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As the 7th Anniversary of Her Missing Son Passes, Kelly Jolkowski Helps Others

Posted by KindraLore on June 25, 2008

Jason Jolkowski

Jason Jolkowski – Missing Since 2001

One thing that happens when you have a drive to find and help the missing; you get to know about others are that do as well. Some like me just blog about the missing. Others like Kelly Jolkowski do something about it.

Kelly’s son, Jason Jolkowski vanished on June 13, 2001. Jason was just 20 years old and his car had been in the shop all week when he called into work and told them he had no way to get there. He told the manager he would walk but arrangements were made to meet at Benson High School eight blocks from his home.

He was last seen by his brother Michael bringing in the trash cans after trash pickup. He never made it to Benson High School, or at least by the time his manager got there to pick him up (30-45 minutes later), and has not been seen since.

His family has never given up on finding him and instead of feeling helpless, Kelly and her husband have not only continued to pursue answers in their son’s disappearance, but been instrumental in helping other families of the missing by establishing Project Jason.

Kelly is now pushing for new legislation as well as leading efforts to better use the national DNA database to help identify the estimated 40,000 to 50,000 unidentified bodies in the country.

Her efforts include encouraging families of the missing to enter their missing loved one’s DNA into CODIS (Combined DNA Index System), so that unidentified bodies can be compared.

She is also trying for legislation preventing remains of unidentified people from being cremated or buried without first identifying them, at least without a DNA sample to enter into CODIS.

According to Kelly, there are currently 8 states that have either put this legislation into place or are close to passing it, numerous other states are considering it.

Kelly’s son Jason Jolkowski disappeared from Omaha, Nebraska on June 13, 2001around 10:45am. He was wearing black dress shoes, black dress pants, a white Chicago Cubs or Sammy Sosa t-shirt and carrying his red work t-shirt. He was also wearing a blue Chicago Cubs baseball cap.

We are all still hoping that Jason is found or at the very least, Kelly and her family finally get the answers they need as to what happened to Jason.

I would like to personally thank her for her amazing compassion and work she has done for the missing.

For more information on Jason about this case or information regarding Project Jason, please visit their website.


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