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A Mystery in Tampa – Where is Charles London Beck?

Posted by KindraLore on March 21, 2008

UPDATE 3/21/08 6:53PM

Charles London Beck’s body has been discovered in a shallow grave and his girlfriend Nicole Sylvester as well as Byron Moorehead have been arrested in connection with his death. Beck’s Mercedes was spotted in an apartment complex parking lot. Police watched the car and eventually Sylvester and Moorehead rode up in a rental car and got into Beck’s Mercedes. They were initially arrested for auto theft but after Beck’s body was found, have since been charged with homicide. Click here for complete article.
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Charles London Beck
Charles London Beck

25-year-old Charles London Beck by all accounts is a very successful young man. Graduating from the University of South Florida with a four year Engineering degree, he finished in a little over half the time. According to reports, Charles was the oldest child and spoke to his mother sometimes several times a day.

The last time Charles Beck was heard from was on March 12th at around 11:00PM when he called his mother after returning from a business trip. His 2002 silver Mercedes C230K hatchback is also missing.

Hillsborough Sheriffs Department has since searched his apartment at 14505 Audobon Trace and according to reports found evidence leading them to believe he may be the victim of foul play. They are now searching for his girlfriend, 20 year old Nicole Sylvester.

Today they spoke with a friend of Nicole’s, Michelle Martin, a dancer at Fantasy Dolls. According to reports as well as records I have looked up myself on the HCSO website, Michelle was arrested today and is currently being held on violation of probation for previous unrelated charges of criminal mischief of $1000 or more.

I looked up Nicole Sylvester’s record on the HCSO website. News reports state that Nicole has a criminal record for domestic violence. The records I found of a 20 year old Nicole Sylvester with a previous criminal record of domestic violence as well. According to this article, the picture matches that of the same girl with the arrest record. Police also state Sylvester does not have a permanent home address but would stay with Charles sometimes.

Nicole Sylvester

The record of a Nicole Sylvester on the HCSO website

Charles’ mother Genevieve is beside herself with worry. “I can tell you, I’m lost, really lost… driving around, just don’t know where to go.” Charles Beck’s co-workers are equally concerned. They say that Charles is a very kind hearted and thoughtful person. They said he loves his job at Marlin Engineering and they’ve had to force him to take vacation.

Charles Beck’s Silver Mercedes hatchback has Flordia tag number W102LC.

Charles Beck's Mercedes

Charles Beck’s 2002 Silver Mercedes C230K Hatchback

If you have any information about the case call the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office at 813-247-8200 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-873-8477.

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Police Think Missing Engineer Is Victim Of Foul Play


25 Responses to “A Mystery in Tampa – Where is Charles London Beck?”

  1. zsappf said

    i know charles. you have some facts wrong in your report. the nicole on charles’ myspace is not the murderer. please take it down. the murder is the black female who looks like a male on the hcso website. charles had a troubled past. search his name on hcso arrest inquiry. he had some mental issues. ppl at our school were afraid of him. they thought he was going to be the next person to bust into class and kill everyone. he used to take pictures of ppl in class even when he was asked not to. he was disruptive and possibly had some mental/or emotional issues. and he definately was addicted to crack cocaine. also, he graduated from the university of south florida and not the university of florida. he used to stalk ppl. and the girl who killed him was homeless, probably didn’t have a myspace. he also had trouble holding down a job. his two previous jobs only lasted ~4 months each. he did have perfect attendance at his latest job which he held for approximately a year. maybe he was turning his life around. this article is way off, though, i just wanted you to know. let me also say, that as messed up as this kid was, i don’t think he deserved any of this, and i feel awful for his family.

  2. Zsappf:

    Thank you for your comment and helping me to get the facts straight. I did amend the article and took down those pertaining to the other Nicole, as well as Charles’ myspace account in general as it really did not pertain to anything.

    Very disturbing what you say about his behavior. I do have to warn others that is heresay and anyone can post anything it doesn’t make it true. Not saying you are lying at all. Just trying to keep it in perspective.

    Thanks again for your insight. I try to keep things as accurate as possible here.


  3. Anonymous said

    I also know Charles and from what you say you clearly do not know Charles. I grew up with him and still was with him through the years. Stalking, taking pictures, drugs? You must be out of your mind. Charles had so much love to give and his ‘girlfriend’ was a disgusting wanna-be thug that deserves to rott. The only thing Charles did that he could have made better decisions about was driving fast. You disgust me to talk about a person you clearly never knew.

