so steadfastly and confidently say that clint has nothing to do with this? he is implicating guilt by his refusal to cooperate, and in no way do the facts suggest that he ISN’T involved. are you a) a moron, or b) clint?

  123. ohio said

    collecting a photo album ? dont seriel killers do that sort of thing?????? i would bet your walls are covered with news paper clippings and things such as this.i would post some of yours off topix, but they deleted them , you know how you posted a guys name and address and where he worked.. and told everyone he killed far as brians site it looks like, thanks to you, some comments were posted that forced them to shut the guest book down, i can only imagine what you wrote.. you are a SICK HUMAN BEING.NO FRIENDS AND NO LIFE,,

  124. Dear "Ohio Beal" said

    Sure know a lot about serial killers, collecting items and having no friends. Are you the rumored suspect who also has a brother working the Ugly Tuna/Gateway area? Two of the three bodies were found by there house. I hear one has an attorney which to you pressumes guilt. Right? I wonder if those suspects will take a polygragh and give DNA. I wonder if they are scared Adam has a good shot now at being released?
    Hopefully Brians cell phone records can show key evidence. I’d look at all his calls from a year before him missing.
    “morons” are the people pointing the finger at Clint and Adam for whatever their personal reason is.?? They seem to hate both of these men that are being blamed for to very similar crimes on campus. Its the behavior a person might have if they had done something and wanted STRONGLY for others to believe it was another person. Im still waiting for any answers to my questions above. Id plead the fifth if I were you. Just keep acting like a cat covering up the evidence in the boxes above with your bad discredit. You still arent getting what you want here so go back to your Webslueths and continue posting the most disturbing comments about Brian, Julie and Tony. You know, where comments are made about them being gay, on meth (again), their awfuls friends did it and their fault for going out and having a night out with their friends. Sick stuff. The worst were the details about Julie. How the person knew them is beyond me but if true, it means Adam didnt do it like everyone aready knows. They sound like the sick stuff you write “Ohio”.

  125. Correct said

    Yes, it looks as though this Beal and Ohio are the same person again. He obviously doesn’t know any facts in the case but just on here to fight with people. I wonder what his hatred toward Clint is? I haven’t heard any facts pointing at Clint anywhere.
    You never answered a question above- who is the 13yr old that went missing in your family that their remains were found years later? Has that case been solved in your family?

  126. OHIO said

    she was younger than thirteen, and its none of your business since you already made a sarcastic mocking statment about that tragedy.any how you would probably accuse me of it , when i was only about 6 years old when it happened.MR.BEAL and I are not the same posters, your one hell of a post about my brother in laws family wasnt to justify why i follow this case it was t let his family know alot of people are hit with horrible tragedys and get through it.GO ahead continue your attack on me, i have read enough of your TOM FOOLERY on TOPIX and other sites, to know you cant be taken seriously.regardless of what my opinoin is on brians case is irrelevant , im not a columbus detective.

    • WHAT said

      Who was the young victim? That is a shame but you said YOU can relate because of your brother in laws losses? How can you say that? Interesting how you have been posting for years and just mentioned that as your reason? It appear you haven’t tragically lost anything and you are looking for attention here or are expressing built up anger or guilt? What is the real reason you are commenting nonstop?

    • Calling Out said

      You sure LIE like two Columbus Detectives I know. Maybe you are one of them or the suspect they are covering for to save their own reputations- or whats left of it. They will have to come clean some day as well.

  127. w beal said

    Good god, now you are grouping ME in with you hateful turds. No, I only post under my name, sorry to disappoint. BUT- the last thing I’d have to do is prove anything to you, so there you go. When did I become “hateful” toward clint?? it’s obvious by his actions after brian’s disappearance that he has behaved suspiciously, which then leads people to believe that he knows more than he says. simple as that. even brian’s family and close friends belive clint knows more than he is saying. again, it’s obvious that anyone who is defending clint on here is either his friend or family, or is clint himself. the truth will come out someday, and based on that worm clint’s despicable behavior, i believe hell will open up just for him. btw- “comment”- how do you defend clint’s actions during the period where everyone searched restlessly for brian? he cowered in the corner while securing a lawyer. do you realize, statistically, what that implies? you are a moron.

