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Are Protesters Hurting the Caylee Anthony Case?

Posted by KindraLore on September 22, 2008

Caylee Anthony

Usually I stay away from high profile cases on the site because this site is about missing people and usually I tend to lean towards those that the media misses. There are so many out there and to this date I am sure that the Caylee Anthony Case is along the lines of the Madeline McCann case as far as its familiarity with the public . It has grown a life of its own and needs no press. In fact, according to the Orlando Sentinel, little Caylee’s case has outdone the infamous and unsolved JonBenet Ramsey case as far as postings on well known sleuthing sites like Websleuths.

Now I am sure that anyone reading this article knows the facts of the case and that little Caylee’s mom Casey Anthony reported her daughter missing around a month after last being seen by anyone. Casey has told a web of lies and LE states that according to their initial forensic reports, a dead body was in fact in the car Casey was driving at the time of little Caylee’s disappearance, along with a large amount of chloroform.

Anyone with common sense can deduce that lots of lies+chloroform+body in trunk = little Caylee is no longer with us. I am one of those people with this sort of common sense. I am also of the opinion that yes, whether accident or intentional, Casey Anthony killed little Caylee.

Now to my point. When the protesters first started showing up at the Anthony home, I must admit that I was one that said “yes, she needs to know that people do not believe her! Tell the truth!” Since then it has turned into a maddening sight, with people making make shift tombstones in front of the home, fighting with the neighbors that live there, throwing rocks at the home. Continuously taunting not only the Anthonys but neighbors alike. The media stands outside the house 24/7 and in my belief, attracting all nutcases within a 50 mile radius to come out and take part.

Twice an Orange Circuit Court Judge Reginald Whitehead denied a request by the Chickasaw Oaks Phase Three Homeowners Association to keep both protesters and the media confined to an area near the back entrance of the subdivision. In making his ruling, Whitehead said the association did not follow Florida law, which requires them to give notice to the protesters.

Obviously I am not alone in my feelings here because I am sure there are many people that believe that Casey Anthony is absolutely a liar and guilty for the disappearance of her daughter. But we live in America. We do not stone people nor burn them at the stake. The Guardian Angels stepped in Saturday to keep peace. Its time for Orange County to step in and STOP this circus. Let justice take its course! If Casey is guilty, let her face a jury of her peers. The neighbors living in this neighborhood do NOT deserve this.

Do me a favor. Go to youtube and type in Caylee Anthony protesters. You will be disturbed. Imagine living in this neighborhood.

Imagine being the child of one of these people claiming to do this in Caylee’s interest. Look at this video. This mom and Cindy get into an altercation. The dad pushes her right into the back car door and squashes the child between. This child should not even be a part of such a calamity. Then see how they react. One lady thats obviously with mom and dad pulls the child on the ground and lets him go. She never checks on him or even looks at him. Then the father picks the child up and basically throws him in the vehicle. These parents CARE about kids?

Come on Orange County. Put a stop to this circus. Media, go home! Crazy people, go home! Let justice take its course.


19 Responses to “Are Protesters Hurting the Caylee Anthony Case?”

  1. nancy said

    Needless to say Casey is the one that could have stopped this madness before it began by simply speaking up!! And unfortunately the crazy people are the ones that live in that nut house. With cindy and george always ready for their close-up with the media. The three-ring circus was going on way before the protestors got there with Casey Anthony as the ring master!!! What a nut job that one is and always ready for her stage appearance.

    So sorry Caylee you had to be part of these numbnuts!!!!
    God bless you little girl!!!

  2. Whatever is going on with the case, this circus outside the Anthony home has to stop. It is not productive whatsoever in the case. Remember when TES came. They expected THOUSANDS of volunteers and received barely hundreds. If these people care to find Caylee, they would have volunteered for the search for TES, not yelled and screamed and brought their children to partake in such events.

  3. Springmemory said

    I think we need to not worry about the protestors but instead lets take a look at the grandfather in this case. He is an ex police officer who could well advise his daughter on how to dispose of Little Cayley’s body. I believe he is the real master mind behind this whole thing. I don’t believe he did it. But I do believe that his daughter went to him for help and he helped her get rid of the cell phone, get rid of the body, and wait for long enough to let the body be sure and be gone before going to the police. The grandmother made the call and purposely said the car smells like a dead body to throw the police off of being suspicious of themselves. Knowing without a body and without an admition it is very difficult to be convicted of murder. I would be investigating the grandparents travel, their automobile and other things. I would also be looking in areas where Alligators are. You have to think these people are going to be getting rid of every peace of evidence. Not burying her to be found by a cell phone. But they know that will keep the police busy for a while.

