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15 Years after the Robin Hood Hills Murders, 2 of the 3 West Memphis Three May Have New Trial

Posted by KindraLore on September 27, 2008

The West Memphis Three

The West Memphis Three

Monday morning the trial will continue to determine if 2 of the West Memphis Three will get a new trial. Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin are trying to prove they deserve new trials due to ineffective counsel when they were convicted in 1994 of murdering three eight-year-old-boys in West Memphis.

Victims of the Robin Hood Hill Murders

Victims of the Robin Hood Hill Murders

I have blogged about this case once before here and I will tell you that beyond a shadow of a doubt do I believe that Misskelley, Balwin and Damien Echols are all innocent in what essentially became a witch hunt with no proof of evidence to convict these boys of such a hennas crime.

On May 5, 1993 three 8-year-old boys were reported missing; Steve Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore. The boys were last seen together entering Robin Hood Hills area of West Memphis, Arkansas around 6:00PM. The next day the bodies of all three boys would be found near a creek. They had all been stripped naked, hog-tied with their own shoelaces and killed.

All of the boys had been severely beaten in their face and head and the Byers boy had a fractured skull. He seemed to be targeted the most because he also had deep lacerations and injuries to his private areas. Eventually it was found that some of the wounds may have been credited to animals after the child was deceased.

Much controversy surrounds this case in that three Memphis teenagers were tried and convicted on little or no evidence (and mainly because of their Goth style look).

More recently, new DNA evidence points to Steve Branch’s father, Terry Hobbs.

“The new DNA evidence is that one hair that was found in the ligature of the shoelaces that bound Michael Moore is consistent with the DNA of Terry Hobbs, who is the father of Stevie Branch,” Lax told CNN.

He continued: “Another hair that had been found at the crime scene, which had been unidentified for all these years, has just recently been tested. And the DNA on that hair is consistent with the DNA of David Jacoby. David Jacoby is a good friend or was a good friend of Terry Hobbs, and Terry Hobbs was at his house just that afternoon and evening.”

Also, now the parents of some of the boys also back The West Memphis Three.

Pam Hobbs, Stevie Branch’s mother is now in support of a new trial for the West Memphis 3 and publicly states her ex husband Terry Hobbs may have something to do with the murders.

“Do you think honestly in your heart that he might have had something to do with this,” I asked. “Honestly in my heart…I have to be honest. Possibly,” replied Pam Hobbs.

(Mark Byers, Victim Chris Byers’ Father) “I believe this is going to be made right. I do not believe Damien Echols will get the death penalty. I believe Jason and Jessie will walk free.”

The trial will resume on Monday.

News Articles and Sources:

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  1. Joe Fish said

    Please delete previous post I inserted the wrong web address.

  2. Joe Fish said

    For current updates, check the website.

  3. I deleted the first post. Your current link works. Thanks!

  4. Carrie Burrows said

    I recently saw both documentaries and I don’t see how their trials could’ve possibly been fair or impartial.

  5. ANNA said


  6. fry them all said

    you all are so blind

  7. fry them all said

    before you say and ignorant statement like they are innocent look at all the facts, just dont watch the movies that are partial to the tree. if you did your research how would you explain damien failing his polygraph. not to mention when jessie made a taped confession while his lawyer stidham was there and urged him not to make the statement but he did anyways, and if you read the transcript of the statement you will know that he was way to detailed to make something like that up. he went into great detail. it sounded nothing like a story at all and was to detailed to be coerced by police. as a matter of fact it was almost to a tee of the confession he made in the police car before he was questioned. this is why they will never get out. they are guilty as hell. do more research and you will see. btw if you did your reaserch you would also know damien just about confessed after the polygraph but then didnt after talking to his mom.

    • nikkic said

      You are not very well informed, the facts you stated are completely wrong, plus the dna was not found on the son of the one man but on different victims, re-read the facts, there is a lot you said that is simply not true, like the confession, only the last 45 minutes of a 12hour confession was taped.

      • Anonymous said

        i know that its hard for us to see someone who does not follow the same rules and beliefs as a good and up standing person. once you look at the facts its hard to deny that some type of injustice was done, beit the wrong person convicted or the right person got away with this horrible crime for so many years. the advances we have made in DNA testing and in science cannot be adjusted to say who did or didn’t do it. it only says the truth. the truth is that none of those boys could have done this without leaving some type of evidence. even the smartest criminals get caught some how. if they did this horrific crime something would have been left behind. something!!! back then they didn’t not know that you could get caught years later if you accidently sneezed or one of your hairs fell out. i don’t believe that they are guilty of killing these young boys i think they are guilty of being different in a time when being different was unexpected and frowned upon. i strongly believe that justice will be served.

      • Anonymous said

        They weren’t talking about the confession they used against Jessie in court. They were referring to another confession that MissKelly made with his attorneys present basically begging him to shut his mouth. Most people don’t even know about this confession bc of how damning it is. Look it up. You can listen or read it!

    • anonymous said

      hey you before you go saying fry them all like a complete dumbass i think you need to do a little more research yourself buddy. not only do the three boys parents think the three boys are innocent there is new evidence showing steven branches father was at the crime scene. they found hair from him and one of his friends on one of the victims bodies.and if you read up on the investigation a little more there is more evidence pointing towards stevie and byers fathers than there is towards damien,james, and jessie.

    • Igot1thatcansee said

      Jesse taped confessions alone convinced me that they were innocent,the times were off,he said that the kids cut school,Just totally ridiculous.

    • jennifer said

      Hey “fry them all”,[the name says it all],judging by your spelling,I doubt you can read.Jessie Misskelly was interrogated for 11 hours.He is mentally challenged.The cops wouldn’t accept his initial statement of innocence.They kept drilling him until they were satisfied with his statement.

