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Searching for Alayna

Posted by KindraLore on January 5, 2008

Alayna Rinebold

Update 2/23/08 11:35AM

According to reports Alayna came out of hiding and called her mom a couple of weeks ago. In a thirteen minute phone conversation, Alayna assured her mother that she was ok, was not doing drugs or partying, but that she isn’t coming home anytime soon. Complete details here.


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Tuesday, November 27th started just like any other day. Alayna Rinebold who had just recently turned 15 the month before, headed to school where she was a freshman in Fremont, Ohio. Alayna’s friends say she spoke with a 29-year-old man on her cell phone twice that day and before the day was over, her mother received an odd call from Alayna in which she sounded distressed. She told her mother that she would not be coming home. That was the last confirmed contact from Alayna Rinebold.

Authorities have since learned that the 29-year-old man that she was conversing with is a registered sex offender involving minors, and authorities have reason to believe he may have something to do with Alayna’s disappearance.

In December one of Alayna’s friends received a message from Alayna’s myspace account. Mindy said that her given name is Melinda and that is what Alayna always called her. However, in the myspace message she was called Mindy. She said that the message also said, “she won’t be home for awhile,” instead of saying “I won’t be home for awhile.”

Alayna’s friends and family are desperately worried about her. Leigh Ann Jackson, Alayna’s mother said, “I try not to think about the most horrible scenario but all things are going through my mind right now.” Alayna’s 5-year-old sister said, “I miss her very much and I really want her to come home and I very miss her so much.”

Fremont Police say they’ve searched several homes but haven’t found her.

Alayna Rinebold

Alayna Lynn Rinebold is a white female, 15-years-old with blue eyes and light brown hair. She is 5ft 5 in tall and 150lbs. Her ears and navel are pierced. There is a reward. If anyone has information on the whereabouts of Alayna, they are urged to contact the Fremont Police Department at (419) 307-2289 or (419) 552-2143.

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19 Responses to “Searching for Alayna”

  1. Kevin said

    Have you guys checked the town in which she met the guy in.. maybe he took her back there with him?? just wondering

  2. n.e. said

    My prays go out too the family of Alayna rinebold.I pray that she is found soon.and home safe. know one has said the mans name that she left with. all that was said was 29 year old male sex offender from sandusky. i would have her portrait plaster on windows in stores and telephone poles any where i could. there should have been a amber alert out for her she is a miner i don’t care if she was willing or not willing she is a miner there should b an amber alter out for her. it seems the police can’t find them. amber alert should b out for her god blesss her and her family hope she home soon and safe with love for the family

  3. n.e. said

    hope someone can keep everyone up too date on alayna rinebold

  4. I too find it strange that the police did not release the sex offender’s name. There has also been no new information on Alayna that I could find.

  5. n.e. said

    If anyone would like too see the man who took ALAYNA RINEBOLD tpye sandusky sex offender he is the one with his eyes close white male Born1978.He also has a red shirt on.I wish someone would keep us up too date on her this is a sad thing too happen too someone not knowing when u are coming home or when someone will fine her.GodBless.

  6. n.e. said

    I say sex offenders should have too wear something so police know at all times where they are. Like being on house arrest.this is nuts.

  7. Anonymous said

    If this was A polices kid they would put an anber alert OUT on them voluntarily or not i DON’T CARE THEY SHOULD HAVE A ABERRRRRRRRR ALERTTTTT OUT ON HER She’S a MINERRRRRRRRRRRRR Alayna Rinebold.I hope she is found soon it’s going on 2or 3 months now let the LORD b with her hope Alayna Rinebold is found safe God Bless too everyone and the family.

  8. N.E said

    If anyone would like too see the man that has Alayna Rinebold go too sandusky sex offender he is the one with his eyes close white male in red shirt.he was born in 1978 voluntarily or not she is a miner there should b a ABERRRR ALERTTTT OUT ON HER.IF THIS WAS A POLICEoffer KID THERE WOULD B AN ABER ALERT OUT ON THEM.GodBless too the family and let the Lord be with her.Hope Alayna Rinebold is found soon an safe.U know i think sex offenders should have too wear something so the police know at all times where they are like being on house arrest.will God Bless too all.

  9. bs said

    Here is the web site too the man who has Alayna Rinebold Sandusky,ohio sex offender scroll down till u come too Stevens,William Richard born in 1978 white male he has his eyes close and has a red shirt on.

  10. NE;

    This one? How do you know his name?

  11. Weird. My link did not work. Let me try once more.

    This one:


  12. Still didnt work. I guess you would have to go here and do a search. At any rate, how do you know this is the guy?

  13. bs said

    some had said his name a school

  14. Anonymous said

    My nefew hear his name someone was taking at school and my nefew hear it

  15. ne said

    nefew hear it at school

  16. ne said

    so did anyone see his pic

  17. ne said

    TPYE IN ( sex offenders sandusky,ohio) scroll down the page and click the 3rd one. when that loads scroll down page and go too u see Stevens,William Richard. if u got too the rite one u should see that he hads his eyes close and wearing a red shrit(>>>>>>>>>>>> sex offenders sandusky,ohio)

  18. ne said

    Let me know if u get too see him

  19. ne said

    I would like too know why know one hers nothing about this missing teen.I Hear my space is no good so why would u let your teen even be on there.i would of been checking things out on my childs screen name or (names)

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