    • beal is nutso said

      You are not “hateful”? Calling Clint a “worm” is kind? W Beal, you really should confess as to why you despise Clint so much and want public opinion to convict him. This is not a witch trial but a case of many involving campus students disappearing after being separated from their friends. Nobody is blaming Clint or any of the other friends of these victims. Clints behavior is simply that of a person that needs to protect himself from the police. Columbus doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to crime solving and well known for focusing on one person despite the evidence. Of course that happens in just about every force. Hopefully Clint and his attorneys are reading these comments.

      • w beal said

        I love how you use the word “confess” in such a disheveled, misguided accusatory manner. Again, your delusions gain the best of you. “Confess” why I despise Clint? Well, I never said I despise him. I don’t even know him, thankfully. But after reading up on this case, it would be hard for anyone to have any respect for him.

        I do agree with you on one thing though- hopefully Clint and his attorney are reading these comments indeed.

    • Curious said

      You are NOT hateful MR BEAL??? Calling Clint a worm and people morons sure sounds complimentary. ????? Who are you?

  128. WHAT said

    Where are OHIO and this W BEAL getting their information on Brian Shaffer? Can anyone say who they are and if they have talked with them? Has anyone involved in this received any emails regarding info or leads in the case? Mostly by people not willing to leave a phone number or name and address? The behavior is getting obsessive, especially with OHIO (if his comments haven’t already expressed that). If anything Clints lawyer should receive copies of above comments. It’s clear somebody is trying to pass the blame on and feels threatened by Clints innocence. Are you two suspects and getting paranoid? Very odd behavior for supposedly having no ties with Brian Shaffer. I’d be blaming Clint if I had something to do with it…In my opinion you two are guilty of something… so whats your obsession with Brian Shaffer and his friend Clint? I assume you think Clint got all the others as well? You think Clint is the campus serial killer?

  129. w beal said

    good lord “what” and “comment”, you are seriously unhinged. classy of you to come on here and accuse every person that points out the OBVIOUS (which is that clint has behaved like a terrible “friend” to brian in the aftermath of his disappearance). there’s really only one person who would take offense to anyone implying that clint knows more than he says. it’s pretty obvious really. and you must be a genius, suggesting that the above dialogue be sent to his attorney. you’re still figuring out how everything works aren’t you? but good luck. maybe you can sue the gov’t if it rains tomorrow. since, you know, i’m sure rain really puts a damper on your day.

    …and you blast other people for displaying “obsessive” and “paranoid” behavior? wow, i guess you haven’t looked at your own posts. the only paranoia i see is your reaction whenever anyone even mentions clint’s name. the real paranoia and obsession on here is demonstrated by you. and regarding where i get my info, well, it’s all from the reports from numerous sites online. simple as that. since i am not personally connected to the case (like you seem to imply you are), i have to rely on the official reports and weak forums like this (made weak by people like yourself). again, i did’t realize a person had to be personally involved in a case in order to have interest in it. your rationale is even more flawed than your argument. this dialogue has become redundant and only serves to be hurtful at this point. good day.

    • Please Tell said

      What happened to Brian that “HELL” should open up for his friend Clint? Can you express more “Ohio” or “Terry from Akron”?

  130. OHIO said

    you are VERY SPOOKY to say the least.I would NEVER tell a creepy person such as you any details .your whole interest in her is freaking me out.YOUR A SYCHO,IM done comiserating with you, GET SOME beal have i said anything insulting towards you you to be called a turd?im done reading this guys post , hes just looking for attention. good luck

  131. Anonymous said

    This blog is crazy. I came on here to read about Brian Shaffer. It appears that one person is trying to take the board in a whole different direction. It also appears that that person (WHAT, Correct, Dear w beal and the list goes on and on) is only one person. You need to go to a forum relating to Julie. Why are you even on here??? And–no–I am not Ohio or W Beal.