  4. Casey said

    I knew Charles better then any of you could ever knew. I met him when he was 10 years old cutting the grass out in front of his home behind State Vaccuum and Fox 13 news on kennedy. He worked at the vaccuum place helping support his family when he was only 14. He was a graduate of USF and a great friend. He never smoked crack cocaine but was a avid pot smoker. This guy would take pictures of his friends and post it on facebook. The last thing he ever asked me was how my daughter was doing. He was a caring soul who had alot of heart to give. And @ zsappf if you want to handle some business I am right here if you want me to help you get the facts straight. He was troubled mentally because I think he did not know how to express himself. He was always shy and quiet but was quick to smile and laugh if you said something funny. He really loved playing video games too. I remember playing Dreamcast with him at his mothers house off hillsborough in town and country. We were chilling once and she busted in on us. It was so funny. Also I met his supposed GF and I told him she was no good for him and never to bring her to my house. I guess I had the right feeling to begin with.

  5. Casey said

    Also I think he met Nicole at the bus stop. He had several DUI the past few years and only got around by bus. His car was parked for several months. This guy did not deserve to go out like that. I am sure his murderers will get LIFE or the Death Penalty. ONe thing that bothers me though is the man who shot him is such a low life degerate I can tell by his myspace page alone that he is probally proud of what he did and running his mout in jail about killing someone. I wish I could return the favor Byron Moorehead but I promise I will be at every court date waiting with anxious ears for a GUILTY VERDICT.

  6. Hi Casey. Its really good to hear other sides of a story and from someone who knew Charles. He sounded like a really great guy. Thank you for sharing with us.

    As for Byron Moorehead’s myspace, you are certainly right. His tagline says: “Betta Guard Ya Plate Cuz I’m Tryin 2 Eat!”

  7. zsappf said

    there was a lot of misinformation on this page, and i was frustrated that another person’s myspace image was posted and there were suggestions that this person was the murderer when she was an innocent person. i don’t go back on my statements, but i do apologize because this is not the right venue in such a sensitive time to be expressing them. charles’ murderer’s took advantage of a vulnerable person and are scum.

  8. Zsappf. The only “misinformation” was that I said on Charles’ myspace there was a Nicole and the Nicole I pulled the record of was not the same person, so I was confused. I did in fact take it down as soon as was clarified. I do apologize for any confusion or ill will to anyone.

    I do agree its a sensitive time, especially for all of you that knew him. My condolences to all that have lost a good friend, a son, a loved one.


  9. lpcitizen said

    As a person who knew Byron for over 10 years and hung out with him in high school, he was the most un-confrontational person I knew. He was caring and was always there when anyone needed anything. He was educated, smart, and actually had a plan for his life. I’m not, by any means, stating what he did was right. He obviously got involved with the wrong people after moving back to Tampa. From the looks of everyone’s comments, neither Nicole nor Charles were innocent bystanders. This is a classic case of a scenario gone wrong. Good people getting involved with the “wrong” people. My heart goes out to Charles’ family; no one’s life never deserves to be taken away by another.

  10. Casey said

    Byron is a scumbag. He killed my friend because he wanted money for drugs. On his myspace he makes no secret of the type of person he is. A educated person does not rob people for money. A educated person goes to work everyday like Charles London Beck. Do not even put a 20 year old with probally no high school diploma in the same class with my educated DEAD friend. Charles went to college for almost 6 years. No Sympathy will ever be in my heart for a murderer. I will be there when they turn off his lights too. You best believe that is the truth and him and Nicole have what is coming to them. I still cannot believe Charles is gone. But he is in my memories and hearts of EVERYONE who ever met him.

  11. Anonymous said


    I pray that none of your family or love ones ever suffer the fate of our Charles, OR grieve like we are grieving. Because someone would make an insensitive, coldhearted, and callous statement like you have made – which would make the hurt exponential! But then, you wouldn’t be able to quantify that. An Engineer can! We can’t hurt anymore than we are now, but we are drawing from the light heart he had when he was walking this earth. He is smiling upon you now Casey, and Lpcitizen, quietly, as his usual.

  12. lpcitizen said

    Byron was a high school graduate and was attending college. He got involved with the wrong person. I’m not sticking up for what he did and I believe he should be punished to full capacity for his wrong doings. I don’t believe in bad mouthing anyone. Even the most “educated” person can turn to bad things. It only takes one person to influence them. No one is perfect and no one deserves to be killed.

