Colton Levi Clark

Dedicated to Colton Clark. Missing from Seminole, OK Since April 20, 2006. Looking for Truth and Justice for Colt.

Developing Story – Becky and Rex arrested!

Posted by KindraLore on April 8, 2016

Both Becky and Rex Clark have been arrested in the disappearance of Colton Levi Clark and the property is currently being searched.

District attorney: Couple arrested in relation to boy’s disappearance 10 years ago

Old video of an interview with Becky Clark:

Bill Schammert for Fox25 following the case (Twitter account)


6 Responses to “Developing Story – Becky and Rex arrested!”

  1. Kay said

    I have never given up hope that justice would be served for Colton. Even though he has been missing since 2006, people in Seminole have not forgotten him nor Austin! I can never imagine what these two boys ever went through in their young lives with the Clarks. They were precious boys who deserved a much better life than what was given to them. If Colton’s remains are found, our town will rally around him and give him the memorial and proper burial he deserves. I pray Austin has found his path in life and I wish him all the best in the world. I hope he knows his hometown has never forgotten him

  2. Jody Mabry said

    That video is so frustrating to watch.

  3. Saucepan said

    At last, justice will prevail.

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