  132. Wrong forum said

    I came on here to read about Brian Shaffer. There appears to be one person (WHAT, Correct, Dear OHio Beal, etc.) that is totally off topic. YOU (not OHIO and W Beal) need to go to a forum about Julie. I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish on Brian’s forum. And–no–this is not Ohio or W Beal.

    • Calling Out said

      Then maybe you are “haunted by this case”? Nobody is coming on to read about Brian Shaffers comments except one psychopath that does the same commenting on numerous sites such as Websleuths with multiple profiles. He makes rude comments about the victims upsetting the families. They are not interested in helping out in any way and obviously not sympathetic in what they post. They seem to know every detail (from reading news articles) but not wanting to help out. Always say they live in another State or Town. “OHIO” above gave an email address. That email address has been used with many names stating different ideas and claims about themselves. If you call this person out they all of a sudden become two, three, four, five other characters attacking you. He has done this with numerous victims and those missing. Why is somebody from “AKRON” saying hes been to Cbus only 5 times but then says campus is crawling with people on Friday and Saturday til all hours of the night? Seems to be stalking campus on the weekends.

      • w beal said


        Maybe you should get back to basics on this case and direct that exact same question to Clint.

      • Wrong forum said

        Calling out–I am in no way connected to anyone on here. I stumbled on the blog by reading the latest info on Brian. I was totally disgusted with the arguements between what appears to be only 2 people. I usually don’t even respond but I couldn’t help myself. How is this helping anybody? Anyway- I will not be back on here.

      • corrupt cops said

        Clint is smart! thats why he has an attorney and shouldnt speak much at ALL! You think he wants to be framed for something by a corrupt columbus homicide? The only people i can assume are pointing the finger at Clint would be Crimestoppers, A few corrupt detectives (you know who you are) and the real person responsible for Brians disappearance. All are evil in my opinion. They all need to start coming clean with any knowledge before lawsuits are handed out left and right and their reputation in shambles.

      • w beal said

        “corrupt cops”- you seem to have an extreme opinion of the detectives on this case….why don’t you fill us in on what you know…otherwise, why bother saying anything like that at all? It’s one thing for clint to be smart about this, but to be a complete d*ck to your missing and possibly dead “best friend” is another. i am not law enforcement nor am i anyone connected to this case, and i certainly have my suspicions about clint based on they way he has apparently behaved in the wake of brian’s disappearance. so i guess that proves your theory wrong.

      • u r crazy beal said

        Why do you care what is going on “BEAL”! You seem a bit paranoid to find out updates. Why don’t you post what you know about Brian? You sure have strong feelings for blaming Clint when you have “no” ties to the case. Little strange to us reading your posts.
        Yes, I would like to asked Clint 2 questions myself. 1. Were you threatened by authorities? 2. Do you fear authority? I think their are things he knows but not having to do with why Brian is missing. Im sure he doesnt know what the motive was but hopefully the pieces will all come together. I hope to talk to him with his attorney to piece some things together. Columbus detectives wont solve this and I think they dont want a lot of the truth out for fear of lawsuits.

      • w beal said

        what?!? i “seem a bit paranoid to find out updates”? please, saying nonsensical garbage like that makes you seem even less credible than you already are. or are you are just projecting your own obsession? i have the exact same feeling toward clint as most people. you seem to be an anomaly. it’s amazing that you are suspicious of anyone having an interest in a baffling case where a promising young man goes missing w/out a trace, especially when these people live in the same town. i would think that if you cared about brian or the missing in general, you would appreciate, like i do, that people are keeping the story alive, therefore increasing any chance of the case ever being solved.

      • Psychopath is posting said

        AS most people? Who are you talking to “MR BEAL” ???? As post before have stated- you are not going to find out facts online. Pick up the phone if you want to help or TALK? I DARE you

      • Psychopath is posting said

        Who are You talking to for your facts? Pick up the phone and call someone if you dare to!