  4. Springmemory said

    RIP Caylee. RIP Little angel.

  5. If George is in fact guilty or not in this case (I in fact believe if he is guilty of anything it would be cover up but its STILL stretching it for me.) The people that are going to “protest” do not have Caylee’s interest in mind but are interjecting themselves into the case for their own accord. Nothing good can be made of what is going outside of that household. Can you imagine being a neighbor? Those poor people. Thank God for the Second Amendment.

  6. monica111466 said

    Sadly, I think it is Caylee’s own family that is hurting the case. The protesters are not helping anything or anyone….but I do understand why they are there and why they are so angry…a child is missing and her own family isn’t trying to find the truth.

    I don’t really believe George Anthony helped dispose of Caylee’s body….but as a former police officer he couldn’t possibly be as dumb as he is acting….and if he is….the Ohio police need to look into all of his arrests.

    That poor beautiful little girl. Casey was so blessed when she gave birth to her…and she doesn’t even care.

  7. monica111466 said

    I said that poor beautiful little girl…I would like to retract that statement….She is in a better place and she will always be a beautiful angel.

    What is poor…is that pathetic family.

  8. Marissa said

    I am not as down on the protesters as you are. I think people are plain sick and tired of children being raped, molested, abused, neglected and murdered. I think they are tired of killers, rapists and pedophiles getting off with little or no jail time. I think they are tired of child porn on the internet, and the justice that seems to elude so many tragic victims and their innocent family members. I refuse to call these people “White Trash” and dismiss them as narcissists who want to inject themselves into news. It’s bigger than that. They see an obviously guilty woman who is not behind bars; they see parents who call the police names and insult the very people trying to help them find Caylee; they see the the worst kind of enabling and they are frustrated. They see lies, half truths, manipulations, and million dollar deals with Caylee’s blood dripping from them, and they are enraged. I feel for them. I am enraged, too.

    This child has touched many hearts across the country. A mother who didn’t give a damn for her, Caylee was a doe-eyed albatross who prevented Casey from enjoying the Tonys and Fusions of the world, so she was tossed away like a sack of garbage.

    Don’t misunderstand–I feel for the poor neighbors who are suffering because of the understandable anger of the protesters and the lack of peace in the neighborhood. Those neighbors did nothing to deserve this. But I’d blame the Anthonys (who sought the spotlight like Broadway-bound moths back when it was convenient for them), and not the protesters. I thought Cindy would be offered her own talk show–she may be more visible than Geraldo.

    Let the anger be directed where it belongs–at the Anthony family. Even though they make it very, very hard, I do feel sympathy for Casey’s parents. But I believe the protesters are ultimately doing good. They are applying pressure that will boil over when those parents finally insist they learn the truth about Caylee and stop protecting their murderess daughter–as incredibly difficult as that will be. Every minute that mutant Casey is out of jail is one minute too much. Let the pressure cooker boil out of control so she is forced to either tell the truth or slip up badly.

    Yes, the protesters act out, they rant, they scream their fury. And if you can’t understand that this issue is bigger than just the Anthonys, look at it some more. Brooke Bennett. Trenton Duckett. Two of hundreds of names soaked in blood, and people are angry. I don’t blame them. I don’t blame them one whit.

  9. shirly holms said

    please have the police take the dna from the father and brother of the girl who gave birth to caylee anthoney. one of them could be the father of the missing child. this would be a factor in the actual father of the child helping to dispose of her and to aid a nd abette the mother in this horrible crime.. lies lies and more lies. family secreats do happen and why not? one more warning if the mother of the missing child did snap and kill the baby she could snap again and kill her parents. this family is sleepping with a ticking time bomb. lock your door when you go to sleep or you too wont wake up to see another day of patholigacal lying. from your daughter.

  10. To say that Lee or George is actually Caylee’s father is stretching it to say the least.

  11. sharebear said

    Protesting is fine (if done appropriatly), but children should not be involved under any circumstance. Protesters should be more worried about the welfare of their own children and the welfare of the other children in the neighborhood. All of the inapproprite protesting being done, is not as much for Caylee as it is their own desperate plea for attention from the media. They are functioning as the same level the Anthony’s in my opinion.