      It’s “people” like you that allowed the real murderer to walk free.Due to your odious ,knuckle dragging,intellectually bankrupt ways,the crime has gone unpunished.I know it must be tough when your parents are siblings,but just TRY to think…facts-good,sensationalism-bad.Don’t worry,”sensationalism” is just a fancy word for hype.
      Please don’t pro create,it will just be a mutant like you.I bet your pro life and you love the Dallas Cowboys.
      You hate immigrants for “takin’ all our jobs”.
      Next time your polishing your gun,make sure it’s loaded.

  8. NIGHTMARE said

    Interesting, new, hair, DNA evidence just analyzed from the crime scene, but simply that may have been transfer DNA from the boy’s body and his clothing before having been disrobed and such coming from the home the boy had lived in. Most likely all of the other DNA evidence (including blood) was probably washed down the stream, mostly, if not consumed some by Baldwin and Echols. I believe the master mind, Echols, was wise and well-read enough to have known not to leave incriminating evidence behind and that he always had complete control over the other two subordinate partners (not as intelligent), all playing a fantasy game of being in hell and being satin himself (Echols) – this all just for the fun of it and to relieve Echol’s depression. Who knows, Echols may have planted that DNA evidence, himself. I watched and then listened to the confession of Jessie Misskelley (Paradise Lost-Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills) and that is enough for me to believe justice was served in the convictions of all three teenagers. However, as much as Ted Bundy got the death sentence, so should Echols. I also believe Echol’s girlfriend was and is well aware of the complete crime but chooses to live in denial (that’s a death sentence in itself – the pictures of those innocent young boys coming back to haunt her, time and time, again). She should do what is right and start all over again, but this time without the nightmares. She knows what she must do so she can have a real life! No more being a foolish, young girl. No more being a dupe of “Wayne” – Damien Echols. We, then, and the spirit of life and truth, can honestly forgive her and raise her above others as a true hero.

  9. britishpaws said

    fry them all, after reading the crimelibrary report, watching news coverage and several videos, I am convinced they are innocent… you have not done your research properly, in the case of Joe Smith killing Carlie, his own brother turned him in, how Echols ex girlfriend could keep quiet is improbable, that she has a child by him, and stood by him during the trial proves innocence. The 3 young boys own parents believe in Echols, Misskelly and Baldwin’s innocence.

  10. willit said

    I think this whole thing is really sad. It does say something that some of the parents doubt their guilt. As far as a confession always being the truth, that can be very far from the truth, that also goes for polygraphs. I have seen someone pass one who has no way of knowing how to pass one or anything done by the FBI, then go to the police station and they claimed that the flunked and the FBI even said that the police were lying, but that a polygraph isn’t valid in court. People who are “slow.” or have some type of mental handicap can easily be convinced to admit to doing anything, and trained to say whatever someone wants. Adolescents and young children especially. I don’t know how many times I’ve read where police have gotten an adult to confess to something false, let alone a youngster or mentally handicapped person. I for one, have seen it first hand in action. I have a cousin who, at the time was around 35, but has the understanding of maybe an 8 year old. A local officer snatched him up and took him into a police station, and told him he was recording him and knew that he stole something that was incredibly large and impossible for any one man to steal by himself. He questioned him without any guardian there, or lawyer which is illegal. It was later found out that he was coaching him as to what to say he took, the events that led up to it, everything. The officer never once notified any of the family that he had taken him into custody or anything, until after he had taken him in and coached him. They took him to jail, and we would have never found out from that officer or police department, being that they never notified anyone although they knew that he was handicapped and had a guardian. The policeman even wrote a confession for him, told him that if he signed it that he would let him go, etc. Of course, my cousin believed it, he’s trusting and he doesn’t understand much. He can’t read or write, he goes to classes and training but his understanding can only go so far. Once it went to trial and it was proven that the officer violated his rights and coached a confession, then the charges were dropped. However, it cost money, time, lots of worry and headaches. We were later told that they were looking for an excuse to get rid of him and have him put in jail because they didn’t like him and his friends walking around town horsing around, etc. I don’t know what the truth is in this case, but maybe if things were handled correctly by the law, it wouldn’t be up for debate now. I think it’s horrible any time a life is taken, especially children. Hopefully, whatever the truth is, it will be found in this lifetime and the people who love those children can finally have definite answers.

  11. Galen said

    This is what happens when sensationalist journalism gets desparate and produces a mockumentary of a trial and its proceedings. If there had been a basis for a retrial, it would not have taken 15 years to come about. The source of all this “new evidence” is none other than the very agenda seekers looking to free these boys. Amazing that two went quietly to prison, while the other, Jessie, repeatedly voiced remorse for his involvement in the boys’ death. HBO makes a mockumentary, and every agend driven hooligan jumps on the conjecture they broadcast as truth, seeking a goal even these three boys knew was a waste of time when they were convicted.

    • Tamra said

      Do you know that all appeal and retrial requests were handled by the same judge that oversaw the original trial? Do you honestly feel that he would rule for another trial and declare he was inept in the first trial? You may want to look into this aspect, it may change your opinion on the one and only reason this has not come to be retried in Arkansas. They have been stalemated by the same person that oversaw a shoddy trial in the first place. Now the ball is finally rolling in the judicial system, now that he no longer has his hands in it.

  12. Bethany said

    I believe these boys are innocent!!!!!!!!! It is disgusting to see these three kids on trial for capital murder where there is NOTHING linking them to the murders! It is all speculation! PURELY! And to be judged about ones clothes/music and natural curiosities of cultic religions? LOL How incredibly stupid!!!!!! Kids, especially teenagers, go through all of these phases, learning about life and the strange, scary world around them. HELLO!!!!! Believe it or not, they can also go through rebellious phases!!! Go figure!