  13. dan connell (or fat dan) said

    Charles London Beck was in my homeroom at wilson middle school. The kid would make me laugh so hard ,I actually pissed my pants! Casey says everything i remember about charles. I also recall almost getting busted by his mom while we were smokin in his room. I used to skate around and ride bikes w/ Charles, Manny L., Aaron H., James L. I’m setting the record straight–CHARLES LONDON BECK IS NO CRACKHEAD, WE MADE FUN OF THOSE PPL!!! If there’s something to say about Charles it’s that he was a highly intelligent individual with a big heart whose personality attracted some undesirables into his life. He wasgoing far fast! My heart goes out to his mother who was always on him like a ratchet. I strongly believe that if it weren’t for his mom, he might not have gone as far or as fast as hewas going in life. MY CONDOLENCES TO THE FAMILY OF THE BECKS.

  14. dan connell (or fat dan) said


  15. Alex said

    I was a friend and neighbor of Charles’s, and I’d also like information on the memorial service, if available.

    Thank you!

  16. Casey said

    Me Charles and James L were all close friends. We all learned about ripping movies and games and emulators together. Man I miss those days chillin in James Apartment/ Garage. Those were some fun times just sitting around on AOL waiting for stuff to download on 56k. Hitting the big bong. What I would not give to have those times back just so I could tell Charles how much he meant to me as a friend. I think he knew it though otherwise he would not of kept in contact with me for over 15 years. God Bless you for being there when I needed you. Send memorial arrangement info to

    @ Fat Dan Little Joe Wynne works with Genny. I might be able to get arrangements from him for the memorial service. To everyone who loved Charles keep your head up and let it be known he is a ANGEL now like he was on this earth watching over us! Man I remember we toked up in Hyde Park AMC on turkey day once. Damn Star treK first contact had nothing on the Contact the other movie patrons must of felt. LMAO That kid was a bold. I remember him hitting a triple kick flip at the church off morrison. That was off the hook!

  17. Hugh said

    Blount Curry Funeral Homes
    605 Macdill Ave
    Tampa FL. 33609
    The funeral is at 2:00pm Saturday March 29 and the wake is tomorrow. Hope this helps
    -Hugh, an old friend of the Family

  18. dan connell (or fat dan) said


  19. A Friend said

    I went to USF with Charles. Yes, fellow civil engineers did not like him but I believe their fears were unwarranted. He was a bit weird, but if you took the time to get to know him you would realise he was harmless. He was just an anti-social genius… like Beethoven and other gifted people. He was completely aware of his inabilities. He told me straight up that he had social problems. Making and keeping friends was difficult because people thought he was weird.

    All he ever wanted was friends to accept him and treat him like he was human. Yes, he has a criminal record but if you analyzed his crimes you will see that it was not because he was a particularly bad person.

    He was charged for wrongful use of 911. why? because he was walking to his apartment late at night and saw some sketchy looking person outside so he called the police… they told him he should have called the local number and not the emergency number for that.

    He was charged for tresspassing. Why? because he sat in on a philosophy class he wasn’t registered for and the professor reported him.

    His college mates didn’t want him at their parites and social gatherings, so he found himself in the wrong crowd, with people who gave him attention because they could use him for money. Unfortunately they took his money and his life this time.

    I took him out a few times, hoping he would realise that he doesn’t need to hang out with these other people. Now I wish I paid closer attention to him.

    RIP Beck

  20. Anonymous said

    May Charles London Beck and his family find peace.

  21. Casey said

    Just a update a third person has been INDICTED Michelle Martin for robbery , kidnapping, grand theft auto and other various charges relating to Charles Beck’s Dissapearance.

    May they all get Death or Life in Prison. The Animals!

  22. alicia said

    I didn’t know Charles personally, but he added me on facebook. I thought he seemed like a nice guy at first, but the thing about the pictures and stalking is true. I had to threaten police action before he would leave me alone. He was a troubled guy and did seem like he had a drug problem. It’s really sad what happened to him, despite his disturbing behaviours.

  23. ivan abad said

    charles is my cousin

  24. VZB said

    Alicia Your Are A Bitch(§)! If you didn’t know Charles personally and he added you on facebook, how do you know anything about pictures and stalking is true? And because you threatened him with police action so he would leave you alone. Only means he was a good guy(by leaving you alone) and your a fucking crazy loud mouthed drama threatening BITCH(§). “He was a troubled guy and did seemed like he had a drug problem.” WTF Do you know ? NOTHING But yet your still opening your trap but you still have sympathy by saying “It’s really sad what happened to him, despite his disturbing behaviours”(JUST TO KICK THE DEAD WHILE THEY ARE DEAD)

    (§)EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE but what she said is just rude, RIP not with some shit talk you can’t defend

  25. VZB said

    oh and LPcitizen YOUR A FRIENDs OF A MURDERA If you still try to defend his character your defending a MURDERA Making me think you are a MURDERA DEFENDA
    Charles was an innocent bystanderd
    you are being ignorant if you said otherwise

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