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Hunting the Hunter – The Search for Greg Williams

Posted by KindraLore on January 8, 2008

Greg Williams

Update 4/29/08 4:47PM

According to a poster here (see comments) the body of Greg Williams was found this morning. I have searched the news and have not found anything as of yet. My prayers are with the family.


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According to friends and family, it was not unusual for 47-year-old Greg Williams to go hunting or leave his home on Stafford Road in Waterville, NY to go walking in the near by state forest. However, this time Greg did not return.

Greg Williams was last seen on New Years eve around 9:00PM. The next day family members found a note left by Greg that he was going coyote hunting. On January 2nd the state police conducted an aerial search of the area and State Forest Rangers and Environmental Conservation Officers conducted a search with snowmobiles. A command post was established at the Waterville Fire Department and at some point crews did find footprints in the snow.

However, yesterday’s weather hampered the search with unusual temperatures that melted the snow and deteriorated any previous footprints made by the Waterville man. Authorities are hopeful because Greg is known to carry a survival kit with matches, food and other survival items.

Yesterday at least 145 volunteers converged on the area focusing on the Tassel Hill state land area where Greg Williams was known to hunt. Police suspended the ground search today however, but state they will continue to investigation and will reconvene the ground search with forest rangers upon new leads.

Anyone with information regarding Williams is asked to contact police at (315) 366-6000.

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22 Responses to “Hunting the Hunter – The Search for Greg Williams”

  1. Jeremy said

    Greg was found and recovered early this morning. Thank you from family and friends, to all who were committed to his search and easing his family’s pain.

  2. Jeremy:

    Thank you so much for the update. I am very saddened to hear the outcome of the search for Greg. I am glad that at least his family and friends know and will not have to go on searching.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.


  3. Jeremy said

    Thank You, from his family.

  4. Jeremy said

    Subsequently, I must ask that on behalf of my family, you post this as well. There were no releases made online or to the press from the family until each family member was advised through proper channels!

    Greg’s family will be eternally grateful to the friends and strangers, The Red Cross volunteers, Law Enforcement Professionals whose selfless dedication both on THEIR OWN TIME, away from their own families, and while on duty, and especially the New York State Forest Rangers and DEC officers who spent countless hours preparing and leading SAR professionals and civilian volunteers in the search for my cousin. Searching through bitterly cold days (some starting in the – degrees) through less than hospitable conditions.
    I do believe that there can be an important lesson learned from a loss as tragic as this… not just the rule of the woodsman, in advising, in a detailed manner your travels, to include where, when, why, what you will be equipped with, and how long you will be out, to friends and family… but a sad one that is only now learned and proven.

    Lesson: no one knows until the end… the rationale, reasoning or outcome of a disappearance as tragic as this. A man that leaves behind, three children and a wife, deserves more respect than small town gossip and speculation as to how, why and where he may have been. Waterville, NY is a wonderful town full of excellent people with hearts that are too large to describe. Unfortunately there were a few people that had the blatant disregard for the family’s privacy and emotions during such a trying time, as January turned out to be. They were more interested in promoting a feeling of self worth and importance by propagating rumors that directly attacked Greg’s morals and values and his commitment to his entire family! To those people, who didn’t know Greg and who probably don’t have the fortitude to even care enough to follow up on a site as great as this, I know I speak for my entire family when I say… We all hope the few naysayers are disgusted in themselves from deep within, know that your words were heard by his children and family, both directly while waiting in the firehouse and indirectly.

    We pray that NO ONE ever has to deal with a situation as terrible as this.

    God Bless all those that volunteered in such bitterly harsh conditions. And THANK YOU all!

  5. Mary Kate said

    My heart goes out to Lauren, Dylan, Jesse and Court and the rest of Greg’s friends and family. Our hearts can now be at ease at least in knowing he is recovered and the process of trying to heal can begin. Living in a small town has it’s blessings at times like these, but on the same note has it’s typical sidetalking and disrespectful folk who enjoy nothing more than gaining from others pain. Anyone who knew Greg knew that he wouldn’t just up and leave town, his family was his life. My heart is heavy today as it’s been since January but we can all rest in the fact that love for each other will help the family now, at the hardest time through all of this. I love you guys and my prayers are with you. Rest in Peace Greg, and Cheers.

  6. Thomas Williams said

    Thank you Jeremy, KindraLore, and Mary Kate. Unlike all but a few other surviving family members, I knew Greg for all of his 48 years. As a child, he was well behaved and had many close friends. As an adult he was a helpful and supportive son. I am sure that he died with a multitude of friends that will never forget what a great guy he was. With those memories, he will still a part of our lives. Again thanks…..
    I will probably be seeing you at the service on the 24th.
    Just look for the man with the least hair and you will probably have found me.

  7. Kenneth Smith said

    I did not know Greg. I know Tom and Jean, so I know that he came from good stock. I also know fine outdoorsmen such as he, and know that bad things can happen to the best. My prayers are with all of his family, friends, and for the ones who were so dedicated in the search. God Bless.

