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11-Year-Old Girl Missing from Sacramento, CA – Where is Angelina Penny Hernandez?

Posted by KindraLore on June 21, 2008

Update 6/23/08 4:23PM

Great news. Angelina is safe and has returned back home with her family! Click Here for complete news story.


Original Blog

I am not sure why this story is just now coming out (a full six days after her disappearance which is precious time lost) but 11-year-old Angelina Penny Hernandez has been missing since last Saturday, June 14th. She left her home on foot at 2400 block on Wulff Lane at 11 a.m. and has not been seen since. Reports say she is considered at risk because of her age. (Well no duh right?)

Angelina is Native American, 5’2″ tall and 120lbs. She has shoulder length wavy brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a white tank top with the word “Baby” on the front, blue Capri pants and dark green/light green camouflage shoes.

Anyone who has seen the missing girl or has information about her is urged to contact the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department at (916) 874-5115.


6 Responses to “11-Year-Old Girl Missing from Sacramento, CA – Where is Angelina Penny Hernandez?”

  1. Anonymous said

    she is dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • a mother said

      to anonymous u are such a ass with your statement that angelina is dead u heartless bastard go to hell keep ur fucken comments t ur self jack ass

  2. Why are you saying that? If you click on the link provided above it states she was found and returned safely to her family.

  3. Anonymous said

    i will pray to angelina hernandez family that some day that the will find her

  4. hannah said

    angelina is perfectly fine i am her best friend of 6 years

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