  12. DJ Thomas said

    Caylee does seem to me to look a lot like George… Maybe coincidence or I’m imagining it?????? It IS strange that no father is known. Also, those so-called protesters ARE nuts! Their behavior just makes the Anthony family look better, and police are irresponsible in not doing their job by stopping the criminal behavior directed at George and Cindy, such as throwing rocks at the home, walking on private property, physically grabbing family members, yelling and disrupting the entire neighborhood. It would not be tolerated anywhere else. And they don’t really qualify as protesters technically because that usually applies to people protesting peacefully not on private property for a cause or action that relates to them personally that they are entitled to have a say in, such as against some company or government action where it has to do with how the protester’s job is affected or tax dollars are spent. In this country, you are still innocent until proven guilty, and an immature lynch-mob mentality should not be encouraged nor tolerated or we’re trampling and disrespecting our constitution even more. If they care so much, they won’t be out there making judgments without proof, looking for attention and parading in front of the media, but will go out and actually do something productive such as looking for Caylee and providing support to the family and community.

  13. SUE said


  14. Vera Cataldo said

    I’m 58 and have never been so ingrossed in ANYTHING that is in the news, but this is soooo sad. Please don’t let it be true that Cindy and George were in on Caylee’s disappearance. Could they possibly feel so strongly about Casey to help her dispose of their very own grand child. I have a 27 year old son and I love him dearly but I tell you this if I even so much as thought he was involed in anything such as this. I WOULD THROW HIM UNDER THE BUS IN A HEART BEAT! Also I need to know from someone why is no one talking about the search for Caylee anymore. Have they stopped searching? Please someone I would like to know what is happening with the search. Oh one more thing! The Caylee story is going to be on Dr. Phil today (9/22/08). I’d like to know how much money they are making on this one! How dare they gain financially by the death of little Caylee.

  15. Linda said

    If the protesters were doing any good then I would say leave them there.But they are not! I think the most of them are there to see if their cute little faces can be on tv. They can then run to their friends and barg at making fools of themselves.
    I am also sorry for the neighbors. I can’t even begin to imagine having to put up with that day after day.
    I think Casey had help with whatever happened to little Caylee. I don’t believe that it was a family member,
    but I’ll bet you a dollar bill that if ever found they will know who it is, if they have not figured it out already.
    I wish that the law would start doing some really harsh punishment for crimes toward children. And even if this child is not in Heaven she is gone, which is still a Crime.
    God Bless the little children of the world. And Lord please give the parents some kind of values.

  16. jeff bray said

    they need to ask a psychic where this little girls at, with all the technology we have we arent getting anywhere, and this is sad!!!! only one person knows truth, and thats god!!!! ireally dont think mother knows either, ithink she was in black-out on drugs or alcohol, or she owed money for drugs, and someone else got her, we live in cruel world, i hope and pray something happens soon!!!!

  17. Anonymous said

    I’m not going to comment on what I think may have happened to Caylee in this case, except to say that whether she’s alive or dead it’s tragic.
    All that I want to say is STOP THE MEDIA HYPE, it’s torturing her neighbors, and it’s doing absolutely nothin productive in solving this case. Leave her family alone, and get the hell out of her neighborhood.

  18. GB said


    Succinctly, but brilliantly stated. The protesters seek ONLY the television cameras. Move those cameras to the various wooded sites in the area, and the protesters follow. Maybe it would even occur to them to do something productive such as, oh, I don’t know, SEARCH for Caylee’s body?

    Anyone who blames the parents and the brother are either too sanctimonious to be tolerated, or simply lacking in intelligence.
    How dare anyone believe that he has the right to dictate how the Anthonys should react to a tragic event that has not only destroyed their lives, but has been played out on an international stage.

    Once and for all, you fools: Caylee was missing for a month before the Anthonys knew about it. They believed for probably another month that she was still alive. At the time they were forced to accept the inevitable, sixty days had elapsed. Gee, do you think they might have been a little overwhelmed at that point? If it were my granddaughter, I can’t promise that I’d still be alive.

    Thanks, Anonymous, for adding your post to the all-too-few who are wise enough to realize that innocent people, the neighbors included, are being persecuted.

    Thanks, too, to Colton Levi Clark for the opportunity to respond to his thoughtful and thought-provoking blog.

  19. SB said

    The media need to take a hike. Plus if the parents didnt want the child, should of found a family or home who would love it and take care of it. Killing a child is sick sick sick. Those kind of women should not have kids period.

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