    I, even as an adult, am curious about some of the cult stuff from a religious point of view as a Christian!!!!!! LOL! AND my sister is into Wiccan and there is NOTHING in her books and books and books upon books that deals with any kind of human sacrifices!!! Damien does know what he is talking about when he says that Wiccan is based on nature! Not human sacrifices, but life! I don’t believe in Wiccan theology, but do know something about it since I have my sister who practices it.

    It was and is so rediculous and sickening that these kids truly received no justice…there weren’t just THREE victims, there were six…seven if you want to count that fatherless little boy of Damiens — not to mention that mom and all the parents of all of these kids — the innocent parents, anyway (reference to the freakish stepdad who gives me the creepy crawlies – HELLO!!! He couldn’t have looked more guiltier if you caught him red handed holding that pocket knife that they found blood evidence on — which, let me remind those who have forgotten, had his and Christopher’s same blood-type DNA on it!!!! What a freaking sicko!!). Oh it is sickening.

    And isn’t it just lovely and completely coincidental how they lost some of the blood evidence and the cop even admits to it??? Why aren’t they framing the cop, then, for these murders? He tampered and lost evidence that was crucial to this case!!! I am sure he was pardoned with not even a slap on the hand for screwing that up. It makes me mad.

    I think we should be mad. Our court system SUCKS! It is all about money, predjudism, stereo-typing and games…not about justice. This was yet another example of how great it works. Truly.

    I haven’t gone to law school but I feel I could have even defended those boys better than their attorneys did!

    I pray that these three boys are found not guilty and I pray that justice is had for the three little 8 year old boys!!!!

  13. Bethany said

    Go ahead and think whatever it is you want to about ‘mockumentaries’. Put all of your faith into what you believe is our justice system. Do you really think it is fool proof? “Mockumentaries” as you so call them, may pettition for one side more than the other, but it is nice to get a different perspective on a story — maybe one that wasn’t revealed so much on the news (thank God for the freedom of speech act) — which, in my humble opinion, can be worse than these “mockumentaries” you are so quick to discount. The media will display anything they want to, to get the ratings. It is TV! You shouldn’t expect anything less!

    Plus, I think and feel and believe that some documentaries do a good job supporting their POV with facts. The one I saw on this case I feel had a pretty unbiased POV. It let you get to know both sides pretty well and then left you to make up your own mind. Well, I believe a lot was overlooked in evidence that proved these three boys’ innocence. A lot of judgements based on music, dress, and religious POV’s were made – IMHO, it was based on predjudisms.

    Where was the scientific evidence? Well, some mysteriously got lost and some other DNA evidence also matched a stepdad as well as a victim, so we can’t assume anything there. (LOL!!!!!) It was thrown out.

    But these kids that stand out in a crowd and listen to rock and roll..yeah! They look like they killed three babies! Lets blame them and wash our hands of this mess and get back to our normal, clean suburbian lives. These kids from the trailer parks here in town are worthless. They don’t contribute to society, don’t play sports. They just walk around town looking creepy. We don’t know what they are up to, we fear the unknown, so lets just get rid of them…we will accuse them of the murders. They are just kids themselves, so they can easily be coerced.

    We just will make sure we don’t record or document anything with their signatures on our statements so we aren’t caught blatantly lying. Anyway, how can a lie done by omission really be called a lie? Hmmmm… No, this statement we took of our interview on such and such date with so and so doesn’t have their signature on it stating that what we documented were statements that did fall out of these kids’ mouths!!!

    Wouldn’t you also think that if they did, in fact, commit this crime that the other kid who would have lost his life sentence if he testified against his buddies would have done so? I know I would have. I would have felt compelled to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God! Especially if it meant my freedom! I don’t think he did b/c he knew in his heart of hearts he wouldn’t have been able to live with himself. He knew that they were all innocent, but he had already tried to tell a few lies to get outta this mess they all a sudden found themselves in (and why??? I’de like to know that part of the story!!! How were they EVER tied into it to begin with????) If his buddies were going to suffer, so was he. Loyalty – that is only what you find among friendships you have in childhood anymore…or, in some cases, gangs! You can’t even find that kind of loyalty in most marriages today!!!

    No one seems to understand what loyalty, empathy or compassion is anymore in todays’ world…but kids, being a mom of three, re-teach you that. It is something that is easlly lost anymore in today’s society.

    I believe that this kid, being still so young and innocent to all of the real harshness of reality and life still felt those feelings and knew what he had to do. There was still one straw left of hope for them….a re-trial…which would have been null and void if he had testified as a witness against his buddies.

    A lot of the cases that have been re-opened are only re-opened with substantial reasoning and ruling. New evidence can be found with the advancements in science technology that we have now verses 15 years ago!

    Please, before anyone goes spouting off about how stupid it is to reopen a case, imagine you in their shoes if you were innocent! They have a right to a retrial.

  14. erm said

    Isn’t the justice system just grand?

  15. Concerned citizen said

    NOT ONLY are these boys 100 percent guility,but we have ignorant people like you all that back up their innocence. What is wrong with you? HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THEIR FACES WHEN TALKING ABOUT THIS INNOCEDENT???!!!! apparently you havent or you could never think is such an ingorant manner… where do you get this opinion that the parents no longer think these three boys are guility? because it was written on the internet?? NEWS FLASH,,, ANYONE CAN WRITE ON THE INTERNET!!! just because it says something doesnt mean its true… the one mother may be questioning it but she never said yes i believe my sons father is guility… you people read to far into the wrong information…its very sad theres people like you all out here to think this way, for it is you all that murder’s get away every day… so why dont you take a bow and tell everyone you glad to know everything as you act and congraudate yourselve for being an ignorant minded person that hopes (real) murder’s get away with this AWFUL crimes….give yourselve a good ole slap on the back…

    • KindraLore said

      No need to be condescending.