    Kenneth Smith
    Belleview, Florida

  8. jack said

    tom sorry about your loss your in our prayers jack

  9. Pete C. said

    Well, obviously the ‘walk-about’ Greg took will be a lenghty one…
    I knew him to be an extrodinary, kind-hearted human being.
    We spent hours/days traveling the North Woods together and found many a remote,unseen area that was special in an undescribable way.
    Cooking abilities that he possessed again, shamed mine,although we did manage to concoct several delicious wild game meals together at camp.
    We rode m/c’s together in the ‘earlier’ days, he always had a smile on when i managed to catch up with him,you know…that ear to ear grin !
    His love of gardening was obviouly apparent when viewing the backyard property in Waterville.
    Greg had gifted mechanical abilities that always made me envious of his inventions.
    His children were the core of his existance, deep love that will endure.
    His wife was his guiding force and the glue in their marriage that bound their love.
    “Ours is not to reason why “, just to have known him was a bonus in this life.
    To be able to call him a friend & confidant has truely been a blessing.
    I’m thankful to my God, that we can now indeed…lay him to rest.
    Peace brother-
    Uncle Petey aka ‘Red-eye’

  10. katie c said

    Thank GOD There can now be some closure for this family of ours.This “GENTLE-MAN” that we all loved is now at rest and maybe his family can also find peace. Bad things sometimes happen to “good” people. Life will go on and we should all live it to the fullest, like Greg did, not only for yourselves but also for his memory. PEACE BE WITH YOU GREG! LOVE, AUNT KATE.

  11. Johnnie Pohlers said

    Tom and Jean are counted amongst my best friends here in Florida. Over the years they have attended many of the Guided Tours in the Ocala National Forest When I was employed. I was so sorry to hear of the loss of Greg but thankful that they now have closure.

    Johnnie Pohlers, retired from the US Air Force and the USDA Forest Service

  12. Sharlene Bowen said

    I am a T&T member. I am sadden and sorry about the loss of your son.

  13. Glenn and Sandi Van Knowe said

    Our prayers go out to the family of Greg. We wish that kind words had the power to take away the pain and stress of these past months. Our prayer is that as time passes all will find peace in each other and in God.

    Tramp & Trail members, Glenn and Sandi Van Knowe

  14. Paul said

    I received a call from the DEC on Wednesday evening that a hunter was missing. I didn’t know Greg or his family, but something within me answers these calls with great hope, telling me I’ve got to go, maybe make a difference. I was at the firehouse ready to receive my assignment by daybreak Thursday. I felt fortunate to learn of Greg through sharing long hours in the field leading a SAR team with Jeremy and Dylan. These endings are always sad, but thankfully, at least it is now an ending. Be well, Williams family.

    Boonville SAR

  15. Diane said

    I’ll remember you forever, Greg. We scattered your remains in your favorite spot yesterday. It is so quiet and peaceful. With love from your sister….

  16. Lauren said

    January 1, 2009 will mark one year since my husband Greg Williams went missing. His body was found on April 29, 2008 near railroad tracks in Brookfield, New York. He died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his chest. No one can understand what it does to a person when someone goes missing like this. I count us among the lucky as we have the closure that so many people never get, however, it doesn’t lessen the trauma that comes with months of wondering where the person is and what happened. We will never be the same, but are lucky to have the support of wonderful family and friends. We continue to struggle through the emotional mess that was left on us, but we will get through this. Greg was a wonderful husband, father and friend and we will never forget his smile and “bark” and his constant happy nature. It’s sad that he was in the pain he was and felt he couldn’t confide in anyone. May his soul rest in peace.

  17. Lauren said

    Tomorrow marks 3 years since Greg was found. We still mourn his loss and miss him but time moves us on. Gone but not forgotten, hope you are looking down on us!!! Rest in peace Greg. You would be so proud of your kids!!!

  18. Diane said

    Merry Christmas, Greg. I still think of you every day and send you love. Your loving sister…..

  19. Lauren Williams said

    Jan 1 2013 will mark 5 years since we lost a husband/a father/a friend. Rest in peace Greg and please take care of Dave. We love and miss you both!

  20. Anonymous said

    Thinking of you this Christmas, Greg….Love and miss you, your sister

  21. Anonymous said

    This Tuesday, 4/29/14, marks 6 years since Greg was found. I have to count our family as lucky, in that he was found, however, the ordeal will forever be with us. Greg – we all miss you so much and hope you are at peace. We will always love you and feel your presence each day we live. I’m sure you are looking down on us and your children especially, and that you see each one of them has grown to be extraordinary and they each carry a part of you, that I see in them everyday. I grieve daily for the pain you carried and couldn’t share, for our children’s grief and for what you are missing as they carry on with their lives. Lastly, I pray that the anger I still hold onto and want to let go, will someday dissolve, so that I can fully move on, mostly so I can look back and see you as I once did, without the cloud I carry. Again, I hope you are at peace, my friend, my husband. Lauren

    • chris steffen said

      It’s now been 7 years since greg has been gone.. For me it’s only been a year and a half since I went to ny from nc for a family reunion. That was when I found out about my dear,dear friend greg. Since then hardly a day passes I dont think about him,lauren there beautiful children and of course his great father tom and sister Diane. Having known him through grade school, high school and the crazy days that followed I was there for him when he lost his mom..and tiger as he was there for me through my tough times. Mischief well we were always into that. I could write a book on that. So sorry we never kept in touch once we moved to nc but life takes us where it takes us… Regrets…I have few but not being there for greg pre.1/1/08 andLauren and kids after1/1/08..that is painfull, so sorry Lauren…forgive me please. And for tom mr my friend were the father I never had..growing up without a dad ,the rockets, rc stuff, shooting, reloading, dirt bikes that cannot be forgotten..thank you. Not only was greg my best bud but Lauren also a great friend and Lady as her sister Karen. God Bless you all..

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