  133. Get your facts said

    Somebody sounds a bit obsessed with finding the latest info about Brian Shaffer. I wonder their interest because facts in the case i’m sure will not be disclosed to the public. Might want to go back to Websleuths with all the others spitting out venom. I believe the article above lists names of very similar cases. Besides Mohamed Rihanni, there were many more similar cases in Columbus at the time of Brians disappearance. Hopefully they all will solved.

  134. come clean mike said

    In my opinion columbus homicide needs to come clean with their mistakes…Release the crimestoppers records and lab testing results and pay the price…If one can even put a price on peoples lives!!!!!! Law enforcement disgusts me. Why do they think they are above the law and how do they sleep at night? By the way- why wasn’t and isn’t the Ohio State University on high alert? All those new students going out and anaware of all those missing and murdered persons? My child wouldn’t be caught on campus at night! Way to go again CPD

  135. J HARRIS said

    when are you going to come clean?

    • Psychopath is posting said

      Back again I see as one of your other personalities! How many names do you use on the Brian Shaffer sites? Hundreds? I mean how many psychos can there be obsessed with Brian Shaffer that have no ties to the case and no life other than finding out what the latests updates are online? ONE psycho- and everyone knows it!!! WE think its funny how that article stated ALL the people posting around the world! Did they know its almost all one deranged man? I hope he is locked up soon

    • Psychopath is posting said

      Psychopath is back as J Harris. Go figure

  136. Speak Up said

    Hey RETIRED Columbus Homicide Detective Mike Mccann and Detective Wayne Buck, have anything to say about THE BRIAN SHAFFER CASE?!!!!!! Since you know ALL the details and “TRUTHS” in another case!!!! Good thing somebody knows how to hit RECORD when you speak. Cant lie about lying when its on tape.

  137. w beal said

    For the person[s] on here who criticize the people who voice their suspicions of Clint (taken from OSU’s publication ‘The Lantern’):

    “Alexis Waggoner’s father, Tom Waggoner, participated in the search for Shaffer in 2006. During that period he became acquainted with Florence.

    “The gist of my perspective on Clint Florence is that I think that basically all roads to making any progress on the case on Brian Shaffer lead through Clint Florence,” Tom Waggoner said.”

    That is a prime example of why we are suspicious of Clint. Turns out we are not as crazy as you would like to think.

    • ha said

      You are a nut “Beal”. Maybe u should try getting all your facts in life from the tabloids. We know who you are “Beal”. Your posts don’t fool anyone anymore. Tick tock tick tock tick tock

    • ha said

      YOU ARE CRAZY “BEAL”. Seek professional IF you get the chance.

      • w beal said

        What?? I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand the path your comments are taking. I gave clear proof that people close to this case are/were suspicious of Clint, and you say I am a nut b/c of this? “Ha”, it is clear you are the same person posting under different names on here, not only defending Clint, but outrageously trying to claim that it’s crazy for anybody to even be the slightest bit suspicious. Read the article linked below, which is an interview with Brian’s father. He voices his own suspicions of Clint, regarding not only his actions, but remarks he made about Brian after the disappearance. You are making it painfully obvious that you are either Clint or a close friend/family member of his.

        Oh, and I’m sorry to disappoint you, but apparently I am not who you think I am- I am just someone who is from Columbus that finds this case tragic and puzzling. I hope answers are found for Brian’s brother’s sake.