      I believe that most people feel they are innocent because there is not one shred of physical evidence that places any of these young men at the crime scene. Not one shred of evidence that proves they killed these young boys. No motive, no evidence.

      What makes a person ignorant because they see no PROOF that the West Memphis 3 committed these heinous crimes?

      • Concerned citizen said

        well,before you go putting information up you be sure to get the facts.and for you, hun no need to be rude either. Everyone has their own opinion. If you allowed to state yours ill be doing the same. Kay thanks…

      • KindraLore said

        The words “ignorant” and “hun” when used in an argument do nothing but discredit any valid point you may make. I have no problem at all with someone expressing their opinion whether I agree or disagree. My point is that I believe we can do that and be respectful of one another.

        As far as getting facts before I write about something; everything but the first paragraph (which is my own opinion and this is a blog not a news site so I believe I am entitled to that) is a FACT.


    • nikkic said

      Actually don’t you feel silly now! Yes there are parents who now beleive in their innocence, they were just on 48hrs not on the internet, also the hobb’s guys wife said she had her concerns about terry hobbs’ involvement!

    • Dante said

      One of them confessed!!!! Are you that stupid?

      • Anonymous said

        The one kid who “confessed” is basically mentally retarded and his confession was apparently coerced (he later said he told them what they wanted him to). The times and places described in the confession don’t even make logical sense and are contradicted by known facts. Police have a well-known history of coercing confessions from people who are highly suggestible (juvenile or mentally challenged).

      • Anonymous said

        agree police coerce people into saying what they want to hear in MANY ways. Those teenagers should have had lawyers or parents present in ANY interrogation!! I am surprised that wasn’t brought up. Unless you are being charged with a crime BY THE WAY… you can walk right out of a police station. They do NOT have the right to interrogate you without just cause. Police can be bullies. Until you are officially charged with a crime you have to say NOTHING about NOTHING. But they make you feel like you can’t. Irks me to the enth degree what happened to those babies… but the bumbling cops cost them the entire trial and they never really looked at any other plausible suspects. The entire investigation compromised because small town did things in a small town way. I have seen it first hand in small towns, rumor all of sudden becomes truth when the rumor mills start. A lot can be learned from trials & Investigations like this, glad technology nowadays keeps us more holistic in our approach to evidence

    • bob said

      The real murder is still out there and hes getting away with murder cause of ignorant people like u that convict with no hard evidence what so ever 3 kids like that def are not smart enough to leave no evidence around think about it moron

  16. alak said

    damien was young and arrogant when the mockery of a trial took place. at 18 everyone thinks they are omnipotent. he thumbed his nose at authority like many teenagers do. that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserva a fair trial with an impartial judge and a jury that hasn’t been contaminated. he never thought he’d be convicted because he thought they could not convict him of something he hadn’t done. the whole thing was politics. get the focus off the corrupt police dept, blame some misfits, get the promotions. it’s scary to see what can happen in this country to people of no means and little education. everyone can’t buy a verdict ala oj

    • Concerned citizen said

      okay i’ll agree with you there. Its very sad, but no offence, but these guys were a little off. COuld of been just that they were young who knows. You’ll never know the truth because no one will ever confess. And yes there is many ways around the law, but you know whoever did this will pay someday for the awful things they done. But as well dont go blaming it on other people just because u think these three didnt do it.BTW that wasnt directed to you,just in general if they werent the ones who did it…then it is a shame that, something like this could happen, and i do hope it wasnt them, but its hard to belive watching Damien talk, but as well it could of just been his age.”the boogie man statement.” thats was really ignorant on his part and if im not mistaing,,,that comment was made after the verdict was reached???!! I dont admitt that its very hard to belive that jason baldwin had anything to do with this. hes really didnt even get to have a say in his trail AT ALL!! but damien, wow i really hope that was is ignorant age talking, im the age he was then and i would NEVERRRR say anything so stupid. ESPECIALY IN A MURDER TRIAL!!!!

      • Bethany said

        You also have to understand depression. He was taking medication for chronic depression. I understand it only b/c my husband has chronic depression, too (and he has issues even when he is on his meds). :-/

        When one gets to the point where they feel they have nothing left to live for, that there is nothing to lose, no reason to fight anymore and add to it a problem with depression they are going to say things like that. No, it was not a smart thing to say on his part, but I understand why he said it. My heart just went out to him when he said that. I believe he was not only dealing with depression, but also was lost, confused, and scared by all of what was going on.

        I believe these three are innocent and my stance on that does not waiver. It disgusts me that the only blood evidence they had was – for whatever reasons, be it politics or whatever – was ignored. It enrages me. I really don’t want to think about what is happening to those guys in prison and how they are now being treated. The documentary says it all. It is sad and disgusting.

        This case is yet another example of a very corrupt system.

      • Just saying... said

        Ummm…to the “concerned citizen.” You should be WAY more “concerned” with your abhorrent spelling errors and apparent lack of a thesaurus. There are sooooo…many other ways you could support your opinion without simply repeating the word “ignorant” 27 times. That being said, I find the irony delicious…:-)

  17. alak said

    i just know from reading transcripts ,etc that the judge was biased, the jury tainted and all the witnesses recanted their testimony or changed it so many times to be totally bothers me that the actual crime scene has never been found. the ditch was just a dump site. the defense didn’t have money for true experts and the judge should have granted this request.there are funds for that sort of thing.i have no idea who killed these children, but those three convicted never had a fair chance. i remember west memphis at the time and the police were constantly in the headlines for being corrupt and it seemed like people lost their ability to reason. everything was about cults and satanism and people just seemed so eager to accept this explanation instead of a proper investigation .

