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Three Georgia Children Still Missing and in Danger

Posted by KindraLore on March 15, 2008

UPDATE 3/19/08 8:20PM

It seems that Eddie Harrington made good on his threats. So tragic. The bodies of the children as well as Harrington have been found. More here.


Eddie Harrington
Eddie Harrington – Wanted

On March 5th, 28-year-old Eddie Harrington left a note for his girlfriend Agenia Battle stating he wanted to kill their three children, 3-year-old Cedric and 2-year-old twins Aliyah and Agena and end his own life as well. He mailed a similar note to his parents in Indiana, and then took off with the three toddlers. Harrington nor the children have been found since.

Agena BattleAliyah BattleCedric Harrington

Agena Battle, Aliyah Battle and Cedric Harrington – Missing

A Levi’s Call was issued for the children in the state of Georgia and an Amber Alert was issued in Tennessee, which is unusual in the case of a father taking his own children. However, in light of the letters and Harrington’s past history of attempted suicide, police were alarmed.

“We are concerned about the safety of the children because the individual (Harrington) has attempted to commit suicide in the past,” Columbus Police Chief Ricky Boren stated.

Police have confirmed a sighting of Eddie Harrington and the three children last week in Tennessee but admit they do not know where they may be now. Harrington has ties to Georgia, Indiana (Where his family live), Florida, Illinois and Tennessee.

Eddie Harrington and Agenia Battle lived in Indianapolis in 2005, where they had a history of domestic disturbances. Ironically, Harrington filed a missing persons report during that time regarding Agenia Battle.

Three years ago he told police that Agenia left work with a friend instead of returning to their Kingston Square apartment.

A news report I read stated “An arrest warrant for Harrington accused him of cruelty to children on March 6. He was believed to have fled the following day.” Since reports state he left on March 5th, this part is a bit confusing to me. Therefore I’m not sure if these were regarding previous incidents or because he fled with the children.

On Thursday during an FBI press conference, Agenia Battle pled for the safe return of her children. “I am asking the public to please help me,” the mother pleaded at a news conference in Columbus, Ga. “I want my children home where they belong with me.”

Harrington was last seen driving a dark green 2002 Chevrolet Impala with a cracked windshield. Indiana license plate 93L4740. He is described as an African-American, 5’9, with brown eyes and black hair. Anyone with any information in this case is urged to call the FBI at 404-679-9000.

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One Response to “Three Georgia Children Still Missing and in Danger”

  1. Selly said

    These children were found dead along with their father. I read about this for the first time last night and was amazed that it had happened so freaking recently. I never even heard about it…But I guess…it was bigger news down in Georgia and the surrounding areas. Just so sad and scary.

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