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Keep Your Children Safe Boston! Robert Sicari, Child Rapist Freed

Posted by KindraLore on September 23, 2008

Keep your children close if you live in the Boston, Massachusetts area because today they are setting free Level 3 Convicted child rapist Robert Sicari.

28-year-old Sicari was convicted of raping a 10-year-old Cambridge boy in and underground parking garage in September 1997 after promising the boy a bike to lure him into the garage.

Three weeks later, his brother, Salvatore Sicari and Charles Jaynes kidnapped, raped, and killed 10-year-old Jeffrey Curley who was a playmate of the 10-year-old boy that was brutally raped by Robert Sicari. And in a similar move, Salvatore Sicari and Jaynes also lured little Jeffrey with the promise of a bike. Coincidence? I think not.

Salvatore Sicari and Charles Jaynes

Jeffrey Curley

Today they are not only letting Robert Sicari out of prison and free amongst our children again, but with no electronic monitoring what so ever. Reason being? He has to provide a verification of an address, which of course he does not have. However, our lacks laws will allow such a danger to our children out with no address? Amazing isn’t it?

A Cambridge judge has given Sicari 30 days to establish an address and telephone land line so he can be fitted with a global positioning system anklet. In the meantime he will be monitor free.

Even his own attorney admits that Sicari has no skills and he is coming out of the prison system into one of the most expensive cities in the country to live. And they expect this to turn out how??

Here is another scary aspect. I stumbled across this site for Prison Pen Pals and it looks like our old “friend” Robert Sicari was looking for a pen pal for himself. His preference? Boys or girls between the ages of 11-14. A convicted sex offender (in prison) with children pen pals?

Robert Sicari Prison Pen Pal

Robert Sicari Prison Pen Pal

(The bold entry was updated on 9/23/08)

Wow. I dont know why I didnt do this before BUT I just happened to go to the National Sex Registry and typed in ole Fred Pallas name since he was listed on the above ad. Guess what? You got it. He is a registered sex offender and is currently incarcerated. Check it out:

Fred Palas - National Sex Registry

Fred Palas - National Sex Registry

So even while in prison, Sicari was finding ways to converse with children! I wonder if he actually got in touch with anyone. If so he has their ADDRESS!! Notice he says he is FOURTEEN in the ad too! (I have contacted the Boston Police Department Sexual Registry Division and informed them of this). This is scary stuff!

Unfortunately I am sure we have not heard the last about Sicari. Too bad the courts feel free to experiement with these predators at the expense of our children. In my opinion he should have a)Gotten a longer prison term b) Been deemed a dangerous sexual predator and been held indefinitely or at least c) not allowed back into society without being able to be monitored.

Another scary issue is is that the public has no photo of this dangerous man (who will go out onto our streets HOMELESS). I tried like crazy to find one in articles of the case and such, but it was over 11 years ago and to my knowledge there aren’t any. Many states have Inmate Search Locator Sites in which you can type the felon’s name in and you get a brief history of the inmate such as stats and crime info, along with a photo. Unfortunately Massachusetts is one of those states that does not.

Once Sicari DOES register as a sex offender, the public will be able to pull his information up online through the Registered Sex Offender Registry. (Along with a picture). Until then, he remains faceless to the public and walks amongst us and our children clothed in anonymity.

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6 Responses to “Keep Your Children Safe Boston! Robert Sicari, Child Rapist Freed”

  1. gizelda196 said

    omg How do you find that info out? there is a state website for prison pen pals? I think I am going to puke! point me in this direction. I was one of the people on the phone with every news station and state rep possible to stop this pos FROM GETTING OUT. I thought I couldnt be sickened more until i found your link. WTF? OMG! Thanks for postin

  2. Its not a state website, its ran by an individual. All of the ads are not for inmates, some are for kids looking for pen pals. I did call Boston PD but I had to leave a message and no one has returned my call. It really alarms me that this guy may have children’s addresses. Obviously he did it through Fred Pallas who was out of jail at the time and Fred would have passed the letters on to him in prison!

  3. The Time is Now said

    I think as a society we need to administer these dire warnings of danger to Mr.Sicari, not about him. If this man last one week on the outside, my faith in mankind and justice will be totally decimated. Sometimes the public needs to administer there own forms of justice.I strongly recommend that we as a community make living on the outside for this poor excuse for DNA as painful as possible. Obviously our so-called justice system just doesnt get it.Perhaps we should hit the point home to Mr. Sicari personally.

  4. The Time is Now said

    PS. Florida shut down the PenPal program, oh the inmates have learned to get around it thru the Alabama system, but Florida doesnt make it as easy now. People need to gather their ammo and present it to the “powers that be” their state attorney general is a good place to start…Shut these beast down and shut it down now.

  5. I did find where he was re-arrested in November, but the article is from the Boston Herald and you have to have a subscription to view it all. Here is the link:

  6. Eric said

    We have so many things going against us in this state… We have a liberal government system loaded with liberal judges who are sympathetic toward criminals, especially pedophiles, in their twisted logic , there is no one that cant be rehabilitated, and we the general public , serve as their personal guinea pigs, the judges set these animals loose on the general public purposefully,as part of their sick twisted agenda, and they cant and wont deny it, just look at the scumbag they let loose a couple years ago, he had been in bridgewater state for 13 yrs for sodomizing a young girl, a few months ago in broad daylight he attempted to rape a woman just trying to load groceries in her car… Folks, you really have no other choice, you need to arm yourselves, you can call whoever you want, your senator, the attorney general, the mayor, whoever you want, they will do NOTHING, teach your kids how to defend themselves and buy guns and some ammunition to kill if need be.

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