  18. Anonymous said

    fuck that these fucking disgusting child rapist gothic murderers must die i hope damien child gets the same actions done just like his father did to those children they are fucking going to hell

    • nikkic said

      wow…so you think it’s ok to do that to a child as an act of revenge…that does not say much for you….where should you be, and I hope you never get mad at any children…

      • vwarrior said

        Really man, I agree with Nikkic. That is an act of revenge and plus he did nothing to you. I mean really if you were to do that your just lowering yourself past them. But they are innocent never the less. The whole thing was planned out to well for an 16, 17 and 18 year old.
        You need to understand this has to be a fair trial for both sides and not for retrobution nor revenge.

  19. MarkyMark said

    Concerned Citizen, I find it funny that you’re calling people ignorant when you’re judging their guilt based solely on their facial expressions. Thank God you’re not a lawyer

  20. pat said

    I watched this on 48 mysteries tonight, it was very sad. my heart goes out to the family’s who had to go through this, I do think two of those boys may be innocent but how ever feel one is not.The one who has the mind of the child, may have just wanted to play and it turned into more of ruffness than any thing and unfourtantly into a crime.
    I think he did not think he would hurt them and become scared when the boys said they were gone tell. he than was scared enough to murder them, they said on the show that the marks had been proven to be marks from animal bites, and not of a knife. these boys need a new trail, and they need to look more at the one who was child like, or the step dad of the one boy. people can say as they wish but I think any one who commits this type of crime towards kids should very well be in prison, but people have to look at you have no DNA , no blood, no hairs or fibers indicating these boys guilt, what you have is because of some one looking like a devil worshiper cause he wore black, as did my daughter when she was a teen, but she was a good girl and may had dressed gothic, but a real good girl, so to put down people because the way they dress is wrong…I hope they get this straight. and find the real guilty insted of the innocent in this case.

  21. sarah said

    As someone who has chronic depression i just want to state that treated or untreated depression wouldn’t make you say something so odd after being onvicted of 3 counts of murder, mutilation and rape. That’s a cop out.Depression is not a free for all for poor behavior at the least and 3 murders at the worst. when will people stop using depression as an excuse. It’s insulting .

    • vwarrior said

      That day comes when we stop having wars and have International peace(never). We are humans beings, we will never see the stop of corruption in others. And yes I agree with you on that depression after being in the courts 3 times will make you say yeah I did it. Its just like in the book 1984, when after being tortured the guys starts to believe he loves Big Brother.

  22. anyone who dares to even try to turn this in to a argument about religion,music taste,anti goth etc etc whoe is me …GET THE FUCK over it and your disgusting self important self rightious pedastall YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!this is not about you or anyone but them 3 little boys ..they are all i care about i dont give a shite what anyone thinks of me or my music tastes or the fact i like black clothing etc..its not about me or even the so called 3 innocent young men incarcerated in hell..boohoo smug fat ugly little fucker one of em,a retard and a inbred mong thats what they are,its no loss to society not having them walking free!anyone who sits in a court room listening to this obcene vile cruel disgusting eeeerrrgh i have no words and actually smiles is not normal!they may not of killed them but they certainly are not caring decent sit and smile??!i tell u if my boy sat there and had a big sarcastic grin on his face whilst listening to what horror the little babies had to go through i would lock him up my self!i have no sympathy for them i only have sympathy for the little uns U KNOW PEOPLE?THE VICTIMS?the ones who actually really suffered?god u make me sick!u miss the point and in my opinion not one person on in or who had anything to do with that trail was a normal decent human being they were all fucked!all of em!!!precious little babies may they rest in peace in whatever heaven with wichever god there may be up there.who cares as long as they are safe and happy and not in pain bless them.Bless them.bless them an may who lay a dirty inhumane shitty fuckin finger on them suffer the most agonising,barbaric,inhumane,fucked up death kill them right hesitation.some may say that makes me no better.but i know the difference and the difference is a good person but i will not ever tolerate evil against innocents or babies.never.ever will it not be in my nature to protect is our job as adults as decent human beings to protect children not only our own but all and if things like this happpen then we as adults who are the only people who have the power to stop this dontt do our job..then it is as much our fault.we have let them down and it breaks my heart.if we can protest for freedom of speech,more money,less tax,die for womens right to vote.why the hell are we not taking up arms and obliterating these scum bags.we should not fear them as the protectors and parents of children THEY SHOULD GOD DAMN FEAR US!!!!!BEAUTIFUL INNOCENT ANGELS SHOULD BE FREE FROM WORRY AND FEAR OF BAD MEN OR WOMEN!NO! WE SHOULD KILL THE CUNTS WHO CANT BE DECENT TO THE REST OF HUMANITY THEN FUCK OFF AND GO TO HELL…UR NOT HURTIN MY BABY..ID GO TO HELL TO STOP YOU HURTIN CHILDREN ID KILL YOU AND TAKE THE PUNISHMENT IF IT MEANT NO MORE BABIES BEING MURDERED!U WANT TO TALK ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS?SURELY YOU SHOULD BEHAVE LIKE A HUMAN TO DESERVE HUMAN RIGHTS!THERE IS NOTHING HUMANE ABOUT THE WORTHLESS NOTHING THAT DID THIS WHOEVER HE/THEY MAY BE.THEM 3 IMPRISONED MEN ARE NOT THE VICTIMS IN THIS!NEVER HAVE BEEN.I DONT CARE IF THEY ROT IN THERE BUT I DO HOPE IF THEY ARE NOT GUILTY THAT THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE IS FOUND AND GIVEN TO THE PUBLIC FOR A STONING WHILST TIED TO A STICK BY HIS GENITALIA WITH HIS OWN BOOTLACES!I WOULD COME FROM UK FOR THAT!