      • Hey Beal said

        Hey “Beal” and all your other personalities, HAVE any idea who really killed Julie Popovich and who the MYSTERY blue polo shell necklace guy is??? Maybe you should refresh your remarkable knowledge of these two cases by reading the Lantern articles on Julie Popovich. Why don’t the detectives ever reveal who the SHELL necklace guy is? Have you tried contacting any of the family or friends of Brian? I highly doubt you will reveal yourself by phone or in person. Your obsession is scary to say the least. Its obvious who you are and didnt your attorney advise you to lay off the computer? By the way “BEAL” (which is not even close to your real name) DO you really care to solve this case or are you just afraid the real truth will be revealed? You do understand that Clint is not a suspect and never will be charged in this? The only reason I can guess a person would be fiercely pointing the finger at Brians best friend is if you are a detective in the Popovich case or the man responsible for Brians disappearance as well. You know what im talking about because you never ask what im talking about.
        Isnt it interesting how ALL the greetings and well wishes have stopped.????????? HMMMM why havent you thrown a few in there here and there like you do on all the other Shaffer sites? When you start your little slams on Clint, the well wishes and blessing stop. Hmmm interesting how most of the people say they never posted and that somebody used their name. ??????
        There arent many people that post on Brians Shaffers sites. I know three others so that makes about five or six people. That makes it thousands of posts that ONE person has done.
        So to “BEAL” get on researching because your newspaper articles I see have given you all the answers. You’re one heck of a sleuth…And get some sleep, youre looking a little rough around the eyes these days…

      • w beal said

        Uh, well I can see you are certainly passionate about whatever your point is. I really hate to disappoint someone as obsessed and heated as you, but I can assure you I am not the person(s) you are accusing me to be. If the site owner/administrator has the ability, they could see that I post from the same IP, so if they can check that and if they would like to chime in, by all means. I do not have a newsletter nor do I have any involvement whatsoever in this case. Like I said before, this is a heartbreaking and puzzling case which I hope gets solved.

      • hmmm said

        Who is the owner/administrator? Didn’t you say you are a computer geek and you know how to change your IP? Shall we refresh your memory? You are not fooling anyone.

  138. Anonymous said

  139. Anonymous said

    ahhhh.. nancy drew is posting again.I like how she always leaves little clues , but never any real facts, or never answers anybodys questions.lets see , you say beal and everybody is crazy n nuts syco etcetc,that suspects brians fiends involement,too add to the lantern article. derrick shaffer himself said as soon as the detectives got involved brians friend left. and cut off all ties to brians friends and family.derrick also stated he believes clint has information, this isnt tabloid garbage.Of course you read this article , just look acroos your room you probably have it taped to the wall.on brians old guest book one little clue you dropped was by asking ,do you think the suspect is BALD?WELL,I was wondering what was up with that. pretty soon after you started posting this young bald mans name all over topix, where he works, lives. the whole 9 yards and told everybody he was responsible for murder,and you talk about lawsuits being filed left and right,HA, WHAT A JOKE.and your going to sit down with brians ex friends lawyer.thats even funnier, what a circus that would be.IF your theory had any truth you, wouldnt be posting it on here,it doesnt work that way.but you choose to hide and throw accusations at everyone ,including the police that dissagrees with you.why dont you just say what happened to brian, no more little clues nancy .lets here it, or just drop it.

    • try again said

      Do your research young man..You obviously follow all the posts made. Hmmm wonder why you’re so paranoid? The police disagree with what? Its in the hands of internal affairs, investigators and big media. Columbus police don’t get the job done and it’s not in their hands anymore- but you knew that i’m sure. When are you going to contact any of the parties you speak of????? Don’t be scared- you do have an attorney downtown right? P.s. Im not Nancy Drew and she is actually a HE- but you knew that of course…. Wow you are squirming these days! What’s the young bald mans name? That’s intersesting because Julie was last seen talking to a bald guy by two witnesses!It’s in a police report back in August 2005. There’s a FACT young man… Keep trying but you are wasting your time you could be spending on topix with your hundreds of characters and millions of posts. Eveybody is reading them all…

  140. Anonymous said


  141. KindraLore said

    This forum is now closed to comments for the time being to let things cool off. Please remember there is a person missing and his family and loved ones may read this. The continuous bickering back and forth is tiring and this thread has lost site of the reason why any of us came here in the first place.


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