    • Well Informed said

      It is hard to discern your valid points, except that the murdered children should be the focus. My beliefs are not important as are the facts. There is no evidence to link these three to the murders of those boys. Evidence was lost, not gathered in time, and not properly handled. There was alot of pressure to find the perpetrators. The West Memphis Police were not adequate enough to handle a case of this magnitude. The community and area surrounding were scared and terrified. It is important to view the facts and not get so emotional. I have followed this case since it happened. I lived in the area at the time. Not only is there no evidence to prove their guilt, the real killer(s) are still out there. The WMPD gave their community a false sense of security by offering these three as scapegoats because they botched the evidence they had and had nothing else to go on. By the way do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

      • Let the Truth be Told said

        I do agree with Well Informed and I have read that the police didnt know what they were doing nor what to do. So my question would be is this whole thing a mistrial or a set up. The mistrial being not enough evidence being available and the set up is obvious but for those not knowing its that they were dressed as goths, listened to heavy metal music and one of the three was looking into wicka. All easly explainable: gothic style possible depression or they just love black, music depression or they love it and the wicka he wanted to see what it was like because knowledge is power. But, even if the 3 get out one of the parents in the documentary said they’d kill them. So yeah I am in support for the 3 being innocent. And if you believe in God let him make the final decision, but im not the religious guy.

      • vwarrior said

        I agree with Well Informed in just about all he said. The 3 have been framed and everyone is to stuburen to say it.
        West Memphis Three ARE INNOCENT!!

      • Anonymous said

        They are all fucked: As a psychiatrist I would seriously recommend that YOU get help. Your response indicates severe signs of delusion, grandeur and narcissism. I’m not trying to be funny, and i don’t have an opinion on this case. But please – see someone… really!

    • Mandi said

      Don’t you think that finding the TRUE KILLER/KILLERS is about the 3 innocent babies. Use common sense when talking about such an important case. It’s people like you that cause innocent people being in prison while the TRUE perpetrators are walking free!

    • Dr. No Opinion said

      They are all fucked: As a psychiatrist I would seriously recommend that YOU get help. Your response indicates severe signs of delusion, grandeur and narcissism. I’m not trying to be funny, and i don’t have an opinion on this case. But please – see someone… really!

  23. kenny said

    just saw the documentry on the robin hood hill murders, yes ther is very little eveidence shown on the tv, but surely ther mustve been more evidence than that? I think ther are lots of unanswerd questions abt guilt and being from scotland dnt no the american judicial system, the evidence against did on the face of it look flimsy dna, motive etc, but also damian jst seemed so unabashed by it all, and as for his comments abt bing rememberd for the wrong reason that sat uncomfertably with me and made me think does he no more? That said his views on how he is rememberd doesnt prove guilt……… Im Undecided

  24. claudia said

    Only god knows the truth.We could all think what we want but what if they really are innocent can we give them back what they lost.I don’t know if there gulity.I feel they r.But the evidence is not there.The murders of these Angels were not done were they said.I feel there is alot missing.I would like 2 know who is really responsible.But I know that u might get away with it here but not with god.WE r not god.We don’t know.So stop acting like u do everyone.It saddens me what happened 2 these angels so much.I just want piece for all the families.

  25. kyle said

    I think that after reading the confession of jessie misskelly there was no coersion by the police. Why would you contantly tell the same story about the horrible murders if you were not there. I do feel he was more involved with the murders then he let on at first. I do think he is not very smart and was easily broken during his interigation. The new evidence of the case with DNA from stevie’s stepfather is interesting but with the friendship of the boys it could easily been transfered at a earlier time. There will not be any re-trials and the death sentence will be carried out and justice for those little boys will be paid. Sometimes people do things that are not explainable, but they still happen. On that day those three did something that could not be explained even through many people have tried.

  26. Something wrong with that guy said

    Hey. I’m not sure who killed those boys. It doesn’t seem like there was enough evidence to support the conviction of the three teens. However, in the light of many’s eyes, they do seem to worship a dark religion of some nature, or at least they did. But I have to say, the Hobbs step-father gave me an ill feeling. There is something wrong with him. His behavior during the documentary is eerie and calculating. Something to consider….

  27. Poor babies said

    I just watched the documentary and those boys are pure EVIL. What they did to those innocent poor children is what you are all forgetting!! You would rather see 3 murderers let free than face the facts? They are guilty and at the end Damien said that he wanted to go die and people remember him.. as for the kids to remember hearing about him and thinking he was the Boogie Man. Why would he say that if he was innocent?? Plus that kid Jessie told them he chased that boy and caught him while the others raped the remaining 2. Those little innocent boys are gone, and will never have a life thanks to those 3 killers.

    • Community said

      In no way shape or form should anyone forget that 3 innocent little boys who were brutally murdered. The fact that their memories get lost in all the bickering back and forth between “nons” and supporters” is very Sad. We must all remember those 3 innoncent boys who lost their lives…. Now my opnion on the case…The West Memphis PD did a terrible job in this case. The sheer lack of physical evidence linkings any of the convicted to the crime scene its something that has to be taken into account. “Poor Babies” you said that Jessie stated in his confession that he chased one of the boys while the other two raped them? Well there was no evidence supporting that the three boys were raped. So that right there is another “detail” of Jessie’s confession that does not match up with the evidence. There are many other “details” that he gives that does not match up or could possible match up with the evidence. Jessie has a very low IQ. One would say “No one would ever say they did something if they were truly innoncent”. That is incorrect. Many other cases just like this where those with limited mental capabilities confess to crimes they did not commit. If you based your decision on the “confessions” of Jessie, or the comments of Damien when he mention the boogie man comment, its just as bad as someone who does not think the 3 convited are guilty because it was a “satanic panic”, and “they were only picked up by the police because they listened to heavy metal music, and wore black… Take all the evidence into account. There is a reason the 3 convicted got a new trial.

  28. M said

    My problem with this whole thing is that you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. The defense put up several! There were so many factors that worked against these boys. I believe they didn’t do it and think it is sad that 6 families had to lose their sons instead of the 3 that was already tragic. But beyond my personal opinion, I think it should be very clear to every intelligent human being that the prosecution did NOT prove this crime beyond reasonable doubt. I would feel sick to my stomach every day if I was on the jury that sent these kids to jail for life. I cannot imagine having that kind of guilt. I’m really glad they’ve been granted a new trial and hope they get a fair chance this time.

    • vwarrior said

      Really they should be getting a new trail. This is almost a complete which hunt, If not retrobution for the the 3 being different.

  29. Free WM3 said

    A NEW HEARING HAS BEEN AUTHORIZED!!!! THE WM3 are going to be given a hearing to allow for new evidence to be introduced to the trial. The West Memphis 3 are THAT much closer to a new trial! ! !
    check it out!

  30. Justice4all said

    Good to know a new hearing is set. The documentary was so disturbing. To see how little evidence they had. It seemed to me that Jessie’s statement was coached because he didn’t even know exactly what happened, and the police led him to state what they wanted him to say. They were convicted on public opinion. It’s really too bad it’s taken this long to get a new hearing.

  31. Reasonable Doubter said

    For all those who believe that the WM3 are guilty, let me ask you this. If you were accused of doing something you didn’t do, and there was no physical evidence to prove that you were guilty, but the evidence they did have was that of a mentally retarded friend confessing that you and said friend were in on it together, and if that friends account of the crime was contradicted by the evidence that was there, would you expect to be given life or death?
    Would you not demand a trial that looked at the real evidence?
    Would you not think it was a travesty of justice that because you wore your hair and clothes a certain way and liked a certain type of music that you were automatically targeted for the crime?

    Misskelley was in custody to give his “confession” because of the way the boys dressed and the music that they listened to. That was the major break in the case that got them into custody to begin with. They looked ‘different’. Would you be fine being rail-roaded because of your facial expression and stupid comments you made at 18? I can hear the hypothetical screams of injustice now.

    It’s easy to sit back and say, “That guy looks like a child murderer so he must be!” I imagine that Robert England would have never been picked as the face of Freddy Kruger if he didn’t look like he could carry it off, but no one has hunted him down for any child disappearances or murders that I’ve heard of…

    The way someone dresses or holds their facial expression can’t be used as proof of guilt. Wake up and look at the facts as they are. There was no physical evidence connecting them to the crime scene where the boys were found. It is usual for a perpetrator of a crime to leave something of himself at the scene, or on the body of a victim. The chances that 3 teenage boys were so clever to leave no physical evidence is a little hard to believe. That aside, the flawed confession Misskelley provided the police with had the boys in 2 places at once. He said rape but the post mortems of the victims said, no rape.

    As a human being and mother it pains me deeply that Chris Byers, Steve Branch and Michael Moore left the world under such brutal circumstances. They get no justice if there are 3 men in jail who didn’t commit their murder. I support the death penalty in the most severe cases but I believe there should be proof beyond reasonable doubt that the right man is being executed.

    At this stage I have not found anything that ties the WM3 categorically and beyond reasonable doubt to the deaths of the boys in Robin Hood Hills. It has all been about Damien being a Wiccan, their music preference and their appearance. If this is how people are going to be convicted then Marilyn Manson surely has a few crimes to answer for!

    I have done quite a bit of research into this which started by seeing Paradise Lost. I figured there must be more too it, but everything I have found makes the WMPD look incompetent and sometimes maliciously corrupt at least as far as this case is concerned. “Losing” evidence, over looking important information, and sometimes just making stuff up to fit in with the way they wanted people to see case at hand… How safe do the people in West Memphis feel?

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  33. Lile said

    I just finished reading the book “The Devils’ Knot” and I am more convinced than ever that these three that are convicted did it. For #1 – one boy confessed and only he had privy to what the investigators knew and there was DNA evidence belonging to the suspects. They did it, everyone needs to get over it.

    • Erin said

      what is this DNA evidence you speak of? you should probably alert the media because no DNA evidence has linked these three to this crime. Maybe you check your sources…

  34. KindraLore said

    I find it interesting that people on both sides are so passionate regarding the subject and there are no fence sitters.

    I am still baffled at those that think there was sufficient evidence to convict these three of such a heinous crime though. There was absolutely nothing that would persuade myself beyond a reasonable doubt that I would be able to send the to prison for life.

  35. getaclue said

    How much longer will this take to be made right! I have been following this since the HBO’s documentary. I know in my heart they are NOT guilty.

  36. Vwarrior said

    I believe that these 3 teenagers were framed for just being a metal fans, dressing like a goth and being different. Also, In the southern parts of the USA being religious is everything. This is just like the columbine shooting and how just because these kids where listening to these songs that inspired them to kill is for crap. I myself am a metal fan and im the all around kinda guy. I go to church, Im catholic and everyone knows im kind to them. And I listen to Metallica, Megadeth, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Disturbed and Slayer. The only thing the music tells me is that the world is messed up and we need to fix it. Nothing about go and kill people or anything else. I don’t wanna hear about you didn’t do your research because I’m still watching the movie in my Gov’t class. I believe that Jessie is Inoccent because he has a low IQ he wouldn’t be able to do this by him self. Now it could be that he is hiding the true master mind, but its my opinion. This whole responce is my opinion and I could care less if someone says im wrong its your opinion im just expressing my 1st Amendment.

  37. Erin said

    I want to know if a single one of you neigh-sayers has any experience or training with mentally handicapped people. Because if you had, then and only then would I believe in what you are saying. Anyone with a loved one with special needs can see the huge gaping holes in this case. These men are innocent. Also, get your facts straight. Has there been another conviction in this country with zero evidence? This is where those critical thinking skills will come into play.

  38. KindraLore said

    New DNA found at the scene of the crime does not match West Memphis Three.

  39. KindraLore said

    In the same article, “Judge David Laser will consider the new DNA evidence and determine whether a new trial is merited after the hearing, set for Dec. 5-21.”

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    15 Years after the Robin Hood Hills Murders, 2 of the 3 West Memphis Three May Have New Trial « Colton Levi Clark…

  41. I will forever look back at Fairfield and wish I avoided this all said

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    Handicapped scientist talking shit about god.
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  42. Anonymous said

    WOW! What is that all about? Freak! Ok. in your world cows fly, piggs talk and the moon is our son…..

    Now, talking to real people. I have two boys one 6 and one 8 years old. It is hard to get them to stay together and do anthing even when they want to do somthing. so for just one person or a wife and husband to kill the three boys is not real. It took all three boys to hold them and do what they did. The flite or fight responce is to stronge for one man to do those things

  43. This story made me cry, so sad.

  44. Nan said

    no one weeps for the poor murdered boys? They are the only innocent ones

    • Anonymous said

      It is Christmas day, 2011 and I am extremely happy for the “WM3”. I watched the documentary that started everything – causing interest in not only the awful murders of those poor young boys… but the convictions of the other 3 “boys” (at the time) and the stories in between. My children were 3 & 4 around that time, and I felt such sorrow for the families of Stevie, Michael and Christopher… but NEVER for a moment believed that Damien, Jason and/or Jessie had anything to do with the horrifying things those poor children suffered. I spent hours online, mourning the three victims, and even felt guilty for believing in the WM3’s innocence, no matter how sure I was of their innocence. I now just cry for the three lives lost… and feel terrible for the time the WM3 lost, sitting in prison… INNOCENT

  45. what happened to those three little boys is absolutely terrible, but “WM3” are innocent I believe and doing research and watching all three documentaries there is no way that they are guilty especially not Damien, I believe one of the step fathers did it and even though Hobbs was to cool calm and collected bout it all I think Byers did it, the evidence points more at him than anyone, but whomever is guilty whether they r ever convicted or not, will get what’s coming to them, may HE or THEY burn in hell and feel all the pain that those poor children had to endure!!!

  46. Sandy said

    The one STRANGE step dad Byers loved the camera. He had many interviews one at the scene of crime as he preaches the word of god and talked of the devil and said his “son was castrated on that there bank.” How does he know that? Gave his own knife with blood on it to the film makers as what a trophy! WTF? His many interviews included at a church singing, shooting a pumpkin, siting at the pool, courthouse, grave site, and many more other interviews more than any other parents. It reminds me of a fire starter going back to the scene to check out what’s going on. Just saying a little sick.

  47. Angie said

    The step dad who had the bloody knife..was very controlling and manipulative. He even admitted to hitting his step son several times with a belt shortly before the boys end up missing..and need I remind you that little boy was found with an imprint of a belt buckle on him. This step father did not like his step son or his friends and got away with a gruesome murder! He even planted a knife in a pond behind one of the accused back yard, then tipped the police off. Very clever! He thought and planned these murders well, leaving little evidence, no blood at the crime scene was found. That’s not the work of young teenage boys but maipulative psycho white male who enjoyed control. Before you say the three boys are guilty you better thunk about you and your family, cause it could have or could easily happen to you. These boys need to be freed, the true murderers put too death and compensate the boys for losing their innocence from a failed and cowardly system.

  48. Angie said

    I just watched the Paradise 3 documentary. I’m so glad the Memphis 3 are free! Arkansas has never been a state to take accountability for being wrong so I’m not surprised about the state making the boys say they are guilty. I hated living in Arkansas cause I found a majority of the people there are liars, well that was my experience anyways. I only pray that Terry Hobbs (the step father who’s DNA was linked to the boys) gets put behind bars so he can never hurt another child. Evidence proves that he is the murderer and yet he walks evidence linked the West Memphis 3 and they were in prison for over 18 years. What kind of system do we have?

  49. Veronica Fletcher said

    Terry Hobbs with his DNA at crime site & repeated lies about seeing the boys, as well as his history of violence towards his wife, where he SHOT his brother-in-law who was coming to her defense = INCRIMINATION! Mark Byers and his inconsistancies about when & why his teeth were pulled, ( and the Byers boy had bite marks?), his histrionics, the suspicsion surrounding his wifes death? The fact that he gave a young teen boy a knife for a fight, then held everybody else off with a gun so the boys could fight. And the real kicker, it was his stepson (and only him) who had his genitals removed, and that bozo/egomaniac gives a knife to the HBO producers as a gift, that is later found to have his stepson and his blood in the lever. These guys weren’t loving dads they were unwilling, angry,and violent stepfathers.

  50. Always that darn hair (or, should it be hare?). In the early ’90s, DNA was just making its debut. If I recall correctly, a hair seemed to stand between Clarance Thomas and Anita Hill. A hare stood between Malvo and more ammunition.

    Down the rabbit hole is a popular phase for those chasing these child murder (ers).

    If they’d been east of Memphis, would things have been different?

  51. Deb said

    You need spell check. It’s ‘heinous’ crime not ‘hennas’ crime.

  52. for the kids said

    were all missing the point here,3 little kids were bound,tortured and killed,there lives taken,they were young kids…respect,love and wishes to these “lost children”,these documentaries are all one sided,as in who did it,we will speculate and point fingers and imprison people.all the focus of these victims has been taken away,all i care about is these little kids who died,its them that need our love and thoughts,no one else,i dont care if 3 were wrongly imprisoned,they still live,there free,,,,these little children are “lost” …….all this high profile on the 3 did they or didnt they….should be all for the 3 8yr olds and from that perspective,after all,damien is the new boogie man

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